==== January 11, 2014
==== Aaron, Krissi
==== Aaron's present hatches and Krissi finds herself Impressed to a gorgeous green firelizard.

Who Aaron, Krissi
What Aaron's present hatches and Krissi finds herself Impressed to a gorgeous green firelizard.
When It is the thirty-third day of Spring and 84 degrees.
Where Southern Weyr

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Krissi's Office
This is the perfect office to showcase a Woodcrafters talent. White linen is stretched taut across the stone ceiling and secured behind ornately carved molding. The walls are paneled with wood, carefully fitted and polished to a shine. Shelving is built into a natural nook in the walls, providing a place for various knickknacks and design books. Window casements adorn three of the four walls, each appearing to peer out at the jungle surrounding the Weyr, but in truth these are paintings commissioned from the local Harpers. The main attraction in the room is the beautifully crafted desk and chair. Simple yet gorgeous, the top is carved from a single thick piece of wood inlaid at its center with a thin slab of stone. The spindly legs holding it aloft are ornately carved. The comfortably upholstered plaid chairs resting before the desk are works of art themselves, and each holds a matching throw pillow to make sitting all the more pleasant. All the furniture is situated around a woven rug with a whimsical floral design. In the back corner of the room a wide spiral staircase rises from the floor and swirls upward to disappear into the ceiling. Beautifully carved triangles of wood with beveled edges overlapping act as stairs. The banister curving elegantly upward, each spindle supporting it ornately carved with intricate detail.

It's early afternoon on a beautiful, warm spring day here in Southern. Rukbat is shining, the wildlife is making wildlife noises (does Pern have songbirds?!), and the clanging from the forge has ceased since the temperature rose. It's thus, amongst this quiet, that a faint sound can be heard, pottery on wood as the decorated egg pot on Krissi's desk rocks…

The window pane in the faux window is propped open to allow a breeze to flow through the room and out the open door. Krissi has her feet propped up on her desk and is whittling a block of wood into the rough shape of a knife handle. The fait sound of the egg rocking in its pot draws her attention. Bare feet hitting the floor as she sits forward to watch for a moment. “Are you about to do what I think you’re gonna?” she asks the egg. Another jiggle confirms it and she’s setting her knife and wood block on her desk as she rises and hurries toward the door. “Aaron!! C’mere! Hurry!!” She hollers at the big Smith, uncaring of what he’s doing back there in that corner he lurks in sometimes.

Aaron is working away on a little personal project, Faranth only knows what, when he hears the yelling. Guessing what it's for, he turns and grins at her. "The egg? Go ahead and /gently/ dump it and the sand out. Try to keep the egg towards the center of the sand, it'll make cleanup easier." He moves over to an icebox and pulls out a tray of meat chunks, even as all four of his firelizards blink out of between and swoop into Krissi's office, perching on the far edge of the desk and starting to croon.

“Okay!” Krissi is all excited and bouncing around in the doorway to her office while listening to his instructions. Then she’s off and hurrying back across her office to her desk. “Gently dump the sand out,” she repeats to herself and holds the wobbling egg oh so carefully as she tilts the pot to the side. She sets the pot upright when most of the sand is littered on the corner of her desk and spilling onto the floor. Aaron’s brood appearing out of nowhere gets a raised eyebrow. Though she has to duck when the brown one swoops too close for comfort before landing. “Hey now! Watch the hair,” she fusses and looks up to see where the hell Aaron’s at.

Aaron isn't long getting in, grabbing one of the stools and pulling it over, setting the tray of meat down on top of it and out of easy reach of his four. "Greedy little bastards," he says with a loving smile for them. The egg rocks a little more, wobbling onto its side in a shallow wallow in the sand. "I'm here, I'm here. Just relax and think happy thoughts at the egg, Krissi. Be welcoming, tell it you love it, that kind of thing. Once it hatches, feed it until you think it's going to pop." That's what he did, after all, and it must've worked out somewhat well, right?

Krissi straightens up when Aaron finally makes it into the office. What took a couple of minutes feels like forever! She watches him set the tray of meat on her desk and blushes. “I’d forgot about that part. Thanks.” When he tells her to relax she shoots him a look. “Are you kidding me? I’ve not been this nervous since I walked the tables.” Still she takes a deep breath and makes an attempt to be calm. Though she’s still bouncing on her toes beside the desk. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.. about the egg! Yeah that part is important.

Glittering Sea Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Tentative Green Hatchling
A toss of the head and a stretch of the wings sends a tiny rain of egg-goo everywhere as this small hatchling takes a few stumbling steps away from what's left of her egg. Vivid splashes of color dart across her tiny belly before insinuating up along the fragile membranes of her wing. A shining headknob swivels back and forth, as this little one is unsure of what comes next, except for food!
Tentative Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Krissi, creeling piteously.

Aaron chuckles a little, leaning against a handy wall. The crooning from his lizards increases in both pitch and volume as the egg gives another, much more violent jerk, and then shatters under the onslaught of the little green within. Aaron grins broadly, gesturing to the platter of meat as the noise from his firelizards finally comes to an end. "Go one, Krissi, feed her," he says, very intentionally not stepping forward, guarding against the lizard impressing on him. "Congratulations on the green!"

Krissi’s gasp of delight is lost in the thrum of the ‘lizards when the egg finally shatters. Flecks of egg goo splatter onto her tunic but she doesn’t mind in the least. Leaning forward over the desk to grab a handful of meat off the platter. “Hi there sweetheart.” She dangles a piece of meat before the creeling baby. “Eat up Cottonwood, and feel all better.” The meat is quickly pounced upon and Krissi laughs. “Hey leave the fingers! I need those for feeding you and work.”

