====September 25th, 2013
====Yoko, Yulena
====Yulena visits the friendly neighborhood Healer for a candidate physical.

Who Yoko, Yulena
What Yulena visits the friendly neighborhood Healer for a candidate physical.
When There is 1 turn 1 month and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Infirmary, Southern Weyr


The clutter has been removed, and the Healers have moved in: even now the hearth has been commandeered to make more of that soothing tissane that aids in sinuses unused to Southern's allergens; shiny tables of oldtime metal have been moved in from being found unused in storage, acting well as examining slabs. Curtains section off areas, and the general waiting area is on the far side from the hearth, to maximize coolness in the dead-air heat of Southern's interior.

Another quiet night in the Infirmary. Only one of the examination cubes has its curtains closed, but that slides open in short order. Yoko strides out to dispense a few medications before heading back in, sending the young man off with some tinctures and instructions. She follows him out, taking a seat by the entrance so she can take a moment to close her eyes and take a deep breath.

You overhear Yoko mutter, "… … … … crotchcrickets…" to herself.

Yoko is a tiny, waif-like young woman. Her long, black hair, usually tied back in a runnertail, is a stark contrast to her worryingly pale complexion. Her eyes are almond-shaped, sunk in perhaps a bit too far than is entirely complementary. A perky nose is centered above thin rosy-brown lips. She is of average height, but lacking almost all the womanly curves of a female her age.
Yoko's clothes aren't lavish or expensive, but fufill their purpose. Loosly flung around her neck, but in no danger of falling off, is a Listening Tube. A simple dress of white adorns her shoulders, falling to about midcalf. The collar is conservatively cut, while at the same time accenting what little curves Yoko does have. A pair of soft slippers is worn on her feet, tanned to a crisp brown. Two firelizards are perched on her shoulders.
Worn on her shoulder is a knot declaring her to be a Healer Journeyman.
She is an adult of about 32.

Like pebbles turning into sand, so does Yulena turn herself over to the Infirmary for inspection. The young man being carted away is given a Look, and then Yulie is presenting herself before the seated Yoko, "Excuse me, Healer Yoko? I'm here for my exam?" Whatever Yoko is muttering nearly misses her ear except for… "Crotch-whaaat?" Juse in case she heard you wrong, of course. The door is given a horrified stare. What in Faranth's name is a-goin' on 'round here?

An athletically muscular woman, Yulena is tall enough to just fit under most doorways. Dark brown hair with shots of grey peeking through is braided back severely into a knot, though wisps of bangs escape to fall over, or into, greenish-brown eyes. Her thin lips usually purse under an averagely handsome nose, offset by high cheekbones. Her complexion is ruddy, as if it's been windchilled once too often and the exposure hasn't done her much good.
Her torso loosely wrapped in a white, high-collared cook's jacket buttoned to one side makes Yulena's face seem redder than usual. It's just a little small, the black piping at the shoulders pinching in and the sleeves end well short of her wrists. The coat falls to just under her hip, and she has tied around her waist a brown scarf, the ends of which dangle to mid-thigh, slightly ratty and well-stained. Light linen pants drape from her hip, gathering slightly at the knee. These pants are the opposite of the smaller-nature of the jacket - it looks like they have been re-hemmed several times. The piping down the outside of the trouser matches that of the jacket, blending well into the heavy black boots that disappear under the tatty ends of her pants. A gold firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
The simple white knot twines over Yulena's shoulder, evidence of a Candidate to Southern Weyr.
She is a teenager of about 19.

Yoko almost jumps out of her jumper when Yulena says something. It takes her a moment as she her eyes try to find someone shorter. "Ah! Yes. You'll have to excuse me, it's been a long day." She stands primly with a cheerful smile, extending a hand to shake. "Yulena, is it? It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She makes another futile attempt to fix her dress, glancing around while clicking her tongue. "Three curtains down, on the left, there should be a room prepared. If you could go ahead and change into the gown… smallclothes can stay put." Assuming the young woman is able to comport herself well enough, she goes to grab a few things from a nearby table.

