====January 4, 2014
====A'lory, Ada, K'vvan, Mayte, Ralina, Sadaiya, Sara, Shea, Trek, Vashae
====Arroyo Wing throws a shindig to help build camaraderie within fellow wingriders.

Who A'lory, Ada, K'vvan, Mayte, Ralina, Sadaiya, Sara, Shea, Trek, Vashae
What Arroyo Wing throws a shindig to help build camaraderie within fellow wingriders.
When Autumn, 3 months and 18 days until the 12th Pass
Where Oasis Inn, Igen Weyr

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Igen's Arroyo Wing is having a shindig over at the Oasis Inn! IC, it's been arranged with the innkeeper to be an exclusive event: Royos and their +1's only. OOC, please feel free to crash! Everyone is welcome to either NPC an Arroyo wingrider (as there are so many blue- and greenriders in the group, shouldn't be too hard), NPC an Arroyo's +1, or say your character came as a +1. It doesn't need to be romantical, just invite-only. (@go igw, s, sw, nw)
— entered by Trek on 2014-01-04 13:21 MOO Time.


Oasis Inn

Tucked into a small fold of foothills along the road leading from the Weyr to the Central Pass, this inn truly is just what its name implies - an oasis for travelers coming from either direction. Stabling and board are available - though the boarding comes at a price, since there isn't much of it. The most well known part of the Inn is the tavern - a rustic bar built of solid skybroom and furnished in dark, oiled wood, leather, metal, and glass. Though well used and sometimes abused, the furniture is also well cared for and maintained, and the food and drink draw many a rider in alongside the travelers. The decor is eclectic, consisting in hangings, rugs, carvings, and other things from every region of Pern, bestowed upon the owner in barter for lodging. The atmosphere isn't one of a dive; it's cozier than that, though there //is just a touch of harmless shady to be found - particularly in the evenings.//

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There are 0 turns, 3 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
It is the twelfth day of Autumn and 76 degrees. Overnight, the temperatures plummet to a reasonable heat. Sand coats everything.

Arroyo Wing Party Scene-Set (read scene) (#22209)
There appears to be some writing on the note …

As mentioned in the @party, this scene has been arranged with the innkeeper to be an exclusive event for Arroyo wing members and their option guests. Please keep that in mind if you wish to NPC someone, or wish to play your character as someone else's +1. The Oasis Inn is being compensated handsomely for this, so the inn's staff is going to be helping enforce this. There are two bartenders on hand, and a couple bouncers at the door. The rooms above have ICly been reserved should anyone have too much to drink (or just want to get away quietly). Logging will be handled by Trek, and if there are any questions, please page her!

As for the atmosphere, aside from wing members, a quartet of Harpers has also been invited to play, with the understanding that the more musical guests (or not!) are welcome to join in. Drinks are not on the house, but tabs may be open under a wingrider's name, and there is a designated bluerider at the bar who's going to be doing nothing but making sure those names are valid. (i.e. If the tab isn't paid up within the sevenday, there will be consequences.)

OOC: this is a "rolling" scene, as in, people are welcome to come and go as they please. It will run until there is no more interest, so no pressure! IC: it's been understood that every wingrider is expected to show up at least for a little while.

Pose Order: There is none, so don't ask where you are in the queue, and don't expect it of others. Please keep things moving, but try to respect other players' posing paces. If ten minutes have gone by, and no one has posed, feel free to go ahead.

Trek has dressed up a little bit for this event, trying to look her best, within the limits of her wardrobe. She combs her fingers through her loose curls again, then has a last quiet word with the innkeeper before shaking his hand. There's another quiet word with the Harpers, before two of them begin a quiet, mellow tune to start things off. Last of all, she goes to the bar. Today will require booze, for sure.

A gesture to the bartender has him opening a tab for the Weyrwoman which, in turn, wins him a brilliant smile from Sadaiya herself. The somewhat refined atmosphere reflects itself in her expression, and she sighs in perfect contentment before turning to greet the scattered partygoers. Trek herself, though, gets homed in on, and receives the boon of Extra Enthusiasm. "Hey! Everything looks so lovely. Thank you for inviting me." Standing tiptoe, Sadie deploys airkisses on either side of the bluerider's face.