Aaron chuckles a little at the little green's voraciousness, and moves over to the edge of the desk that his little brood is gathered on. "Alright, you four, show's over, out with you," he says with a grin, shooing them towards the door. All four take to the air, gliding out of the door one after another and back to whatever they were doing. "Just keep feeding her, Krissi, and I'll bring you some oil later for her hide, alright?"

Cottonwood quickly gets over the offering of a piece of meat at a time. With a chitter at her human pet she stomps over to the tray of meat. Wading onto the pile and seating herself in the center. Now /this/ is how it’s done folks! The moment she has her dainty self situated she digs into the meat like a starving orphan.

Krissi laughs softly when the green chitters in disgust and storms the tray of meat. “Well at least she’s happy I suppose.” She looks up and watches him shoo his brood out of the office with a smile. “I’ll tote her with me to the caverns after bit and pick up more. Though I can’t imagine she’ll be able to eat /all/ that will she?” Overcome with happiness she gives Aaron a one armed hug, as her other hand is covered in meat bits. “Thanks /so/ much Aaron! You really are the best.”

Aaron grins at the little green's antics, chuckling as he wraps an arm around Krissi's shoulders and returns that hug. "Oh, she'll finish all that. Just keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't swallow it down too quick. All of mine were pretty good about not doing that, but you never know." He releases her from his grip then, and shakes his head. "I'm just the best boss you've had, which isn't really saying much if you're comparing me to Ricik," he says with a wink. "Once she's done eating, she oughta fall asleep for a few hours. I'd /suggest/ that you go ahead and take a nap then too, because you're going to have to feed her again when she wakes up."

Krissi leans her head against his arm for a brief moment, then moving away again as soon as he releases her. “I don’t know where she’ll fit it all,” Kris muses with a chuckle. Cottonwood cares not for the humans as she has food. Glorious wonderful food! “You really are the best boss I’ve ever had,” she agrees with a nod of her head. “The closest I’ve come to having a friend in the last twenty turns too.” She admits that while walking to the alcove behind the stairs and returning with a broom and dustpan. Her bare feet are already covered in sand.

Aaron watches Cottonwood eat, though he knows that there aren't any chunks of meat on the platter big enough to choke the little green. "I do try, Krissi. Happy Smiths don't try to kill you, after all," he says with a slight grin. "I'm honored that you think of me as a friend, too," he says with a grin and a dramatic bow. No sand on his feet, hooray for workboots!

Krissi sweeps the sand off her desk and onto the floor. Because it makes more sense to her to make a bigger mess /before/ sweeping it all up. Mess made she sweeps the mess into the dust pan and dumps it into the rubbish bin beneath the desk. “I’ve yet to try to kill anyone,” she tells Aaron with a soft laugh, “and I’ve spent a good portion of my life unhappy.” She returns the broom to its home before returning to settle at her desk. “You act a lot like a friend sometimes,” she tells him. Propping her elbow on the edge of the desk and leaning her chin in her hand. “You have about cleared that tray sweet. Are you sleepy yet?” She extends a finger and caresses Cotton’s little back. Looking surprised when the green chirrs happily instead of biting her.

Aaron doesn't make a /single/ sharding comment about messes, and laughs along with her when she does. "Well, I do appreciate that in a friend," he says with a grin. "Though I'm really sorry to hear about your unhappiness. I hope that things are better for you here? You've been a great addition to our crew, and I'd hate to lose you." He watches the interaction between her and Cottonwood, chuckling at the look of surprise. "She knows who's gonna stuff her face," he says with a grin.

Krissi drops her hand out from under her hand and sits up in her chair. “It was good for me really. I stayed focused and became good at what I do.” She lifts one of the finished knife handles off her desk and holds it out to him. “I have three of these done and I’m working on this one,” she tilts her head toward the project. She’d been working while relaxing in her office it seems. “I’ll do my level best to keep her happy and well fed,” she says of Cottonwood with a gentle smile. Somebody lets out a loud unladylike burp and looks around with droopy eyes. Which earns a laugh of delight from Kris.

Aaron takes the knife handle, laughing aloud at Cottonwood's belch. "Very nice, young lady," he says with a smirk. He examines the handle, nodding. "Very nice, I have just the blade for it," he says with a grin. As he watches the little green, he grins. "Go ahead and pick her up, take her upstairs, and try to get a nap in while she does. Keep her close and she'll probably curl up with you. I'll have a pot of oil waiting for you when she wakes, but you're on your own for feeding her, alright?" He grins over at Krissi, chuckling a little. "Congratulations."

Krissi giggles when he admonishes Cottonwood for her unladylike behavior. She turns her smile up at him and nods happily, “I’m glad that it will do for you.” At his urging she carefully reaches out and scoops the sleepy green off the tray. Cradling her close against her chest and laughing when the little green snuggles up against her. “I’m not overly sleepy. But I’ll try to take a nap,” she tells him with a soft sigh. “Devarl has shown me the scrap buckets in the kitchens in preparation of this. So I’ll be fine on feeding her.” She rises from her chair with a surprising gracefulness for a woman her size. “Thanks again Aaron. If I sleep too long just holler up and wake me.” Turning she begins the slow climb up into her room.

Aaron grins as the green cuddles up, chuckling. "Good, you'll need it. They're not as bad as children, but they can be quite demanding." He nods when she tells him that Devarl has shown her the scrap buckets, making a mental note to thank the boy. "I'll let him know that she hatched and where to find you if he needs you. You sleep as much as you can, and don't be surprised if you feel half-starved when you wake. They'll do that to you when they're little. I'll see you in a couple days, once she's calmed down and gotten into a pattern, alright?" And with that, he turns to leave, shutting the door behind him as he goes in search of Devarl.

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