==== October 3, 2013
==== Aaron, Kalea
==== Aaron and Kalea discuss it all and then some

Who Aaron, Kalea
What Buckles, Jewelry, & Lovers
When There is 1 turn 0 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where Aaron's Office, Southern Weyr

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Aaron's Office
Warm tones of polished, lovingly tended wood dominate this room. There's a large desk with an oversized chair behind it, assorted stacks of papers and hides arranged on it, along with a host of writing tools. Three normal-sized chairs sit in front of the desk, made of wood with attached leather cushions. A large drawing desk is centered in front of the room's single window, an assortment of drafting tools organized in a tray hanging from one side. A large set of shelving occupies the back wall behind the desk and chair, most of it cubbies for scrolls. One section is prominently labeled 'Craft Secrets, please only take one at a time'. A door off to one side leads to a sleeping area, with a large pallet for the mattress and, of course, hooks for hanging a hammock on those hot summer nights.

It's hot. And in the forge, it's even hotter. Thus, Aaron has decided that the best place to be is /not/ in the forge. He's in his office, seated behind his desk, his usual long-sleeved shirt gone and replaced with what looks for all the world like a t-shirt, leaving the scarring on his arm exposed to all and sundry. All the doors and windows to his office and sleeping quarters are propped open, and a thick, insulated bottle sits on his desk, presumably full of the fruit juice that's in the sweating mug near his right hand.

Kalea is hopeful that she won’t be interrupting something serious or important. She’s been meaning to seek Aaron out for a few days and just never found the time. Seeing as the office door is open, now looks like a good time. So she strolls into the opening and stops short of walking on in. Instead lifting a hand to rap lightly on the doorframe. “Hey Aaron.. you busy?” Her smile is sweet and while nervous she appears fairly relaxed today.

Aaron looks up from the records he's going over, and smiles broadly at the rider darkening his doorway. "Never to busy to take a break and talk for a bit, Kalea. C'mon in, have a seat," he says, gesturing to the three chairs in front of his desk. A second mug is pulled from a drawer in the desk, and he slides it and the insulated bottle of juice across the massive desk. "What can I do for you today?"

Kalea grins and sidles into the office and toward one of the chairs. “Thanks.” She pours herself a mug of juice before claiming herself a chair with a sigh. Ahh the luxury of just sitting! “Well I had a couple of things I wanted to ask you about actually.” She leans forward to thunk a strap buckle on the edge of his desk. “I’m hoping you can tell me where to get these. I found a booth down on the boardwalk but the guy’s prices are outrageous. And the last time I bought a set of buckles from /him/ two of them broke on me.” She doesn’t elaborate on /when/ they broke. But it’s safe to assume it wasn’t good. She settles on asking after one of the things for the moment and sits back to enjoy some juice.

Aaron grins at the description of the boardwalk dealer, and nods. "Oh, I've had some run-ins with his goods. Be a dear and cover your ears, would you?" Once her hearing is protected, he puts two fingers in his mouth and lets out a piercing whistle. Moments later, an apprentice appears in the doorway, covered in soot and streaked with sweat. Aaron holds the buckle up to the kid for a moment, then tosses it to her with an almost casual flick of his wrist. "Bring me a half dozen of those please, Trybostea. In a box this time!" The apprentice scurries off, not bothering to salute or acknowledge the order. Aaron chuckles, shaking his head. "Kids these days," he says with a wink. "Alright, that was one, what's the other?"

Kalea blinks in confusion when Aaron tells her to cover her ears. But a couple seconds later she’s really glad that she’d done so. That was loud even with her hands filtering the noise. She watches silently as Aaron orders an Apprentice to box some buckles up. Huh. She hadn’t figured it would happen that fast actually. “You’ll have to let me know what I owe you..” she trails off when Aaron asks after her other reason for being here. “Well I have a ring that I prefer to wear,” no comment on where it came from. She simply holds out her left hand for a moment to display the gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. “According to the Healers I won’t be able to wear it all the time as I prefer.” What with the swelling of her body in the coming months. “I was hoping to get a sturdy chain to loop it onto.”

Aaron chuckles at the mention of money changing hands, shaking his head. "Riding gear gets billed to the Weyr, m'dear. It's all already paid for, so I figured I might as well give you a few spares." As she shows him the ring, he reaches out and takes her hand in his, turning it to get a better look at the jewelry. For all of his size, and the calloused roughness of his hands, his touch is surprisingly gentle. "Sturdy, hmmm? Not gold, then. Maybe just some fine steel?" He looks up, meeting her eyes again as the hand is let go. "How much weight are you okay with, and how pretty does it have to be? I have some steel cable that's plenty strong, but it's not the prettiest in the world."

Kalea is so used to dealing with the merchants down on the boardwalk she hadn’t thought about the gear being paid for already. She blushes slightly at the reminder. “I appreciate it,” she tells Aaron with a smile. When he reaches for her hand she leans forward and rests her little hand in his big paw. Letting him look his fill at the ring. “I would be heartbroken if it got lost. So pretty isn’t really my worry.” Keep the ring around her neck and she’ll be happy. “I plan to wear it as a necklace. So light enough to be comfortable.” She takes her hand back when he lets it go and sits back in the chair once more.

