==== February 15, 2014
==== W'rin, Cha'el, Thierry, S'kyre, Reilan, Mayte, Veresch, Freesia
==== Bathtime! Boys talk, girls come, it's all friendly enough until one flips out…

Who W'rin, Cha'el, Thierry, S'kyre, Reilan, Mayte, Veresch, Freesia
What Bathtime! Boys talk, girls come, it's all friendly enough until one flips out…
When It is early morning of the twenty-second day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr Public Baths

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Public Baths
Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Dawn's light is just creeping over the horizon, which means a little more activity can be found in the bazaar as folks begin their day. Despite the early hour, the baths aren't empty: there's a Thierry standing on his towel-clad own, touching a red mark on his cheek and staring down at a wet set of footprints that suggest someone's not only clambered out of the baths to stand in front of him, but that they've just beat an exit too. The teenager's got a tiny trickle of blood on his cheek, but that doesn't seem related to the mark he's nursing.

For anyone who knows anything of the Weyrleader's patterns, pre-dawn might be the only time he has to participate in a normal course of hygiene (with an loose reading of 'normal'). But here he is, his massive frame barreling into the pool area. Tunic and jacket already slung over his arm, and a towel flung over his shoulder, it doesn't look like he was expecting to run into many people in the bowl, or the baths. And so while he is still grumbling incoherently about the downfalls of having a bath in one own's weyr, his stomping brings him right up to a kid. A bleeding kid. "Fuck kid." W'rin's voice curled through the air in a growl, "Don't get blood in the pools. People got to get clean." And from his stench, its a wonder Sienna let him into bed at all last night.

A couple of hours passed zero dark thirty and with Sikorth enforced PT now completed, one hot and sweaty Weyrsecond drags his weary butt into the baths, steam curling off of from the disparity between body temperature and that of the air. Muttering under his breath and swiping at his face with a towel, his grumblings go something along the lines of, "One, you stony bastard. It was one pastry. Before drills, yesterday morning." But then, one Weyrleader and a lippy kid. Coming to a halt, Cha'el cocks a brow when he spies the red mark on Thierry's cheek. "So. One of 'em finally had the stones to put you in your place, eh? Love tap?" Smirk. Attention slides next to W'rin as the brownrider strips off, unconcerned by present company or the big bronzerider's odor. "Top of the morning to you!" And no, its not delivered nearly as cheerfully as it sounds. "Or so Sikorth would have me relay to you." Snort.

Thierry snaps out of his confused haze to look up at the Weyrleader - a face he certainly recognises, and that leaves him looking even more bewildered. His hand drops from the red mark on his jaw to touch at where he knows there's a cut on his cheek, running his tongue nervously across his lips as he does so. And then there's a Cha'el, too, and he has to actually shake his head to snap out of it then. "Yeah." Except he sounds more shell-shocked than he should do, given he's admitting to having been slugged. "This one though?" He scratches his fingertip across the cut, "was shaving." See over there, by the mirror? His shaving gear. He's even sporting a pretty neat goatee now, too!

"Bloody dragon's awfully perky for this time of the morning." Not that W'rin is not generally up before this, or that he is ever 'perky'. "'One of 'em?'" The giant looks up from where he is struggling out of one leg of his tights to lift an eyebrow at the bleeder. "The goal of courtship is generally not to get slapped…" Then his head drops back down to the battle of the tights, "At least not in public." A short snort of laughter at Cha'el in a knowing 'am I right?' sort of way. But excuse offered the man pulls himself up to full height naked as the day he was born, if one doesn't count the hair, with the dignity of one in full dress leathers. "She'd have had to have pretty long nails to do that." W'rin nods an approval at the facial hair, revealing pants and covered faces, its the Igen way.

The bustling snerking mirth of I'tani followed by the every jovially snorting laughed, " 'tani! K'vvan would kill us!" maybe it's time to pick out a new target for their pranks for a little while? Yes likely so, and then there's… People. This early would be a shock if the people weren't known to the pair who quietly go about shucking their duds, and slipping into a bath.