K'vvan may or may not have been that individual who had to be ordered to attend. He is here, looking not at all like he is ready for a party. A small smile has managed to affix itself to his face as he opens the door to the Inn, holding it for Mayte to come in after him. "And this is Arroyo." Any emotion in that introduction? Nope. Instead his eyes glance across the party and he sighs as they settle on Sadaiya. Did she really have to be there?

Ada enters and casts a glance around. The greenrider had scrounged through her wardrobe and finally found something deemd suitable enough for the occasion of a wing party, which is neither too modest nor too revealing, just a nice combination of the two. Ada may or may not have managed more than one plus one, not that she's entirely concerned that she'll be berated for it. Besides, it's not as if she expected K'vvan to actually show up. The greener sends a wave to people who she actually enjoys seeing, others get a finger waggle.

Shea makes a really fantastic plus one — even if you don't really know her, she's an excellent addition to any party! In a swingy green-and-gold dress, with her hair in its short little fingerwaves, she looks appropriately partyish, appropriately attractive and appropriately fun. Most of which is actually true of Shea, but calling her 'appropriate' might actually be pushing it. "At least I know a lot of people in this wing," she says to Ada, voice relatively low, "so it isn't as if anyone will notice I'm not technically supposed to be here. I've been to the drills a few times." Thanks, N'cal.

And on their heels, A'lory and Sara arrive, arm in arm. Him? Dressed in black — he's creative like that, yo — and scruffy-faced as ever. He glances down at his mate, grinning happily. She's dressed far more beautifully than he: shadowed bronze silk and champagne sandals.

What, just air kisses? Not that Trek looks all that disappointed as she gives Sadaiya a big smile. "Thank you, ma'am! And thank you for coming, too. The more the merrier, right?" Right. She thanks the bartender for her drink, which is some sort of amber liquid, neat in a small tumbler. Most likely tequila, for those who know the bluerider. "K'vvan! Mayte!" she quickly calls out, waving as more people come in. Then there's Ada and Shea, and A'lory and Sara, too, who also get quick waves. No salutes from Trek today.

Females. It is the thought that hits K'vvan the hardest as his gaze takes in all the people. Two turns ago this would have been a male-only venture, and now… well, look at all the skirts flipping around! K'vvan tears his eyes away from the display to look back at Mayte and shrug. "Probably. She," stress on the word as K'vvan nods in the direction of the wingleader, "made it completely clear that everyone has to make an appearance. I'm going to go get a drink…. you want something?" Not that Mayte isn't totally decked out herself with said drinks, but you know, better to ask!

Sara squeezes A'lory's arm as they enter, suddenly a bit shy and a tad overdressed. But the chance to wear the beautiful gown had been too much to pass up, and so Sara is here, hints of champagne sandals peaking out as she moves through the crowd. Eyes brush across the group, surprise at seeing so many people she knows, and lifts her free arm to wave to Sadaiya, a bright smile upon her face.

Ada chuckles slightly and flashes a grin towards Shea. "Whatever, you practically belong in this wing, I don't know why you aren't," of course, anyone that Ada likes must belong in this wing. "See, no one cares, and you totally belong here if you're invited by someone in the wing, so… And so what if I happened to have another plus one," she flashes a glance towards A'dan, who really can't possibly be that far away, unless he's chasing a skirt, and who could begrudge him that.

Hey, man, Mayte's all for this equal rites thing: "That's cool," she says absently, looking around: "Oh, there's A'lory!" A wave in his direction and Sara's, but the promise of a drink is too much to pass up: "Eollyn said I could only have a couple," Mayte affects a pout for a second before it turns into a little grin, "But she'll be fine, since A'lory's here. Yeah, let's go get something." And since K'vvan is offering, Mayte requests, "A whiskey sour for me."

Skirts? NAY, Sadaiya wears PANTS! GLORIOUS PANTS! Mayte's greeting flashes blushes across Sadaiya's face, and the smile that the vintner receives is more than a little embarrassed from their mutual flight shame. "Oh, heyyy," she manages after a bit, her voice slightly distant. "And K'vvan. You look nice! The both of you, I mean. Well, like, everyone. It looks nice. Yes, very nice."

