==== August 7, 2013
==== Aaron Arianne
==== Living Caverms chat.

Who Aaron Arianne
What Just a bit of catching up.
When There is 1 turn 6 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns - Southern Weyr



Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Aaron scoots in from the bowl, holding a cloak over his head to keep the rain off. Hanging it up on a peg once he's inside the caverns, he grabs some klah and a plate of snacks, then looks around for familiar faces to pass the time with.

Arianne has apparently decided she'd prefer to work at a table in here, rather then amidst the clutter of the dragon infirmary. So, her somewhat familiar red hair may stand out from the crowd as she has her head bowed over some scrolls that apparently need reading. Also, klah. It's almost a certainty that she's living off of the stuff at this point. Who needs food amirite?

Aaron catches sight of that red hair, and the tall rider it belongs too, and wanders over, reaching down and politely knocking on the table with a fingertip. "Hello, Arianne, mind if I join you?" Simple, to the point, and very Aaron-like. "You look like you could use a break."

And considering that the smith is roughly the size of a barn, it probably sounds like a actual door knock too. It's certainly enough for Arianne's face to pop up, complete with hair falling in her eyes until she blows it out of the way. "Hnh?" Pause. "Oh, sure." she gestures at the empty chairs. "Feel free. This… is actually my after working hours reading." is admitted, wryly.

Aaron settles down across the table, trying not to chuckle at the reaction, and mostly succeeding. He takes a sip of klah, then picks up a roll from the plate and slides the rest of it towards Ari. "Have a bite?" It's an offer and a question in one. "What kind of reading? Sounds like something some asshole journeyman," like him, "would do to poor, over-worked apprentices," he says with a grin.

"Oh, no. That's ok. But thank you." Holding up her mug, Ari shrugs. "This is enough for me, for now." His characterization of her reading prompts a laugh at least, though she shakes her head. "Most of it's just to see which dragons were brought in for what treatments today, so I'm prepared for any follups during my shift tomorrow. The rest is just going over what we saw during our sweeps today before I turn it in." Okay, so it does sort of sound like the kind of thing an asshole journeyman would make an over-worked apprentice do. "So are you saying you stick apprentices with this sort of work?" Look at her smile. So innocent.

Aaron hoists his mug in response, grinning as he swallows the bite he had in his mouth. "Like that, but much more boring. Lots of math and formulas that I make them memorize." Yup, he's a right asshole, and a journeyman too boot! ;) "I'm kind of surprised, I didn't think that they'd have you tending the ill and injured /and/ riding sweeps on the same day. I've only Igen to compare it too," and we all know what a charlie foxtrot Igen is, "but is that kind of thing normal?" He pulls the plate back towards himself with a shrug, picking a handful of nuts off of it and popping one in his mouth.

Arianne looks about to comment on the math and formulas; mouth opens, but then shuts. Instead, she has more of her caffeine. "There are a limited number of dragonhealers. So we rotate who is on call. And since there are drills and sweeps nearly every day, it's not unusual to have to do both in a day. Just… not every single day." she clarifies. "It's not so bad. We keep busy. And I guarantee anyone who didn't appreciate the lower caverns staff before, absolutely does now. Not much time left in a day for even things like washing clothes out."

Aaron catches sight of that opening and closing, making an 'out with it' gesture with the hand holding the nuts while he sips at his klah. "What were you going to say?" he asks, in the mood for chatter. "At least it's not everyday, right? And yeah, I've been going pretty much non-stop since my supplies all finally got here." Hooray job security!

"I was going to say that memorization is the easy part." Arianne replies promptly. It's not like she can hide that she was going to say something -now- anyway. "But then, for some I suppose it's not." To being grateful that the double duty doesn't happen every day? Yeah, the brownrider will toast to that. A garbled snort of agreement coing out mid-gulp right there for it too. "Aye, I expect you would be with everything that needs to be put in working order. Any apprentices or journeymen among you that are good at figuring out what weird looking old conntraptions might have been used for?"

Aaron chuckles softly, nodding. "Yeah, the memorization is the easy part. You should hear them complain when I make them /use/ everything, or Farenth forbid, combine the things." He looks concerned for a moment at Ari's gulpsnort, but she recovers quickly so he relaxes back into his chair. "Oh, it's pretty much a universal hobby amongst Smiths. We just tend to be the curious types." At least the good ones, anyways. "What've you got? And, by the way, how's Caelth liking his ledge? I've got about a dozen order for similar awnings.

Arianne would probably wind up with her ribs broken if Aaron ever had to clap her on the back to help her breathe - it would probably totally ruin all the good he'd just done. So, it's definitely a good thing there yes! "Huh. Well, in that case… send some over to the dragon infirmary when your backlog of priority requests has finally run out. All the junk from the infirmary proper wound up in there. And it's taking up space. Also, driving me nuts cause I don't know what any of it -is-." Mournful. "Oh, he quite likes it. At least, as much as Caelth is capable of liking something. I'm glad to hear others have been asking for something similar."

Aaron can be gentle, even with frail little woman-things! He chuckles at the description of the dragirmary, and nods. "I'll be over in the morning. If it's something you can use, we'll get it fixed up as best we can. If not, we're desperate for metal so if you don't want it, we'll melt it down." Oh, the joy of having his smelting furnace finally up and working. He grins at the answer to his question, chuckling. "He didn't seem that mean to us when we were up there, and he was /very/ accommodating of me climbing all over him." D'awwwww, Caelth.

Arianne is only frail in comparison! Or something. "Sure thing. I'll leave a note for the morning shift." is promised. "It'll be a relief to have that junk cleared out so we can get some good storage and shelving set up for supplies." It's making her twitchy to be unable to -organize- and -reorganize-. Ugh. But the idea of Caelth being accomodating… that earns a /very/ hearty laugh. "No. No he is not accomodating. I had to promise he could play whack a wherry; and, also remind him that you were doing something for his comfort." Pause. "It was nice of you to think that though. I can count on one hand the number of people he actually doesn't 'mind'." Cue eyeroll.

Aaron gets a good laugh too, though it's mostly at the mental image that he gets from 'whack a wherry'. "Well, might as well leave me a note for what size shelving and whatnot you want. As long as you don't mind wood, at least for now, I could have that in a couple sevens for you." Infirmaries tend to be rather high on Aaron's priority list, given the amount of time he's spent in them. At the last bit, he just shakes his head. "Eh, last time I was up at Igen Saytomarth thought that I'd make a good snack. Caelth hasn't tried eating me yet, so he can't be that bad." ;)

[OOC:] Arianne says "Whack a wherry - Caelth gets to swat the wherries as hard as he can against a rock or a tree and see how far the gore splatters. ;> "

Arianne nods her agreement readily. "Will do. Wood is just fine. As long as it holds large containers of heavy ointments and oils I could care less what it's made of. What works, works." A practical one, she is. His insistence that Caelth isn't really so bad just makes her shake her head. "Just do yourself a favor and don't approach him when I'm not around." is suggested, with a bit of a smile.

Aaron nods and finishes off the last of his snack and the dregs of his klah, handing the plate and mug to a passing drudge. "That won't be a problem at all. Should have the next batch of wood out of the kiln tomorrow afternoon." He chuckles and nods, tipping his head towards the rider. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. For now, though, I'd best be going. Pleasure chatting with you, and I'll catch you around." The big man stands and heads out the door into the rain, grabbing his cloak on the way out.

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