==== September 19, 2013
==== Kalea
==== Kalea is unable to convince Ryadranth to take them ::between:: to get sweeps done faster.

Who Kalea & Ryadranth
What ::between:: is bad for the eggs (V)
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 8 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Shire, Southern Weyr

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The Shire
The lush hues of outdoors follows you inside this small weyr. Light from outside allows several plants in stone pots to grow wildly up the walls. A short walkway into the inner weyr angles just enough to prevent any rain from getting inside. Embroidered tapestries decorate the inner walls, leaving only a few places showing bare rock. The cook stove rests along the curve of the wall past Ryadranth's couch niche and floor space. Far enough out of the way to prevent accidental bumping and yet close enough to give off more than enough warmth on cool nights. The sleeping area is positioned opposite the cook stove. Far out of any dragon's way, a plush bed is shrouded from view by a diaphanous curtain of lovely indigo that shades to midnight-blue. Barely enough walk space could be allowed between the end of the hammock and the back of a low sofa. A matching chair rests to the right of the couch against the wall. Wedged between the chair and the wall leading to the entrance is a set of cabinets. Finding a smooth wall surface is impossible, and the floor is scored with claw marks.

Kalea is curled up on the couch in her weyr with a small pail resting on the floor by her knee. She nurses a mug of fruit juice and debates seeing a Healer. Who has the flu two sevendays straight?! Still she hates Healers and is loath to ask one what’s wrong when she already knows. Right? She sighs heavily and sips her juice.

«You need to feed my love?» Ryadranth’s head swings into the weyr followed by her lithe green body. Ambling slowly in from her usual perch on the ledge.

The very idea of food makes Kalea turn a sickly shade and clap her hand over her mouth. “Don’t even think food!” She eyes her lifemate with pleading eyes and waits for her stomach to settle. She shifts to rest her feet on the floor in case she has to dive for the pail again.

«We must set out soon. If we are to complete our sweeps on time»

“We wouldn’t have to leave so early if you would just take us ::between::,” Kalea teases with a grin. Her stomach is blessedly starting to settle. Juice and a flaky roll doing the work of settling her stomach for now. Really all she wants to do is crawl back in bed and sleep forever. But there is work to be done.

«Well will not go ::between:: my love. The egg does not care for it.»

Kalea rolls her eyes at Ryadranth and shakes her head. “You’ve been telling me this ever since we went to view the eggs on the Sands. I’m telling you Rya /us/ going ::between:: will /not/ harm the eggs.” Where do dragons get such insane notions anyway? Yeesh!!

Still Kalea knows full well that arguing with her lifemate will get them nowhere as Rya will do as she pleases when her mind is made up. It doesn’t really hurt the pair to fly straight through into their sweeps over the jungles and beyond anyhow. Thankfully they haven’t far to travel or Kalea would be forced to argue further.

“Let me get my gear and then we can head out.” Kalea swallows the last of her juice and rises from the couch. Crossing the room to set her empty mug atop the cabinet shelf and nab her pack off the floor beside it. She’d already gotten Ryadranth settled in her straps before the nausea had kicked in this morning.

« I will wait for you on the ledge beloved. » Ryadranth turns around and lumbers back out onto the spacious ledge to wait.

Kalea takes a last look around her weyr and decides that she’ll clean when she gets home. The pail is scooped up to be dealt with before they head out for duty. And Kalea is off for yet another exhausting day.

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