"I love the dress!" Trek calls over toward Sara before she turns to grin at K'vvan and Mayte. "So nice of you to join us," she says with a hint of amused drawl directed at the greenrider. Mayte gets a much more normal smile. "Thank you so much for joining us today!" She gives Sadaiya a sidelong look, then, eyes twinkling, she turns back to K'vvan. "My dear wingsecond, would you do me the honor of at least once dance? I'd be happy to consider your contribution to the party completed, if you do." It seems blackmail is becoming something of a hobby of hers.

K'vvan misses the distant tone in Mayte's voice, and eyes the weird greeting from the goldrider. "Weyrwoman." He manages, before turning back to Mayte. "I'll go get it…." his voice trails off as Trek is abruptly THERE and speaking to him. Thankfully, a handy excuse to get out of… touching, is at hand. "I have to get Mayte a drink." Quick, abrupt… slightly rude and K'vvan steps away towards that bar, leaving Mayte alone with the wingleader and weyrwoman.

Mayte sees Sadaiya's blush and raises her an embarrassed cough - the excitement of the party can't stop her from forgetting, but let's play normalsies, "Hello, Weyrwoman!" That sounded pretty relaxed, right? Now to practice that, "Thank you for letting me come. Oh!" Nope, Mayte's not being impish when she turns to tell K'vvan, "Aww, that'd be nice." The dance, she means, but K'vvan's already running off; nothing new to Mayte, so she turns back to Trek and Sadaiya, "Sooo, how's the dragonriding side of the Weyr lately?" Way to break the ice, talking about work.

"Maybe he's my plus one," Shea supplies helpfully, all smiles and good cheer, "Or I'm his. Or, considering you practically have the same name, you're actually the same person —" The dragons are definitely going to be enthusiastic about that one, right? "And it's simply because no one has been persuasive enough to tear me away from the Weyrleader's wing, just yet." Or, in other language: no one has actually asked, though N'cal certainly hinted, and she did enjoy the few times she joined Arroyo for drills even if Cervilaevarth kept trying to make suggestions and control things — that's what he does, after all. The beginning of 'persuasive' might be the drinks available: they definitely have whatever of her attention isn't on who she's talking to.

Sadaiya's hand comes up to muffle the giggles that spring from her lips, though the sparkle of her eyes betrays her as she looks between K'vvan and Trek. "Hey hey hey, K'vvan, she asked you a question! And I'd love to be next, if I can punch your dance card, greenrider." Lowering her voice, she furrows her brow thoughtfully. "Can Kev even dance? I can see it, but I can't SEEEE it, y'know?"

The bright smile that cuts across Sara's face tempers some of the tension at being overdressed. A hand smooths the bronze fabric as her eyes are drawn over to where the harpers are. "Thanks, A particular rider," and she squeezes A'lory's hand again, "has a very good eye for fabric apparently." She kisses A'lory's cheek and breaks away from him to go see if they'll let her join, at least for one song. Because… you cannot really expect to invite a harper and then not have her play for a bit, can you?

Trek gives a very feminine snort at K'vvan's reply, though she only answers it with a shake of her head. If she were wearing skirts, she'd be swishing them in his wake, but instead, she places the fingers of her free hand delicately at her hip and turns away from the bar before sipping from her glass. Sadaiya's question gets a soft laugh, betraying that she kind of doubts it. "We're still flying," she answers Mayte, giving the young woman a bright smile. One that might not reach her eyes, but it's hard to tell in this lighting. "How are things on your end?"

Ada peers around, but can't help the peel of laughter as Shea supplies various excuses. "I don't see anyone hunting down the wing members to find out who they brought," she gives with a wink and a shrug. "Is that the case. Have you met Trek? If not you should, let's go introduce the two of you!" the greenrider declares, all set to drag Shea to Trek for proper tearing away. "Besides, we need drinks, and I'm sure A'dan wouldn't mind one either."

A'lory offers Trek a wave, relaxing in the genial atmosphere. He even feigns innocence at the idea of knowing a thing about fabric. "Who's that?" Oh, hey; drinks are a wonderful idea. "Want something?" But wait, she's off! Ah well, hazard of bringing a harper - she's got to play.

