==== October 5, 2013
==== Aaron, Donatien, Kalea, Kapia
==== A smattering of folks convene on the beach for beers and chatter

Who Aaron, Donatien, Kalea, Kapia
What Beers & Beaches
When There is 1 turn 0 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

It is the evening after nearly a seven-day, and Donatien has already found the beach. The sun isn't setting yet, but it still splays gloriously over the water, and Donatien would be watching it winking gold over blue, if he wasn't looking off absently, occasionally looking down at his own hands. Something gently 'tic's and 'tac's there, yarn spooling from a ball that bounces in a basket. Yes, Donatien is lying on a towel, knitting, enjoying the quiet time of night.

Ryadranth is waiting patiently up the beach while Kalea moves awkwardly around and over her. Finally the riding straps fall to the beach below and Kalea drops to the sand with a soft “oof” of sound. She gathers up the straps and her pack and walks out of the green’s way to watch her slip into the sea. Kalea leaves her lifemate to play and drags herself and gear up the beach to find a good spot to settle down. It seems like a really good time to enjoy the day and recheck the straps she’s just taken off her love.

The evening is usually the soonest Kapia dares risk the beach. She's still not all that comfortable with crowds, and this is when they generally start to thin out. She's in her trademark teeny tiny green two-piece swimsuit, with a towel slung over her shoulder. She wanders the beach, looking for a place to set up.

Ooooh, there are ladies gadding about. Far be it for Donatien to not appreciate. The tics of needlework slow slightly, and Donatien spares a moment to eye both. The knitting slows again and put into one hand, the other raised for a wave, "Hello, ladies." Again, totally not being creepy. He's wearing a pair of shorts, enjoying the spring breeze. "What brings you out at this time of dinner?"

Kalea drops her gear near Donatien with a nod of her head in greeting. “Rya,” she waves her hand toward the green dragon playing in the surf. “She wanted to play in the waves.” Her outfit consists of cut off trousers and a white bikini top. But the clothes aren’t really what draw the eye anyway. It’s her round belly that usually gets the looks. She kneels down and flips open her pack to pull out a towel and flick it open. A little bottle, and a skin of water gets stuck in the sand before she lowers herself into the towel with a sigh. “I’m Kalea,” she flicks her attention between Donatien and Kapia. Introducing herself to Don while smiling welcomingly at Kapia. She pats the sand near her, “How’re you Kapia?”

Kapia pauses at the greeting from the man, taking a moment to recognize him. Once she does, she smiles a little. "Oh, hi… Donatien, right?" She asks with a tilt of her head. "I'm just… y'know. Maybe here to swim. Or see dolphins." When Kalea invites her, she smiles more and takes her up on the invitation, laying out her towel on the patted sand and sitting upon it. "Oh, you know. I'm okay. How are you?" She answers.

Well, he's not one to stand on ceremony, but Donatien can raise himself to his feet to give Ryadranth a mix of bow and salute, "Well met, Rya…" Sure, there's more to the name, but he's not about to press. "At your service, rider Kalea. Donatien, Weaver Senior Journeyman. I specialize in footwear." Just in case she starts asking about maternity clothes. Kapia also gets a polite nod, "Hi there, Kapia," he says in her direction with a little grin. The needles get placed into the basket, though the telltale end of yarn peeks out, possibly tantalizing to any small firelizards about. "Isn't it lovely tonight?"

Kalea pats her belly and grins at Kapia, “Feeling very much larger than I ought to be for four moons.” She shrugs her shoulders. “Well met Donatien,” she says as the man gets her full attention. Ryadranth bugles from out on the water before disappearing under the surf. “Well met from Ryadranth too,” she informs the weaver with a soft giggle. The yarn is ignored as she hasn’t had ‘lizards since before the jump forward. “It’s absolutely gorgeous tonight.” Her agreement is made even as she drags Rya’s straps across her lap to eye them.

Upon seeing Donatien's salute, Kapia gets a little flustered and quickly makes a rushed salute to the dragon. She's clearly a little embarassed to have forgotten to do so initially. She smiles sheepishly, looking back to Donatien. "… You're a weaver?" She's just now getting this information, apparently. Kalea gets another little smile. "It really is. I love the weather here."