"Welcome to my life," Cha'el grumbles dropping his trousers with far less hassle than W'rin and those tights of his. Leaving his clothing in a heap right where he's stepped out of them, he grabs up a pouch of sweetsand and wades into the bathing pool. A crooked grin is the brownrider's response to the Weyrleader's comment and he lifts a look up to Thierry. "Going by that look on your mug, I'm gonna guess you're sweet on the girl or you'd be cussing up a storm by now." Or so his brief experience with the lad has shown him. "So. You might want to get your arse down to the Bazaar and figure out what gift says 'I'm sorry' like you mean it." But then sharp ears pick out a certain greenrider's name and attention swings in that direction, gaze narrowing on the pair of pranksters that have just arrived.

"She whacked me good, Weyrleader. Not a slap." Thierry's still shellshocked enough to admit to it, rubbing his hand over the mark as he looks over at the twins that enter. They're unknown to him, but he gives them a crooked, half-hearted smirk. To Cha'el, he shakes his head. "I… didn't think I was. I don't think I /am/." He's confused! The teen clutches at his towel, fingers flexing around the fabric as if he's not sure whether to drop it and get back into the water, or whether he needs to tighten it up. When he spots a pile of clothing out of the corner of his eye though, he sidles casually on over to it and picks it up in a bundle, carrying it over to drop it by his shaving gear. "She's…" Thi has to stop and think about it on his way back to the edge of the baths, where the men are. "… a bitch."

"Punched ya did she? What the fuck did you do boy?" The teenager's name has yet to be learned, and even if heard he might not bother to remember, this is clearly simply some angsty child crap. "Oh man, the ones where you aren't sure, those are the relationships that have the best sex." Who said the weyrleader could not provide solid relationship advise. W'rin crosses his arms over barreled chest as he lowers his gaze to the slightly shorter male. "Course if she's a bazaar girl, a bang ain't just going to come, there are steps that have to be taken. Handfastings to be celebrated. Could be a hot life though." The man lifts his shoulders in a shrug. Cha'el is given a look out of the corner of his eyes with the slight curl of lip beneath his heavy beard. Apparently they have different ways of appeasing the anger of women, or maybe the man is joking. The Whirlwind twins draw his attention, "K'vvan? You leave that boy a lot for a while. Eh?"

S'kyre nods, "Just tellin' 'tani that very thing," really, that was the very thing he was saying to I'tani as they entered, "Maybe E'bert?" I'tani queries of his brother. S'kyre shakes his head, "Ravene would have our heads. Nope, that's a baker I'd rather not tangle with," so they go silent in their way, speaking in their peculiar short hand way that only they understand. It's a twin thing after all. Thierry is eyed by one of the twins for a bit then as one they shake their head. Not a good idea that one. Temperment too volatile, and unpredictable.

Amusement continues to lurk in Cha'el's expression as he ducks under the water and comes up a moment later to catch the rest of Thierry's halting words. "Aye, well, its probably not gonna be the last time. Women are strange creatures, kid. I remember the first time I got slapped." He says dumping sweetsand into the palm of a large hand then scrubbing at his chest once it's lathered up. "This was this woman down the docks. Right sweet piece of ass. There was a storm coming in and the wind was whipping up fierce. Caught a hold of her skirt and blew the damn thing right over her head. Turns out, she wasn't the type to wear undergarments. I happened to be standing right behind her. Next thing I know she's whirling about and more pissed than a tunnelsnake when she catches me staring and…" Then W'rin's comments catch up with him about Bazaar girls and the Weysecond is sending him an odd look. It's meant to be a grin but comes off more as a grimace. "Or a piss poor excuse for a life," he mutters into his beard scrubbing harder across his shoulders and upper arms while glancing up to send the twins a warning look. Don't even think about it, boys.