The look of abject horror that crosses K'vvan's face at the thought of dancing with Sadaiya might just be answer enough. His scuttle to the other side of the room where the drinks are being served only goes faster. As does the pouring of said drinks. Suddenly, K'vvan's excuse to stay on this side of the room is done away with and he is left with two drinks- Mayte's and his own. But Mayte is still surrounded by people-to-avoid-at-parties… or at all. So he lingers by the bar, eying the drinks in his hand and the danger of returning to where talking occurs at.

Mayte leans in to lower her voice, just in case K'vvan tries to overhear, "He actually can," and as proof, "I danced with him once. Like, a Turn ago." Has it really been that long? The young vintner doesn't see any less-than-cheerful meaning in Trek's face, so she grins happily, replying enthusiastically, "That's so cool. A woman Wingleader." Fangirling? Mayte? … a little: "I'd totally fly in your Wing any day." Just a little. As for Vintnering, Mayte gusts a bit, "It's been rough with the sandstorms, but I'm hoping those are over." A roll of her eyes, "But I said that each time one ends and then there's another." Go figure. Dude, where's my drink? Mayte tries to look over heads to spot where K'vvan has gone off to, trying to crook a finger. C'mere, mister.

"Looks like dragging you along on shopping expeditions paid off, A'l," Sadaiya notes, giving Sara a broad wink and waving the aforementioned bronzerider over. "Poor guy has had to carry more shoes than was really polite for me to allow, but what can you do?" Her laugh is fairly empty headed, but thought is not allowed in this dojo when there's drinks to be drunk. "Say, could someone grab me one of those fruity concoctions with the little umbrellas?"

Trek has already finished her tequila and lightly pats Sadaiya on the arm. "It's on me, ma'am," she assures the Weyrwoman with another wide smile before excusing herself and heading back to the bar. She shoots K'vvan a grin, but does not otherwise interrupt his… uh. Hiding. Returning her empty glass, she puts Sadaiya's requested drink on her own tab, then returns to the goldrider with the glass before once again excusing herself, this time to head toward Ada and Shea. "Hi! So glad you guys could make it. Shea! Nice to see you here! I hope we won't give too bad an impression."

Sara's progress across the room is stopped a few times to exchange a hug or two and some chatter before she can pause at the harpers. There is slight embarrassment for just a moment as Sara realizes just who is providing the entertainment for tonight. The quartet however welcomes Sara into their midst, providing a flute for the woman. "I think I heard people want to dance," Sara gestures over to the knot of people with an upraised eyebrow to the other harpers. "Toss the Feathers?"

K'vvan considers the benefits of staying on his side of the room with the disadvantages- namely the drink in his right hand going to waste. Finally, when it really would look churlish if he was to remain away K'vvan works his way around the room with muttered "excuse me"s to those he inadvertently bumps into. "Here," he offers the drink over to the vintner, attempting to avoid actually making eye contact with anyone else. "Sorry it took so long."

This leaves Mayte with Sadaiya and A'lory; Mayte grins at the taller man with a cheery, "Hey there!" Much less formal than the last time they talked in public. K'vvan's return is celebrated, accepting the drink with aplomb, "No problem!" It's all exclamation marks from here. "It's a pretty busy party, so far." Mayte sips her drink slowly, looking around: "These are all your wingmates?"

Ada smiles at Trek, then at Shea. "You two, talk. She needs to be Arroyo Trek, seriously. You should fix this," the woman states in a rush before her eyes alight upon the ever annoying K'vvan, sending a promise back to Shea that she'll be back. Yeah, she 'loves' him, or, more likely, loves to antagonize him and make life way too interesting for this particular greenrider. "K'vvan," well, they are in the same wing, of course she knows his name. "You need to dance, let's go," she didn't even ask. Nope, of course, she already suspects he'll be stubborn, in which case, oh well. Another look around shows A'dan socializing, undoubtedly with other women. Whatever works for him.