Yulena is very good at being tall. It's kind of a habit, but she takes Yoko's hand politely, "I am Yulena, yes. I hope I'm not late. And likewise." Observing the indicated stall, Yulena nods… "Um, can I close the curtains?" You know, this could be one of THOSE infirmaries, where nurses run around in frilly th… nevermind. Yulena does as she is bid, and with a bit of rustling and one or two well-placed curses, is present and presentable for whenever Yoko comes back.

"Of course!" Yoko replies from across the room. After a minute or two, the soft patter of wherhide slippers comes closer, "Changed?" After a confirmation, she pulls the curtain aside with a practiced motion, shutting it behind her again. She plops down on her little rolly stool ((C) Yoko 2013) and crosses her legs over at the knee. "So, Yulena," she glances down at her clipboard, "you're 19 Turns, correct? Any recent injuries or illnesses I should know about?"

Yulena is nodding a bit oh, and then, "Yes, Healer." She's totally not trying to read the clipboard upside down. "Yes, ma'am, and ten months," Just in case that's pertinent. "No illnesses, though I cut off a bit of thumb five Turns ago. Chopping finger-roots." Those dastardly vegetables. For proof, Yulena holds up her thumb where it's round and normal, "Huh. Don't even really feel that anymore. Otherwise, a couple of nicks with new knives, but nothing too awful." Is that it? Can she go now?

Yoko scribbles a few lines down with her signature ink pen, nodding at the now Perfectly Normal thumb. She places her notes aside on the counter, taking the top off a container and removing a glow tube from inside before replacing the cap. She pops off of the seat, way too short reach Yulena sitting down on the exam table. Of course, "table" is a bit too loose of a term. More like "exam metal slab". She shines the light in each eye to check the pupil response, continuing conversation as she does, "Are you from around here? Parents?"

Yulena wouldn't be able to distinctly say if her pupils are doing what they're supposed to, but she's busy trying to not blink in reaction to LIGHT LIGHT IN MY FACE AUGH, "No, I came from… well, Farmerhold area, originally, near Nerat. Moved around a bit, did some cooking up at Igen Weyr, and then came down here…" Soon it's getting a bit hard to not, and Yulena's eyes take control of their own bidness, and blinks several times. Oh sweet moisture!

Yoko puts a hand very, very lightly on Yulena's chin, motion slow enough to be intercepted if need be. Assuming that it's allowed, she lifts her hand to angle Yulena's head back enough so she can shine the light up her nose. "So your parents were Farmholders, then? Do you know if that had any kind of unusual medical conditions? Heart problems, anything?"

Yulena lets her head follow the direction of Yoko's hand, utterly trusting. As if the light is a physical presence (well it is, but that's Science), Yulena's nose twitches a little, "That tickles. Yeah, three older brothers in good health. Married, children, and also Farmers. No heart problems or lungs, though my mother used to get headaches for a while, while my brothers were younger." Yulena disavows any knowledge of being young at any point in her life. "She said my brothers' pranks were the cause of them."

Yoko chuckles, both to herself and Yulena's words as she draws her hand away. "I have two older brothers, myself, so I'm, ah, familiar. Open your mouth?" She shines the light down Yulena's throat, drawing a small metal tongue depressor out of her pocket to clear visibility. She's quick about it, though, and she's talking the entire time, "So breaking from the family business then? I ran as far and as fast away as soon as I was of age to do it." She grins as she continues lighting up things, this time her target being each of Yulie's ears.

Yulena snorts a little and grins, "Aren't they the worst? I keep getting messages, now that I've been Searched again…" Harrumph. Boys, thinking they know everything. Obediently, Yulena's mouth opens and despite her breath possibly smelling like klah, she doesn't close it again. "Uh huh," she mutters around the tongue depressor, and then possibly a sound of 'ick' at the metallic taste. Again, Yulena's head turns obediently and she swallows, nearly twitching as things get close to her earholes. EEE, tickly!

