==== Feb. 19, 2014
==== Yukie, A'lory, Muirnin, Freesia, Zisiene, Tasna
==== A breakfast chat, the deposit of Dr'nk in the hall, the promise of a tour, and a lesson on how to empty a room given by the Headwoman. ;)

Who Yukie, A'lory, Muirnin, Freesia, Zisiene, Tasna
What Comings and goings during a breakfast chat.
When "It is the thirty-fourth day of Winter" (Feb. 19, 2014)
Where Living Cavern/ Igen Weyr

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Living Cavern
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Rukbat's rise graces the desert weyr with buttery-yellow morning light, picking up the red-browns of the desert sands; it's the hour of morning that holds a serene quiet as the weyr starts to wake up. The gentle smells of breakfast waft through the living caverns, where Yukie currently stands — wicker basket in hand — indecisive as to which offering to take up. Dressed in shades of white, the girl's clothing is loose and the cape she wears is hooded to keep the dust and grit out of her eyes and face. Pushing back the hood, she steps forward, letting pale blond hair swing around her face. A murmured, "Excuse me," as a wingrider nearly collides with her when she makes her way to the buffet line.

Muirnin has been up half the night, her promises to herself and Resch to 'sleep like the dead' having been cut to ribbons by a teething toddler that had her up and pacing the nursery floors, bouncing and cooing the child to sleep well before dawn. Now, she stand in line with a khal mug desperately needing refill. Ginger hair is in little wisps around her face, the mass pulled into a braid down her back that's had sections pulled loose by the fitful little fingers of a child in pain. Despite the darkening marks under her eyes and the slight slump to her posture that screams of weariness, she's rather bright eyed and all smiles. Seeing the pretty blond step up near her, she gives her a soft nod, alto tones lower with sleepiness. "Good morning," she greets with simple politeness.

A'lory strolls right in, all scruffy carelessness, hands tucked into the pockets of his trousers as though he has nothing in particular to do, and nowhere in particular to go. The Caverns are given the eye, casual and curious, before the lanky wingrider sidles over to the food tables to lift a cup of klah and a giant sandwich.

A serene smile tugs on Yukie's lips, the healer exuding a serenity reminiscent of still ponds and shaded trees. "Good morning," patience exists in spades as the line inches forward, bringing closer the hints of buttered biscuits and scrambled eggs. A closer look leveled on Muirnin, limpid dark blue-green eyes carrying an intensity that comes from being a healer, though her only comment thus far is: "Late night?" Gently asked, with no hint of rancor. At last, the crowd parts the moment A'lory arrives to the food tables. To her credit, she waits patiently until others have moved out of the way before she slowly starts picking up seemingly random items: crusty bread, cheeses, some redfruits. All of these items are tucked oh-so-carefully into her basket. She picks foods easily stored, and doesn't seem to be picking things for herself. "It smells delicious, doesn't it?" This gentle question is for anyone nearby.

"Teething," Muirnin offers as an explanation, not only for her looks but for what kept her up half the night. "And it does, I'm glad to see the kitchen’s getting itself in order," she says as she picks over the selection and ends up putting together a mess of a sandwich with breakfast sausage, egg and a little jam. Ears trained to pick up movement of sly and wondering little ones, she turns as the rider comes to line, giving him a respectful little nod as she steps out of the way for others and makes for the kettle to refill her khal. "Going for a picnic?" she asks out of casual curiosity, nodding at the healer's basket. "Pretty day out for it if you don't mind the bite in the air."

Zisiene is short, blonde, and looking more asleep than awake Zisiene makes her way in from the bowl carrying half a dozen baskets. Each one is filled with breads, pastries, and a small selection of cheeses. The girl weaves her way through the living cavern to where the food is laid out. It's the bakery's daily contribution to the weyr at large, and there will be a larger order delivered later. The girl pilfers a roll before she finds an empty table to sit at for her snack.

Freesia enters the caverns warily, looking about with interested eyes. She escorts a hung over or still drunk rider, leaning against her blearily. Freesia has not been in the lower caverns for so many Turns that she's not sure of where to go. Electing for the closest set of chairs, Freesia steers Dr'nk to them and pulls the chair out for him to sit in. She attempts to slide him into the chair so she can discreetly leave, but he falls to the floor, sliding over the edge of the chair. "Shards!"

