==== September 28, 2013
==== Arianne, Kalea
==== Kalea takes a break from the kitchens & meets a fellow 'rider

Who Arianne, Kalea
What Baby Talk
When There is 1 turn 1 month and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Tavern, Southern Weyr

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Of course this should be renovated with alacrity: though the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows, there is a large marble-topped bar along the western half of this standalone building, and a random tangle of chairs and tables much like the living caverns. For now, assistant headmen man the meagre stock of beer and wine and whiskey, and no fancy drinks issue forth.

Rather than seat herself at the bar, despite being a party of one, Arianne has finagled a small table for herself where she can scarf bar-friendly food and something alcoholic in relative peace and with perfect people-watching capabilities. It's her pre-sleep entertainment. When you have time for even an hours nap these days, you take it and run with it. So she plans on taking it! Just as soon as she's done. Maybe that's why she's downing the wine so fast in the middle of the afternoon.

Kalea is lugging a heavy basket in one hand and has a large rucksack slung over her opposite shoulder. She maneuvers herself into and across the tavern with a determined expression. Once she arrives at the end of the bar she sets the basket down and waves at the barkeep. “Delivery from the kitchens,” she explains before turning so the rucksack can be removed from her back. She heaves a sigh of relief when the weight is lifted off her. “Shards,” she mutters under her breath and reaches back to massage her lower back. “Can I get a glass of juice before I head back?” When the barkeep nods she leans against the end of the bar to wait. One hand stretching across a slightly telling abdominal bump.

"Afternoon." Arianne toasts Kalea in an almost playful manner when she arrives and unloads her kitchens burden to the bartender. "You should probably sit before heading back. Not just juice." is recommended, as her gaze flicks over the slightly telling shape of figure that suggests she woman is expecting. "They really shouldn't have you doing such heavy lifting for now. Especially in this heat. How awful." Sympathetic, she is.

Kalea accepts her mug of juice around the same moment that Arianne greets her. “Afternoon,” she returns with a friendly nod of her head. Since the fellow ‘rider mentioned sitting down, Kalea helps herself to one of the empty seats at Ari’s table. “It would be nice to rest for a moment,” she admits before chugging a little of her juice. “I figure they’re out to punish me any way they can.” She chuckles and shrugs her shoulders. “I told them I wasn’t supposed to be lifting. But they went and called me weak. So..” Here she is. Don’t accuse a ‘rider of being weak after all. It never goes over well. “I’m Ryadranth’s Kalea,” she grins across the table. “I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced.”

Arianne blinks at that news, head tilting a bit. "Wow. You managed to stay pregnant despite all the… betweening and drills and everything? That sounds like one stubborn-ass little baby." For some reason, she hadn't exactly clued in about who Kalea was until the woman introduced herself. "Sounds like they can take their weak and stuff it, then. I'm Arianne. Rider to Caelth." she introduces in return. "Ironic, isn't it? We're only good for making babies. Until we become riders and then we're not allowed to have babies."

Kalea laughs softly and nods her head. “It must surely be. Though Ryadranth knew long before /I/ did.” She’d been catching flak for a while now. “She simply /refused/ to go between. And it didn’t matter who told her to. She wouldn’t do it until I dismounted. Had us all baffled at first.” Her grin is a happy one. “Well met Arianne.” She pauses to sip her juice for a moment and nods her head in agreement. “That’s a pure fact! I think it odd that we’re all but forbidden of it. You’d think the rare instances we manage to get pregnant would be a miracle to be celebrated.”

"Well." Ari is thoughtful. "We need all our riders. But you should be able to fly with the Queen's wing until after delivery. We're being drilled pretty relentlessly though. So I can see why leadership would be peeved that someone's going to miss out on months of preparation." she admits, with a bit of a frown. "But you still shouldn't be worked hard enough to cause a miscarry unless it's what you want. But who pays attention to what we want, right?" Her eyebrows raise in query, and she gives a shrug. "Your Ryadranth sounds stubborn too, then. Such personalities they all have."

Kalea isn’t new to the rigors of flying Thread but she nods her head anyhow. “I figure that Ryadranth and I will pick up just fine once the baby comes. It’s my first baby but not my first Threadfall.” Oldtimer alert! She frowns at the idea of a miscarriage. “I won’t let them work me that hard. I’m not about to lose this child.” Sounds like the unborn infant is rather important to her. “I’ve actually been dubbed wingless until the baby gets here. So I’m not sure they’ll let me fly with the Queens wing.” She sure isn’t training for it! “They’ve got me dying ropes for the drills and doing kitchen duty.” Because that’s the best way to make use of a ‘rider’s knowledge! *sarcasm*

"Well, I can admire your strength of will. Even if I hope I never find myself in the same situation." Arianne is rueful there, just plain looking troubled as things fall into place. "I don't know if I'd make the same choices, mind you. But you sound like you're hanging in there despite all the furor surrounding your decision. I'd hope that they would see the use in letting you fly with the Queen's wing. But, I'm also fairly certain my opinion on the matter counts for shit! So.." So she probably can't change a thing, sadly. "Dying ropes for drills, eh? Well now. That makes sense. They have the candidates making the rope, last I heard."

Kalea has quite a lot of will, though whether there’s strength there too is up for folks to determine. “Well whatever you do then don’t forget to steep your berries on time.” She hadn’t been taking them in all honesty. But then given drills and things she hadn’t figured it possible to get pregnant. And yet.. here she is. “I was a little confused when they knocked me out of the wings altogether.” She chuckles lightly when Arianne mentions her opinion’s worth. “Don’t feel bad. Mine is valued at less.” She has been told so recently. “Yeah the candidates are making them. Though I never see them working on ‘em.” Granted she’s been there for all of a day so far.

"Oh, I never forget. Never know when Caelth's going to catch, afterall." Or chase. Arianne thinks purely in terms of practicality on that score. "Nowtimer morals. I know it must be difficult to come to terms with. I think… well, it's probably seen as pretty bad to be pregnant right before threadfall." she murmurs, kinda quietly. As if she's just not sure how to explain the society she's grown up in. "As long as you and your lifemate are happy about the pending little one. Well, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks I suppose. I hope it all goes smoothly for you in the next few months."

Kalea is quite glad that one of them remembers the important particulars. “I was raised in a time where if it happened it happened.” Mainly because it doesn’t happen often with or without the tea. Kalea is rather amazed that Arianne hasn’t ripped into her for it. A select few haven’t thus far, but some have. “It’s looked down on for sure. But I’m alright with that.” Folks can say as they please after all. There isn’t anything she can do about it. “We’re both very happy. Ryadranth kept insisting that between was bad for the egg. And now she seems to be looking forward to my egg hatching.” She laughs at the oddness of dragons especially hers. “At first I thought the silly girl was talking about it being bad for the eggs on the sands. It was a whole confusion thing going on at first.”

Arianne can't help but smile at the description. "That's interesting, how they understand things. The dragons I mean." She helpfully does not say anything about Caelth's thoughts on the matter of babies. Dragon babies are one thing. Human babies? They grow up to be human -people-. Nuff said. "Wish I could stay a bit longer." is finally said, a vague smile being offered. "But, I've totally missed my planned nap and I have to be back to prep for the next drill." Wingsecond duties beckon, in other words. "It was nice to meet you Kalea. If you need anything, just let me know eh? I'll do my best."

Kalea should be getting back to the kitchens before someone looks for her. So she understands the need to be off and away. “Nice meeting you too Arianne. And thanks.” She downs the rest of her juice quickly and sets off herself. Back to the drudgery of her current duties. Oh yey! Not!

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