==== January 5th 2014
==== El'ai, K'ane, Lisette
==== Lisette has the unfortunate pleasure of meeting K'ane and El'ai at the same time. K'ane has the unfortunate pleasure of getting kneed in the nuts.

Who El'ai, K'ane, Lisette
What Lisette has the unfortunate pleasure of meeting K'ane and El'ai at the same time. K'ane has the unfortunate pleasure of getting kneed in the nuts.
When There are 0 turns, 3 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Docks

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In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.

In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.

Late afternoon, going into evening. The docks are quiet of the usual work crews as people go about getting dinner. The exception to this happens to be Lisette, who's out there on the pier with a small overturned dinghy. It appears to be of relatively new construction and she looks like she's been out there for awhile. If those little patches of red on her face are an indication of anything. With a bucket of pitch next to her, she's just finishing applying a protective coating to the outside and underneath. Making a final dab, she sets the tar-y brush down and sits cross-legged on the docks. Now would be a really excellent time for a refreshment. So the laundress-gone-dockworker pulls a canteen out of a canvas sack nearby and gets to drinking. Which really begs the question… are the little red patches from the sun or from possible booze consumption?

El'ai is not the most observant boy — hey, he's better than he used to be, but sometimes his head is in the clouds (as it happens to be this day) and his feet go where they shouldn't. Which is how he ends up running feet and shins first into the bow of the dinghy, causing chaos wherever he walks. Arms windmill and an involuntary, "Woah! Boat!" slips out of his mouth as he takes a stumbled step back. Is there damage? Well he's not really paying that much attention yet. Not too far away, a dark-bronze with enflamed-colored feet might be wearing an expression of draconic amusement.

Above — far above — a shining presence arrives from the cold of ::between::. Dhioth is a languid spiral downwards after that point, his lifemate freshly vetted for ::between:: from Igen healers. Perched on the cropping of sand not far from the docks, K'ane carefully removes himself from his straps and moves off, waving Dhioth to go off and do … whatever it is that Dhioths do. He moves along the dock, squinting at El'ai with a VERY STRANGE look on his face. He hasn't really noticed Lisette. Yet. It'll happen soon enough.

"No!" That's the startled exclamation from the possibly-tipsy Lisette as she bolts to her feet, checking the dinghy first and paying attention to the young bronzerider second. "I spent days on this damn thing." Which hey, days are a hell of a lot of commitment for her. You don't even know, no, really. Checking where El'ai's feet have come into contact with the recently coated wood, she frowns and shoots a look with dark furrowed eyebrows up at him. "Woah! Boat!" She imitates in what's supposed to be a dopey man's voice. "We're at the docks. You're very lucky you didn't hurt this." Because clearly the damage would have just been unfixable. K'ane hasn't come onto her radar either, but then she's very distracted.

"No need to get bitchy," blithely El'ai flashes Lisette with a wide grin, though it does deflate into somewhat of an abashed look. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, but see Sekhaenkath was telling me about Thread and I was listening and well you shouldn't be making dinghy's on the dock. That's what they have — don't they have boathouses for that? Or am I confused." K'ane's presence is definitely noted, more from Sekhaenkath's observation skills than his own. El'ai has a lot to learn, yo. For K'ane's hairy-eyeball-squint, El'ai has a kind of wtf-face. "Pssst." In a faux whisper. "I think that guy is creeping on you." Because K'ane's interest surely is on the girl. And not him. He's innocuous!

"You look eerily similar t' someone I used t'know, kid," K'ane states STRAIGHTAWAY. "Damned eerie." He even walks forwards and POKES at El'ai's shoulder to make sure he's solid and not some weird ghost or something. "Y'ver know a guy named Eth'n? 'Bout yae high, looks sharp 'nough to cut yourself on?" He gestures appropriately… and then notices Lisette. "Oh. Hi. D'you ever see Eth'n? Oldtimer? Maybe? Doesn't he look like him?"

"Excuse me?" All Lisette just heard now was 'bitchy'. "I'm glad you were listening to your dragon talk about thread. If my boat hadn't been in your way, you probably would have just strolled off the end and into the water. Where's my thank you?" Yes, she really did demand gratitude just now. "Do I look like a seacrafter? Do I look like this is my day job?" She flips her hair and then turns around to regard K'ane when El'ai points him out. But not before taking another drink from her canteen. Fortitude. It's one that lingers as this other bronzerider comes over and pokes the younger in the chest. Swallowing, "I don't think I'm his type." This sounds almost like a joke as she puts the piece to her mouth again. "I wouldn't know, I've never had the pleasure of meeting Eth'n." Whoever the fuck that is. And more importantly, "Who are you two?"