However Reilan might look normally, that somewhat 'prettiness' is not present now. It's much too early for such things. It's a determined stride that brings him into the baths however, a disheveled mass of sleep-ratted blond hair and rumpled clothing. At least he's awake enough not to bump into things along the way. At least not once he's /there/. There may have been one especially dangerous wall that leapt out at him before. Voices..aren't exactly uncommon of course, but he does lift his head somewhat to give a bleary examination of each locale. His gaze does however focus down on Thierry, lips curving in to a frown. Whacked? Bitch? There can be but one conclusion. "Thierry, what did you /do?/" It comes right along with an exasperated roll of his eyes, even as he drops his things off on a bench to begin undressing.

"I just… I dunno. It's kinda blurry." Thierry replies to W'rin with a shrug, and a still-confused look. He scratches at his hair, then shakes his head at the prospect of getting /hitched/ to one of those /girl-things/. And sex? An even /scarier/ thought! "Yeah… no. It's not going to get that far." S'kyre and I'tani are watched carefully out of the corner of his eye, because, although he doesn't know them, there's /something/ about them that's creepy. At least Cha'el's story of skirts and ass gets a grin from him! "Yeah, there was this woman in the bazaar who used to wear this dipped dress, right here," he points to his chest, where a woman would have cleavage, "and she'd always be bending down to pick up shit from the floor, y'know? Cos we'd drop it there." On purpose, of course; he mimes a woman leaning over and bosoms being… bosomy. The appearance of Reilan brightens him up a little more, and Thi sidles over to drape his arm over the blonde's shoulder, steering him, clothing or not, over to the other guys. "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it," he says, slightly condescendingly, but not without affection. "Weyrsecond? /This/ is who I wanted to introduce you to the other day."

W'rin eyes Thierry, who if he had known anything about previously to 'meeting' him, and by that one means having the horny birds and bees talk with him, in the baths would have had a much different perception of the scared little teenage one he's leaving with. "Kids." The weyrleader gruffs, and then stomps his jangily naked self to a back pool where he can catch some suds in relative peace before starting a day of agonizing engagement with other people. Shudder.

The pantemime has S'kyre and I'tani chortling before they abruptly stop, finish their baths, and begins to gather their belongings. A robe for each covering their forms once they've exited the bath. Much easier to keep their private bits covered with robes after all. Not that they give much thought about the presence or possible presence of females. These two have no (or very little) shame after all, "Right, E'bert's off limits. That one is too," a nod towards Thierry, "What about that Ivy girl?" I'tani's asking of S'kyre as they exit the baths. What can they do to the girl? Nothing serious, maybe plaster her weyr with crude drawings? Or maybe replace all her girly things with not girly things? Something annoying, but not at all damaging at any rate.

Early morning, and Mayte usually doesn't enter the baths, but there she is at the doorway, in her house-coated glory. She eyes the pools assessingly, though her eye brightens when she spots W'rin. His head. Not looking down. She's also trying to not turn pink even if she saunters in that direction. Except his expression doesn't leave much room for company, so Mayte huffs and looks for anyone else… Ahah! The Weyrsecond! Mayte makes tracks in that direction, tossing the house coat in one direction before quickly slipping into that pool as the twins leave. "Morning!" she announces cheerfully to Cha'el and Reilan. Maybe Thierry too, if he can behave.

Chest and arms done, Cha'el wades toward the shallower end of the pool and lifting a leg to rest it on a step - yes, yes, all wet and dripping with everything on show - begins working another handful of sweetsand into aching muscles. Twisting a look over his shoulder Thierry is set with a slanted curl of lips for the woman with the cleavage in the Bazaar. Dropping his leg, the Weyrsecond straightens with the introduction being made and casts a speculative look over the blonde Thierry is all chummy with. "Got a name, kid?" The departure of the Whirlwind twins is caught and followed all the way to their exit and then his attention skips back to the young vintner arriving then to the deeper part of the pool judging his chances of getting before…Uuuuh…Heh. Too late. "Morning," is Cha'el's gruff reply before forcing his focus to getting the other leg washed.

