==== October 19th, 2013
==== E'pha, Hzrath
==== After his run with the Weyrleader, E'pha briefly reflects on his answers.

Who E'pha, Hzrath
What After his run with the Weyrleader, E'pha briefly reflects on his answers.
When Morning. There are 0 turns, 11 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Hzrath's Ledge, Igen Weyr


Hzrath's Ledge

« You lied to him. »

Hzrath was waiting, coiled on the ledge, his red-blasted wings folded in rest despite the anticipation rippling through his muscular hind legs as he fed off of his rider's newly expended energy.

"Tch, tch," muttered E'pha: his noise when he wanted the bronze to mind his own business. It never worked, of course; Hzrath's business was E'pha. Knowing this, he folded sooner than later, turning his march past the bronze into a pace back in the other direction. It wasn't a lie. It was more like a… redirect.

The bronze head slithered, neck its own tunnelsnake, as he readjusted. « Why didn't you just tell him you wanted back in Whirlwind? »

Me? It's just me now? And you know why… E'pha ran his hands across his face into his hair, then pulled them out, squinting in distaste at the sweat and oils worked up from the run. I respect his decisions. I respect him. If he thinks I'll do good for Sandblast, I'll do good in Sandblast. But not the leader of Sandblast, apparently. Not anymore.

It nettled at him at night sometimes. That's what W'rin had woken him up from. No relaxing sleep, but the night-time concern that he'd been, what, stagnating? Would he grow lazy in Whirlwind? Never. So what. Had he taught all there was he knew? W'rin's own words hadn't stopped rattling around between his ears since he'd heard them.

'Why not you though?'

Dammit, W'rin, he could've asked you the same thing!

And now, because he'd prattled on to cover his tracks, he was ingrained in this mentorship thing. Well… oh well. It could be good. Yeah. He realized he was nibbling on a short nail when he gnawed too hard into skin instead. Pulling his wet thumb from his mouth, he rubbed it onto his shirt idly. Yeah. He could be good for Sandblast.

He could show another rider what it felt like to be picked, to be found possible of worthiness.

He'd cultivate that.

« And maybe, one day, they will even lie to you, too. »

"… Tch, tch."

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