Ryadranth's bugle gets an appreciative chuckle as Donatien sinks back into his towel, legs stretching before him. The basket of yarn next to him is pushed back, "And yet, you look lovely," he says with all sincerity. Kapia's question gets a slow smile and a nod, "Yes, though I'm not very useful with fabrics. My specialty is boots and fashionable shoes. I'm just setting up shop, but," and here he does let his gaze trace down to her feet, "I'll be open for business soon. Let me know if you need some boots." He's not leering, he's totally not… The subject of weather gets a nod, "S'just what the healer called for."

Kalea shakes her head at Kapia and sends the girl a patient smile. “We’re friends Kapia. You don’t have to worry about such things.” She isn’t one to hark on that sort of thing. She flicks an interested gaze back to Donatien and blushes a bit. “Thank you,” she tells him accepting the compliment. “I’ll have to see your work,” she tells Don with a grin. “I could use a new set of boots and I know of a teenage boy who by now I’m positive needs a pair.” She breathes deeply of the sea air and drops her gaze to the new straps. Checking the buckles for any sign of stress.

Aaron wanders up from the direction of the Weyr, in sandals and shorts, not seeming to mind a bit the fact that the scarring on his arm, chest, shoulder, and back is showing. The Smith has a folding chair under one arm, while the other hand holds what looks for all the world like a cooler. Or at least a basket stuffed full of towels, ice, and /beer/. Because it's Friday, shardit. He sees the little group and wanders over, giving Kalea and Kapia grins, and a nod of greeting. Donatien gets a smile too, but no nod for the stranger. The big man opens his chair, flops down into it, and reaches into the makeshift cooler for a beer. "Evening, all!" Siiiiiiip.

Kapia continues to look embarassed, smiling sheepishly at Kalea. "Oh, okay… I… I'm glad we're friends, too." She blushes as well, shaking her head before looking back at Donatien. "She does, doesn't she?" She adds to the compliment, beaming. The way she looks up to Kalea is plainly obvious. She glances back to Donatien. "… I should get new things soon, myself. I feel bad, borrowing all this stuff from the storage caverns." Then Aaron wanders up, and she greets him with a shy smile. "Oh! Hi, Aaron!"

Donatien simply nods and waves a hand, "Any time. My new office is just off the Crafters' Hall." Or whatever it's called here. "I have a few pre-made boots made as well," never leaves home without 'em, "Though a teenage boy… Are his feet still growing?" Kapia is given a grin as well, "You as well, I have some small slippers that would save your little toesies." Strange for a man this age to say toesies? He's grinning away the verey awkwardness of it, and eyes the newcomer curiously - not just the scarring, but the cooler too, "Greetings," the Weaver says, "Don't think we've yet…" After all, a stranger with beer is a friend you haven't introduced yourself too.

Kalea has grown used to the near constant blush that Kapia seems to wear. So she seems not to notice it. “Of course we’re friends dear,” she says reassuringly. Though her gaze flicks from person to person. And naturally Aaron can’t hardly be missed. “Hi Aaron,” she lifts her hand in a small wave. Just assuming he’ll join them or not. Depending on what he’s out to do. “Thanks again for the buckles. They’re holding perfectly.” Words about boots brings Kalea’s eyes back to Donatien and she grins. “I’ll have to round up a Candidate one day soon and tell him to seek you out.” She chuckles and nods her head, “His feet are growing I figure since he seems to have hit something of a growth spurt.”

Aaron gets an /eyeful/ of Kapia, a little half-grin turning up the corner of his mouth, though it soon grows into a full grin. "Hello, Kapia," he says with a smile, lifting his beer bottle to her, and then to Kalea when she returns his greeting. "Glad to hear about the buckles. I'd hate to have to try and figure out who made them so I can yell at them if they failed." Not that they would, Aaron himself checked them! ;) Donatien gets a bit of a further eye, then a chuckle at the 'toesies' bit. Really, man? Whatever, he obviously needs a beer! "I'm Aaron, one of the Smiths here," he says, by way of introduction. "Also a part time brewer and distiller. Care for a taste?" he asks, already going back into the cooler for a second bottle for the Weaver.

