==== September 16, 2013
==== Kyara, Sienna, Corelle (NPC)-W'rin-handler
==== Weyrlingmaster and Weyrling Wingleader end up having a chat with the new Senior Weyrwoman.

Who Kyara, Sienna, Corelle (NPC)-W'rin-handler
What Weyrlingmaster and Weyrling Wingleader end up having a chat with the new Senior Weyrwoman.
When There is 1 Turn, 2 months, and 18 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Living Cavern, Igen Weyr

Living Cavern
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Early evening casts a very autumnal rosy color over and through Igen Weyr, catching the entrance to the Living Cavern at just the right angle to warmly color the inside of the big space as well. Kyara has found a place against the wall to sit, just offset enough to not catch the light in the face, but close enough to have it cast its glow over her notebook on the table. Still in her riding leathers, it seems she hasn't been here long, her cheeks still a bit ruddy from the colder air of higher altitudes. A fresh mug of klah rests close at hand as she sits with an arm draped over the back of her chair, her other hand tapping a stylus and occasionally taking note of something, a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

Sienna waddles into the living caverns from the inner caverns, truly massive belly making it hard to focus on anything but. The Weyrlingmaster looks tired but stubborn and determined, dressed in the traditional wrap garb - mostly because nothing else fits and she's too tired to go find something that would. Asking a drudge to fill and carry a plate for her, she finds a spot near Kyara and settles with a salute. "Wingleader," she greets, formal but with a smile.

Smiling in turn, Kyara sets down her stylus and salutes as well. "Weyrlingmaster," she returns, pulling her notebook out of the way a bit to give Sienna a little more room for her food and such. She gives a nod of thanks to the now-retreating drudge and hauls her arm back over, warmed up enough now to loosen her jacket. "I think we'll be done by the time I really get used to hearing that directed at me," she says of her own rank with a chuckle. "How are you doing?" she asks, taking note of the air of tiredness Sienna is carrying with her at the moment as she sips at her klah.

Sienna chuckles. "Same here," she admits, since it's no secret her position is temporary too. "I'm doing just fine, thank you. Yourself?" Settling in, the greenrider begins to eat, taking slow, small bites with plenty of breathing between.

"I'm doing well. Really well," Kyara answers, smile growing into a grin as her eyes drift table-wards for a moment in thought, remembering something recent. "Which is odd, considering how early I had to be up to go on that sweep with Alys this morning. We were out over the Keroon Heights…" Now she turns her gaze to Sienna, eyes bright. "Have you ever seen the sun come up, from up there?" she asks quietly, one finger going skyward for an instant. "This time of year, when the colors change, combined with sunrise… Brilliant." She laughs a little, shaking her head. "I know I'm being sentimental, but I think it's important, to hang on to little things like that." She starts to pull at something at the front of her notebook. "Oh, my brother told me he met you, by the way. I hope he remembered his manners." Her smirk says she knows he did. She just has to be a sister about it.

Sienna smiles, her expression wistful. "Never seen that, exactly, but I've seen similar sunrises. And sunsets. And it is important - very important - to notice those little things. Those little beauties. Makes the stresses of the day seem less, somehow." She smiles warmly, rubbing her belly. "He did," she says with a chuckle. "He was fine. Proud of you." As he should be.

With a sigh, Kyara gets loose what she was pulling at, still grinning a little. "Zan is a good guy. Goofy, but he has a good head on his shoulders." She blinks at Sienna, looking apologetic as she talks about flying with someone who can't just yet. "When you can again," she states firmly, smiling lopsidedly, "we've got to go flying. I don't care where or whatever reason, even if it's just because." She takes the folded packet - the wing charts she was allowed to borrow - and hands it to Sienna. "I should give this back to you," she says, an almost sad note coming to her voice. Not really sad, but acknowledging something finally coming to rest on its own two feet. "I've got them copied to the letter. So does everyone else. They've helped so much, and I know we're almost done, so…" She shrugs a little, rubbing her neck. "It's a little strange, having to give serious thought to what happens after weyrlinghood now. Like wings and such."