Reilan draws back ever so slightly when such a /chummy/ arm is being slung around him. He gives a mild push at Thierry though, still in the process of getting /out/ of his clothes for the bath. Can't it wait? Well it's going to, the teen isn't budging at all until those clothes have been tossed onto the bench. At least then he goes along with Thierry, snorting at the dismissal of what's been going on with the older boy. "I'll worry about it if it's going to come back around on /me/. I don't want to sit through some lady harping on, jabbing me with bony fingers as they complain about you." It's happened. It's /unpleasant./ Still, he gives a blink when he's being..introduced…and a scathing look is shot sideways and up at Thierry. His elbow? It goes right into his friend's ribs before he climbs himself into the water, chin lifted. "It's Reilan." The call of a 'morning' does have his head tilting just a little to the side though, peering around at the approaching Mayte as he sinks himself down into the water quickly. "Um..good morning."

"It's Worm," Thierry chimes in right after Reilan introduces himself. He's rubbing at the spot where the blonde ribbed him when he hears Mayte's voice, and that almost chipper demeanour is suddenly stripped away. His eyes narrow as he looks her over, and suddenly he strips off the towel from around his waist and slips into the water - even though it's quite obvious he's only just recently got out, given that his dark hair's still wet. From looking at Mayte he looks at Cha'el, then huffs out a deep breath. "There's no-one gonna be coming knocking, Worm," he says sullenly to his friend, jabbing an elbow right back at him now they're beside one another again.

Just here for a nice bath, sir: Mayte leans against the wall of the pool and her chin sets into a stubborn grin. "How're you doing, Weyrsecond?" she asks of Cha'el, shoulders clenching as if the apprentice is crossing her arms underwater. A nod in greeting to Reilan and a little grin before her grin fades into an annoyed frown for a moment: "Damnit," she curses explanatorily, "Forgot that new soapsand." It passes, though as Mayte shrugs, "Next time, then." Back to a grin, even if it gets a bit strained as Thierry slips back in. She's keeping an eye on that one, even as she tells Reilan: "Sorry I missed your name last time," even if it wasn't there to be missed: "Mayte. Vintner Senior apprentice."

How, by Faranth's golden arse, did he wind up with the pool full of kids!? Shooting a longing look over to the pool where W'rin happily floats in peace and quiet he suppresses a sigh. But soon a dark brow swiftly cocks upward at Thierry's interjection on names. "If he's Worm then what the fuck are you? Trundlebug?" Snort. Hiking his other leg up on a step - sorry, Mayte, bad timing. Or good depending on your frame of mind - the Weyrsecond gets that one all lathered up too. Next are the dangly bits but for all that he's been a rider for a good decade now, there are still some lines the brownrider draws and this is one of them. Wading back into the deeper parts of the pool to rinse off, the blonde kid is given a nod, "Reilan." Yeah, he got your name. "Well enough," Cha'el returns Mayte's enquiry with a short smile. "You got that new shipment of rum in yet?" Asked just moments before he ducks under, rinses off and comes up again to sweep his hands over his face and head, slicking dark hair down against his scalp.

There's that name. There's another glare for it, too, and Rei huffs out a bit of a breath at it's addition. Alas, he's learned that arguing with Thierry about certain things is quite the wasted effort. "You don't know that. /I've/ almost got slapped because of you before." And he didn't even do anything! He shifts away from all the elbow jabbing though, rubbing at the spot underwater before he scoops up some of it, splashing into his face with a sigh. He did come here for a bath, after all! When he looks up again, it's at Mayte, offering a half a smile. "Er..yes. I did sort of leave in a hurry. Mayte, then." He dunks his whole head then, getting his hair wet..but at least the sleep-mussed mass goes down instead of..every which way. There's even a triumphant look shot at Thierry when that nickname doesn't stick. /Ha./

