==== October 14th, 2013
==== Maryam, Kyara, Zalara
==== A merchant, a rider, and a Smith apprentice seek shelter under a Bazaar awning during a downpour.

Who Maryam, Kyara, Zalara
What A merchant, a rider, and a Smith apprentice seek shelter under a Bazaar awning during a downpour.
When Early evening. There are 11 months and 12 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr


Central Bazaar
All roads in the Weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestones, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funneling scents both mouthwatering and vomit-inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmen's bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Desert winters, particularly in mountainous areas, can be miserable things. This evening is a prime example of that tendency: the sun is setting somewhere behind banks of dark clouds, its beauty hidden. With temperatures already plunging, the sudden addition of a downpour guarantees that the Bazaar's streets will empty quickly. Those who are caught out in the deluge will simply have to seek out shelter where they can- and that's what has brought Maryam to an open air store front, a shop selling inks, quills and prepared hides already closed for the day but still boasting an awning to provide some protection. She's a quick runner, even in robes and veils, which means that she's only a little bit soaked as she dashes beneath the striped canvas. There it seems she'll have to wait, thin arms wrapped around herself and eyes lifted to the heavens in seeming supplication. Please stop raining, please stop raining, this day has already been horrid, please stop raining…

Well, Kyara thought she might be quick enough to get in and out of the bakery without getting stuck in the impending heavier rainfall. Sadly, she isn't faster than the weather this early evening, and the cold, heavy drops splattering hard into - and somewhat through - the scarf she shields her head with drive her across the way and underneath a striped awning. She swipes at the cold stuff on her face, huffing a bit at iciness of the new rainfall as she clutches a full bottle of something against her chest, and spots another figure taking cover as well. "Maryam?" she questions, blinking the last of the rain away. "Uff. Caught too, are you? I hope this doesn't last long," she says, casting a slight scowl at the darkening sky.

Eyes of a shade that would match the sky, if it were visible, shift to take in Kyara's appearance. After a slow blink, Maryam offers a smile with those same eyes and inclines her head to the greenrider. "Yes ma'am. I thought I would be safely inside but these storms, they come so quickly this time of Turn." There's a pause while she gives the other young woman a more thoughtful study. "You have everything? Nothing lost in the run?" she inquires softly, beneath the sound of rain thrumming against the canvas overhead. The material is treated to prevent most of the water from seeping through but here and there, droplets are beginning to swell. As a result, Maryam takes a step to the side to create more room for Kyara, away from ice cold drips down the back of the neck.

Zalara doesn't seem to mind the rain as she came prepared to the forge. Even though she got made fun of for bringing her raingear, she's the one who's dry now as she makes her way down from the Smithy towards the Bazaar. She's got a heavy waterproofed cloak on and a pair of heavy boots. She spots the others under the covering and she waves to them, "Hello, are you two all right?"

"That they do," Kyara agrees with a humorless chuckle, moving a bit further under the awning when Maryam makes more room and inclining her head to the woman in thanks with a small smile of her own. At the question of whether or not she lost anything, the greenrider blinks, checks the pouch at her hip and her pockets with a quick touch to measure the bulk that ought to be there, and nods. "Yes, it would seem I've got everything. What brings you out in this weather, if you don't mind me asking?" The cloaked, booted girl calling out to them from nearby has her squinting out into the rain again. "We're quite fine, thank you!" she answers, and beckons the girl into shelter. "Care to come under? There's still some room yet."

A nod is less effective than a wave but Maryam isn't the waving sort. So! Zalara receives a dip of the head from the young woman with the veils and- when she recognizes the apprentice- a faint smile that shows around the eyes. "We have not yet drowned, nor frozen. All is well thus far." That may well be one of the first jokes that Maryam has made in public. Cherish it! Her humor is of the dry sort, contrasting the environment. For Kyara's question, she hesitates…and then says, "I was on my way to find We'bey. I am staying with him for a day or two." Another pause. "It is something of a novelty. Being in a weyr."

Zalara moves over towards the two other women under the awning and she smiles, "Good evening to both of you." She pushes back her hood once she gets under the awning. "Thank you. I hope it doesn't flood, it doesn't look like it's going to, but you never know. I'm sure there will be a lot of leak buckets to dodge in all of the weyrs." She ohs a little bit. "Not one of the men you were dancing with is it?"

A small, appreciative smirk is cast at Maryam for her humor, and there is a question in the tilt of Kyara's head when the veiled woman mentions staying with We'bey. "Is…everything all right? If you like, I can ask Liareth to see if they'll come for you, rather than you hiking through the rain," she offers quietly. Flicking her gaze to the newly-arrived girl, she grins. "I hope it doesn't, too. I'd rather not get washed out to the Bowl." With a shake of her head, she adds, "If it's going to be this cold, I wish it would just snow. But, good evening to you, too. I think I remember seeing you at the T-Tourney Banquet. I'm Kyara, green Liareth's rider." She offers a handshake to the girl. Her question confuses Kyara momentarily before the greenrider blinks over at Maryam. "You were there too, weren't you? For a little bit, at least. I thought I spotted you and We'bey leaving after we took our knots off, and I…can't say I blame either of you." Crazy rider antics and all.

