==== July 29, 2013
==== K'vvan W'rin
==== K'vvan's girl issues are affecting his drills so W'rin gives advice.

Who K'vvan W'rin
What K'vvan's girl issues are affecting his drills so W'rin gives advice.
When There is 1 turn 7 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Guard's Weight-room

The Guard's Weight-room

K'vvan has found his way to the guardroom bag after his conversation with Mayte, and is punching it for all he is worth. "Stupid…" "How the hell?" are just a few of the things he is muttering under his breath as he punches the bag. There is a marked difference between the punches of the rider from where he was a month ago. They're focused and seem to have a bit of power, though not a hint of new muscle has found its way onto his arms.

The door to the guards weightroom swings open, and W'rin enters with a heaving breaths, his run longer than normal, he too is not in the best of moods. But the swinging, or at least now moving, bag catches his eye and then who is hitting it. He can't help but smirk underneath bearded face as he draws himself the rest of the way into the man-therapy room. "K'vvan." Is his only greeting for the moment as he tosses his towel onto a bench. "Life sucking?" A valid question considering the boys mutterings. He shucks his sweaty shirt, which joins his towel. He compared to the boy is a TREE, but he lets the younger man swing while he stretches out from his run. "You're hitting harder." As if that is any consolation for whatever has the greenrider so pissed.

The opening of the door gets K'vvan's immediate attention and when it's his wingleader he stops punching altogether. "Sir," he salutes to his wingleader, though the surly look on his face doesn't leave. "yes, sir." Which statement he is answering isn't clear, the hitting harder or the life sucking.

"No, no. Keep going." W'rin waves the wingrider back to his punches. "Don't mind me. I'll lift instead." Some make shift weights made by the smiths lie in neat rows along the wall, and old sacks of fire stone are scattered about. "That's the way it goes." His comment as vague as K'vvan's, it really could mean the harder hitting or the life sucking, though as he curls a heavy metal bar in the air with a grunt he glances back at the boy. "You've seemed off your game lately. Not bad. Distracted." In drills that is.

K'vvan eyes his wingleader for a moment, but he /did/ come to punch that stupid bag and so shrugs. He move just slightly so that W'rin is not to his back, and then begins to hit the thing, trying to really focus his hits. There is silence after W'rin's question, filled only by the sound K'vvan hitting the bag. Finally, "Yeah. Thinking."

The shifting is noted by the bronzerider, but W'rin doesn't comment on it. Focusing in the silence with the even lowering and raising of the dumbell. He is even quiet for a moment after the boy speaks. Finally, he sits on a bench, weight leaned against the weight he sets standing up in front of him. He grunts, "Yah. I find thinking makes me lose my concentration too." Which may sound contradictory to some, but there are those who understand. There are different types of thinking. "Too bad too, you're good when you follow your instinct."

K'vvan continues to focus on the bag, grunting slightly in agreement with W'rin's comment about thinking making one lose concentration. His eyes flick to the Wingleader, then back to the bag and he punches it again, with just a little more force. "Damn females," he mutters again.

Shifting arms W'rin lets the comfortable silence lull again, the soft grunts of exerted force the only noise for a few beats. His agreement is a primal grunt from deep within, "Wants to do nudy pregnancy picture, with a male harper. What the f-?" The offering of his own female issues as the other opens some. "How'd one f- you over?"

"Sienna?" The question slips out as W'rin's broaches the subject unexpectedly, "No, I don't want to know, sir" he adds hurriedly, remembering the last conversation he had with that particular female pest. Silence again, and more punching at the bag. "I have /no/ idea what I did to her." His statement has more than a little frustration in his voice. "She just went crazy."

"They do that." Is W'rin's grumbled answer, he sets the bar down nex to the bench, and pauses to wipe some sweat away from his eyes, "Well, unlike them, lets try and be logical. Like we're unpacking drills. with Khallth." Who W'rin has been having reshowing formations at meetings to help people see where they need work. "Walk me through what happened."