"A nanny, then," Yukie smiles to Muirnin, "I commend you on your calling." She tucks away another roll of bread and a redfruit before moving down the line for strips of crispy bacon. The healer can't resist a little bit of a nibble on the ends of one strip, but the rest are tucked carefully away. "Not really, but I suppose you could call it a picnic. I'm going to go into the Bazaar today. I hope the refugees will let me tend to their needs, and I will give the ones who are too shy or too scared to come into the living caverns some treats." She pauses, finishes the bacon, and considers the table. "There are those, in the far outskirts, who's needs are greater and can't come to the weyr." The healer frowns, but the thought is left to stand as is as the entrance of Freesia and the drunk rider captures her attention. Slowly, she tucks another roll into her basket, keeping an eye on the girl and the rider.

A'lory has been woolgathering in the bottom of his klah cup; grunkles are like that. However, Yukie's commentary brings his head up, sharp curiosity replacing the faraway look in blue eyes beneath wild, curling hair. "A generous thought," He nods to Yukie, thoughtfully scratching at the scruffy growth of his beard as he squints at the young woman. "Be sure, however, that you have a care for your safety, eh? Not all our new — " Squint harder, A'lory; it will make everything clearer. " — residents are merely shy. But I suppose you know that." The last is said with an amiable shrug; perhaps Yukie is not as innocent as she seems.

Muirnin barely gets off a nod in response to the question about her calling, a quick "Thank you" murmured before she sees the girl spill the drunk rider on the ground. She'd laugh, but the girl's distress cuts the urge short. "I don't go down that way much, honesty. My days are here with the wee-ones, and then by evening I'm either too tired or not willing to spend the energy .." she cuts off, not wanting to say anything about being harassed or having to deal with the general rudeness she finds there. Instead she sets down her food and drink at the spot she would have been sitting, she moves instead over toward them, eying the rider carefully. "Need a hand?" she offers the girl, not sure what to make of the man spilled across the floor.

Zisiene kicks her feet as she munches on her breakfast. She looks around and smiles when she doesn't see any 'lizards she knows. It means that Zisiene can take a break before she's back to running errands, not that she's shirking her chores just that she's putting them off a little. It's interesting to sit and listen to people talking. To watch how they interact with one another. Munch. Kick feet. Watch.

Freesia begins trying to pull the man up from off the floor, but to no avail. Muirnin's offer is greatly appreciated, and she nods at the woman. "Yes, please." Even a brothel has to close at some point and Dr'nk has worn out his welcome…. and his marks. The man makes an effort of his own to getup, but plops right back down at the work.

"I am a Healer," Yukie answers simply, serenely though she does tilt a soft smile towards A'lory for his caution. "I am careful, hoping to reap what I sow," this is all she says, though something more lingers beneath the ripple of tranquility in her voice. "The bazaar suffers," her statement to Muirnin could be almost pained, though not for the other girl's lack of desire to go into that place, but for the hurts of so many souls, "and if I can bring some ease to their lives, then I am happy to." As Muirnin goes to help Freesia, the healer frowns again, keeping an eye on both girls and the man. "If you go to the Infirmary, they can provide a tonic for him," she offers gently to Freesia, assuming he's of some relation or care to the girl.

Muirnin nods at Freesia, giving her a reassuring smile and a soft touch to her arm. She then steps around the man and gets to his other side. Squatting, she get a grip under his shoulder and a hand on his belt in a good fist. "Ok, are you ready?" she checks.. "One, two .. three!" she grunts as she pulls up on the dead weight, counting on the other girl to lift. "Someone could bring a tonic maybe, I'd be happy with him not on the floor but am not carrying him there," she says through grit teeth as she puts out the effort to right the sodden fellow. "Ugh, what a smell!"

A'lory tilts his head, grinning wryly. "I understand." Healers are perhaps less than sane by the usual standard of sanity — a thing this particular rider understands. And he shifts his gaze, then, to the man sprawled on the floor. Now how did that happen? A shaggy brow is lifted, amusement thinly veiled: oh, the indignity of being publicly sprawled a-floor. Let's hope he recovers quickly. A gulp of klah is taken with a wince of distaste; it's gotten cold while he has been cloud-surfing. "Well," He offers after a long moment, returning his attention to Yukie, "If you would like an extra pair of hands, I am well content to go along. I have sufficient healer training to be of use." It is important to be of use, isn't it? Of course it is. Ew, sodden dudes. A'lory is so not touching him.

