====September 14, 2013
==== Kultir, T'lvier (NPC)
==== T'lvier is a jerk and it does Kultir some real good!

Who Kultir, T'lvier (NPC)
What Archnemesis Turns Mental Health Counsellor
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

T'lvier has found himself a large rock to lean against above the sandy line of the beach. From here he can watch the goings on down on the sand as well as spy anyone wandering about anywhere else. At the moment he's just reclining back, looking all relaxed, and watching a group of his fellow 'riders play a game that looks like a version of dodge ball with a large leather ball of some sort. The men in the group aren't the focus of his attention of course. But the women dancing about in barely-there clothes are all sorts of interesting.

Kultir strolls down the beach, oblivious to most of the people enjoying some free time. He spends most of his time watching his feet as his boots dig into the sand and kick up little sprays with each step though never spattering anyone. He reaches a relatively clear space and, glancing around to see if there are any rocks, settles down onto the sand. He wraps his arms around his raised knees and stares off across the water. Seems to be something he's been doing quite a lot of when not forced to interract with the other Candidates or listening to lectures.

T'lvier sees Kultir wander right past him and settle down on the sandy beach. Boy hadn't even seen him standing here. "Hmpf," he snorts and tosses the water reed he'd been shredding to the ground as he pushes off the rock he'd been leaning on and stalks to where Kultir is seated. "Ain't you supposed ta be werkin' boy?" He hooks his thumbs in his belt and strikes a cocky pose beside the teen. "Or did ye decide not ta stand and finally admitted yer a coward like I a'ready knew ya were?" The news that Kalea had dropped in his lap earlier today had come as quite a surprise to him for sure.

Kultir doesn't start at the sound of T'lvier's voice like he normally would before glancing up with a dull look in his eyes. "I been workin'." he says in a flat tone of voice. He returns his gaze to the water and sighs softly. "Go away. Ye'r jes' tryin' ta get me worked up an' it ain't gonna happen." He rests his chin on his knees and tilts his head away so he doesn't have to see the brownrider, even peripherally. Just what he needs, the man got his wish … Kultir's out of Kalea's weyr.

T'lvier grumbles low in his chest and glares down at the top of Kultir's head. "Well na see ye shouldn' be back talkin' the 'riders now.." It could get the boy into deep trouble after all. And T'lvier happens to live to see Kultir miserable. Well most of the time. Today the big man walks around and sits himself down right in front of Kulitr. "Not likin' the whole deal, eh?" He points a scarred finger at Kultir's oh so pretty white knot. "I had it figured that ye'd be mopin' aroun' cause somebody done took yer toy from ya." He shakes his head in disgust. "Can' figure why anybody'd see /you/ as any use ta'a'dragon!" He tilts his head and stares, "Well mebbe a /green/ I reckon. Wit yer kinda softness I kin see ya on a green."

Kultir sighs softly when the brownrider plunks himself down right where the boy can see him perfectly. He snorts at the man's attempts to get him riled and shrugs. "/I/ think it's a mistake …" he mutters. "You /know/ it's a mistake …. but no one else does so I'm stuck." He sighs and can't help the little quirk at the corner of his lips when he continues, "But … Kalea's /proud/ of me and I won' be disappointin' her." His gaze, which was fixed over the brownrider's shoulder till now, snaps back to T'lvier's face as he frowns. "Yeah, right. You seem ta be a bit confused about who's soft between us, /sir/." He puts as much sarcasm on the 'sir' as he dares, eyes sparkling as he remembers just who kicked who's butt not so long ago.

T'lvier sits there listening to the kid snivel and pout. He's rather enjoying the fact that Kultir is miserable. The idea of it had brightened his morning when Kalea had been busy gushing about it. But to see it for himself? Priceless! The reminder about their little disagreement though pokes a hole in his good time. And he can't be having that. "Well ya know," he says as though the kid hadn't just really ticked him off, "ya don' /have/ ta Stand. Yer not a prisoner. Ye could always admit ye ain't got th' guts t'a be any kinda decent 'rider an quit." It would be better for T'lvier if the kid did quit. The very idea of this sniveling brat as competition to /him/ is beyond disgusting in his estimation.

Kultir snorts a bark of laughter and lifts his head, dropping his legs so he's crosslegged with his hands draped over his thighs. "Ye'd just /love/ that now, wouldn' ye, T'lvier." he says, just the hint of anger tingeing his voice and the man's name dripping with disgust. "I wouldna gi' ye the satisfaction o' saying ye talked me outta Standin'. I'll be lettin' th' dragons choose. If … /if/ mind ye, they leave me Standin' then I be knowin' that it weren't right. But ye ain't gonna run me off'n a chance to Impress." He pauses, a bit surprised at the stance he's taking … maybe encountering T'lvier is the back-bracer he's needed to embrace what should be an exciting and wonderful time. Even though he does miss Kalea terribly. He manages a small, sly smile as he looks back to the brownrider. "Ye know … Kalea sees me ridin' /bronze/. Not green." He just can't help that little dig at his rival for the petite greenrider's affections.

T'lvier is surprised by Kultir's outburst though he tries his level best not to show it. He'd been hoping the kid would take the out and go running back to Kalea. Maybe then the woman would have seen Kultir for the /kid/ he is and not someone worth loving. Alas, that apparently isn't to be. And it ticks him off even worse. "A /bronze/ eh?" He repeats with tones dripping scorn. "Well doesn't she have yer hopes up boy?" He shakes his head and chuckles, the sound disparaging. "Ney. I don' see it. /I/ think ye'll catch yerself a perty lil' green. Mebbe Bevurth can do ye th' kindness o' catchin' her for ye.. I wouldn' mind at t'all watchin ye come ta me all needy, boy. I /might/ even do ya all kind like."