Logical. Right. W'rin's question is more of a command and K'vvan has gotten use to obeying what the large wingleader told him to do. K'vvan slows his punches and gives one last hit, still full of frustration. He turns and begins to pace, still full of that nervous energy. "Nadeeth has been trying to get me to be out with people." His tone makes it clear he's only humoring his dragon in this. "So I went for a walk. There's this vintner apprentice and we were talking. Nadeeth and her both liked to swim, so we met out at a lake and she went swimming." K'vvan turns and paces back the other direction. "Nadeeth decided to take a nap, and so we were talking, then she kissed me and I'm not sure what happened next… it is all a bit hazy." K'vvan sighs in frustration at not being able to remember. "But she got up and stormed away and left uh," there's a pause, no way is he telling W'rin what she left, "something there. I /tried/ to get it back, but her friends wouldn't even let me see her. I had Lance tell me when she was out alone, and gave her stuff, and she starts yelling that I called her repulsive, then suddenly gets all remorseful, then she yells that I'm a jerk and says she likes me." The last part comes out in a rush and K'vvan kicks a wall. "What the hell am I suppose to do with that?"

The man listens quietly lifting an eyebrow as the greenrider skims over some parts. "Well it seems like something or said or done after that kiss that made her upset." The man pushes himself up with hands against his legs, grunting slightly. K'vvan seems done with the bag so he takes some easy punches at it. "Females like two things. 1. To feel secure. and 2. To feel wanted." Granted W'rin is no expert, but he's been taking lessons. "You do anything that made her feel not wanted?" She did take a risk by kissing him. "Well besides calling her repulsive. That's kinda kick in the female nads." Cause female feelings hurt like male's junk when kicked. He's tone is steady, they are just being logical about this, right? "What are you supposed to do? Well, you need to decide if you like her to. Did you like the kiss? You wanna another?" Calling her names will probably have the opposite effect of more snogging.

"I /didn't/ call her anything!" K'vvan says continuing to pace. "I /think/ I tried to kiss her, but hell, I've," and K'vvan snaps his mouth shut again. He's not sure he's ready to admit that to /anyone/. "I mean, outside of flights…" But he can't say anything more, and he finally sits down putting his head in his hands. "I've never done this. Ever."

"Doesn't matter what you actually said or didn't say." W'rin's right hooks are gradually building in force, with an occassional left jab at the bag. "Only matters what she heard, or felt." He's learned that one the hard way on any number of occassions. He supposes the males last comment means he actually does want to do this, and the big man steadying the bag as swings back towards him after a grunts swing, finally looks over at the greenrider. "Well then you just have to tell her." Like it is that easy. "Just make the decision and do it. Regardless of how nervous you are. Like flying through the jungle. Trust yourself."

K'vvan looks up at his wingleader, frowning. He watches the man steady the bag. "Flying in the jungle was trusting Nadeeth. Not me." But he gets the point the wingleader is trying to make. "Besides, she's an apprentice. Aren't there rules about that?"

W'rin shakes his slowly, the bag continues its rocking under his beating blows. "You're a team. Dragon's don't fly threads without us, we don't fly it without them. Both minds are required." Which is why he needs to male to get the heck over this, otherwise he probably wouldn't pay any attention to his romantic woes. Not probably. He wouldn't. "Flying through the jungle was both of you. Just like in drills. And like it will be in thread. I know what the f- I'm talking about." He pauses, to glance at K'vvan out of the corner of his eye, a rather stern look. The second part gets a shrug. "F- if I know, but that's something you'd have to talk to her about." There may have been when he was with the smiths but there wasn't a whole lot of monkey business going on there. At least not that wasn't well hidden. "Come down here, beat the bag around some, then go talk to her. And get your f-ing head back in game during drills." The big man seems done with both his work out and his lesson, snatching up his towel and shirt, he gives the wingrider a salute, and a lopsided grin of encouragement before heading for the door.

K'vvan watches his Wingleader leave, then puts his head back in his hands, suddenly not feeling like punching that stupid bag any more. A gentle mind thought reaches out to twine around his confusion, tugging at him to come home. Slowly, all frustrated energy drained away he stumbles out of the room to the soft touch of his dragon.

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