Kapia gives Donatien a little smile, that near constant blush noted by Kalea still obvious upon her face. "Well, I'll visit sometime. I mean… well… maybe when I have more marks. I'm stretched a little thin at the moment." She glances to Kalea. "Oh! Did you end up not finding that buckle you were looking for? I'm sorry I couldn't help you find it…" Then Aaron greets her. She blinks and smiles at him, unaware of perhaps his actual reaction. "Hi, Aaron." The beer is eyed. "… What are you drinking, there?" She's curious.

Ohhhh, so Kapia's blush isn't caused by the quite-well-aged older man sitting nearby? Donatien will just have to take the hit to his pride, and leans back on his elbows, smiling briefly, "Well, I must have something in your price range," he says promisingly to the girl. That Donatien will have customers so soon earns Kalea a smile, "I look forward to meeting the Candidates," and this man's been around enough Hatchings to know that nothing inappropriate happens with those Candidates. "New riders need new boots, after all." Aaron gets a cheerful-enough grin, "Donatien. Weaver, and I'd love one." Trying not to seduce is thirsty work here! A hand is held out either for a beer or a formal greeting, "Well met. I just arrived last seven-day." Mention of rank? Well, aren't we all just friends here, sitting on a beach?

Kalea eyes Aaron’s beer wishfully for a moment when he starts saluting people with it. With a soft sigh she uncorks her skin of water and takes a sip from it. Corking it and tossing it back on the sand beside her. She is learning new things about the Smith today it seems. And she grins up at him with a curious expression. “I didn’t know /you/ brewed your own.” Kapia draws her eye and she gives her head a shake. “No I never did find it. So I clipped one off of Ryadranth’s old straps and went to see Aaron about it.” Problem solved rather quickly too. Hence the new straps that she’s checking for strain in between conversation. “Don’t worry about not being able to help dear. If I’d had any idea where it went I would have had us all looking.” Alas it’s gone to that place where lost things go. Probably a ‘lizards stash somewhere or other. “Had you ever given real thought to joining a Craft?” She knows the girl had been discussing it of late. Donatien gets a laugh out of her as she tilts her head in agreement. “That they do.”

Aaron reaches into the coolerbasket, pulling out two beers by their necks, offering one to Don, and one to Kapia. "Beer. Delicious, delicious liquid bread." His now-empty hand is offered to Don, with a smile. "Well met, Donatien the Weaver, and welcome to our little tropical paradise." Kalea's wishful look is noticed, and he at least gives her a smile from where he's lounging. "Sorry, m'lady rider, I didn't think to pack any juice. Wasn't even sure I'd have company out here. And yes, I brew and distill my own, in my precious free time." Because rum relaly does grow on trees down here, it just needs a little processing!

Kapia is glad that rank isn't the topic at hand. She's decidedly at the bottom of the weyr hierarchy. But she manages all the same. Kalea's question earns another little shy smile. "Well… uhm… /maybe/. I… I really liked swimming with those dolphins the other day. But I'm probably too old to start an apprenticeship…" She eyes Aaron, and his beers, curious. "… I've never had beer." She reaches for the bottle, taking it and eyeing it. "Is it good?"

Donatien is gladly accepting of the brew, commenting, "It must be better than the ale I had at the Tavern last night," he tells the Smith solemnly, though there's a faint inflection; at least the company was nice. He opens the bottle (knitting needles are useful for many things!), take a sip and his grin grows into a full on, jaw-cracking smile, "This is good, Smith Aaron. You could change your career, if you wanted to. And thanks. Glad to be here." Kapia gets a bit of a grin; a young one, eh? "It's tasty and refreshing… once you have the tongue for it." Donatien says this in the elegant tones of seduction, but his gaze is already examining the beer. Well hello there…

Kalea shrugs her shoulder at Aaron’s apology. “It’s alright. I brought a skin of water along with me.” She has occasional dizzy spells and staying hydrated is supposed to help. This is a theory in her opinion. She looks rather interested in the fact that he makes his own liquor. “Huh,” is all she says on the matter though. She finishes checking her straps and then flips the leather back behind her with a clang and jangle of sound. Apparently they’ll do. She turns her eyes on Kapia for a moment and shakes her head at the girl. “You keep saying that hon. But until you ask you never know. After all the Weyr is doing all it can to draw in crafters. I’m sure nobody would think twice about you learning a useful trade.” This is her own theory of course.

