==== October 11th, 2013
==== Kyara, We'bey, Ravene
==== Clutchsiblings get a few moments to chat, and a familiar Baker returns.

Who Kyara, We'bey, Ravene
What Clutchsiblings get a few moments to chat, and a familiar Baker returns.
When Evening. There is 1 Turn and 3 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Dustbowl Cantina, Igen Weyr


Dustbowl Cantina
To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze.

The Dustbowl is, as usual for most winter evenings, a bit on the full side. The dull roar of patrons is warmly offset by the roar of the hearth, near which sits a Harper with a guitar and a former Harper-turned-greenrider with a pipe. Her mood quite content - a pleasant norm for the past sevenday or so - Kyara is enjoying her evening with a drink close at hand, accompanying the Harper brightly with both instrument and voice. At the moment, it's her voice that carries the tune of a local favorite, those who care to join doing so as they please in unison, harmony, or discord. Mostly the latter. But this is no surprise.

The roar of the Cantina is one of the places We'b loves most, more now that he is a rider. A place where he can visit old friends, and blend in as a rider, a place where the two worlds he lives in - but no longer feels at home in - collide. He glides through the throng as if he were a skater alone on ice, a waggle of fingers here, a flash of a smile there, until his presence is noticed by the bartender, and as he slips up to the bar with a flourish of a hand through the air, his drink has already appeared, as colorful as the man's clothing. He scoops it off the bar and sashays to a table near the music. Kyara's noted with a coy little grin and a wink, Work It Girl!, as he perches upon a table, the chair used for his footrest.

We'bey being quite distinct amongst most any crowd, Kyara's gaze is drawn easily to the lithe man as he makes his way to the table, and she winks right back, grinning in turn as soon as a break in the words allows. Fortunately, the song is at it’s end, and she rises from her spot beside the Harper at the hearth, offering a bow to the Journeyman to excuse herself before joining her friend at the table. Sidling up to the other greenrider, she leans against the table beside him, setting down her pipe behind her. "Ah, Web," she sighs, leaning her shoulder against his, "I was wondering when I'd get to see you again. You were gone so quick at the banquet! I've been missing you, y'know."

"Hello, suga'," is cooed with a characteristically We'bey smooth voice to greet Kyara as she slides up to the table he is perched atop, one arm leaning back to prop him up as he half turns his body to consider her. "Congrats on the patch, love," is his only comment about the banquet for a quiet moment, as his free hand grasps at his frilly drink and lifts it to his lips. "Not my place, love." His lips flutter closed as he sips again. "And Maryam and I had business to attend to." Or a break away to make. "Did it go well?"

"Thank you," Kyara says, eyeing the folded jacket next to her pipe, where the red and black patch peeks out from within a fold of wherhide. "I was only half-responsible, though," she adds with a smirk, sipping at her own drink. The banquet not being his place draws a considering and softly sympathetic glance, and she nods. When he asks how it went, her grin is quick and subtle, but bright. "After the streaking, yes. At least, I had a wonderful time." The last part is said a little more quietly, ended with another sip that's almost concealing - but not really. "I did meet Maryam, by the way," she adds.

"I see." We'bey's years of working with women do pay off in certain situations, and the way his eyes twinkle as he calls her out with only a two word sentence guarantees he's banking on a boy causing her time to be wonderful. "Just be careful, love." Romantics, they never learn. Pragmatists like the male, however, have no such problems, and one leg loops lazily over the other as he laps softly on his drink. "Maryam, lovely girl. Don't you think? You sure you wouldn't rather be with a girl, Kyara, love? I mean…" Is he joking? His soft laughter after the comment would indicate so.

Ravene pauses in the door to look around. How long has it been since she was here last? Nothing seems to have changed, and Ravene gives a slight shake of her head before she moves the rest of the way in. The slight step down trips her as it almost always does, and she's left to catch herself on the nearest table.

Raising an eyebrow at the man, Kyara chuckles a little. "It was a kiss, that's all. I am trying to be careful. Especially after…other things." She sighs, shaking her head, though there is self-amusement to her expression. A romantic she is, and certainly may never learn. But that's her journey to take. She nods at the evaluation of Maryam, slowly. "She's kind, but also…decisive. Very interesting, but I like her so far." She shakes her head quickly, though her chuckle indicates she's picked up the joke. "I'm sure. Quite sure." And then a familiar face is spotted across the way - one she hasn't seen in what seems like forever. Sienna had mentioned she was gone, but for how long, no one's known. "Ravene!" she calls brightly, standing up from her lean a bit to wave at the baker.