Zisiene jumps up from her seat, "Shards Mars, I'm almost done," it's not exactly a whine, but the tone isn't far off from it. The bronze firelizard flits around the girl a couple times before he zips out of the caverns. A'lory is given a wave, which means Yukie is also given a wave and then the girl is heading back the way she came. Time to get the next batch of baskets and finish the deliveries.

With Muirnin's help, Freesia lifts and they get the rider into the chair. That settled, Freesia looks at Yukie with a doe expression. Her? Take him from this chair that they just got him into? Freesia's wide eyes relax a little at Muirnin's suggestion. "A tonic would be good for him, I think." Freesia won't be getting it, but perhaps someone else will. Her job is done now that she has gotten the rider "home" safely. The woman wrinkles her nose in agreement with Muirnin, but she's already used to the overpowering stench of alcohol.

"Extra hands are always welcome," Yukie says warmly, tucking the basket's pristine cloth around the food items nestled so carefully in there. "So many needy…" So little time, her expression says. "Certainly, anyone can go fetch the tonic from the Infirmary. It is not a controlled ingredient," the healer suggests, curling her arms through the basket's handle. Perhaps the healer has a frown for those who would not help a less fortunate man, "If you'll excuse me, I'll go see about getting some aid for this poor man, then if you're still willing, I will make my morning rounds after?" Question posed for A'lory, the girl bobs her head and serenely makes her way through the Living Caverns — never in a rush, but she will do just as she says. Return with a tonic and then make her rounds through the bazaar. The day's work has only just begun!

A'lory gives Yukie a gentle nod in response. Oh, he'll turn up eventually; it's what he does, and often when least expected. With that, he returns to observing the current entertainment in the Living Caverns.

Muirnin looks at the guy in the chair and then down at her hands, not moving back to her food right off. "I don't recognize you, but I'm horrible with faces if you're over hip tall. I'm Muirnin," she offers the other who helped seat the man. "Yours?" she asks as she hedges toward the kitchen door, wanting to possibly boil her hands before she touches her food. "Thanks for bringing him back here, I'm sure the tonic will help, and then we'll maybe find one of his wing to get him home." she says with a curled nose.

Freesia quickly shakes her head when Muirnin asks if the rider is hers. "I'm Freesia, I work in the bazaar. I'm just trying to get this guy out the door." Freesia waves a hand at Dr'nk. "It's nice to meet you."

Muirnin pops into the kitchen for just a moment, the sounds of water added to the din coming from within for just a moment as she washes her hands well. Coming back out, drying her fingers one by one on a cloth, she nods toward the breakfast laid out. "Would you like something to eat, or some khal, or anything? Seems like a small offering for you having wrestled him all the way here instead of just rolling him out the door and into the street to sleep it off. Might have served him right," she mutters the last with a little roll of her eyes and a crooked grin, Dr'nk having started to snore in his chair now. "For pity's sake," she groans with a shake of her head, turning her smile on the bazaar woman. "You could sit with me and tell me about the bazaar if you like, I haven't really met many from there, spending my time in the walls here with the little ones."

Freesia smiles at Muirnin, shrugging her shoulders. "He's not a bad guy, really, but I think he has a problem." Obviously since its mid-morning and the guy still smells drunk. Freesia gives a tentative look about the room and approaches Muirnin without getting any food. "Thank you, that would be nice. I've already eaten, but talking would be nice. There are some great things about the bazaar." Freesia unwraps the white veil from about her hair and face, folding it neatly and laying it across her lap.

A'lory stretches his legs out, settling into a comfortable sprawl as he again raises his eyebrows at the remaining pair. "Well," He drawls comfortably. "At least there is some concern about the fellow." His gaze goes to the drunkard, brows settling into a heavy frown. "Inebriated this early in the day, however… " Too bad he does not currently have the authority to give the man more things to do in a day; it might curb such a ridiculous idea as he had. "Where'd you find him, anyway?"

Muirnin is all smiles, despite the haggard look under her eyes and the half-pulled-loose braid in her hair. Back at her food, belatedly, she doesn't even care that the eggs on the toasted sandwich have cooled, and hardly notices. Her attention is on the woman from the bazaar, holding off her own questions when the rider nearby poses his own.