"Eth'n? No, no Eth'n here. Though that strange goldrider who fell from the sky and tried to take my sister's spot… she talked about an Eth'n. I … think. I didn't really get a chance to listen to the interlopers words. She was heavily guarded." El'ai raises his brows and gives K'ane the hairy-eyeball. "You have one judgmental finger, mister — and talk about judgmental! You aren't supposed to be doing this in the way of people walking! Are you — oh you are." And suddenly, the younger bronzerider seems to reach a conclusion about Lisette. He entirely ignores her question on who he is in an effort to lean over and attempt — she could bite him, if she's an untrained wild animal woman! — to pat her on the head. "IT'S OKAY NO ONE WAS HURT." Yes. He just shouted at her and spoke slowly at her. For some strange reason.

"Rhaeyn. Her name was Rhaeyn." K'ane's voice has an odd quality, and he pokes at El'ai again, once. "Y'look just like Eth'n, kid. I'm surprised Lendai hasn't…" his voice trails off and he squints at Lisette. "I'm K'ane. Of Igen." He flashes the girl a sweet smile from that sweet face — well it was before he got that damned knife scar. Dumb knife scar. "D'y'think she's one of th' wildmen?" he conversationally asides to Eth… uh El'ai, squinting over at the girl and putting a little more distance between them. Hello, he knows all about Maosa from Hannah's stories, not interested, kthx.

While El'ai may be reaching some conclusions about Lisette, she's forming her own opinion of him. "Whoa, don't touch me. We're not that close." She flicks him in the arm when he tries to reach over and pat her. Next comes a narrowed eyed look as she glances at the flask in her hand and then at him again. "Are you drunk?" Isn't she the one drinking here? K'ane of Igen is doing a lot better than Eth'n or E'lai of wherever. Except for that part about being a wildmen. "…What?" She just sighs at this point. "Maybe I'm drunk." She states to neither man in particular. "I'd like to think if I was going hallucinate two hot guys after being in the sun all day they'd at least not be weird as fuck."

"Lendai hasn't what?" El'ai leans in closer to K'ane — he's way too trusting to ever be Eth'n, but the resemblance is there. "I stay away from Lendai. Bailey would kill her if anything happened and I like Southern. A lot." Which means he wants to stay. Cramming his hands in his pockets, he also steps back from Lisette and eyes her like one might eye a rabid creature. "I'm not drunk, but I've heard stories about the wild men and how they're a touch soft in the head." He pauses, then adds, "If you get my meaning. I don't know — Oh, I'm El'ai by the way." Belated, kthx. "Sekhaenkath's." Oh Lisette! She gets such a ridiculously happy smile from a face that's making the transition from boyish cuteness to a man's maturity. "She think we're hot." Still, he has no real finesse with the ladies.

"Bailey. That crazy fu… uh, one of th' juniors here, right?" K'ane has only the most belated of recoveries there. "I know Hannah," he valiantly recovers. More wry: "And Lendai, just a little bit." The mother of one of his children. Yeah he knows her. Just a little bit, pfft. "A touch wicked in th' bed is what I heard," he ribs an elbow at El'ai because he can. "Of course we're hot," is his more affronted statement to the bronzerider before he turns his eyes back upon Lisette. Appraisingly. "Y'got anything good, there?" There's a gleam in his eyes for whatever she's drinking. "And y'may be drunk. Are you one of th' wildmen?" The last is even POLITELY INQUIRED.

Lisette can only tip her head at both men. "I'm not a wildman. Why would a wildman be- Nevermind. I don't have to explain myself to you." She shakes her head, borderline exasperated with this line of questioning. "Look at my nails and my skin and my everything. I'm not some unkempt jungle creature." Inviting people to look at her everything is probably not the best line she's ever used. And sadly she's realized it. Sigh. Taking another fortifying swig before just handing it off to K'ane. It's not bad stuff. But it's not top shelf. "I don't think there's any question, definitely drunk. Worst hallucination ever." …Have there been others? "I know Hannah. And I think he's trying to say he's surprised Lendai hasn't tried to screw you." Or something. Just making wild assumptions over here.