Reaching for the soapsand, Thierry sets in for a second round of scrubbing, starting with his shoulders. "Smart Alec," he replies to Cha'el's naming question with a shrug and a smirk. His dark eyes flicker over to Mayte as he tenderly rubs the red mark on his jaw that's already turning towards a bruise. How is /she/ so friendly with /Reilan/? He looks suspiciously from one to the other, before he rests his elbow on the blonde lad's shoulder, using him as a leaning post. With Cha'el there he's got to at least /try/ to be on his best behaviour… and for the moment, that looks everything like simply ignoring the woman in the room. "Hey, Weyrsecond. You fancy going to Rosie's with me later? Worm'll join us. Won'tcha?"

Mayte isn't looking in Cha'el's direction when his leg is waving out of the water. Maybe on purpose, though she snorts at Thierry's new nickname. When the Weyrsecond is safely underwater, she looks over and nods with a grin, "Yup. Last sevenday, actually; but then Eollyn decided it was time to have her kid, so…" An impish grin. Reilan gets a bit of grin which grows when his mass of hair doesn't do quite as expected. But Thierry's unavoidable: "You decided to stop hitting on little apprentices," a smirk of self-depricative humour, "in the Bazaar?" Couldn't have stopped herself.

Thierry's return is that unexpected that it finds Cha'el barking a short laugh. "Aye, Smart Alec." Catching up a palm full of soapsand designed for the washing of hair, the brownrider is blind for the time it takes him to squeeze his eyes shut and scrub at dark slightly curled locks of hair. If there's any leering at Mayte going on, he's not currently seeing it. All the better for the two lads in the pool. With eyes still shut, hands still and within the frame of neat beard, lips curl into a smirk. "Told you, kid. I don't gotta pay for it. 'Less of course you want me there in case the girls get too rough with you." And the pattern of his mouth deepens. Sorry Mayte. Dropping under the water, soapsuds spool away before the next time the Weyrsecond re-emerges and when he does, he shakes himself off in the manner of an overgrown canine. "Aye, so I heard," Cha'el sends to Mayte, "O'ell's been strutting about the place like a Lord with two dic…" erm, lady present, "He's right chuffed with himself." See how that goes Thierry? Bathing completed and with a meeting W'rin has passed off on to him to attend, the brownrider turns and starts to make his way out of the pool.

Time has passed, the baths are fuller. It's safe enough for Veresch to sneak inside, freshly dressed in work clothes for the day. She doesn't make for the baths immediately, doesn't have any things with her either. Instead, eyeing the stretch of pools and their surroundings, she makes for the little staircases that connect all of them, lightly running up one. When she descends along another, she homes in on a small pile of stuff off to one side, liberating a comb from it to comb the dandelion-fluff puff freshly-washed hair has turned into. It's only then that she eyes the nearby occupants, and her expression reddens somewhat. "Strutting around with two what?" she asks behind Cha'el, voice tinged with a little something that might be curiosity, might be deviltry. It's not him her eyes settle on though, nor Thierry: Mayte and Reilan get that honour, and the accompanying curiosity.

Reilan leans a little to the side under the weight of Thierry, eyeing the older boy. Having a monkey on his back makes cleaning /difficult./ Or on his shoulder, really. But he still tries well enough, scrubbing with soapsand while giving the occasional push at the other teen. "You /mind/? And what do I wanna go to Rosie's for? You've got enough to pay for it, and your bodyguard there to keep the more volatile ones in check. You'll be perfectly fine." Another few handfuls of water come up, helping to rinse off some of the lather he's worked up over his neck and shoulder. There's a tiny grin though when he flicks a look toward Mayte, shaking his head. "Oh I doubt that.." Then there's /other/ voices, and the teen peers right over toward Veresch in surprise, but at least he does pipe up. "Two extra toes. I hear it's supposed to be lucky." Right…