Sienna smiles again, nodding her head and pushing curls away from her face. "Oh yes. We do. And we will, for any reason. It's been…too sharding long." Months. Months without flying and it's driving her crazy. "I intend to go everywhere when I can again," she admits with a laugh. Weyrling Wingleader and Weyrlingmaster are seated across from each other at a table, enjoying food and conversation in the early rosy evening. Reaching out, Sienna smiles as she gently takes the hides. "I'm glad they helped," she says genuinely. "Yes…the end of this part of your life. But on to the next. Do any of you have any hopes for certain wings?"

The entrance of the Weyrwoman from the Bowl causes a frenzy of activity. Corelle, with her innate ability to show that newtime style does not inherently mean frumpy, sweeps in with the aura of authority that draws people to her like insects to the light. Her flowing black locks are pulled half back with a band of leather, and a wispy blue dress flows gracefully with each movement. "No, no." She shoos off several drudges who attempt to bring her food, "I am capable of getting my own food." When one refuses to go the woman's lips draw thin. "I said go! Resources are not to be wasted at a time like this!" Even in her growing anger her voice drips with honey, slipping between the sweet and into the poisonous. The sting is felt and the man slides away to find something to do. Left to her own devices, the woman picks at the food. A meager serving on her plate, she apparently is forgoing the leadership tables to sit amongst her people. "Weyrling. Rider." No need for invitation; one does not need such things when one is weyrwoman. "Trust the day is treating you well?" Her soft soprano voice is a warm song as she smiles lightly at both. Whatever she thinks of women on fighting dragons is unreadable in the light tone of her speech. "Coming up on the end of weyrlinghood soon then? When will it be, Weyrlingmaster?" Fluttered lashes as she gently nibbles at a piece of fruit.

Kyara grins at Sienna's eagerness to fly again, even though it's no surprise. But getting to actually fly with Sienna is something she's been wishing was a possibility since before they graduated to Senior. "I've been giving it a lot of thought," Kyara replies, nodding as she idly flips her notebook shut. "I'll be happy wherever the Weyrleader thinks Lia and I will be most useful, but even if it's a long shot, I'm hoping for Wh-" Whether or not Sienna gets where that was going, it's cut off by the sudden presence of the Weyrwoman, whom Kyara immediately salutes, suddenly sitting far more upright than she was a moment ago. "Good evening, Weyrwoman." Wary, but not of one opinion or another on Corelle, Kyara smiles pleasantly at her. "Yes ma'am, quite well." And then she's silent; the next question was for Sienna, and Kyara turns a Harper's discreet observation to how her Weyrlingmaster interacts with the new Weyrwoman.

Sienna straightens her posture, lifting a brow ever so slightly when she's first addressed as “rider”. But who corrects the Weyrwoman? Not her. This isn't Sadie. So she straightens and snaps off a smart salute. "Weyrwoman," she says respectfully, dipping her head as well. "So far, yes. And a few more sevendays, Weyrwoman. Then they'll be ready to be tapped into their wings and join the ranks. Have you met Kyara? She is our Weyrling Wingleader," she says with a gesture to the young woman. "That's a lovely gown, ma'am. Did you get it in the Bazaar?" she asks, sipping her juice and taking another little bite from her plate while she awaits the answer.

Either Corelle is unaware that there has been any change in attitude since she sat, or believes it only polite to ignore it. The woman's legs cross at the ankle, poised she folds her hands in her lap to listen. "Don't stop for me, dear. What wing were you going to say? All the riders in my class loved to discuss the merits of one Telgar wing over another. That was never an option for me - so I do love to hear others try and choose." What little choice one has in the matter. Her eyes light at the girl before her with a tender ear lent; there is at least nothing disingenuous about her gaze. "Why thank you, Weyrlingmaster. Sienna? Do you mind if I call you Sienna?" She peers at the woman. "Isn't it lovely? Oh, but no. I brought it from home. It was a gift from my mother. She said I should represent Telgar well; I tried to explain Igen would be…is now…my home." A soft shrug as she giggles, "Mothers, though. Am I right?"