"Bailey, what?" El'ai's youthful innocence slips for a moment, the honing edge of adulthood peeking out from a boy transitioning to a man. Growth is still occurring in the lanky length of form, and the still narrowing of childhood's chubby-cheek days. That momentary glimpse vanishes as he also reaches for the flask. "She is pretty." As if Lisette wasn't there. "I don't know Hannah and I can't imagine Lendai trying to seduce me." She's old enough to be his almost-mom! "I think she's a boat-maker. Are you a boat-maker?" It's a day of delayed reactions as El'ai whirls on K'ane. "Now I know why Dhioth seems familiar. You are Lendai's baby daddy." How's that for detective deductive reasoning?

K'ane takes a swig, wrinkles his nose, gives it back to Lisette and deftly retrieves his own flask from a pocket of his jacket. The gesture is a little ginger, though, as all his motions — strange from such a big man, but his injuries are still tender and very not-visible. "Are y'a whore, then?" comes K'ane's next most-intelligent question, focusing upon her nails and her skin and her everything with more than a bit of interest. And then El'ai is going on about - "Yeah, she's Kari's mom. Dhioth caught Tali, once 'pon a time." He shrugs it off. "It was a long time ago." A REALLY REALLY LONG TIME AGO.

"Sure. That thing." A boat-maker is better than a wildman and better than a- "What the fuck." Lisette just closes her eyes now. Closes them. Counts to ten. She flexes her fingers tightly and takes a breath before opening them again. With little regard to her own life, safety or harsh reality that K'ane is like twice her size. She puts her hands on his chest and pushes (ineffectually). "Now look here, you scar-faced-Weyrwoman-knocking-up-delusional-ghost-seeing-idiot. Lets make something clear I am not a whore." Potentially crazy person? Sure. El'ai can have her flask for long enough to manage a drink out of it. Before she reaches out and takes it back without breaking eye contact. And swig.

"Ohhhhhh." El'ai shares a significant glance with K'ane. "A whore." Suddenly, the world makes sense and he's now questioning the wisdom of drinking after a whore. So that's why she snatches it back with El'ai still looking down at his now-empty hand. "Didn't I hear a rumor about you going to see Lendai for," cue eyebrow waggles, "'fun times'?" Yes, he is that annoying brother that seems to ferret out his sister's juicier details. That or she tells him. This bronzerider definitely churns the gossip mill, though! "Awkwarrrrrrd." Yes, that is his assessment of Lisette and K'ane.

"Shh." That's K'ane, shushing El'ai about his very dutiful conjugal visits to Lendai. He's got smaller fish to fry right at the moment, apparently. Without a beat, his eyes focused on the Lisette: "Oh, so you're sayin' you give it up for free?" K'ane will take whatever comes his way, up to and INCLUDING lifting his hands to intercept Lisette's push on his chest… not to push them away, but to fold his paws over hers to hold them to his chest, leaning in with a cocksure grin, lopsided. "Good thing t'know."

"You gossip like an old-" Woman. The next word is probably woman. Lisette is cut off from going in on El'ai next because her ploy to push K'ane off the docks worked about as well as anyone could expect, except for her. That is, it's not working at all. "I don't just give it up." Her cheeks are flushed, maybe due to embarassment at being called a whore like three times in less than five minutes or maybe just from his close proximity. It's a slow move that brings her own booted heel onto the top of his foot, where she begins to grind down. Depending on what kind of shoe he's wearing, this might actually hurt. So he'll let go, right? This couldn't go wrong at all.

K'ane only has two inches on him, though the breadth isn't quite there in El'ai…yet. However, the man's sudden grab of the girl and whore or not, she's on Southern soil. So, while the two are engaged in eye-clashes and chest crushes, the Southern bronzerider comes from behind and knees K'ane in the balls. Or well, however far between those legs he can get from behind. See. El'ai hasn't yet learned to fight. "Stop that! You unhand that woman this instant!" What he lacks in experience is not lacking in gusto. K'ane's balls-taint-butt hit is pretty… forceful. Bailey taught him to save women!

All that can be heard is the WHEEZE of all the breath exhaling out of K'ane's lungs as he slowly crumples to the side.

Lisette stares at El'ai. Just stares in surprise.

El'ai shrugs. "What? He had his hands all over you. You said you weren't a whore and you were struggling to get away." THIS MADE SENSE.

"You call that a struggle? That was practically-" Lisette cuts herself off again to stare at El'ai some more. While K'ane wheezes on the ground. "Oh, fuck." She kneels down and reaches out to hesitantly pat the prone bronzerider on the head. Wincing, "Sorry…" That someone else just kneed him in the ass-balls. Tough break.