Oh, the guard recruit is certainly taking note of the way the Weyrsecond handles himself; he's found someone a whole lot more savoury to emulate than the men in his own family. Thierry smirks at the fact that he made Cha'el laugh, then shrugs when his invitation's near enough brushed off. He's still smiling, though. "Shardin' whores terrify me," he says sarcastically, ribbing Reilan with his elbow again. Just for the heck of it, really. Mayte gets a /dark/ look, but he doesn't bother responding to her question, even though he clearly heard it. Maybe he doesn't trust his tongue? Or maybe it's because there's suddenly a /Veresch/ back, right there behind Cha'el. "Fuck," he whispers, just loud enough for Reilan to hear, as he sinks under the water to blow bubbles for as long as his lungs can hold out.

The Weyrsecond's comment on Rosie's gets a short laugh from Mayte which turns into a snort about O'ell: "He is. He even sent a firelizard to make sure nothing was breaking in the store!" The outrage in her tone fades quickly into annoyance, "And it's a good thing, cuz Kalligon had just broken one of the more expensive wines." Mayte looks curiously at Veresch as the younger girl speaks up, but her attention turns to Reilan when his grin is noticed; Mayte returns with her own while Thierry swears. That earns Veresch another, more interested look though her question is to Reilan: "Sooooo, is he usually like that?" Since the other, now-waterlogged boy was hanging on Reilan earlier…

Having just taken the last step out of the bathing pool, that voice coming from right behind him sees Cha'el startle and his entire frame stiffen in a sudden jerk. Hands twitch with the sudden inexplicable urge to cup his nether regions from sight but remain dangling at his sides by sheer force of will. "Dicks." He gives her in return, turning his head over his shoulder to fit Veresch with a challenging lift of brow. She asked. He answered. This time. Sauntering over to a bench with as much nonchalance as he can muster, the Weyrsecond takes up a towel and wraps it about lean hips. Only then does he turn and fit Reilan with an amused look. "He needs you because I'm not going. But when he comes back up again," a glance goes to where Thierry has disappeared beneath the water, "Tell him to ask for Eryn. Tell him I said she comes highly recommended." For she of the long black hair and startling green eyes has tricks that will truly terrify Thierry in a way that'll have him never looking at a woman in the same way again. But one would never know for the entirely guileless expression that fits to bearded features. To Mayte as he grabs another towel and whisks it about his upper torso, "I'll drop by later for the rum, aye?"

"Oh." That's Veresch's response to toes /and/ dicks; neither of the two seem to phase her. She ignores Thierry's plunge to the pool's bottom totally and, favouring Mayte and Reilan with a smile, salutes them with the comb in a carry-on motion. There's a respectful salute for Cha'el - "Weyrsecond." - as she turns and passes him again. Halfway to one of the staircases, she stoops to pick up a small bundle and makes her way out of the baths, expression a perfect Stepford smile.

Thierry's sudden /drop/ has Reilan staring at empty space and bubbling water in…utter bewilderment. What's he even supposed to say to that? "Erm..no. Not that I've seen before." Thierry doesn't /hide/! Thierry rants and raves and pokes in the /eye/. "..He's just drowning himself. I'm sure it's fine." A flippant wave is given to the bubbling area of water beside him. At least now he can clean properly without having to deal with his friend leaning all over him. His gaze does follow the Weyrsecond though, brows slowly arching. "Eryn..got it. I'll tell him, but I'm /still/ not going."

A man can only hold his breath for so long, and Thierry, smoker that he is, does not have super-human lung capacity. Those bubbles stop when he runs low on breath, and he rockets up from beneath the water to draw deeply on the steamy baths air. Once he's pushed his floppy dark hair out of his eyes and established that a certain young lady is no longer present, he glowers from Reilan to Mayte, then to Cha'el. What. You didn't see him do that.

