==== October 23rd, 2013
==== Esanth, T'ral
==== Esanth assesses the evening and his new surroundings.

Who Esanth, T'ral
What Esanth assesses the evening and his new surroundings.
When Night
Where Southern Weyr

Weyrling Barracks
Natural entropy lies restrained by sheer force of will within the chaotic spiral of Southern's weyrling-barracks. The large entry hollows out into an immense common area at the front of the barracks, where sustenance can be procured for both sides of the lifebond: tables are typically set out with at least the trimmings for sandwiches, and often carcasses lie in the hollowed pit for fresh weyrlings to carve chunks of meat for their new lifemates. Beyond, the couches are set within a U-shape around a long pool, spring-fed, large enough to bathe growing dragons.
Heavy tapestries line the stone walls towards the rear of the barracks, while space is at a premium towards the front: shelves and pegs hold leathers and tools, books and useful trinkets of the dragonriding trade. The narrow-point of the U branches into two hallways: one for the candidate barracks, and one for the weyrlingmaster's office.

From out in the cold-black It comes. Still far, but growing closer. And so I go to meet it.


11 months and 15 days until the 12th Pass

0122 Emergency Evacuation

Hull-breaches on every deck. All personnel ordered to the escape pods for emergency evacuation. The life-support pods 're a total loss, unsalvageable, but we didn't lose a single soul of our 42 aboard. I attribute this to months of drill, cool-heads and a ready ground crew.

Their crew chiefs are to be commended for a right proper rescue.

One stuck out in particular. A steady lad, a bit addlepated I think by the spectacle of our entry into the world. But he was the one I needed. No question. That straight ahead look, the eyes. You can tell a lot 'bout a man by his eyes. Not a lick of guile about 'im. A straight shooter. I'll need him, for what we have ahead of us. For what we ALL have ahead of us.

« Taralde, » drawled, stretched out, as if the speaker tastes rather than states. « No, that ain’t right, » muttered as an afterthought, the unknown speaker lapsing into rumination for a long moment. Then, a thrill like the bright siren of a klaxon alarm: « T’ral, » that speaker states, satisfied as a cat at the cream. « I reckon it’s just you and me. »

0147 Mess

First order of business: grub. The food's good here. And plentiful. Nothing like a meal after a crash.

0200 Lights Out

Everyone is settled into our temporary bunks. Spacious quarters after so long in the life capsule. A body could get used to this.

0700 Muster

Chorzeczoyth - AWOL
Desmeth - Present
Raxsonath - Present
Qianvaelth - Officer of the Day
Iaxryth - Present
Osweith - REDACTED
Salanaith - Present
Jiamoth - Present

0730 Briefing

Some down time is in order. Shenanigans for all. We've a lot of work ahead and we should all have some time to get our bearings, relax and get to know our new mates.

0751 Infirmary

Injured front right limb. Must look into who put clearly dangerous chairs by the table. And unsecured books on the bookshelf. Appointing T'ral Safety Officer in addition to his other duties. Rations in the infirmary are inferior to the barracks. Appointing T'ral Food Service Officer in addition to his other duties.

0815 Mess

Meal delayed from overlong stay in Infirmary. T'ral functioning admirably in his new position as Food Service Officer. Promotion surely around the corner.

0845 Maintenance

T'ral appointed Deployed Industry Hygiene officer. Needs improvement.

0930 R&R

[Log Empty]

1012 Drills

Overslept. T'ral insisted I need the rest. Poppycock.

1136 Infirmary

Infirmary staff questioning T'ral's appointment to Safety Officer. It's only a scratch. It didn't even need stitches. Well. Not many. Pfft. T'ral is aces.

1230 Mess

T'ral's performance continues to improve. Field promotion to Supply Corps Officer in addition to his other duties.

1300 Maintenance

Some improvement here. Remediation may be necessary.

1400 Muster

Chorzeczoyth - Present
Desmeth - Present
Raxsonath - Present
Qianvaelth - Present, asleep
Iaxryth - Present
Osweith - REDACTED
Salanaith - Present
Jiamoth - Present

1430 R&R

[Log Empty]

1630 Drills

Chorzeczoyth: NOT for stealth missions
Desmeth: Hats and gossip?
Raxsonath: Stubborn, insubordinate. Very useful.
Qianvaelth: Wise
Iaxryth: Wisecracker
Osweith: Despite REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED continues to REDACTED REDACTED. Must verify.
Salanaith: Bold, good for recon missions
Jiamoth: Heart of the wing

1830 Inspection

Ilayth's makes a round of the barracks. T'ral makes a good show. I don't. Bandages not part of the uniform? Since when? What does he think we're about? Pattycake?!

1900 Mess

Seriously. Best herdbeast flank. Compliments to the chef.

1930 Maintenance

Marked improvement. We're a well-oiled machine.

2000 Lights Out

[Log Empty]

From out in the cold-black It comes. Still far, but growing closer. And so we - T'ral and I - go to meet it.

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