Aaron chuckles at Kapia's question. "I happen to think that it's delicious, though opinions vary." When Don gives his opinion, however, Aaron just chuckles. "Though that's the one that I truly like to hear. You're welcome to drop by the Smithy anytime you want if you'd like to see my set up. All of you are, actually." Kalea's comment about Crafters gets a snort from the huge man, before he takes a sip of his beer. "Aye, we're just drawing them down. I have more apprentices then I know what to do with. And Kapia, you're not too old. I just started a girl that want's to be a Smith, and she's 20. Changing careers and all that, coming to me from the Herders."

Kapia ponders the various bits of advice she gets, placing a fingertip to her chin. "Well… uhm… maybe I should ask that nice dolphincrafter from the other day. I mean… if I wouldn't be a burden." She glances to Aaron. "Yeah, but… smiths are different, right? Not like dolphincraft?" She turns her attention to the beer in her hand. "It's tasty?" She lifts it to her lips and takes a little sip. "… Huh."

Donatien chuckles in kind with Aaron and nods, "I may take you up on that, Aaron. I'm curious how the other shops are around here. I heard it was a pretty desolate place when people first got here." A curious eye at Kapia, and, "Can you sew at all?? Because who shouldn't know how to sew? Alas, the lass seems intent on dolphineering, but who knows, "Well, I'm about." Kapia's beer is eyed even as Donatien swallows more of his own. "And the gentle people here are correct; it's never too late to learn new skills." Donatien takes a moment to lean back and appreciate the scenery around him. All of it.

Kalea will likely take Aaron up on that offer one of these days. She’s rather curious about the whole process. And when you aren’t allowed to enjoy something you might as well learn about the thing you used to enjoy. She beams happily at the Smith when he joins her in attempting to get Kapia to at least try something if she’s interested in it. Though when the girl asks if the smiths are different from the dolphineering she simply turns her head and nabs her water to take a hefty drink of the cool liquid. When she’s composed herself and is positive she won’t giggle she turns back to smile at Kapia. “Perhaps you could ask for tours from the different crafters around here. See what you think might suit you.” She grins at Donatien and waves a hand toward the man. “Sewing is a good skill to have whether you want to make a life of the craft or not. If I didn’t know how to sew I’d rarely find clothes that fit me. And Ryadranth’s straps would be even harder to come by.”

Aaron grins at Kapia, though he doesn't let his eyes linger too long. Bad smith, /bad/. "You mean Mailli? You should, I'm sure she'd be receptive. She's even an actual Master, as opposed to all of us Journeymen acting like it." At Kapia's last question, though, he Snorts. Yup, /Snorts/. "About as different as you and Rya, for all the fact that you both look just delightful in green." Don gets a nod, too. "Yeah, it was pretty… empty when I first came down here. You heard about the bodies, right? Or did they forget to tell you about that bit?" Kalea's discomfort /does/ get a chuckle, and then her idea is loosed upon them. "That reminds me, I owe that one kid… what was his name? started with a D… Anyway, yeah, come over for a tour if you like. I'm sure the other crafters would welcome you too."

"I know how to sew a little. I had to mend my own clothes when I was on the road." Kapia says to Donatien, frowning a little. "… But they got worn out anyways. Well, most of them. The last one got blood on it." She shudders at the memory. "… Anyways. Maybe I will ask her about it. It couldn't hurt, right?" Aaron's compliment earns a blush and a confused look down at her bikini. He can't mean her, right?

