====July 17th, 2013
====Mayte, Kyara
====Mayte's second encounter with a weyrling goes much more smoothly than her first.

Who Mayte, Kyara
What Mayte's second encounter with a weyrling goes much more smoothly than her first.
When There is 1 turn 8 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

Weyrling Training Grounds
Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

Mayte slowly sneaks into the area, keeping an eye out for stalkerish greens and their less-than-welcoming riders. Arms unfolding from around herself, Mayte then straightens, looking around casually, like she should be here, and knows she should. Fashion-guys be darned. Long sip from whatever's steaming from her mug, nose wrinkling, she's just out on an early morning stroll. Who knew it's so bright this early in the morning…

Yes, the morning is bright - but also thinly overcast, which still makes anyone outside a bit squinty. Kyara is no exception, but she's also not letting it phase her. She's concentrating, and trying to make sure Liareth doesn't get too eager. No stalker, this green…but does she ever want to get out from beneath the strict orders of the Those In Charge! Kyara is out exercising beyond what's required again - a bit of agility training involving some stacked sandbags this morning. Liareth is following along, doing her part very nicely…but giving her lifemate a bit of a test as she spreads and flaps resplendent jade wings. "No, Lia, keep them pinned!" Kyara can be heard to insist across the yard. "I don't care if gliding a little would be fun; you're not doing it, and that's that." An unfamiliar figure catches her eye near the low wall marking the boundary of the grounds - oooo, someone's watching, and it's not a rider! Kyara heads in the girl's direction, grateful for someone new to greet. She's very familiar with everyone else in this little corner of the weyr, after all. "Morning," eyes the knot, "Apprentice! What brings you out all the way out here so early?"

Amidst the white backdrop, there is green movement that Mayte opens her eyes wider for… and instantly regrets it, with a wince. She listens to the mild haranguing with a grin. Upon being spotted, however, she surreptitiously checks for anyone who would scold her for being even in the area. Seeing no one, she waits for Kyara to be within normal speaking distance before replying, "Heyla, Weyrling." Even without the knot, the green dragonet totally gives Kyara away. "Too much noise in the Crafter rooms - a couple of journeymen yelling at each other again." A little smirk: at least it's not at her. "You? Don't see anyone else around. Klah?" Mayte offers up her steaming klah mug, "It's not great, but…it does what it's supposed to."

Hop, hop, hop, back and forth over the last lengths of bags - a slightly put-out-looking dragonet following in her wake - and Kyara lightly jogs the remainder of the short distance over to the Vintner and stalls her momentum against the wall. Noting that the girl surveys the area, she chuckles, catching her breath. "Don't worry; I think you're fine if you stay on that side." She politely declines the klah with a smile and a raised hand as Liareth takes a dignified seat beside her. The green gives an impatient huff - this again? She likes talking and all, but not when there's work to be done to make them stronger and better examples to the others… Kyara flicks a look at her green, obviously telling the dragonet a thing or two, before turning back to the apprentice. "Not in the middle of exercising, thank you. I appreciate the offer, though." To her reason for being out here, a nod. "Reminds me of why I used to need to escape the dorms at the Harper Hall. That's what I was, before I came forward and all this happened." She grins at her dragon - she'd have had it no other way! - and then extends her hand to the girl. "Kyara, weyrling to Liareth. Well met."

Mayte nods and shrugs, taking a large slurp from the mug again. An eye examines Liareth slowly, appreciatively, "She's quite beautiful. Congratulations." She nods absently and fumbles the mug to her other hand and takes Kyara's in her own in greetings, "Mayte. Vintner Senior Apprentice, specializing in growing grapes." Withdrawing her own hand, proper hellos accomplished, Mayte asks, "So, how long are you going to be behind this wall? Must be a bit… frustrating, not to be able to see a lot of other people." She grins suddenly, "Unless there's some back passage or something…" Ooohhhhhh maiiiiii.

Kyara laughs as Liareth arches her neck a bit at the compliment; they both know it's true! "Thank you, Mayte." She hops up to sit on the wall; it's a nice perch. If she can't go beyond it, she can at least be atop it sometimes. "A few of the youngest of us have gone looking," she chuckles. "No luck on that front so far, though they did get caught." A snort, and she draws her one remaining waterskin around to take a deep drink. "I don't think it'll be too much longer until we can start going around the Lake and the Bowl, but it's going to feel like forever no matter what."

Mayte nods, turning to sit from the other side of the wall. She grins at Liareth's display, "And then you'll be able to go swimming every morning as well. I bet once you're out of here," she taps her mug on the boundary between young weyrlinghood and the Rest of the World, "It'll seem like it was no time at all." Mayte looks thoughtful for a moment, "And I bet you're not allowed wine or anything in there either," though she doesn't explain what 'anything' would consist of. "Think you'll be flying soon?"

"No," comes out with a pointed look to Liareth, though Kyara does this because her dragon has just answered exactly the opposite in her mind. "I mean, it'll be some months yet. It'll be up to the Weyrlingmasters to decide when we're ready." To Mayte's guess about wine, Kyara gives a slow nod. There have definitely been times - since her Candidacy started, really - that she's wished for a nice glass of wine. Or two. Or even something stronger. "Nope, no wine. Or anything else." Her "anything" is just as vague. "I know why…but Faranth, do I wish for it sometimes. By the time I'm done here, I may not even want it anymore." She smirks at Mayte, wondering how a Vintner is going to take to that idea.

Mayte indeed looks quite astounded that someone may not want a glass of wine. Or more. "Well, um, when you get out of this container, look me up, I have some nice young wines that are coming of age… I mean, if you want to taste them," she allows grudgingly, though the concept is beyond her, "Or I'll have some nice fruit wines coming up as well." Temptation, thy handmaiden is Mayte.

"Fruit wines, hm?" Kyara rubs her chin thoughtfully, smile growing. "Well, that would convince me otherwise." She's always had a like of sweeter wines. Fruity is good. Who's she kidding; she's probably going to make very sure she gets some alcohol back into her system first chance she gets. It's not as though she's ever been irresponsible with it. "I'll definitely keep you in mind. There are so many places in the Bazaar I miss already. Ravene's stall, the Dustbowl… Do you have a shop you're working out of there?"

Mayte grins: Victory is at hand! "I'm checking with Eollyn, the Journeyman Vintner here, to make sure, but yeah, I'm trying to set one up." Not exactly right this very moment, but semantics. "You should check it out when you get a chance," she winks knowingly, "I'll have at least a skin or two with your name on it." A little sigh as Mayte checks out the location of the sun and general hubbub down in the Lower Bowl, "Speaking of Eollyn, I'd better go catch up with her." A last grin in Liareth's direction, "Have fun in your training, and getting out of here!" Jailbreak!

Excellent timing on Mayte's part, as one of the assistant weyrlingmasters is heading in Kyara's direction now. She slides off the wall, Liareth standing and giving a little shakeout of her wings as she does, and sighs. "I will, don't you worry. And thanks!" She taps two fingers briefly to her brow in a departing salute with a smile. "Good meeting you, Mayte." And with that, the meeting at the wall departs, each to their own separate worlds.

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