Kyara inclines her head briefly to the Weyrwoman when Sienna introduces her, still carefully weighing the atmosphere. Nothing to worry about, so far, and she relaxes a fraction. "Ah, well," she continues, flicking a very quick glance to Sienna, "I was going to say Whirlwind. Which I understand is the Weyrleader's wing now, rather than Parhelion - another very good wing. And I would be happy in Sandblast, as well. But Whirlwind's reputation is long-standing, and it's my hope that Liareth and I might be seen as an asset there." Much as the idea scares her…but that's beside the point.

Sienna smiles, even chuckling a bit as she nods. "Back in Ista - oldtime Ista - we did have some say in the matter, since the wings were more focused on tasks. Kehemath and I were perfect for Search and Rescue, so it was an easy placement." Then she laughs. "I don't mind at all, ma'am, I'm quite fond of my name. It is lovely, yes. And, well…no matter where home is now, we can never erase where we were born and raised. I will forever be of Blacksands and Ista." With another chuckle, she rubs her massive belly. "I wouldn't know, but I'll find out soon enough," she says, amused. "Whirlwind is the best wing Igen has to offer," Sienna says with a smile. "It is a very good wing to fly with. I'm sorry I can't fly with them again."

"Whirlwind." The Weywoman twirls the wing's name around her tongue like a verbal dance, her pitch rising and falling with every syllable. "Weyrling Wingleader. I hear the tradition at Igen is for the weyrlings to name their wing. What did you choose this time?" It seems the woman has spent some time trying, at least, to get to know her new home. "Strange, a greenrider being wingleader, but with all your wing went through, perhaps, an understandable choice." She glances at the weyrlingmaster with a smile. A concession to a time she doesn't understand, but none-the-less an attempt at diplomacy, without backing down from her stance. "With time I'm sure you'd be an asset anywhere. Just don't forget you still have a lot to learn." Her warm beam is turned back to Kyara as she speaks, but her gaze movess back to Sienna. "Oldtime Ista." Not just foreign, very foreign. "It is a shame. But these choices have to be made. You made the better of the two in the end." An approving look from nowtime morals.

Kyara nods, conceding that she does actually find being Wingleader a little odd, as a greenrider. However, the way she holds her head up at the title shows her confidence in what she can do, where she's been placed. Having a good Wingsecond and a Weyrlingmaster who believes in her certainly helps, too. "We're Samyeli Wing, ma'am," she answers, smiling. "And yes, ma'am, I know. If I ever stop learning, I'll be in serious trouble." Though the fact that Corelle starts by saying "With time" makes her blink a little. Surely she can be an asset now, while she's still learning, as well? Kyara shakes her head slightly, knowing she's just overanalyzing.

Sienna nods her head. "Kyara was the natural choice for Wingleader," she agrees, having no second thoughts about the appointments she and the Weyrlingmaster Staff made. Another bite as she listens, nodding her head slightly. And then a curious glance is given to the Weyrwoman. "Forgive me, ma'am, but which two choices did I have?" Not that she hasn't had a lot of choices, she's just not sure which two the Weyrwoman is referring to. Glancing over at Kyara, Sienna has a warm smile for her mentee. "One never stops learning."

"With time." Corelle echoes, laughter, like a pretty ribbon, accentuating her voice. No offense meant. "Not that all riders aren't useful, it is simply that these things take time. Like a fine wine." Good riders are best with age. Slender fingers lace through each other on the top of the table, as she studies the two women before her, her eyes falling warmly on the older, more defensive of the pair. "Oh, dear. When you said you couldn't ride with Whirlwind anymore, I apologize; I thought you were speaking of your choice between your family and your wing. W'rin told…it's just that we…we grew up together, we were catching up." Pillow talk about knocked up weyrmates?

See? That vote of confidence is exactly one of the things Kyara uses to keep the momentum she needs. She smiles appreciatively at Sienna, as much for that as for the learning comment. And yes, Corelle confirms that Kyara was overanalyzing, to which she chuckles at herself. "Yes, ma'am," she agrees with a smirk, taking a moment to give some attention to the klah she's been neglecting. Still warm! She just listens again; Sienna told her about this choice - not an easy one by a long stretch.