"Thanks, Trek, dear." Mmm, chawmp. Pulling the chunk of fruit off of the rim of her glass, Sadaiya pops it into her mouth, peel side out, and turns her face toward her friends with wide, wide eyes. Classy move. She does bite into the flesh, though, before taking a sip of her drink and turning to toss the garbage in a handy nearby can. "Mmm. Really, you've gone all out for this, wingleader, but… I mean other than Arroyo being awesome, what's the occasion?"

A'lory smirks as K'vvan is whisked away, leaning in to tease Mayte wickedly, "You teach that kid to dance yet?" Or will the real entertainment shortly begin? He then squints at Sadaiya, checking out the pants. "Ha. Knew you managed to pack a few."

"Sharding…," K'vvan manages out before Ada has extending his arm the whole way out and is dragging him to an area where dancing can happen. His drink is abandoned upon a table along the way and Mayte is cast a 'please-help-me' look as he is drug. With Trek right there he cannot even yank himself away from the othe greenrider as Sadness writes itself upon his face. "What are you doing Ada?" As if that wasn't obvious.

The brief conversation between the harpers has continued, with agreement finally reached. It is an older song, just over four hundred turns to be exact, but a particular favorite regardless. Sara plays a long low note on her flute. Drums start to beat expectantly and zither strums. Immediately the group of 4 starts, a fast tempo, bouyant tune. The last harper, a grin on his face plays nothing, listening as the beat picks up, waiting the cue to begin singing.

Who made a friend in Arroyo? Ralina that's who or the bouncers at the door would have never let her in. She follows a tall blue 'rider into the Oasis and sticks by his side until they reach the bar. There she orders a drink and claims an empty stool. Nodding her head and smiling at her escort before the man wanders off into the crowd. He got her in and that's all he said that he'd do, so Rali doesn't look upset when her drink finally arrives and she finds herself alone again.

Mayte grins at Sadaiya's move - haven't seen that since first getting into VintnerHall, but she's busy telling A'lory, "Naw, we only danced once, at the Weyr Games thing. I think." She's pretty sure they did dance once, but maybe this kind of exposure is good for K'vvan: Mayte waves to him from the sidelines. Have fun stormin' the castle. Sometimes, you gotta bust out of your shell. The drink K'vvan delivered to her gets sipped thoughtfully, "Maybe I should save him. He brought this afterall…" Mayte might just be the worst +1 ever.

A glint of amusement, and possibly mischief, colours Ada's blue eyes as she flashes a grin towards K'vvan. "I think it's fairly obvious what I'm doing. I happen to be dancing, and it just so happens that I'm dancing with a rather stubborn wingmate of mine," she says, though the tone of her voice indicates amusement more than annoyance, despite their most recent non-wing related encounter, that ended up with Ada sincerely wanting to push K'vv off the Stones. "Don't worry, I won't maim or hurt you in any way, I promise."

Trek can't help but smirk a little bit as Ada manages to get K'vvan onto the dance floor. She arches a brow at those nearby, then waves to some of the newcomers. Ralina and her blue-riding escort get a curious look, but Trek's not about to ask. She made the rules, after all! After a moment, however, she excuses herself again and returns to the bar to get herself a second shot of tequila. "Thanks for coming," she tells the weyrling, giving Ralina a wide smile as she waits for one of the bartenders to pour her drink.

"Do you even know if I can dance?" K'vvan asks rather grumpy as Mayte makes no move to save him. Maybe he deserves it though… since he abandoned her in the first place. One last glance towards the vintner before he turns his attention back to the greenrider before him. "Because the answer is no."

As Sara lets out a brief trill on her flute, the left over harper joins into the song, his voice loud enough to carry to the corners of the room without being overwhelming.

"Just down to the Ista Isle oh my
I'm no' very big and no' very shy
All the lassies shout as I walk by,
"Toba, where's your trousers?""

"I don't know how you could," Shea chirps, because really she is thriving in this particular environment; a crowd mixed with strangers and known people, drinks that smell and taste amazing, and snazzy outfits. Thread? What's that, again? "It's a great party. Yes, Whirlwind has — great — parties," an understatement, and it's true that Shea's first Tourney was how she made any Nowtime friends; she bows her head a little over the drink she's obtained. "But apparently so do you! In a nice venue. And, I mean, the whole operating scheme of your wing is excellent, though Cervilaevarth had a couple of critiques, I'm still sorry if he bothers Kanyith —" She cuts into the rambling to frown a little at Sadaiya's drink. "You had fruit!" Her expression makes it incredibly clear that Shea, too, really wants fruit.

