==== June 26, 2013
==== Sienna, A'lory
==== Sienna and A'lory soak after Whirlie drills, and decide that plots should be afoot.

Who Sienna, A'lory
What Sienna and A'lory soak after Whirlie drills, and decide that plots should be afoot.
When There is 1 turn 10 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Public Baths

Public Baths
Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

It's mid-morning, and a cold and rainy one at that. Whirlwind drills are over for now, and while Kehemath continues to paddle around the lake - have to keep moving - Sienna is soaking in the baths, bringing her body temperature back up to normal. Because she's pretty sure there's punishments involved for getting sick. Eyes closed, the curvy greenrider soaks with the water up to her neck, bubbles long since dissipated. Ahh, bath time bliss.

O warmth: A'lory has long yearned for thee. Clothing is shucked, revealing all the usual bruising that comes of riding an active dragon before sliding into the welcome heat of the bathing pool and draping long arms over the rim with a sigh. Bliss, indeed; there is no better feeling than warm water after a long drill.

Sienna opens her eyes to see her wingsecond, and she manages a lazy little salute. "Sir," she says. "Wait." A smirk tugs at her lips. "Have you had breakfast yet?"

"Impudent chit." A'lory opens one eye to regard Sienna lazily, smirking a little at her teasing. "You know well I have not." Because /sore/. But floating there in the water is slowly relaxing lean muscle and vaguely achey joints: these are the times he lives for during thise greuling drills. "So — how was Wayneth?"

Sienna just snickers, closing her eyes again. "You should eat before drills," she mutters. Then she sighs. "Childish?" she admits with a little frown. "If I didn't know better I'd think she was turns Kehemath's junior, instead of /older/ than Kehemath by quite a few turns. She's got energy and little control. But, so did Kehemath. We'll work with her, I just hope Nell is open to our help…she seems a little…not defensive, but accepting that this is just the way Wayneth is. Which I /totally/ understand. I was the same way with Kehemath, but." Shrug.

"Mm. That would be my assessment," A'lory strokes his chin thoughtfully, eyeing Sienna with a ruminating sort of frown. "I /suspect/ — " One cautionary finger is raised against certainty. " — that she has coddled the dragon due to her previous… /experiences/… at her Weyr of Impression."

Sienna tilts her head a bit, opening her eyes to watch the Wingsecond. "What happened where she Impressed? She seems almost to expect that everyone will dislike her and Wayneth…"

A'lory rubs a hand across his eyes, sighing heavily. "Apparently," the Weyrsecond begins quietly, "The leaders of that Weyr considered her overweight. They had — " A'lory pauses for a moment to rub a hand over his hair before continuing. " — the dragon on a severely restricted diet. I had to have Eisheth bully her into eating more."

Sienna frowns sharply, sitting up to /stare/ at A'lory. "They /what/?" she gasps, utterly aghast. "That's…so…which weyr?" As if she's going to go throttle someone right this minute. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

A'lory's eyes are slitted, blue eyes glittering. "Not to mention medically unsound advice. Do not concern yourself; I /do/ monitor her to be sure she is eating properly." As to which Weyr, he frowns. "I…. can't even recall. She transferred to Ista before we jumped forward."

Sienna scowls, shaking her head, pushing sodden curls away from her face. "That's the stupidest…ugh. Good," she says, glancing at the Weyrsecond. "So perhaps there is that issue as well. Protective, not wanting to take control. I understand it. Hopefully we can help her, since W'rin has tasked us with it, in a way. We're supposed to keep her moving /all/ the time. To tire her out. I think after this Kehemath and I are going to go try and find some toys for her. Things Kehemath enjoyed that I think she will too."

"I believe that's the case," A'lory is in perfect agreement eith hiscurly-haired companion; the very idea of starving a dragon is preposterous. "Mmm. I do wonder how much of her behavioral issues stem from the way her former Weyr mishandled things."

Sienna snorts, "Probably /most/ of it," she says. "I mean, Kehemath and I didn't have an easy Weyrlinghood by any means, but D'baji was brilliant." How she misses him.

A'lory nods thoughtfully. "He was rather adept at helping Weyrlings get in."

Sienna nods, "He was," she says with a sigh. "I only hope I can help Nell as much as he helped me. But." She shrugs. "Anyway." Glancing around she grins a bit. "I wanted to run an idea by you…"

A'lory raises his eyebrows inquiringly, leaning forward to encourage Sienna's confidence. " Do tell," is his vocal endorsement

Sienna grins. "Well, I know some wings at High Reaches had this, and I always thought it was a good idea. Plus…I think it just makes /sense/. A wing lounge. A debriefing room. Somewhere that's just for Whirlies, where we can have our meetings, store our maps, our materials…hang out and talk and relax and then get work done, too. A meeting spot."