Sienna wasn't defensive, just a bit confused. Then she blinks, coughs, and blushes, glancing down. "Ah. Well. It. I…" Love W'rin? Can she say that? The greenrider pauses a moment. "I see," she finally murmurs softly. Surely she's not jealous. "It was the right decision for everyone," she concludes. "I have no regrets." As if it were a business relationship. No wonder there's rumors that the two are just together for the kid. "He is my weyrmate." And she loooooves him. Though that gentle, feminine smile of affection is subtle. And if he walked in now, it'd be nothing but business.

"No ma'am's right now, dear. Right now I just need someone to talk to." The first indication as to why Corelle didn't sit at the leadership table. "I can take my knot off, if it will help." A bit of sadness flushes through her eyes, it's hard out there for a pim- Weyrwoman. "You two don't mind, do you? To be candid, I miss my family and friends." Her eyes roll upward in her confession and her shoulders lift just a little before they fall. "Oh, yes. He mentioned. He's quite fond of you." Her nose pulls upward as she laughs softly. "In his own W'rin-ish way, I suppose. Never thought there'd be a girl who could take his attention even a little from his work. Even as a child he was always so serious." Fingers press against her lips as if she's perhaps let too much slide. They won't rat her out will they?

Kyara gives her Weyrlingmaster an almost hidden smile; she thinks the way Sienna gets about W'rin is adorable, but it's not as if she's going to make it obvious. Corelle's words make her blink, rendering her quiet for a moment. "Alright," she says rather slowly. Faranth, not saying "ma'am" to someone she's supposed to at this point is a little like trying to get her to call the sky purple. Or something. She's got it ingrained, man. "I understand about missing family. I left most of mine in the past. Only one of my brothers came with me," she says, trying to commiserate a little and feeling far less wary of the Weyrwoman now.

Sienna looks a bit surprised, brows lifting as she darts a glance at Kyara. Is this allowed? The Weyrlingmaster isn't sure. This is new and definitely unexpected, but she smiles just the same. "I don't mind. I think we both know how you feel. It's difficult being in a new place." A new time, for Sienna and Kyara. She nods at the greenrider with a smile and a look of understanding. "I left almost everyone as well." Clearing her throat, Sienna laughs softly - a girly laugh. Almost a giggle. "Yes, in his own way, and I am quite fond of him too." Then there's another light blush as she toys with the silver ring hanging from the chain around her neck. "Just a little," she says, grin crooked and knowing. She knows where she ranks in the Weyrleader's life. "I'm not surprised he was serious as a child. Somehow I just can't picture him…running through a meadow and picking flowers."

Perhaps it is hard for people to not call her by her title, and perhaps it is uncharted territory, only it really isn't. The way people get along with Sadie and Tuli, the senior Weyrwoman is left alone and hardly talked to. Distrusted. And certainly her changes in policies haven't been enjoyed by all. Smoothing out a sleeve of her dress idly, she nods slowly at the younger weyrling. "Well, if there is anything I can do to help you adjust. Do you know where you brother is? I'm sure we could find him. I heard so many people got separated in the jump. Dreadful business." She pauses, a soft sympathetic smile. "Not riders, I suppose, but maybe that old retired brownrider. You know… Oh, I'm so dreadful with names." Looking rather defeated at the prospect of learning an entire new weyr of people, she sighs. Though Sienna's talk of W'rin causes her to light up with laughter. A lithe hand wraps round the greenrider's with a fond smile. "Oh, the stories I could tell you. He got himself into more trouble as a child being good. Once a wingleader made a joke to some of the boy candidates, only W'rin never was good at getting humor, and ended up naked, nearly freezing to death on the pier." Eyes sparkle; she maintains a look of practiced elegance even while laughing. "Ended up in trouble for being sassy, when he only thought he was doing what was asked of him." A tear rolls down her cheek as she works to compose her self, her hand still lightly gripping Sienna's. "Oh, I should get back to work, but we should meet for lunch sometime. I can tell you so many…" Her fingers squeeze tightly, a bond of a mutual friend, and she lifts to her feet. "Kyara, dear. Good luck with Samyeli." And then, figurative knot re-donned, she is slipping through the caverns. "No," Is scolded to someone or other. "She isn't to serve until she finds more appropriate attire. I won't have women looking like prostitutes serving to holders. If she doesn't have self-respect, I'll have it for her."