"Rosie's, sir. They were about to toss him in the street, but he's not a bad guy. I couldn't leave him there." Freesia's words don't make it clear whether she works there or was just happening to walk by at the time. She settles her hands in her lap, atop the veil. The Tea Room is a lovely place, with pillows for seating."

"Mm," A'lory considers, tracing random patterns into his tabletop. "May have to go in there a time or two." Oh, plans, plans; so many, and so little time to execute them. He eyes the wet-noodle of drunken rider again, then shakes his head with a disgusted sigh. "Right. Like we need more drunks wandering the place." So… on to other things that don't involve drunk people. "What are you two up to, this fine day?"

Tasena walks in from the Central Bowl.

Muirnin arches her pale brows, "Tea room? Now that does sound like a nice change of pace. Would be good to get out of the weyr for a little while." On that thought her smile is wistful and longing, too many days has she only gotten to see the sun while in the company of a handful of ankle-biters, taking them for walks or to the lake. "I have the day to myself, and -Me time- is much needed. Maybe I'll take a wonder down to the bazaar and look around. Daytime seems more," safe? ".. lively a time, to go out looking at the wares anyway," she says to both of them in general.

Freesia nods at A'lory without comment on Rosie's. She doesn't look the part of prostitute, nor does she advertise the fact. To Muirnin, she eagerly offers, "I'd be happy to guide you, if you want. I can show you some of the prettiest wares and nicest spots. There's also a good shop for silk veils. She lifts the lace-edged version from her lap, unfolding it to show off to the older girl.

Muirnin pauses mid bite, breakfast sandwich held to her face, eyes flickering from the girl to the veil and back. She takes a bigger than needed bite and chews while nodding, giving an apologetic smile as she grabs her khal and washes it down. "Starved, sorry.. been a long night," she sighs. "And yes, that is very pretty, but I'm afraid I don't have much use of a veil. Here, working with the children, it'd be destroyed in no time. For out in the winds I'd need something a little less .. delicate? But still, your offer is a kind one, I'd love to have a guide around the bazaar.. the place can be a little intimidating when you're not used to the lay out. Last time I was there just for a stroll it took me forever to find my way back." The admittance that she'd gotten lost brings a little flush to her cheeks.. the snapping in some alley at an overly pretty blond boy only adds to the color when she remembers being so rankled. There's a huff of irritation and a quick shake of her head, "I don't want to trouble you, though.. or take you away from other duties?"

Tasena walks in from the direction of the bowl with a lumpy looking sack slung over one bony shoulder. She heads toward the kitchens without pausing, where she disappears for several minutes, only to reappear later on with a sandwich on a plate, next to a small pile of spiced tuber wedges. She takes a seat in the vicinity of Muirnin and Freesia, nodding to them before she sets in to eat her meal.

Freesia nods sympathetically at Muirnin, "There were some heavier veils the last time I was in the shop, but some of the thicker ones are more coarsely woven and allow more sand through than a delicate veil." So you can look pretty and still effectively keep the sand out of your mouth. "Not all of them have lace, too." Freesia refolds her veil, setting it back down on her lap. "It can be horribly confusing in the bazaar. I, myself, just got lost the other day."

Muirnin looks over the thin girl a she settles and sees the pile of food on her plate. "Good morning," she nods to her with a little smile, but the distracted thought of how thin she is makes Muir thin of how she's so very .. not. Looking down at her own meal, she sighs and sets her hand in her lap, the cruel and half-assed compliment of her being "Curvalicious" from a snotty bronzerider last night suddenly making her appetite wane. "Are you from the caravans, or do you work in the Tea Room there?" she assumes, since it was the other establishment that Freesia had mentioned previously.

Prineline strides with decided purpose in from the Central Bowl.

Tasena nods toward Muirnin, returning the greeting with a wave of tuber wedge. She arches a brow as the young woman considers her own meal. Tas's gaze flicks toward the other young woman when the first addresses her, but then she goes right back to trying to finish her own food with efficient speed.

Freesia smiles at Tasena's efficient method of eating. The prostitute sets her hands down on the table, where there's not a speck of food or even a cup to mark her presence. "No, I don't work at the Tea Room. It's just my favorite place to go and relax."