A slender shoulder is lifted slowly in response to her assertion she's being careful. "Alright, love." Still a smile spreads slowly across his face, quirking more to one side. "Still, glad someone realized that you were worth the move." Even if it isn't something he's generally fond of himself. "Well, with Liareth, it might not always be your choice." He reaches out a slender finger to bop her nose, but then Ravene's trip is caught out of the corner of his eye. He takes a long assessment of the woman, his other elbow coming to rest on the table so he's sprawled out, with a certain sense of poised grace to the position, "Ravene, love. How are you?"

Ravene looks up at the sound of her name, "We'bey! Kyara!" people she's not seen in far too long, and the broad smile that crosses her face shows that she's quite happy to see them. "I'm good, how're you?" She's righted herself, and is moving to join the riders. "Been busy getting the bakery cleaned back up. I'm going to have to talk with the herders to get new goats." She'd given her last pair to Sienna after all.

Kyara smiles at her friend after the bop on the nose, giving a small nod. "I know," she concedes quietly before looking back to the approaching Ravene. "Fully into rider life, now," she tells the woman, "but doing pretty well. There've been some…interesting things going on, these past months." And she'll just leave it at that, for the moment. "Does that mean you're coming back, then? At least for a while?" she asks hopefully.

"Decisive, of course. What's wrong with that, love? Isn't that what you want in a leader, or only your male ones?" The male waggles his eyebrows in jest and with a soft chuckle for his greenriding clutchmate, We'bey lifts himself in a swift motion from the table so he's standing on the chair, and with a dramatic spin he takes the large step in stride to the floor. "Back, Ravene? Gritta will want to know right away. Bazaar's been rather active lately. I’m sure she'd love to have you over for tea. I'll bring details round to you tomorrow, and perhaps someone to assist with cleaning?" Is that what the woman wants? The greenrider hasn't waited for an answer, but with a teasing blown kiss to his friend has disappeared back into the crowd.

Ravene gives Kyara a nod as she finds a place to settle herself, "Egbert stayed on at the family cot." She sounds genuinely surprised her fosterling would take to herding as well as he did. "It's for the best; the boy couldn't keep out of fights." Well, not a boy now, but to Ravene he'll always be just that - a boy. She's rambling just a little, and soon as that realization hits she shuts up. The cot may still be in her family, but the people that were there in Telgar's back of beyond were less than welcoming. A nod is given to We'b. "I had meant to see Gritta sooner, but with all the cleaning that needs doing I haven't had the chance. Decisive is always something one would like to see in a leader." This is given a firm nod. She's rambling again, pay her no mind.

"Of course!" Kyara replies to We'bey with a quirked eyebrow. "I just meant that I see it a little more markedly in Maryam than in some others, that's all." She takes a long drink as she watches his minor acrobatics on the chair and then questions Ravene before making his way out. "Bye, We'b!" she calls, a little crestfallen as she waves after him. Then she smiles at Ravene and gestures to a chair, inviting her to sit as she pulls it out before taking her own seat. "And that's one thing about this life, now that we're all in separate wings. We only have moments to spare here and there, it seems." With a shake of her head, she finishes her drink and waves at the bartender. "Would you like a drink, Ravene? Consider it part of a welcome back."

Ravene gives Kyara a regretful smile, "Sadly, I'm still very much in need of doing more cleaning and some sleep. Zineil's teething, and that makes for some long nights." Ah, the joys of fostering the lives of other people's children. "I'm going to have to catch you later for that drink," and somewhere along the way Ravene's going to have to find time to visit with Gritta.

Kyara gives a slightly rueful chuckle as the bartender brings another round of her drink, and she thanks the man with a smile and a nod as she turns her attention back to the baker. "I understand. Later, then. I'm glad to see you back, Ravene!" She lifts her glass to the woman as she departs, then takes a sip and gathers her jacket and pipe to move back to the Harper at the hearth, who greets her with a grin from the midst of his tuning. The night is not so late yet that she's ready to leave, and there is plenty more music and drink to be had. Brief reunions just make it that much better.

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