Donatien quietly keeps any snort, friendly of course, behind his beer. Smiths being different. Are wherries large, delicious nuisances? "Bodies, you say?" he asks, intrigued, "I'd heard some mutterings that Southern had weird doings about," Or weyrd, but anyways. "I have my own office up and ready, but a full tannery might take a little longer," and considerably more smell. The beer is sipped again, and Donatien waves it in front of his face, trying to see where he's at in the course of a bottle. "S'good stuff, Smith," he tells again. Kapia gets a full-on nod, "You're better off than a lot of young apprentices at Weaver, then." For whom the idea of mending is mind-boggling. "Or you could come down and observe and learn a few things in the meantime." The subject of Kapia's bikini gets no comment, but a totally professionally admiring glance. S'a good green.

Kalea laughs openly at Aaron’s remark to Kapia about the differences between the crafts. She pats Kapia’s shoulder reassuringly when the girl starts checking her wardrobe. She shifts her legs and leans back on her hands in an effort to get more comfortable. “It certainly won’t hurt a thing to ask.” At mention of bodies she glances up at Aaron curiously. “I’ve heard whispers that they’ve found more.” She is clearly digging for information if anyone has any. “Strange things do happen ‘round here at times,” she admits with a soft chuckle. Her smile now falling on Don again.

Aaron certainly can mean Kapia, and in fact does. "Nope, can't hurt at all, and most of the folks that've made it down this way are at least more open-minded then our Northern counterparts." Don's mention of a tannery gets a wince from the Smith, someone's not looking forward to that stench! "Aye, bodies. In old wagons, boarded up in a room off the sands, at least part of one buried /in/ the sands, those herdbeasts the candidates found… Lots of bodies. Some are getting ideas that the place is haunted or something." The derision in his voice is thick. Kalea's comment of 'strange things' gets a loud laugh from the Smith. "Aye, that they do, don't they?"

Kapia once again follows Kalea's lead, laying back on her own towel and wiggling a bit to try to get comfortable. Perhaps she thinks she'll be more protected from embarassments in this position, for whatever reason. She continues to curiously eye the beer and have another little sip. "… Huh. I've never had anything like this." Down goes more!

Donatien has drained the last of his beer and gently digs the bottle into sand next to his towel. He listens to the regaling of bodies almost everywhere, it seems, and 'huhs', "It rather sounds like I've come to the right place at the right time, then." Come for the sunshine, stay for the bodies? "Has that been going on long?" He eyes Aaron's beer-basket curiously but isn't about to press any urgency on his part.

Kalea’s skin starts to feel a little itchy so she nabs the bottle of oil out of the sand and uncorks it. She dumps a little bit of the oil in her palm and then sets the bottle back in the sand before rubbing her hands together and smearing the oil over her belly. Careful to keep it off her white bikini top if at all possible. “I highly doubt the place is haunted,” Kalea quips when she moves onto oiling her arms. “Though I have to admit all the bodies found ‘round here is a bit unsettling.” She doesn’t make a single comment about folk down here being open-minded. Though her face darkens for a moment. She works on her legs last since they’re still clad in her shorts at the moment. “Far as I know bodies have been found since the place was found.”

Aaron finishes off his own beers, and digs two more out of the cooler, passing one over to Don without need to be asked. Mmmm, beer. "You like it, Kapia? Enjoy it while you can, no booze for most apprentices." Vinters being the exception, after all. "Eh, it's not all that bad. I mean, the place /was/ abandoned for, what, four hundred some-odd Turns?" Kalea's silence is noted, and he sighs, looking over at the rider. "I'm sorry, dear," he says, voice honest. "You know I just meant with the crafters."

"I haven't seen any bodies. Well. Not any dead bodies." Kapia remarks. Presumably, she has seen live bodies. And speaking of, there's Kalea oiling up her live body. The thought is evidently rather appealing to Kapia. "Uhm, could I borrow a little of that, Kalea?" She asks meekly, glancing towards the oil in question. She sips more beer and looks to Aaron. "It's kind of nice! Tastes like… wheat."