"I am intruiged." A'lory grins right back at her, smoothing his hair back from his face. "Where do you think we should place this lounge?"

Sienna's grin widens when her idea isn't shot down. "I was thinking just on one of the ledges. It doesn't have to be huge. A nice wide ledge for people to land, but inside…maybe just one or two rooms. Some couches, a table, chairs, storage…easy things. We could make some decorations too. Do things in blue and white. Make a big version of our patch on a flag to hang by the entrance." A No Girls Allowed sign. Oh wait. That's Parhelion.

A'lory looks more and more enthilused by the very idea of a gathering place. "Think of the solidarity that would encourage!" There goes that chin-scratching again, along with a wicked grin. "So, whose ledge should we use?"

Sienna nods, "Exactly! And I think we should just claim one of the empty ones. That way no one has to sleep there, so we're not keeping anyone awake with late night patrols and meetings. There are plenty of empty ones in the different bowls."

"I approve. I heartily approve." A'lory is quite satisfied with the results of this bath: both relaxation and the potential for ways to bond with the wing. "So; do you think we should include a selection of foods? Preferably of the gourmet kind?"

Sienna laughs. "We haven't even found a ledge yet and already you're worried about stocking it with food?" she teases. "Ledge first. Then furnishings. I'm sure Kanga could help there. Should we tell W'rin? Or should it be a surprise?"

A'lory is /always/ thinking of food, even thoygh he eats so little of it himself. "Well," And here, the bronzer is all boyish charm as he tilts his head at Sienna. "People will work the harder for good food." Or BRIBES. To continue: "Kanga would work perfectly for that. And I do believe W'rin would do well with a surprise or two."

Sienna chuckles. "Fine, I'll make sure we have food. The kitchen is clean enough I can cook in there, finally, and I'm starting up my cheese cave again…" Then she laughs. "Okay, but I can't lie to him. If he catches wind of it and asks me what I'm doing I'm going to tell him it's a project for /you/." Even though it was her idea.

"… or you could kiss him." A'lory suggests laughingly. "THAT will distract him." And also make the man's entire head explode with the shock. "No, seriously, I am willing to take the responsibility for this one. He'd probably expect that kind of thing from me." What with the wingsecond being a rather easygoing fellow.

Sienna blinks, looking quite startled at A'lory's suggestion. "Are you /kidding/?" she hisses. "He'd demote me so fast…send me back to be a Blaster!" Jeez. Head shake, and she splashes water at the Wingsecond. "Excellent. I'll do all the work, and you take the fall if it goes badly. I like this deal."

"Maybe," A'lory agrees, trying - and failing - to evade the water flung at him by his irate wingmate. "C'mon, Sienna, you have to admit his reaction would be funny. At least pre-roar." And then the idea /strikes/ — cue wicked grin. " How long of a distraction will you ladies need?'

Sienna shakes her head slowly. "I…no. Sneaking a kiss on him just sounds terrifying." Then she eyes that wicked grin. "Whaaaaat are you thinking, A'lory? To get the whole lounge done? Shards. I guess we could do it in an evening if we had everything ready to go. If we prepared things in our own weyrs, gathered furniture and stuff…then just have to move it all into the new lounge.

A'lory considers Sienna carefully, then concedes her point. "I can see where it would be. You've more at stake. No; I wasn't seriously suggesting you do it. Funny in theory; not so much in practice." His gaze then goes limpidly innocent at the small woman across from him. "Um. Never you mind, my dear." He winks at Sienna playfully. "Leave W'rin to me."

Sienna snorts, "That's what scares me," she admits. "Give us some time to get everything ready. I'll let you know when he needs to be kept out of the weyr - or, uh, occupied -" grimace, "so we can get everything all set up."

A'lory doesn't know about 'occupying' W'rin — he doesn't know the man THAT well — with some interesting lady, but he has his ways. "Hmm. That'll give me sufficient time to devise the proper diversion. And help collect supplies."

Sienna nods, "Excellent. I'll talk to some of the other wing members. Pull people in that I know will help and keep a secret." So…Kanga and maybe a few others.

"Well. I will leave you to it," Ever the gentleman, A'lory manages to haul himself clear of the wster eithout giving away too much information — can't have Sienna having nightmares, after all. Wrapping himself into dry clothing, he sketches Siemba a salute. "Got a Harper to find. You just make sure that lounge is up to specs, Curly.".

Sienna rolls her eyes. "Curly? Really?" she fires back, sending a splash at him before she settles more deeply into the water. "You know I will."

Yah really. Pot has just called kettle, and well the departing A'lory knows it. His only response is fading laughter as he strides off to his next task.

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