==== December 24th 2013
==== M'tias
==== Belated vignette, taking place the night of the 'fall over Keroon.

Who M'tias
What Belated vignette, taking place the night of the 'fall over Keroon.
When Five months and six days until the 12th Pass
Where Infirmary


Their return to Igen and the chaos that surrounded them on the ground was only a hazy memory. M’tias could only grasp at straws through the pain that seared through the muscles in his back, through the depths of his mind. First there was his and then there was hers and then they were almost spiraling out of control, nearly plummeting down to the plains. He didn’t save them, he only had panic to provide. She’d pulled up, took them home and desperately landed them through her own agony of shredded wingsails.

When he woke up on the cot in the infirmary, he felt sluggish and cloudy with a cloying taste in the back of his mouth. The healers had laced some small amount of fellis into his water to get him to sleep, to stop fighting them. He’d only wanted to get to her. And now, with the cavern quieted for the night he eased out with mincing steps and carefully contained gasps of pain.

He pushed back the curtain that divided Siabeth from the rest of the world now. She rested there, his partner of over ten turns. Her right wing badly laced, the wound dark and aggravated in the moonlight. A quiet sob caught in the back of his throat and he pushed it down, sinking against her in the thrush bedding. He wouldn’t risk waking her with his own hysterics, with his own misery at this moment.

It didn’t take all that long for the grogginess to catch up to him again, the soft beat of her heart and the evenness of her breathing helped. But before sleep could come once more, M’tias could see Lord Keroon’s face. He remembered the short term fostering he’d spent at the man’s Hold, his time with their family as brief as it had been. He remembered the firestone suddenly there at the gather. There was a taste in the back of his mouth again, but this time it wasn’t cloying. It was something bitter. But he just couldn’t decide what it was before tattered dreams swept over him again.

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