Kultir frowns darkly at the man's suggestion Kalea may have only said that to get his hopes up. "A'least /she/ believes I got a chance." he mutters, unable to keep the 'more than I do' from showing in his tone. Unfortunately, the man's next words cause the boy to nearly gag at the very thought. Not that he'd Impress a green, but that he'd go to /T'lvier/ during the possible flight and be …. erg! He can't even think it. A flash of an image in his mind brought on by the brownrider's words cause the boy to gag in earnest and nearly lose his breakfast. He spits the bile that comes up into the sand, away from the rider, and glares up at the man. "Not. A. Chance." is the growled response as he bites off each word separately with no hint of his back-of-beyond Keroonian accent showing up.

T'lvier snorts with derision when Kultir claims that Kalea believes in the teen. It doesn't settle right in his gut. Probably because he knows it to be true. The woman hadn't shut up this morning about being 'proud' of this sniveling twit. His cruel eyes light up though when Kultir starts to gag at the thought of what T'lvier had said. "Oh hey na," he holds up both palms as though in surrender. "Tis all fine wit me o'course. I was jus' figurin out loud what could be is all. Don' have ta be /me/ t'all. I'm sure which e'er lad rides yer dear green's desire o'th'moment will be right nice t'ya." He drops his palms and smirks meanly. "Providin' o'course ye get picked t'all and don' get yerself hurt out thar by bein in th' way."

Kultir draws the back of his hand across his mouth to wipe away the few drops of bile that didn't splatter onto the sand. He grimaces at the taste in his mouth and glares up at the man. "Ye shed'up 'bout stuff ye got no say in. I /know/ greenriders c'n hole up in their weyrs durin' flights now." he says hoarsely. "Iff'n I have ta, tha's what I'll be doin'. Ye'r na gonna get a chance o' …. /that/ wi' me! Ever! Even if I do Impress ta green and ye'r brown could fly 'er." Not that he even imagines the man's brown being /capable/ of flying /his/ green if that were what he Impressed. His eyes harden at the suggestion that he won't even be picked by a Hatchling and determines then and there that he /will/. But it's oooohhh so hard! Knowing the time he'll be separated from the beloved human of his heart.

T'lvier feels a bit of satisfaction that he's managed to get a reaction out of the teen. He does so love to rile this kid up. It's become something of an unhealthy hobby for him. "Ahh," is all he says for several minutes. Sitting there smirking at Kultir and letting the kid stew for a while. "Well now. At least yer talkin like ye have some sense.." His chuckle is an arrogant sound that is meant to grate on the teen's nerves. "If'n ye impress a green I wouldn' have ta worry na'more bout ye. Would I? Kalea can' be satisfied by na greenrider ya know. Th' parts o'th dragons don't add up." He actually has the audacity to bark with laughter. "Ye'll be ta busy werkin or hidin from life ta give me problems."

Kultir starts out glaring at T'lvier but then that slow, sly grin curls his lips and makes his eyes sparkle as he remembers something that T'lvier has probably never known about the woman he's trying to attract. He pushes himself up into a more relaxed posture than he really feels, reacting to that same unhealthy habit of irritating this man. "Ahh, ye think so, eh?" he drawls, all Keroonian backwater boony-boy again. "Did ye na know tha' 'er grandparents, R'gis and Rajani …. were /both/ greenriders?" He smirks at the man, just watching for the reaction to /that/ little bit of information. "Seems like it worked out pretty good for them …." He shrugs slightly, still smirking at the man. "Seems like it'd work for her and me too." He gives a deliberately nonchallant shrug again and leans back, bracing himself with his palms in the sand, as he stretches his legs out in front of him and crosses them at the ankle. He gives the brownrider a look from beneath half-lidded eyes and raises one eyebrow eloquently. "Don'cha think?"

T’lvier had /not/ known that Kalea’s grandparents had both been greenriders. That much is obvious from the stunned look on his face. He sits there with a mixed expression. Something between just tasting something sour, and smelling something truly awful. “Is tha right?” He finally mutters. Well /that/ barb hadn’t gone at all like he’d planned. And now he’s left scrambling for something to say. He’d been counting on Kultir’s ignorance to work in his favor. Well that idea has backfired for once. “I reckon ye got it all figured then, eh?” He finally gets himself under control enough to glare at Kultir as he shoves to his feet. “So ya figure she’ll jus wait on ye fer as long as it takes ye ta learn ta be a ‘rider? Tha would be fair ta her, eh?” He shakes his head and frowns. “I still think tha hatchlings’ll cut ya through an leave ya lay.” With that ominous bit of opinion T’lvier stalks off up the beach.

Kultir can't help the chuckle that escapes him as the brownrider stalks off in high dudgeon. "Point to me." the boy mutters with a surprisingly happy sigh. He still feels that burden of sadness when he thinks of /how long/ he'll be separated from his Kalea but … oddly, T'lvier has lightened it for him. The boy shakes his head as he scrambles to his feet and dusts the sand from his clothing. Time to get back to work, he supposes. Then he smiles as he remembers Kalea's promise to meet him for supper in the caverns. Well, he guesses he'll find out just how fast he's able to clean the latrines and be able to get a bath before meeting her.

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