But wait: there's more? A'lory rakes a hand through his hair — though it makes absolutely zero difference — and props his elbows up on the tabletop, amused at the two women's glances Tasena-wards. "Mm. About this Tea Room — what kinds of tea d'they have there?" Avid curiosity is intense in his gaze, though he does offer an abstracted nod to the hungry newcomer.

Muirnin mm's and settles back into her food, the half a moment spent worried about her thick build passing soon enough. "Stupid southern snob anyway," she half grumbles under her breath. She quirks a brow at A'lory's question, having thought him dozed off in his chair, and turns a curious eye to Freesia for the answer, "And do they sell it loose?" she wonders. "If they have any good stuff, it'd be worth putting a kettle in my room for the mornings," she decides then and there with a little nod.

The lines of age are smoothed on Prineline in her day-to-day, kept at bay with the lack of smiling one of good humor might show in crows feet and laugh crinkles. Today however, there is a deepening beneath her stern gaze and her expression is ill tempered, pulling what lines she does have into stark relief. The Headwoman arrives in a flurry of efficient, multi-pieced motion. Two drudges that follow in after her are immediately shuffled off to the kitchen and a couple of her aids are sent scattering at the extension of a finger. She is a mess of dust and debris: stains and fuzzy bits collecting at the base of her skirts in a clear indication of abandon cavern overhaul. Prineline is not happy, but she is busy, and in the brief moment she has to break from her flurry of industry, she sweeps down on the food and grabs a muffin in each hand. Angry and hungry are synonymous in Prine's book, as are chitchat and laziness. The conversationalists are eyed. A'lory in particular.

Tasena's efficiency soon means her plate is just about empty, save for a few crispy bits of tuber, which she focuses on finishing. The headwoman's entrance is watched almost warily, though it's mostly just Tas's eyes that move, studying the dusty, angry woman for several seconds before she glances toward the trio now discussing tea. Then, done with her meal, she gets to her feet, empty plate in hand, and heads toward the kitchen again, following the drudges.

Freesia grins at A'lory's interest, laughing softly. "Green, black, oolong, herbal. Everything. I had a blend of green and black tea the last time I was there and it was delicious. I believe they even sell some to take home, yes," she adds to Muirnin's question. "The place is owned by the Steen's, but it's run by a couple of their younger girls who can be sweet and certainly know their tea."

A'lory side-eyes the angry Prineline, then chooses to turn his attention elsewhere. She might hairy-eyeball him all she likes; that's her prerogative. However, to the question at hand! "Hmm. Sounds like a place I might want to visit, and soon." Again, his hair is given an impatient rake — when did it get long enough to dangle into his eyes again?

Muirnin doesn't even have to turn her head to SEE the Headwoman bustle in, the general tension in the drudges cleaning tables and collecting dishes goes up three notches and tips her off. "And that .. is my cue," she mutters and then smiles at Freesia. "I'm going to get a good soak to get the smell of toddler off of me, and then maybe a nap to recover from my half night of sleep. May I look for you later, and see about that tour?" she asks as she stands, taking her dishes with her, intent on getting out while the getting's good before she's made to clean something randomly.

Tasena walks to the Kitchens.

Prineline is munching, and seating herself, and giving bits to the delicate little green currently wound around her shoulder, and assessing her to-do list, and… she's a multitasker. Munchmunchmunch. Tea? She looks up briefly, lip corners cluttered with crumbs. Tea. Delicious. Also… necessary. "Mmble blbe mmf." She says around a mouthful of muffin to the nearest drudge at hand. He brings her water. Not tea. But it will suffice. As she swallows she thinks off aaaaaall the things the small collection of Tea-talking folks might be put to work doing, but, there they go.. one by one.. brows furrow. Teeth gnash… on muffin.

"It's very soothing in there." Freesia assures A'lory, standing up when Muirnin rises. "How about mid-afternoon at the Cantina?" she suggests, winding her veil about her head and awaiting a positive response before giving A'lory a wave and departing back to the bazaar.

Muirnin gives her a warm smile, her odd eyes lighting with the expression. "Sounds perfect. Be well until then, have a good day," she well-wishes, adding the Rider and the Headwoman to her comments with a nod to each. With that, there's a quick turn on the balls of her feet and sight of her heavy backside whisking out of the room as quickly as she can, eager for that soak and nap.

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