"Oh?" Yoko inquires, tone more than professional interest as she moves away to stash the glow tube away once more, metal tongue depressor thrown into a cup filled with some kind of liquid. There are a few notes jotted down. "So you've been Searched before, then? Are you an Oldtimer, or just an unusual case?" As she's chattering, she rubs the chestpiece of her listening tube between her palms to warm it up.

Yulena shakes her head a little once the ear-debacle is over, "Yeah, they're full of all sorts of advice." Because Farmers know everything about baby dragons, right? "I was Searched for the first Clutch here at Southern…" A careless little shrug, "I didn't Impress last time, but maybe 'my dragon is in this clutch'," and there's a touch of vinegar in her tone, like she's heard that line too many times. "No, I'm from this time…" The idea that what Yulena does is unusual makes her think for a moment, "I just do what I like to do." And since that's cooking, it's been pretty easy so far. That little chest piece in Yoko's hands earns an apprehensive look.

Yoko steps back over, popping the earpieces into her ears, placing the listening tube atop Yulena's breast to check her heartbeat. "Oh, I wasn't talking about baking. It make sense that you were Searched from Southern… it's very unsual for Igen to Search females unless there's a known gold, is all I meant. Just breath normally." There's a few moments before she shifts the tube up the the middle of Yulena's chest, then back down to the bottom of her diaphragm. "A couple of deep breaths, please?"

Yoko listens to Yulena's heart.
Yulena's heart beats nicely: PomPuf PomPuf PomPuf PomPuf PomPuf PomPuf.

Breathe iiiiiiiiin, breathe oooooooooout. Repeat. Yulena's slow and steady, and shakes her head, waiting for her breath out to end before taking in more to say, "No no, I was here for Southern's first clutch… I didn't get Searched at Igen. Though they did have girls Impress there." A thoughtful look, "I hear their new Weyrwoman won't let any girls stand without a gold egg…" Harrumph and all that. "Makes me glad to be down here. Winter rains and all…"

Yoko listens to Yulena's lungs.
Yulena's lungs go: vvvvvvv fffffffffffff vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv fffffffffffffff

The tiny Healer steps around the table to repeat the process of listening to the breaths. With a motion very familiar to her, she takes the listening tube off and throws it around her neck again while stepping back towards the counter, where she grabs the pen and presumably marks things off as 'normative'. She makes a contemplative sound, "I was an apprentice with a boy who was Searched three times. After he came back the second time, all the other apprentices told him not to go do it again. He should've been a senior apprentice by that time, but keep missing classes and coming back devistated. And wouldn't you know, third time's a charm. He came back to the hall a Turn later so we could all meet his dragon," she recalls, coming back over with a little rubber-tipped mallet. "Just checking reflexes," is the only warning before she tha-thunks on each knee in turn.

Yulena sighs a little, "Three times? Goodness…" Shaking her head, Yulena wonders, "What colour did he impress in the end? Not that it matters, of course. Just curious." The warning isn't quite enough and the Candidate's legs react, once each tha-thunk. "What about yourself? Are you from now, or then? What brought you to Southern? Did you hear about the dead bodies? And do you like the klah?" That seems to have run the gamut of her usual questions, so Yules gives Yoko a chance to actually answer.

"Bronze!" Yoko replies with a great, big smile, cheer surpassing her baseline, "So don't count yourself out of the race quite yet!" She slips the little mallet into yet another pocket, prompting, "Go ahead and lay back. I'm going to poke around your stomach, just make sure there's nothing unusual. Tell me if anything hurts." While she goes about it, she answers the questions in turn with good humor, "From the oldtime, around High Reaches. It's warm and they let me have my knot. I'm not sure, and yes, I need klah to function."