If Donatien is watching Kalea's oiling process, it's merely to approve her care of not getting oil on the fabric of her suit. "It's no one you know," he says philosophically; or at least, he really hopes so. A little smirk to Aaron; there's a reason Donatien loves his knot so much, as he accepts the second beer, which is opened with ease. "After four hundred Turns, it must be pretty safe by now." If humans can't make it four hundred turns, what hope do germs have? Kapia's comment of the beer gets a sudden laugh from the Weaver, "Yes, exactly!" Whereas most people say 'ew', right off. Okay, okay, Donatien's not made of steel, people; he's eyeing Kapia briefly before turning to the surf with a sip of beer. "Any other excitements happening here?" the newcomer Weaver asks.

Kalea glances up from her legs when Aaron apologizes and lifts her shoulders in a shrug. “It’s alright Aaron. Don’t even think twice about it.” Kapia’s question distracts her from her doldrums and she grins at the teen. “Sure thing,” she reaches over and lifts the bottle out of the sand to hold out to Kapia. “I’ve been using the same thing I use on Rya.” After all when one is oiling a dragon they tend to wear it anyhow. She glances over at Donatien and chuckles. “Well I /hope/ it’s no one I knew before the jump forward.” After all she is technically over 400 turns old.

Alright, that's just not fair. Oil's cheating. Aaron doesn't bother trying to hide his gaze, a slight grin spreading across his face. Hey, no one said he couldn't watch. "It oughta taste like wheat, there's plenty in the mash." Bottles clinked with Don, he opens up his own beer, saving the cap for the next batch, along with the first cap and bottle. "Eh, that depends on how you define excitement, I guess. Ever lived at a Weyr before?" Kalea gets a nod and smile, though there's still a hint of darkness in his eyes at the treatment Kalea's getting, shaking his head a little.

Kapia isn't trying to cheat. She has no idea she's even playing a game. Or being watched. The idea just doesn't occur to her. "I haven't lived in a weyr before." She says, even if the question wasn't directed to her. "Why?" She smiles gratefully at Kalea as she pours the oil into her hands, immediately rubbing it into her arms and shoulders. Nice and shiny.

Donatien has heard of people coming forward, and huhs at Kalea, "Well, if I may," and his eyes twinkle a little, "You look marvelous for it," he tells her, sincerely. Dien observes Aaron saving the cap and passes the two he's removed back to the Smith; there'll be a cut of the next batch, right? Like, a taste-test's worth? "I've been around a few Weyrs," the man mentions casually, thought that twinkle in his eye hasn't faded. Good times, my friend. Annnnd there goes the younger woman with the oil. A little sigh, from Donatien? Of course not, he's just sipping his beer all innocent-like. And he's definitely not coughing about the innocent question Kapia asks - he's at least on Aaron's mind wavelength. This could call for another beer-clink

Kalea has somewhat resigned herself to the treatment. Becoming rather adept these days at the chores she was put to. Though it does wear her a mite thin to do those and care for her lifemate as well. Who by the way is still a green speck on the horizon floating on the waves. She knows this because she glances out to check. “I sure haven’t had anything exciting happen ‘round me of late.” Well save for the debacle in the baths the other day. But she doesn’t mention that, just smiles about it instead. Her oiling done she once again leans back on her hands. Donatien’s remark earns him a brilliant smile and a soft, “Thanks.”

Aaron watches the girls. Yup, just flat out watches. Oooooh, shiny. Don's comment to Kalea gets a chuckle from him, and then the mention of a few Weyrs brings another. "Aye, then you know about all the excitement that can happen, eh?" Looking over at that sigh, Aaron just /laughs/. Ya old dog… Kalea gets a chuckle too, and he shakes his head. "Well, /excitement's/ not really good for your condition, now is it dear?" he asks, grinning a little.

Kapia is shiny indeed! And getting shinier as she spreads oil over the front of her body, doing her best to keep it off her teeny suit. It's tricky business! She continues nonchalantly conversing all the while. "… Is excitement bad for pregnant women?" The innuendo sails clear over her head.