"Sand will drink in most of it. Igen is fortunate that way," Maryam says, to reassure the apprentice on fears of drowning. But reassurance shifts to stiffness when Zalara makes the remark about men. It's difficult to tell her expression beneath the veil, especially when she ducks her head. "We did not stay to dance, no. Weyr festivities are odd to us so we wandered the Bazaar, explored all of the places we used to hide away in when we were children." A pause. "Maryam, Steen's daughter." No handshake, because she has her hands tucked under her arms to preserve their warmth. "Everything is fine, please…no need to bother them. The rain will stop soon enough."

Kyara observes Maryam's behavior curiously, sensing much more going on than meets the eye. Everything is most likely not fine, but she knows better than to press Maryam for anything further and nods slowly at her. "Alright, Maryam. The wings We'bey and I are part of keep us busy, but often not at the same time. If he isn't around and you need anything, don't hesitate to seek me out." She eyes Zalara curiously for a moment and then laughs a bit when the girl sticks her tongue out. "I certainly didn't! Well met, Zalara. I've heard your name from my brother, Zannen. You're a Smith apprentice, yes?" Shivering slightly, Kyara glances at the other two women and unfolds her arms to unscrew the bottle she's been carrying. "Would either of you like any? It's klah. Still very warm."

"I remember you from the Smithy," Maryam murmurs, studying Zalara again. The apprentice makes for an excellent distraction. "You do very good work. I would recommend her if you had need of simple jobs." The latter part of that statement is for Kyara, whose gaze Maryam is finally able to meet again, now that she's regained some composure and a half-smile. The offer of klah receives a headshake in polite refusal. Veils make sipping in public so difficult, especially when damp. However, after an extended moment of just studying the greenrider, she says, "I appreciate that. Perhaps I might take you up on it one day. How have you been settling in to your new role? Have you had any other questions?"

Zalara smiles, "It's nice to meet you both and in a more social situation. Some of the journeymen look for any excuse to find fault in something a girl does just because she's a girl and not because she's an apprentice." She nods. "He’s one of the nice ones." Zalara flushes in pride, "Well I do my best. I wish they could have been more stylized like the plans called for, but the boys were hogging all the tools and making a mess of their work. You should have seen what some of them were trying to do."

Pouring the lid of her bottle full of the steaming drink, Kyara raises her eyebrows and nods in approval for Maryam's recommendation of the young Smith, taking a sip. "I just may ask you, Zalara. My dragon accidentally broke a couple of things in my weyr the other evening, and I need some metal fittings to repair them with. I am glad my brother's been nice to you. He ought to be; he learned well from our father, who was quite well-mannered." She chuckles wryly, adding, "Even if he was a sailor." Addressing Maryam again, the greenrider nods. "I've been settling well enough. Still trying to figure out a few of my wingmates, as they are me, but that's to be expected. As for questions…none specific, for the moment. I've been watching, listening as I usually do when I'm in the Bazaar. The guard's changed, I've noticed. Even so, I wonder…" She trails the statement off, discreetly flicking her eyes to Zalara and back, wondering if she ought to voice what's in her head with the present company in consideration.

Maryam is deeply steeped in traditionalist views. Her sympathy for Zalara's predicament is not as forthcoming as it could be. "Such was the choice you made, by seeking a knot in a craft. But you seem to hold your own." That's as near a compliment as she'll allow- coupled with the slight implication of disapproval for the girl's complaints. A complicated creature, Maryam is. At least she'd kept her smile throughout, though it fades noticeably with Kyara's musings. "It has been an unsettled time," is her remark. And if she regrets not feeling free to say more? She gives no sign of it. Instead, she tilts her head to size up the tenor of the storm that still rages, then reaches up to resettle her head wrappings securely in place. "I should go."

Zalara smiles. "I would be happy to help, but you'll have to go ask the journeyman and he's the one that assigns what assignments to what apprentice. I have extremely little say in the matter." She looks over at Maryam. "Yes, I knew that when I wished to be a smith, but being a smith is all I've ever wanted to be. It's in my blood and I don't intend to stop until I've learned everything. I could no more not be a smith than I could stop breathing. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'll be a horrible smith any more than a boy would be a terrible weaver just because he's a boy." She nods. “I've noticed that too. I hope for the better.”