"Ooooh, how lovely for him!" And then, "Of course, anything would have made him happy, I'm quite sure." Slowly, Yulena starts to stretch herself back onto the metal slab, wincing at the coolness underneath until it starts to warm. She tries to tilt her head up to watch the pokings, and her stomach muscles tighten from the move. "I've heard it was nice, back at High Reaches. And I'm glad you like the klah," though Yoko may not have said quite those words, but it's close enough, "I try to make it as pleasing to anyone who enjoys it. Except that Sara back up at Igen, but she was nice so I made her some weaker stuff." From Yulena's shake of her head, she can't understand it either.

Yoko laughs in understanding, nodding, "That it was, and that he was." Her fingers thankfully aren't quite as cold as the slab o' metal, but she winces sympathetically, "They're quite uncomfortable." Her eyes flicker slightly at the continued conversation of her home and she has to take a deep breath. "High Reaches was lovely, but I could never stand the cold. Another thing klah is good for!" Sasified that Yulena has been poked and prodded enough at this point, she waves at her to sit back up. The rolly chair is taken a seat in once more, and she grabs her clipboard from the countertop to write down that Yulena's about as normal as it gets. "Are you sexually active at all? I'm not sure if you're familiar with green stuff. It's a once monthly contraceptive, about eighty-or-so percent effective." Also, she might have to check for crotchcrickets.

Yulena is the happiest person to sit up and get off the… oh great, now the air is cooler, and she suppresses a shudder. "Klah is good for everything," is the firm agreement, "Except, maybe, bathing in. That'd just make the klah undrinkable." And that would be the worst day of Yulena's life, right there. Um, and now the conversation goes somewhere weird, "Um… not since I've been Searched," though that should be the standard reply for Each and Every Candidate. "Before that, um… I was with my boyfriend, and I did use the green stuff attentively. Um… and…" A little cough, a pained look, "There was someone else too… during the gold flight," and Yulena can barely keep her voice above a whisper. But it wasn't Q'fex, she promises!

Yoko opens and closes her mouth at the bit about klah-baths, opting eventually for silence. She holds up her hands, putting her pen down. "Just have to ask. In general, we don't disclose That Sort of Thing without expressed permisson. And gold flights, ah, have a tendancy… well, let's just say that's very far from unusual. I've certainly been enlightened since I moved the Weyr." Ehhemhem… She gives the younger woman a small smile, hoping it will at least be somewhat reassuring. "There are a lot of young woman who don't know, nowadays," is added with a sigh and a shake of her head, but she stands once more, holding the clipboard away from her body to avoid covering herself with drying ink. "Is there anything else you'd like to discuss with me before I let you go?"

Yulena quietly closes in on herself for a brief moment, before nodding. "I understand," she says without the usual confidence that fills her tone with what some might take as bluster. Then Yulena smiles again briefly, "Likewise," she murmurs thoughtfully with a faint grin. The question of further questions gets a long, inward-searching glance, and then the Candidate says, "No, I think that's all for now." How dull. Not even a tropical foreign disease? "Thank you kindly, though."

Yoko extends an arm, then, to shake hands once more. "Well, then, it was very nice meeting you. I'm sure I'll see you around again. And if you need anything, we're always here. And if you have a preference about who to speak to, we don't ask questions." One more smile and she continues, "You're free to get yourself dressed again and take off whenever you're ready. I'll relay the message that you're bill of health is spic-and-span."

It's always a big relief to get good health news, and Yulena nods, putting her hand forward to shake Yoko's hand once more, "Well met, Healer. I'll be sure to come to you if I ever burn myself on the oven again." A big of a grin cracks her face, and Yulena stands up, "And thank you kindly. Have a wonderful day, madame." With that, Yulena turns to choose which piece of clothing she wants to put on first - of course, it's her pants. Yaaaay, pants!

Yoko steps out so Yulena and her pants can have some privacy.

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