Donatien nods his head elegantly in Kalea's direction, with a gallant, "Of course," as if outraged that he's the first to mention it. Aaron's comment of … excitement gets a raised eyebrow and pursed lips under guise of a grin. No comment here, folks. But a sip of beer is quite in order. Kapia's due care gets an approving nod, and then he follows her question with, "And if one may be so bold, how long are you expecting to… expect?" There's no way around that one. Aaron gets a commiserating look. If they don't watch it, they'll be out here in twenty Turns, still passing the same talk…

Kalea is well aware of the silent man-speak happening between Aaron and Dien. And the flick of her eyes is telling of that. She simply doesn’t comment on it. Though she does raise her brow at Aaron’s comment. “I don’t see how more of what got me /here/ could hurt. I can only be left like this once after all.” Alas the reason she’s in her condition is unavailable and hence no excitement to be had. “As it is I’m too tired by the day’s end to care much.” She chuckles at that and nabs her water for a sip. Kapia gets a blink from her as well as a chuckle. “Excitement could certainly land me in trouble.” She tells the girl with a snerk of sound afterward. She tilts her head and grins at Donatien knowing full well the argument she’d had with the Healers over that very question. “A little over five moons.” Yeah she knows she’s showing a bit much for that but not by a whole lot.

Aaron just chuckles at Kapia's innocence, shaking his head. Yeah… That's not gonna last. Poor thing. Don and Kalea both get chuckles from him, and he just shakes his head. "I'm not gonna say anything, Kapia. I'm not a Healer, afterall." And that's all there is to it.

Kapia is clearly a little curious to hear Kalea's due date for herself, having wondered much the same thing herself. "… You look great for four moons." She says with a little encouraging smile. "I hope you're not getting too tired. Has your neck been okay?" She lifts her legs one at a time to apply the lovely shiny oil.

It's a wise man who knows when not to say anything, and Donatien's never considered himself a fool. He's definitely not a Healer and nods at Aaron's decision to say very little, other than, "It's generally inadvisable," which must carry some great meaning in the tannery, but the words seem to fall flat against the majesty of the view. Kalea's comment gets a welcome smile, "That's great, you're not too far along then?" Her neck? What a lovely neck it is, but Donatien's more concerned about feet, "Let me know if you need some extra foot support," he mentions quietly, even as Kapia's oil-distribution is observed for a moment. Huh. And maybe ahem too. Donatien's gonna love Southern Weyr…

Kalea chuckles at Aaron’s deft sidestep of that conversation. She tilts her head at him and licks her lips before she smiles. An expression of ‘I see what you did there’ plainly shining in her eyes. She drops her gaze to pull her legs in and sit up. Ryadranth slides onto the beach a little distance away and waits patiently. “Thanks,” she tells Kapia for her compliment. “Yeah my neck has been fine. It’s my feet that are smarting on occasion. I’m guessing because of being on them from dawn til’ after supper. Sometimes longer.” She chuckles softly at that because there isn’t much she can really do about it after all. She lifts herself off her towel and tucks it and the skin into her pack. Then tosses the cork for the oil onto Kapia’s towel. “When your oil runs out bring me the bottle and I’ll refill it for you,” she tells Kapia with a smile. Clearly giving ownership over to the girl. Every girl needs skin care after all right? Right. Deftly she swings her pack onto her back and gathers Rya’s straps. “I should be heading home. I have to play with dye in the morning. But at least I’m off in the kitchens tomorrow, I think.” She chuckles and grins at everyone as she stands up. “I’ll see you all around I’m sure.” And she’s strolling off to strap Ryadranth off and head on home.

Kapia blinks a bit when she realizes that Kalea is making a gift of the oil. "Wh… wait! I can't take this! I mean, it's too nice, and I…" Too late. The protest seems to be futile. "… Bye, Kalea." She waves with oil-slick fingers. She sits up a bit, frowning and attempting to apply the last to her back, wriggling around awkwardly. "Hrmph."

Ryadranth's encroaching on the scene gets a low whistle from Donatien, and he watches for a moment in admiration; But she's off and Donatien raises a hand in farewell, "Of course." That leaves him, Aaron and Kapia, who's struggling with the oil. For a little while, he just watches with a mischievous grin for a wee while. Sip of beer. "Having a bit of trouble?" It comes out teasingly, of course.