And right about that time, Trybostea comes back into the office, carrying a jangling box of what can only be riding strap buckles. She sets the box on the desk in front of Kalea, with the lid still open so that the rider and inspect the contents. "Here you are, ma'am. Will these do?" she asks, her voice belying her age as being in her early teens. "Thank you, Trybostea," Aaron says with a smile. "I also need two feet of the four gauge steel cabling, please, along with my pliers and a cable lock." And off the girl scurries again. Leaning back a little, Aaron chuckles. "Aren't you glad you're not an apprentice now, Kalea?" he asks, grinning.

Kalea looks up at the jangling sound and watches Trybostea set the buckles down on the desk. “I’m sure they’re perfect,” her voice is at once reassuring and confident. She sets her juice on the desk and tilts the box toward her for a moment to peer at the buckles. Satisfied she flips the lid closed and reclaims her drink. All this is done while Aaron orders the teenager around some more. “There are days when I feel like I /am/ an apprentice,” she mumbles with a wry expression. She curls up in the chair and pulls her legs up beneath her. Getting comfortable for a moment anyhow. “I really appreciate your help.” She cradles her mug in her lap and eyes Aaron for a moment. To trust or not to trust? What should she do? After a moment’s thought she slips her ring off and lays it on Aaron’s desk.

Aaron picks the ring up and examines it, then pulls a loupe from a drawer in the desk and examines it even closer. At the inscription, he grins, setting the ring back down and putting the loupe away. "Mmmm, this really is beautiful work. Like something that would be given by a man to the mother of his child." He just grins as the supplies are delivered, then dismisses the apprentice, threading the cable through the ring, and then putting the ends of the cable into the lock, crushing the soft metal down with the pliers. The cabling is flexible enough to be wearable, and the cable lock is secure enough that the only way to get the ring off now is going to be to cut the cable. "You know I know that's Kultir's, right?" he asks, pointing not at the ring but at the rider's adorable babybump.

Kalea fidgets a little nervously when Aaron examines the ring so closely. She doesn’t say anything though. Just sits there quietly sipping her juice. “It very beautiful,” she agrees easily. Though a slight blush stains her cheeks and she doesn’t comment on the baby daddy part of that observation. She watches with open curiosity while the smith fashions her a necklace of sorts. “What?” Her eyes go wide when Aaron tells her that he /knows/. How could he /know/?! He’s fishing! Got to be fishing. She immediately shakes her head in denial. “I wish that it were,” she tells the smith and looks at the wall, out a window, anywhere but at Aaron.

Aaron just laughs, offering the necklace-like object back to her, shaking his head. "Kultir already told me, Kalea. Besides, it's not like I have anything to gain by letting it become widely known. We need everyone we can get on the sands for this Hatching, right?" He sighs a little, leaning forward with his elbows on the table. "You know that Katarina lost… ours, right?" Because riders gossip amongst themselves, don't they?

Kalea slips her feet to the floor and leans forward to take the necklace when Aaron offers it to her. “He told you?” The tone of her voice implies a clear ‘why’ in it. She slips the necklace over her head and pulls her hair up out of it. “I don’t want /anything/ to get in the way of his chance to Stand.” Hence the lie and everything else she’s put herself through. When Aaron tells her that Katarina lost the baby she gasps. “Oh no! Aaron I’m so sorry.” Clearly she hadn’t known this. But then again lately the only thing a lot of her fellow ‘riders do is give her a hard time for keeping her child. They’re busy gossiping about her not with her. “You must be taking it hard,” she tells the big man with clear sympathy shining in her eyes.

Aaron chuckles a little, nodding. "Aye, he told me. Likely because he trusts me," the big man says with a wink, finally taking another sip of his juice. "I'd rather like to see him on the sands myself, seems like a good kid. I'm pretty sure Sytin's going to Impress too, and I'd like them to be able to help each other out through Weyrlinghood." All guesses on the Smith's part, of course, but he was right last time… At the condolences, he nods. "Aye, I had hoped, but… It just wasn't to be, I suppose. Maybe a little later on, once we get further into the Pass and… attitudes have changed a bit." Because, well, they're going to have too, right?

Kalea is surprised that Kultir had told Aaron about the baby. But she isn't angry or upset. Instead she looks relieved that she at least doesn't have to lie to yet another person about it. "I would love to see them both impress," she agrees with a hopeful smile. She doesn't know Sytin as well. But the few times she's met the kid he made a good impression. Her fingers play absently with the ring that now dangles about her neck. "I certainly hope that attitudes change eventually." Because at the moment they rather suck in her opinion. "It would have been nice to have a fellow 'rider in my condition to talk to." Still she nods her head in agreement. "I certainly hope that you have a chance to become a father Aaron. You seem like the type of man to make a wonderful father." She pats her belly and winks at him, "Not looking to foster eventually are you?" Her smile is faintly teasing.

