====February 17, 2014
====Coora, Ebben
====Coora and Ebben chat about how to sneak a nap.

Who Coora, Ebben
What Coora and Ebben chat about how to sneak a nap.
When It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Southern Weyr

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Lower Bowl
Cobblestones sweep as far as the eye can see, a unique feature to the lower section of the bowl — but necessary, perhaps, as the stepped western bowl drains off into this high-trafficked area. The shallow bowl is bounded by craggy-black bowlwall with entrances pockmarked - and some boarded over in an effort to prevent entry from un-renovated caverns. Directly south, the wall neatly crumbles away to roll southerly into rollicking fields of soft hills; a glance of the stables can be seen through the gap, nestled against the entrance bridge that spans westward.

Ebben is settled to one side of the courtyard, back against one slightly crumbled bowl wall, a stack of bound hides balanced on two upright knees. The healer seems to be preoccupied, his attention wavering from the studies at hand as his own stylus sits limp-wristed and unused. Ebben's eyes scan in little bursts the same sentence, though his gaze is routinely tugged up and over to the gently rolling hills off past his tiny gap of residence; his gaze on the tall grassy stalks that stretch into the blurry fluidity of a heat-bending mirage.

Coora leaves the living caverns, crossing the bowl to where Sidaaeth lies in the sun. Coora is standing beside the brown dragon when she notices Ebben studying… or daydreaming. The brownrider departs the side of her lifemate to head towards the healer. "Heya," She calls as she approaches, not wanting to startle him from his studying.

Ebben is startled regardless. The slight knee jerk that sends his studies falling is more from the subject matter of his distraction than the cautionary introduction. "Oh, oh hey." He calls back, squinting a bit until he recognizes the brownrider and waves her casually over. He reaches down to scoop up the hides as he stretches with a few customary pops and cracks of a neck long stationary and downward. "How's it fairing, Coora?"

Coora gives Ebben a sheepish smile at the result of her visit. "Sorry, I didn't mean to disrupt you. You looked like you needed a break from studying." Because you know, he wasn't actually studying anymore. "What are you studying, anyway?"

"Mm?" he says by way of intelligent response. Ebben actually has to turn the bound hides over in order to scan the title. That's where he's at right now. How he got that 'senior' attached to his apprentice title is anyone's guess… "Tropical Biospheres and the Medicinal Application of Locational Specific Native Species Within." Brows give a slight wiggle as his free hand motions to the small patch of shade opposite his own for Coora to seat herself. "As you can see, I'm basically the smartest person you've ever met. I'm already on page three. And it's only been most of the later part of the day." He flashes that slightly charming, mostly self-effacing smile as he turns the hides over so he doesn't have to keep up airs. "You manage to get out of your duties today, or you on midday break to respect the inability for productivity like the rest of us?" Siesta. It's a thing.

Coora's eyes glaze over and it's not because she's talking to her lifemate. "Uhhhh. Wow. That sounds like… fun." Yeah, because Coora's tone of voice totally implies excitement. She takes a seat on the cobblestones beside Ebben, shaking off the boredom that came with hearing the title of the book. "No, I had drills last night and sweeps this morning and some time to rest this afternoon. I was just headed back to the weyr for a nap, really." Coora's life is so exciting, she's taking midday naps.

Ebben is basically napping, awake, so… no judgements. "The trick to napping as an apprentice is the ability to appear like you're simply contemplating the figures of soil aridity and natural detritous breakdown." He watches for the inevitable glazing of the brownrider's eyes. "Allow me," he offers by way of explanation. He clears his throat and lifts his book, propping it open between his knees and staring at it. Suddenly his mouth makes a suprised 'o' as he appears to spot what amounts to be an engaging sentence. He lifts a finger dramatically and points to the passage, nodding to himself. He caresses his chin with profundity before slowly dropping his eyes in academic contemplation and nodding slowly to himself. His knowledgeable nodding turns into a simple nodding and bobbing of a drowsy head, and then slowly his neck sinks and he disappears directly into the text. A staged snore leaks out from around the hide edges before he pops his nose over the spine and his gaze redirects to Coora with a sardonic glitter. "Like a pro."

Coora blinks, watching Ebben's act with incredulity. "Does that play acting really work?" Coora's never been an apprentice, so she's never needed excuses to doze. As a weyrling, they were forced to catch some sleep while their dragons were asleep, so they got an hour here and an hour later. "I just went back to my cot when I needed a nap. As long as you worked your chores as a weyrbrat, no one worried where you were the rest of the time. It was a little bit different as a candidate, but we were kept busy, not sitting around studying."

Ebben shrugs with some amusement. "Well, I should be in the hall, but my Master is a bit of a relaxed old bugger, believes fresh air does an herbal-minded healer well, since half the time I'm out foraging for the stuff anyway." He smiles but with a tinge of regret as he slowly stretches his legs and moves to a stand. "Sorry to grab you and run," phrasing, "but I'm actually supposed to be running point for a Journeyman on one of the novice apprentice lessons in a few minutes." Flopping the book under one arm, Ebben tips a little salute to the brownrider. "I'll finish grabbing next time, I promise." Phrasing! And with that, Ebben kicks up a slow jog back to the compound.

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