Blueriders stick together. Well so far as it took to get Ralina into the joint. She has just taken a sip of her drink when Trek smiles and thanks /her/ for coming. Wow. Swallowing she nods her head and grins. "K'owuy was nice enough to invite me as his plus one." She waves toward the tall man she'd come in with and chuckles. "He's a pretty good guy," and currently hitting on some greenrider in the corner. A male greenrider at that. Obviously Rali isn't his type. "Looks like a real fun party. Your idea Wingleader?"

Ada shrugs slightly. "Dunno, don't care. You still need to linger with your wingmates in a setting that is unlikely to get anyone pushed off a cliff," she gives with a wink and a light hearted laugh. "Really, you should dance with some people. Dance with Trek, or the Weyrwoman, or that pretty Vintner, or the Harper, or dance with A'dan for all I care. Whatever floats your boat," see, she's just working on being K'vvan's therapist… yeah, that's it.

"Well I am the Weyrwoman," Sadaiya sniffs at Shea, though she pulls out a skewer of various diced fruits and holds it out to the jealous rider. "Here. Enjoy the perks that my position brings. They are DELICIOUS and whoa… K'vvan is still dancing. He hasn't lit Ada on fire or anything. Does this mean we can hold out wary hope that, someday, I might get to hug him without him making barf noises?"

"Hrumph." K'vvan manages to utter as he steps just a tad closer to Ada, though not close enough they can actually touch anything but fingers. "Maybe if I step on your toes everyone else will leave me alone." Though, if he's going to step on someone's toes, perhaps the others won't ask him to do the same.

"That he is," Trek is happy to agree, also watching K'owuy for a moment before turning back to Ralina. "Well, the more the merrier, so again, welcome." She picks up a small tumbler and thanks the bartender before turning to lean her back against the bar. "N'cal, K'vvan and I put this together," she then answers, nodding toward the merry-makers. And K'vvan. "Make sure you introduce yourself to my fellow Arroyos," Trek adds a moment later, smiling at the weyrling. "And… if you think you might want to join our wing after you and Igifoth are done with weyrlinghood, let me know." She winks quickly and straightens from the bar. "No pressure, though, I promise."

Ada shrugs and offers a simple smirk as her gaze wanders around the room, looking at the merry-makers, which K'vvan clearly is not, but she's not facing his wrath, yet. "Hey, if you want to step on my toes so everyone else thinks your awful, go ahead," she gives with a smirk, though, as yet, her toes are totally in one peice and unbruised. "Looks like the Weyrwoman might want a dance with you, should we go that way so she can cut in?" is offered with a chuckle.

As the first verse rolls to a slow close the singer winks at Sara who grins despite not missing a single beat in the fast paced song. The drummers pick up the pace, as the zither takes over the melody.

"Let the wind blow high and the wind blow low
Through the weyr in my kilt I go
All the lassies cry, "Hel-lo!
Toba, where's your trousers?""

Ralina has no idea what wing to join and weyrlinghood is quickly coming to a close. It's nice to know Trek would invite Igifoth and herself. That earns the Wingleader a grateful smile. "I'll keep it in mind for sure," she promises with a nod of her head. "I've sort of met K'vvan once before. I somehow doubt he'd want to meet me again." After all getting doused with one drink by her is plenty. Right? Well maybe. She shifts on her stool so her back is to the bar and she can watch the crowd while she sips her fruity little drink.

As Trek finally catches onto the lyrics of the song, she lets out a quick laugh and downs the rest of her tequila before giving Ralina a dashing grin. "Please excuse me. There's no way I can miss this dance." She nods to the weyrling once, then all but skips back toward Sadaiya. Weyrwoman or not, Trek grabs her hand and starts toward the dance floor, stating, "We cannot miss dancing in T'ab's honor," before she spins Sadaiya about, waiting half a measure before starting on the next. Trek can lead. She's taller. For possibly the only time in her life.