Aaron nods in agreement, leaning back with his juice and just trying not to sweat too much. "Oh, it'd be great if they both Impressed. And attitudes will change, I can promise you that, just as soon as one of the goldriders decides she wants a kid." At the mention of him being a father, his smile takes on a sad cast. "I was, for two Turns. Best time of my life," he says quietly, taking another sip of his juice. "Fostering? Nah, not for me. Watch for a season, maybe, but I don't want to foster."

Kalea somehow doubts that one of the goldie’s wanting a kid will change things for the lowlies like herself. But she doesn’t argue his point, nodding her head instead. Doesn’t much matter either way after all. She’s having her child come fall or fire. She frowns slightly when his expression takes a turn for the worse. And his words leave her mouth gaping in surprise. “I didn’t know. Aaron I’m sorry that I even joked like that!” If she’d known it wouldn’t have crossed her mind to say something like she had. “You must think me a horrible bitch.” She certainly feels like one right about now.

Aaron chuckles a little, shaking his head. "No, Kalea, I think nothing of the sort. It's not something that I've seen any point in making widely known. You had no reason or way of knowing about thing from the past." He tips the cup back, finishing his juice off. "But, I like to think I was a somewhat decent father, and might be again someday, whenever that may be." Ahhhh, the joys of being with younger women! :D

No, Kalea hadn't had any way of knowing. But that doesn't make her feel much better about it. "Well it isn't like you wear a sign or something. So I don't blame you for not telling just everyone you meet." It isn't like the subject would come up often after all. "I'm sure you'll get your chance." She chuckles and shakes her head at him, "After all you /do/ tend to play the scene." I mean seriously a Cook and a 'rider both? Talk about greedy! She shrugs her shoulders and smiles. "It isn't as though /I'll/ make a very good mother. What with duties and all." She'll be there as much as she can, but reality is she isn't capable of doing what her grandparents managed.

Aaron snickers at that remark, grinning. "Hey now, I thought all you dragon riders were supposed to be the freaks. I get here, and everything's so… Normal! I figured I'd show y'all how to have a good time." He winks, chuckling. "You know, I was just up in Igen. You know Sienna up there? She's just had twins. She'll be fostering them with some of the traders, but they worked out a schedule for her to see the kids. Nothing saying you can't be a big part of the kid's life."

Kalea rolls her eyes and laughs at the comment about 'riders being freaks. "You never showed up during a flight," she tells him with a cocky look. She blushes slightly though she doesn't back down. "Go on and ask Kultir how 'normal' life with me is on that front." Sip of juice and nonchalant expression. "I don't remember Sienna." She probably should in truth, though the woman's name doesn't ring any bells. "I plan to be as active as I can be in its life. I've just accepted that I'll have to have help." She smiles sweetly at Aaron, "Especially if our hopes come true and Kultir and his friend impress themselves."

Aaron laughs, waggling an eyebrow. "Just how do you think I ended up with a third person in my bed, hmm? Dhiammarath is a wonderful, wonderful dragon." At the idea of asking Kultir about /that/, his laughter just deepens. "Alright, I will. Right in the middle of the living caverns. Loudly." When the conversation takes a turn back to the serious, he settles down, nodding. "Aye, it seems like it takes all of the Weyr to properly raise their Weyr's children. It's… it's kinda nice, though. A lot different then it was back on Ista in my father's Hold."

Kalea giggles softly at mention of how Aaron ended up with his second woman. “Flights /are/ wonderful things aren’t they?” When he threatens to ask Kultir in the middle of the living caverns, she gasps in shock. “You wouldn’t! Oh I certainly /hope/ you don’t do such a thing.” Let’s not add to the tribulations the two of them are already living through. “I grew up in High Reaches and it was wonderful.” She wouldn’t change her childhood for much of anything. Especially now that she has no family left. Well save for Kultir, and oh boy is that a /whole/ story there. “I’d never seen a Hold until after I impressed Rya.”

Aaron chuckles, nodding. "That they are, that they are. And no, I wouldn't do that. Not until after the Hatching, anyways," he says with a wink. "Eh, Ista wasn't so bad, and ma did right by us, all eight of us." He sighs, then shakes his bald head to clear the cobwebs. "Well, it's been a pleasure, but I think I need to get back to work now, unless there's anything else you need?"

Kalea grins when he assures her that he won’t embarrass Kultir in such a way. At least not right this moment. She feels a bit better about that at least. Her eyes widen when he tells her that he was one of 8 kids. Wow! There’s something she’ll ask about another time. Because he’s mentioning getting back to work. “Nope nothing else,” she tells him with a grateful smile. “Thanks for everything Aaron.” She drains her juice and sets the mug on the desk. Pushing to her feet she scoops up the buckles. “Don’t work too hard now. I’ll see you ‘round.” She slips around the chair and quickly out the door with a little wave over her shoulder.

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