Mayte nods at Cha'el, "Make sure to ask for me or Zarolan," though the other Journeyman from Vintner gets a little snort, "Or you'll probably get bruised rum, or something entirely different." She nods to Cha'el as he's getting out, entirely missing Veresch's departure until Mayte looks and the younger girl is gone. Huh. Reilan's response brings a wider smile to Mayte's face, one with a lot less smirk than usual: "If he's under there, he can't ask…" OH HAI Thierry! Mayte cuts off what she was saying as the other boy surfaces: "Hey, what's your name anyway?"

Focused on the business of getting dressed and struggling a little to get slightly damp legs into fitted leathers, Cha'el flicks a look up at Veresch as she salutes and goes sailing on by. Something's not right thinks Postman Pat. Or Weyrsecond Cha'el. Whichever. But he has a meeting to make, so it's just going to have to wait for a bit. Reilan's remark for his friend's odd behavior coils a snake of suspicion even tighter but the brownrider merely nods as he shoves now socked feet into boots. "You don't have to get laid," he tells the blonde teen, "there's other entertainment there too." Mostly of the hedonistic variety, but hey, education right? Standing, a black polo neck sweater is snagged and pulled on over his head, foofing his hair into a disobedient sweep of damp curls in need of a trim. Taking up his flight jacket, Mayte earns herself a lopsided grin. "It'll only ever be you in my life, sweetheart." In terms of which vintner he'll buy his booze from but he leaves the charm dangling in the moist air and fits Thierry with a sly look. "Reilan here knows who to ask for." Smirk. And with that, Igen's Weyrsecond turns and heads on out to greet the work of the day.

Reilan saw every second of it, he did. And there will be /questions/ later. So many questions. But he's kind enough to refrain for now, even though he eyes Thierry when the other boy explodes from the water again. But then again, did Thierry /see/ her leave? She might be under the water. Sharking towards him. Towards his /bits/. He smirks ever so slightly though, lifting his head again when the Weyrsecond speaks of the /other/ activities at Rosie's. "I know, I know." And what is it he /knows?/ Well he's not saying. Not just yet. He just laughs and rinses off again in the water. "So I guess we're going later?" Maybe he's had a change of heart!

Freesia steps into the bathing area quietly, proceeding directly to a bench and laying down her towel and bathing supplies. She proceeds to remove her simple, modest dress, sliding it up over her head and folding it neatly to place on the bench. There are no undergarments beneath the dress and Freesia is ready to bathe. She turns towards the baths and smiles as she spots a familiar face in Thierry.

Mayte-question is ignored! Thierry's getting /good/ at this. Maybe because it's a form of self-preservation? The vintner does, at least, get a sarcastically teasing look to say he's heard her question, but he's not going to honour it with an answer. "Who to ask for what?" he asks Reilan when Cha'el brings it up before leaving, before nodding. "Yeah. You're coming. You're gonna meet Cleora. She's got fucking tits you'd get lost in." Out come the hands, miming… nothing, as he suddenly freezes at the sight of the woman who's just come in. Reilan may recognise the darkness that comes over his expression as he follows Freesia's movements, and her smile is responded to with a snarl as he hops on up out of the bath and grabs his towel. "You can fuck /right/ off outta my sight," he starts as he wraps the towel around his waist, advancing a few steps towards her. "With your fucking whoring body and your bitch face - fucking polluting the damn water. Get out." He stops before actually reaching her, but he's livid enough that his balled fists are shaking by his sides. "There's no Weyrsecond here to protect those teeth of yours now."

As the conversation turns to whores and the things some men get into, Mayte starts tuning out, tipping her head back and rolling her shoulders a little with an 'ahhh.' She does grin at Cha'el's retreating back but it's not until Thierry's having his own little flip-out at the new entrant that Mayte starts listening in again, watching with rapt curiosity. Dark eyebrows rise in surprise, but Thierry's not focusing, so she'll ask Reilan, mouthing 'what the fuck?' in his direction. She looks over at Freesia for the woman's reaction.