Kapia pouts, giving up on the oiling for the moment. "… Can't reach." She says, slumping shoulders. "Now I'm just half-oiled. Feels weird." She flops back onto her towel and stares up at the cloudy sky. She reaches for the beer again to take another sip. "… This is pretty good."

Aaron is very glad Don offered because, well, he ain't gonna. Nope, not no way, not no how. He /is/ going to watch the wriggling though, with rapt fascination. Rya's approach, and Kalea's departure, get a wave from the Smith, but mostly? Wriggling. "Don, you're such a kind soul, offering to help the poor girl out like that." Beer? Oh yes, beer is delicious. "You need another, Kapia, or are you good?" Siiiiiiip.

And that's how Donatien got kicked out of one We… Er, maybe a story for another time. A quick glare at Aaron and Donatien's indeed sipping down more of his own beer. "C'mere, Kapia, I'll get your back for you." And that's all, as Dien doesn't straighten or bend his knees much at all. Aaron's offer nets him another look, and he mutters something to the Smith.
You overhear Donatien mutter, "… … young … more … a few … … … … …" to Aaron.

Kapia quirks her eyebrow at Donatien. Though what she overhears doesn't sound /too/ incriminating. So she scoots over, giving Donatien a grateful and trusting smile. "Thanks. That'd be very helpful." Oil is held out. Then she's being offered more beer. Yay, beer! "Uhm… sure, Aaron!" She says with a smile.

Aaron just gives the older man a shit-eating grin, digging in the beer basket and fishing out another bottle. He twists the cap off and hands the bottle to the girl, trying his damnedest not to chuckle. "See, us Crafters, always helpful, eh?" He's a bad, bad man…

Donatien gives Aaron a more definite, raised eyebrow even as he accepts the oil and slowly smooths some onto his palms. Aaron is his witness that this is totally proper! Donatien slowly strokes oil across Kapia's back, managing to avoid going too low or too close to the sides, and despite the sun warming, the Weaver may have just shivered. "There you go, young lady, all done. Say, can I borrow some of this?" he wonders, rubbing a small remaining amount between his palms, "Don't think I've felt something quite this smooth," and some goes to pat a shoulder, and then the other. Man-style.

Kapia remains remarkably nonchalant about getting oiled up, sipping her new beer all the while. Once the job is done, she gives Donatien a little grateful smile. "Thank you!" She says, gladly offering a little of the oil as payment before sliding back onto her towel. "I wonder if this will make me tan." She ponders idly, giving Aaron another smile. All the chuckling and such sails right past her. Woosh.

Aaron just waggles his eyebrow at Don, grinning at the older man's discomfort as he oils the young girl's back. "You missed a spot, Donatien," he says with a grin, taking a sip of his beer and pointing to a not-very-shiny spot way low on Kapia's back. "Well, sitting out in the sun will tan you, so long as you don't burn. Burning just hurts," says the former Seacrafter.

"No, I didn't," Donatien tells Aaron, though he quietly eyes that spot indicated. It may burn a little but life could be harder. He is accepting a bit of the proffered oil and rubs that over his arms and chest. That'll do. A curious eye to the Smith, and then a sip of beer, continued with a shake of head, "You brew a good ale, Smith. You're a man of many talents, evidently." Not just because aaron's the only one in the world who knows what sunburn is like. A little sigh and Dien starts to slowly make his way to his feet. Very slowly. "I should head back to my shop, you lovely people, and see what my apprentices are up to." T'is a sad day.

"Oh… I definitely don't want to burn." Kapia grumbles with a little frown. She's finished the last of her second beer, and peers out at the setting sun. "… I should get back before it gets dark anyways." She smiles warmly at Donatien. "Thank you for helping me." The smile turns to Aaron. "And thank you for the beer!" She gathers her towel, rises, and off she goes. "Bye!"

Aaron waves goodbye to the other two, sitting in his chair and watching the sunset, beer in one hand. "See you around!" he calls after them, just enjoying the solitude.

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