And knowing that about Maryam is precisely why Kyara didn't speak first on the subject of Zalara's apprenticeship, waiting to hear what - if anything - the other woman might say. Kyara could say so much more, Oldtimer that she is, but won't with Maryam here, instead nodding in agreement with the last part of her assessment…and as she listens to what Zalara says. "Indeed, lass," is all she adds, a gentle, commiserating grin accompanying. "That's much how music is for me." Then, sensing that she has, perhaps, stumbled too close to something particularly sensitive to Maryam at the moment, Kyara's brow furrows lightly in concern. "Have I spoken out of place, Maryam? I'll let it be, if I have; I'm sorry."

"When you set yourself a challenge like that, apprentice, you must accept the good with the bad." Maryam speaks with the assurance that comes of experience. "It is no surprise that they would be harder on you and I…" But there she stops herself, a shadow crossing her expression. "I apologize. You came to hide from the rain, not to be lectured. No…no, it is fine, truly. I have had…I am tired. I should go. Thank you both, for the conversation. I enjoyed seeing you again, ma'am. Apprentice. Do stay warm, yes? Please excuse me." Securing a fold of her wraps an extra time around her head and face, to protect against the rain, she steps out into the downpour and hurries off through twisting streets.

Zalara would go on, but she has enough sense to stop before she goes a little too far. "I'm glad you can understand. I do accept the good with the bad and I'm more then ready to meet any challenge they try to throw in my way." She gives a wave, "Have a good night." She says as she wasn't trying to lecture, but she just can't wrap her head around why anyone would want to treat anyone else unfairly.

"Likewise, Maryam," Kyara tells the veiled woman, watching as Maryam makes her way through the streets, her brow furrowing a bit further until she shakes her head and diverts her attention fully to Zalara. Another grin softens her expression again as she takes another sip of klah. "You remind me of how I was a when I was a Harper apprentice, at your age. Ready to take on anything and everything thrown my way. It's good, that you're so eager. But remember to choose your battles carefully." With a raise of an eyebrow and a smirk, she holds out her bottle of klah to the apprentice. "Are you sure you wouldn't like some?"

Zalara smiles. "Yes. I would love to have some. I didn't want to be rude and drink some while Maryam wasn't." She chuckles, “I try to. I don't mouth off too much in the Smithy. I guess it all sorta builds up. I am ready to take on everything." She flexes a little bit.

With a light laugh, Kyara passes the bottle off to the girl. "Ooo, no doubt of it," she says, letting her eyebrows rise to her hairline as Zalara flexes. "Sometimes it's alright to mouth off, if you're smart about it. Especially as a woman in a craft that's usually men." Is Kyara being a bad influence? Not to her mind! "You just have to make sure there's no doubt of what you're mouthing off about, even if others will argue with you over it. That way, even if you get in trouble, those above you can see that you were right. You just have to decide if the consequences are worth it, and then trust that everything will work out as it ought."

Zalara listens to Kyara and the wheels in her head are turning as she takes it all in. "I'll be sure to try that out among the other apprentices. They can't do much and can't kick me out for being disruptive. I'll remember that in case I get too carried away." She takes a drink from the bottle and she mmms as she feels the warm of the klah spread through her body. "Very nice. Thank you." She offers the bottle back.

"Just don't use it when it's not called for, lass," Kyara warns the apprentice with a chuckle as she retrieves the bottle. "It's not always easy to tell, in some circumstances. Be humble, be smart, be kind…but not afraid to stand up for what you know to be true." She finishes off her own drink and screws the cap back on to seal the klah once more, inclining her head to the girl with a smile. "You're very welcome. Those things I just said? They'll get you through a lot, if you find they work for you. Though I doubt you'll have a problem, there." Venturing a step forward, she peers up at the heavy sky and sighs. "Looks like it's lightening up now…though maybe not stopping just yet. Where are you headed from here?"

Zalara nods a little bit, "I'll remember that. I try to be I just want to be treated fairly like all the other apprentices." She hmms, "I'll probably head to get washed up at the baths and then head to the living caverns to get something to eat."

Kyara's smile for the girl is warm, but slightly on the sad side. "I understand, lass. Very much. Things will get better…but it's going to take some time yet. It takes a lot to change minds, and for people to becoming willing to let their minds change. But in the meantime," she hauls the scarf on her head up a little further, "you just stick with the others who understand. You can always find me to talk to, if you like." Her smile says much in the way of just how much Kyara understands where the young Smith is coming from. "I've got to go take care of some things with my dragon at home. You have a good evening, Zalara. I'm sure I'll see you around again." And with that, the greenrider is jogging off through the rain to the Bowl, back to her lifemate and the warmth of her weyr.

Zalara nods as she flips up her hood and she waves. "I will, if I need someone to talk to. I'll remember what you said. I promise."

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