There's again a bit of eyerolling for Thierry's..enthusiasm. "But we're not going there to see Cleora." Breasts or no, there's apparently someone /else/ Thierry needs to be meeting with. "She's supposed to be called…" The teen trails off, tensing somewhat as Thierry's own expression sours. Not good. He does throw a look towards the object of such ire, quickly glancing back and forth. And then Thierry's out! Rei sucks in a breath, his path out of the pool coming with much hurried sloshing as he climbs himself out. Towel? That's definitely grabbed at and wrapped around his waist as well. "Thierry!" A hissed, sharp crack of his friend's name as the older boy advances. "Guards do not knock ladies teeth in!" He's pretty sure they don't, anyway. Seems right enough. It's at least a warning though, for his friend to remember his somewhat..precarious position.

"Oh dear, I was hoping that was just a mood you were in," Freesia murmurs as she crosses to the nearest pool and slides in with a satisfied sigh. One can't truly be so angry all the time, can they? Freesia settles herself in without any indication of worry. She's a placid soul, she is… except when she has a customer, of course. Fressia nods a greeting at the other occupants of the bath, lathering up her sponge.

The cool brush-off only ignites Thierry's anger further, to the point where he's puffing, nostrils flaring with each breath blown through them. He's about to start another tirade when Reilan's there by his side, reminding him of the knife-edge he's currently on, and he draws in a deep, /deep/ breath while his fists tense up by his sides. "You better fucking watch yourself," he spits after Freesia, then looks side-on at Reilan with a disgusted look - the blonde will hopefully know it's not for /him/, just… directed at him. "Fucking water's polluted now with that filth in it." His expression remains screwed up into one of utter disgust, and in what's probably /not/ the brighest move of all time, he turns on his heel and stomps on outta there… wearing just a towel. His clothes are still piled up by the mirror he was shaving in earlier!

If only you could have popcorn in the baths! Mayte watches as Freesia settles in and nods - the enemy of my enemy - but Thierry's busy stomping out, tossing words like he means them. She's not receiving any glares so Mayte snickers a little, calling, "Forgot your clothes!" Let sleeping wherries lie? Not this apprentice… "Wait, he's a guard now?" Outrageous! Mayte's smirking demeanor slides into a glower, "Who the Shell thought that'd be a good idea?" She doesn't even look apologetically at Reilan, though she does eye him like he should know.

Reilan groans a little bit. Really, Thierry? Really? Stomping out in a towel and nothing else? It's not exactly the middle of the Igen summer out. Things are a bit…nippy. "Would you get your sharding idiot /naked/ ass back here you bloody backward tunnelsnake?!" Well. Explosions of words can happen from Rei! He closes his mouth again though with a snap, and grabs his /own/ clothes to start getting back into them. He's sure not going out there without being fully dressed. A look is shot back to the pools though, exasperated and certainly showing it. "The bloody brilliant Weyrwoman did." He grabs at the bundle that belongs to Thierry though, stomping right after him with his own hair still slicked back with water, and uncombed. "Stupid…dick's gonna freeze and break off and you'll /deserve/ it.."

Freesia sighs at Thierry's dramatics and begins quickly washing herself with the sponge. She makes short work of it and switches to her hair. When that task is complete, she settles back to relax in the pool for a long soak.

Muttering something about pollution, Mayte returns Reilan's look with the casual indifference that covers the fury beneath. Wait. "Weyrwoman Sadaiya?" she asks with doubtful incredulity, but shakes her head, huffing, "Well, they can't bring him down." Chasing Reilan out are Mayte's words, "He doesn't use it anyways!" At least in her experience, but there are a few glares from other bathers that Mayte ignores. A quick look at Freesia who's trying to relax before Mayte starts clambering out herself, towelling off quickly and popping back into her warm housecoat to make the dash back to the winestore. The smartest of them, with dry hair. Everyone else in the baths breathes a collective sigh of relief - they can relax now.

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