Perhaps somewhere in the last turn K'vvan has learned grace, because he hasn't yet stepped once on Ada's toes. Not that it makes him any less grumpy as they continue to dance, well, she dances, he twitches away from the other dancers. "I think she's busy," is his only dry response as Trek drags the weyrwoman into a dance. Mayte cannot even be his excuse either, as she has found herself a partner.

As giggles meet the song's lyrics and more dancers pour onto the floor Sara trades the melody with the Zither, taking the tune just one more notch upwards.

"I went to a fancy ball
It was slippery in the hall
I was afeared that I may fall
Because I nay had on trousers!"

Ada quirks a brow and snickers as she watches Trek steal the Weyrwoman onto the dance floor. "Okay, how about Shea, or the pretty one who came in not that long ago?" she offers, motioning with her head towards Ralina. "I know you're dying to get away from me. A'dan's keeping company with a whole gaggle of girls, we could probably get one of them for you…" she states as she dances in time with the music. She's not overly graceful herself, but she doesn't step on anyone's feet either, woohoo!

Ralina watches Trek bounce off to dance with the Weyrwoman and laughs to herself. She and Igifoth are so lucky to call Igen home. Rali simply loves it here. Well most of the time. Turning she taps her empty on the bar to get the attention of the bartender. Refill please and thanks. Being a living taxi has its perks! At least she can afford to party a little bit. While she waits on the next drink she eyes the dancers with a happy smile. Everyone just looks so joyful and then there's K'vvan. Who, as far as Rali knows, has never had a joyful day in his life. As of yet though he appears to be dry.

"He would probably bite me if I tried to dance with him," is all Shea's got on the subject of K'vvan, former wingmate. At least Cervilaevarth wouldn't chafe at taking orders from Nadeeth, but the pair of humans may or may not work well together. She is happily basking in the tasting of fruit, until the song starts — and that's when, instead, at the mention of 'Toba' she has to do her best to not choke on the fruit. Eat daintily, Shea. Once she's finished with the eating part is when she starts to clap, watching Trek and Sadaiya. "Remind me to tip you later!" she calls at Sara.

"Yeah, old wingmate. Not happening." K'vvan's relationship with Shea is the proper kind. All distant. No tounchie. The lyrics to the song however, actually manage to bring a slight twitch upwards to his lips. At least until someone bumps into him which sends him way closer to Ada, perhaps even onto a toe this time if she's not quick, then he had intended on getting this evening. A glare is shot backwards at the bumper, jerk!

The verses ring on, with Sara and the Zither tossing back and forth the melody between them like it is a ball. The drummers have gotten to their feet and joined the dancers, carrying the beat right to the heart of them. As the verses ring on a few voices join the song, and the male harper finishes the last verse to a chorus of voices.
I went down to 'Reaches town
To have a little fun in the underground
All the Ladies turned their heads around,
saying, "Toba, where's your trousers?"

Ralina's feet tap the rung of the barstool in time with the music. Finally the bartender gets to her with a fresh drink and she nabs it with a nod of thanks. Ahh booze! The life of every party. Get enough of it in her and she just might snag someone to dance with herself. It's been a few Turns since she had the occasion to dance at all. On second thought she might have forgotten how. She'll just sit here and watch.

Ada quirks a brow and humms. "Okay, what about the cute little weyrling, she can't possibly know your reputation, yet," is offered before she bites her lip to avoid commenting on the toe stepping. It's totally not K'vv's fault, at least that's her decision as she shoots a fraction of a glare at the bumper of K'vvan. The glare doesn't last long as she listens to the lyrics, a bemused grin lingering on her features. "Seriously, though, Shea's a wonderful person, I'd say I'm sure you'd get on nicely, but… well…" she shrugs, as if to say 'your K'vv'.

"Right. Wonderful. Just so long as she stays in Whirlwind and not here." Prophetic words anyone? As the song winds down K'vvan finally has an excuse to flee, and that is exactly what he does the moment the notes of the harpers cease to ring through the room. The abandoned drink is still there upon the table, and K'vvan makes a beeline for it, passing Trek, Sadaiya and the weyrling on the way.