K'ane is wheezing. He may have a little bit of tears in his eyes from this. He wheezes more: "When I catch my breath," there's BLUE BLOODY MURDER in those eyes, "I'm going t'…" He half-flinches at the pat on his head, "…kick your ASS." That last is hiss-spitted.

"No you're not," El'ai is confident, because he's quick. He who runs away, lives to fight another day. "I'M TELLING Q'FEX ON YOU." So mature. And with one last half-hearted jab in K'ane's direction — hey, he's not so good as to not kick a man who's already down, but whether it lands or not, well. He's busy high-tailing it back to the weyr. Screaming bloody murder, "Q'FEX! Q'FEX! IGEN'S BRONZERIDERS ARE PAWING OUR WOMEN! Q'FEX! Q'FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX!!! KRAAAAKIE!" Some childhood nicknames just never go away. El'ai's got a strong set of lungs, but he's out. Like white on rice.

"I don't think you should do that." Lisette cautions, glancing up at El'ai and then back to the wheezing man. "He might be too dangerous for you to handle." Her tone is soothing as she continues to pat his head while he flinches. But she's really just one more comment away from hysterical laughter. Or she was. Because there's some kind of kick being aimed K'ane. It's her turn to flinch now. Dipping into her jacket she pulls out a little napkin and offers it to him to dab at his eyes. "What a dumbass."

It totally DOES land, because K'ane is unlucky like that, and DOUBLY unlucky for the kick to impact his tender-healing-threadscores. His voice is a little bit of a gurgle and he surges upwards half to his feet, breath lost or not, but he stares after El'ai with bewilderment replacing indignation since… uh it's EL'AI, do you HEAR THAT. "Did… did that jus' happen?" He drops back to his knees again, winded, and stares first after the younger bronzerider and then up and over to Lisette.

"…Yeah." Even Lisette seems shocked by the turn of events. And honestly, that really takes a lot. She ends up just sitting down next to the kneeling, wheezing, winded man. Staring after where he ran off, she eventually ends up shaking her head and directing a side-gaze over to K'ane. "So… Are you going to be okay?" Because he doesn't exactly look alright.

"Oh, yeah. It's just, uh." K'ane gingerly lifts up the side of his shirt and twists his torso slightly to show the slightly oozing edge of his healing threadscore. It's bruising already. LOOK IT'S GROSS. He drops his shirt and leans back on his heels, squinting over to Lisette in return. Half-grudging: "Sorry for callin' you a whore." Oh K'ane. Why would you ever bring it back up, even to apologize?

"Ew." Lisette stares now at the oozing, bruising theadscore area and wrinkles her nose. Taking a moment to recover, the look she gives him when he apologizes is mostly cautious. "It's alright. I get that sometimes." She slips the little napkin back into her pocket since he doesn't seem like he needs or wants it. There's a smile that comes next, small and sly. "Sorry for the eight or nine things that I called you." Slight exaggeration but he should get the point. And she might actually be apologetic. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Well, I do've got th' scar," he comments, vaguely, with a gesture to his face. His nose looks like it's been broken a time or ten, too, come to think. It's not as straight as it used to be. But K'ane does shift to offer her a smile, briefly, and to rearrange himself to just be sitting in the sand. Dhioth, at this time, has come lumbering back, a shining monstrocity of a behemoth, as big as most golds of this time. "Of course," K'ane easily returns, a hint of curiosity in the heft of his brow.

"You use your face and body as a punching bag all the time?" Lisette's not blind to all the wear and tear that K'ane seems to have put himself through. Knife to the face scar, repeatedly broken nose, thread score, El'ai kicking him to the ground in front of her, etc… With him not in immediate danger of dying in her presence, she moves to stand. Though it's not to immediately leave. Dhioth is shot a curious glance before she grabs her bucket of pitch, touching the little dinghy once to assess it before straightening.

What K'ane suffers from is a tremendously sadistic player who apparently has fantasies about Chris Hemsworth broken so she can nurse him back to health. But he doesn't know that, poor fucker. Instead he returns with his trademark roughshod charm: "No, typically th' punching bag is th' other person. But I ain't often get kneed in th' nads either." A BALEFUL look after El'ai, even as Dhioth comes over and drops his head to whuffle curiously at the little boat and the owner of such.