Nodding happily, Kyara gives a bright reply of, "Oh yes, he's here, at Igen. We were…fortunate. Managed to stick together during and after the jump." Then she listens to the story Corelle tells about W'rin, stifling a chuckle - should she be hearing this? Well, it's not as if she'll be recounting any of it. Not exactly an image of the Weyrleader she wants in her head, but there's no avoiding it now! Then the Weyrwoman is leaving, and the wish of luck gets a "Thank you, Weyrwoman. Have a good rest of your evening." After the goldrider is out of sight, she looks at Sienna, eyebrows a little on the high side. "Well," she says. "That was…unexpected. Interesting. She's not quite what I expected!"

Sienna looks a bit surprised when Corelle takes her hand, but she returns the squeeze and then blinks, before she laughs. "Faranth. At least he didn't tell them to take a long walk off a short pier? Poor W'rin…" How she adores that man. "Lunch? Certainly, ma' - Corelle." Wait, is it ma'am again? So confusing, rank. And she's ranked! "Clear skies," she says with a parting salute, waiting until the woman is gone before she looks back at Kyara. "Well. That was…unexpected." And interesting. Then she laughs as her voice overlaps her mentee's, the two of them speaking the same words at the same time.

Kyara's laughter bubbles up to join Sienna's; they're on the same wavelength, apparently! "I've been hearing talk around the Caverns that some people don't like the changes she's made," the weyrling notes, "but even so…maybe she's not so bad as people think." She takes another drink, relaxing back into the pose she had at the outset.

Sienna shrugs, toying with a bite of food on the end of her fork. "Well, it's possible to like someone but dislike their policies," she says softly. Very softly. "Still. She does seem nice." With a deep breath she pushes her plate away, rubbing her belly and shifting a bit in her chair, looking uncomfortable until she settles. "Do you need anything from me? I need to get back and get some work done." Or go to the Weryleader's weyr and take a long bath. Either one!

Nodding agreement, Kyara leans forward, folding her arms on the table for a moment before eyeing the plate Sienna pushes away, twitching a hand toward it and looking up at her Weyrlingmaster in a silent question - want me to take care of it? She shakes her head. "No, nothing right now," she answers with a small smile. "Although, I have a random question for you." Her smile broadens; she knows this is going to sound completely unrelated to absolutely anything, which is just additional amusement for her. "Do you read music at all? Or play or sing? Or just listen?" She awaits Sienna's answer with laughter in her eyes rather than her voice. What in the world would bring this question forth?

Sienna smiles and nods her silent thanks at Kyara's offer to take her plate. Or finish what she left behind, Sienna isn't quite clear exactly what's being offered. But whatever it is, her answer is yes. "I don't read music, no, or play. I can sing a bit. Mostly I listen and dance." Oh, dancing. How she misses it! "W'rin dances too," she adds with a fond smile.

Kyara pulls the plate a little closer, crossing utensils on it; she's taking it, not finishing. Though she's starting to think about dinner. She'll get her own plate for that though. She nods thoughtfully at Sienna's answer, smiling with an, "Oh, really?" when the fact that W'rin also dances is revealed. The mountain of a Weyrleader, light on his feet? Well, why not? "Okay, then. Just wondering." Her smile is secretive; Sienna will find out what's going on in her mentee's head. Eventually. She gives Sienna a very quick wink to let her know it before standing up to get that plate off to where it needs to go. "Have a good rest of your evening, Si-" She winces, smirking as she catches herself. "Ma'am."

Sienna arches a brow at her mentee, her dark eyes gleaming with curiosity - but she leaves it well enough alone. "Oh yes, he's quite good. I can't wait until I'm un-pregnant and there's dancing to be had." There's a smile though as she rubs her belly and heaves herself to her feet, and then she laughs. "You as well, Kyara. I'll see you in the morning." Then she's waddling off - to work or to wallow; time will tell.

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