Trek continues to lead Sadaiya in the bouncy little dance, and if she keeps them clear of Ada and K'vvan, at least they're not the ones bumping the greenrider onto Ada's foot. At the end of the last verse, Trek shows how well she knows the song by totally powerplaying Sadaiya into a dip. Don't worry, she's got this. Laughing, she helps the weyrwoman straighten, then theatre bows. "Thank you so much for the dance, ma'am. Another fruity drink?" Winking, Trek makes her way back to the bar, but not before calling out, "Well done, Ada! Thank you, Sara and Harpers!"

Ada laughs softly as K'vvan makes for a hasty retreat. "Well, at least he didn't try to slaughter me," she declares as she goes to the bar and offers a smile towards Ralina. "I'm Ada," the greener offers as she orders a drink, giving her name to the bartender. The greenrider offers a bow towards Trek, chuckling. "I try, I think he figured if he gets one dance in you'll let him off the hook for anymore. Though, really, he's not a horrible dancer, everyone should get a dance with K'vvan!" she declares, loud enough for most of the room to hear, wonder who'll think it's a good idea.

Ralina is sorry to hear the lovely tune end. It was fun watching almost everyone having a good time. Even her escort had managed to finagle his prey into a dance. How adorably cute. To dull some of the cuteness she knocks back a gulp of her drink. When Ada walks up to the bar and smiles she toasts the woman with her own mug and smiles back. "Ha! He'd probably skin me alive for sure. Last I ran into him he wound up with a face full of drink." Yeah she literally means 'ran into'.

The harpers dissolve into laughter with the rest of the Inn's occupants. "Heavens, it has been turns since I sang that! Glad it has traversed the turns so well!" Her eyes trace they alight on A'lory. He is distracted at the moment, so she turns bright brown eyes back to the quartet. "One more and I'll leave you to finish it all?" She brings the flute to her lips, awaiting the drummers beat to begin. This time, there is no long introduction as the singing harper swirls straight into another fast-moving melody.

"As I was going over the famed High Reaches mountains
I met with Captain Eric and his marks he was a-countin.
I first produced my dagger, and then produced my rapier.
Said stand and deliver, for I am a bold deceiver,

"Musha ring dumma do damma da
whack for the daddy 'ol
whack for the daddy 'ol
there's whiskey in the jar!"

Trek has already ordered a third tequila and turns to greet Ada as she joins them. "I'm still convinced it's an act," she tells Ada and Ralina, both. "He just doesn't want anyone to know the real him." She could be joking, going by the twinkle in her eyes. Then again… it's K'vvan. She glances toward the harpers as they start another song, though by her frown, she doesn't recognize this one as well as the first.

Ada laughs slightly. "Is there anyone who hasn't wanted to throw him off a cliff?" she enquires with an upraised brow before thanking the bartender for her drink. "And I doubt he'd skin you alive, I imagine that special position is reserved for me at the moment, seeing as I made him dance," is given before she chuckles. "Well, we could try to find out if he's truly just a royal pain, or just putting on an act," she offers wit a chipper smile.

K'vvan hears that last comment from Ada and glares backwards at the greenrider as he brings the drink to his lips. Ada and the weyrling are where there is more… but K'vvan decides to chance it. Even Trek wouldn't make him dance again, would she? He totally did the one, and Mayte is off having fun so… more liquor!

Vashae is here, mingling. She might even dance if talked into it. Overhearing the conversation at the bar as she grabs a drink of her own, she grins a little. "It is K'vvan. You never know." That teasing remark said, she returns to her former perch for a while longer.

Somewhere one of the dummers has traded his instrument for a fiddle, and he beats his foot in time to this dance tune while Sara spouts out the higher notes.

"I counted out his marks, and it made a pretty penny.
I put it in my pocket and I took it home to Iasri.
She said and she swore, that she never would deceive me,
but the devil take the women, for they never can be easy

" Musha ring dumma do damma da
whack for the daddy 'ol
whack for the daddy 'ol
there's whiskey in the jar."

Trek gives K'vvan a pleasant nod as he joins them at the bar. And no, she does not ask him to dance this time. "You two looked wonderful out there," is all she says, winking at both Ada and K'vvan before excusing herself. The wingleader wanders off to continue playing the part of the social butterfly.

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