Poor K'ane. All his scenes ending in near catastrophe. "Seems like you've had a bad run recently." Dhioth's close presence has her taking a step back, clear indication that while she's living at the weyr, she's not quite comfortable in the near proximity of the large beasts. "Such a hero. He got you to unhand me and then he ran away and left me with you." Her expression is amused as she flashes a playful smirk at the bronzerider. Suddenly realizing she's missing something, she pats her jacket. Glances around. Catches sight of her flask on the ground, top open. Booze in the sand. "That's a waste."

"Something like that." K'ane's voice is a little wry. Dhioth whuffles at her again, nonplussed by her step back. WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? YOU DON'T LIKE DRAGONS? Well, dragons — like cats — just get turned on by that kind of shit. He shoves his nose a little closer. K'ane doesn't seem to notice. "Oh," look, chivalry isn't dead! He removes his own flask and gingerly extends it out to her. HIS shit is top-shelf, too. He manages something of a smirk: "I promise I won't bite."

Uncomfortable doesn't mean she'll allow Dhioth to just push her all over the place. A hand is extended out to press against his big bronze head if he keeps pursuing her, "We haven't even been introduced yet." She chides the dragon with a quirk of her smile. "I'm Lisette. Your rider would know that if he'd asked, but he was pre-occupied with the man-child that kneed him in the balls." The offer of his flask is met with an initial side-glance of amusement as she slips her own away. "If you promise." She'll accept and take a swallow, definitely not used to the burn of the better quality liquor, she returns it with a polite choke-cough.

"Oh," whups, HE KIND OF FORGOT THAT PART. K'ane finally gets to his feet. It's a staggery thing but he gets there soon enough. "M'bad." That's not his name, that's just him slurring his words together as he always does with that Paradisian drawl of his. "I'm K'ane, of Igen, an' th' beast is Dhioth." He waves off the bronze, who retreats amicably enough. He caps his flask and returns it to the inner pocket of his jacket with an amused look at the choke-cough. "Lisette. You, uh," squint, "New 'round these parts?"

"Oh, don't worry. You remembered enough to tell me who you were before." Lisette's smile is close-lipped for the bronze as he backs away and she hefts the half-empty bucket up, letting it lean on the little boat. Off-handedly, "He's handsome." There's still a little throat clearing to be done before she returns to normal conversation. "Sort of. I'm came in with the last group of candidates, just never left. They picked me up on the north coast, seaside trading post." That'd be the north coast of this continent, even if she does have all the looks of being from being on the other side of the ocean. "You always approach people this way? Poke at them physically, ask them about their sexual promiscuity? Is that how they do it at Igen?"

"Well, I'm an Oldtimer. We tend t'do things a wee bit different'n how things're done these days." K'ane's voice is a little reflective. The fact that he has introduced himself TWICE soars right over his head, 'cause he's dumb like that. "Thanks." In regards to Dhioth, who doesn't think much of it at all, because he's a dragon, and not a vain one. Often. "But if y'really want t'be a dragonrider, y'better get used to people pokin' about your level of promiscuity." K'ane shrugs. "I'd be a whore if I could get people t'pay for it." Truer words, people.

"I kind of noticed that." She responds, tucking her hair back and then patting at her too hot face. Damn sun. She squints her eyes and makes a quick pointing gesture in the air with one finger. "Hmm. I think maybe it was the being called bitchy, a wildman and then a whore that might have made me a little touchy." In case while K'ane was introducing himself multiple times, he missed any of that. "Somehow that doesn't leave me feeling very surprised. I'm sure you could convince someone to pay you."

Affronted, K'ane latches only to only ONE THING: "I never called y' bitchy."

Lisette facepalms, hand to the forehead. "I was referencing it altogether as part of one incident. That was the other one."

"Oh." K'ane seems to reflect on this thoughtfully. "Well. Okay." Pause. "I guess I need t'… get goin'. Do what I came here t'do." Which was NOT get kneed in the balls by a kid.

It wasn't? — Meanwhile, Lisette is watching K'ane carefully as he mulls this abstract thought over, lips pursed and eventually she just nods her head at him. The bucket is lifted and she begins the task of backwards walking away from him. "Well. You should go do that. Just…" There's a trail off. A consideration. And then the sly smirk returns. "Just try not to moan my name too loudly." Like that mistake would EVER happen if he's going where she assumes he's going. If he's got a response, she may or may not hear it as she gets out of there rather quickly.

"Uh huh." K'ane shifts a LOOK over to Lisette before he leaves. But just that. One look. The end. He's walking away. (Tenderly. With bruised fruits.)

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