==== September 5, 2013
==== Nika, Dimitri, Ellen, Daycen
==== Naked people.

Who Nika, Dimitri, Ellen, Daycen
What Naked people. Duh
When There is 1 turn 3 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Baths - Southern Weyr



The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

Daycen is still bleary-eyed from sleep; his nocturnal schedule having prompted him into waking up probably no more then mere moments ago. So his choice of warmer rather then cooler bathing pools may well be a mistake. But there he lolls, his pre-netted portion of manly smelling soapsand on the lip of the pool. And then he's dunking his head under the water to wash that man right oughta his hair, he's gonna… wait, wrong gender. He's going to wash the dirt right out of his hair, yes. In preparation for getting more dirt there when he's laying flat against the starstones for the nightly viewing. Later. Lalalalalalalala.

While most people feign at least mild modesty to appease the need for the appearance of decorum, Nika lacks any understanding of pretense, nor does she recognize that she should be self-conscious of her barely curved body. Much to the chagrin of every one in the baths, the tiny woman is already half out of her clothes as she wonders in the door. Leathers are shoved unceremoniously into a cubby, and rather than pick a pool nearby, she skips down the walk way of the pools in nothing but her turday suit. Not him he looks grumpy, not her she's too busy flirting with that guy. Oh, but poor, Daycen his dozing frame is locked on to, zeroed in on. Tasers set to CUTE. Splashing the steps into the water she plops down uncomfortably close to the man. Especially since he's a stranger. ESPECIALLY since they are both nakey. "Hi!" Is called much to close for the proximity. "I'm Nika!"

Through the warm fog comes walking… A GOD. Though the closer it gets to Daycen, the less intimidating it becomes. Maybe just a man. Or maybe just… Dimitri, actually, towel slipped around his waist and his chest puffed forward. Like he's got anything but wiriness to show off. He may actually not have been in here before, from the looks of how he peers around with his hands clasped behind his back. Carefully, observant. People. People he doesn't know. People who nonetheless may be fun to chat at, even if they might not think the same in return. His eyes SCAN everyone he sees, until— he HEARS something. Splashing, then a familiar voice. It doesn't take too long before Dimitri, too, ends up in the same pool as Nika and Daycen. Disposing of his towel and JUMPING in with a splash and big grin on his face — much less of an elegant entrance than Nika's, but far more efficient. Helping, coincidentally, to sandwich the man between naked as he leans back to lounge in the water. "Nika! I didn't see you there." The most blatant of lies. He aims half-lidded eyes at Daycen, oh so casually. "And you are…?"

That instinct for survival starts to sound at the back of his head. But Daycen is positive it's just lack of sleep giving him a headache. He has no idea it's really the splashing of cute doom about to descend upon him until it's TOO LATE! Suddenly, there is naked female uncomfortably close to him, causing all brain functions to cease. "You're naked." Pause. "I mean, Nika. Right. You're -Nika-." And he is kersplashed, water dripping off his now solemn looking face as he turns his head to just -look- at Dimitri. Oh god, now he's a baths' sandwich. "I'm… Daycen." Resigned. He's going to have to be social. Or at least attempt it. "You two know each other? Oh here… let me move over so you can sit beside each other!" He may very well be about to swimflee to somewhere less personal space

Nika peers at the man as he speaks, eyes wide and smile beaming, she's nodding enthusastically too just for good measure. "Well, I guess I'm both!" Nake and Nika. "Naked Nika…" Her head tilts back and forth as she hums the idea of her new name a few times. "Are you new? Where are you…" Daycen is saved momentarily from the deluge of questions by the tiny woman as she is suddenly covered in a tsunami set off by Dimitri's entrance, of course her size an ant splash could have drowned her. Hand brushes wild hairs from her face and she spits water out in the general direction of the splasher. PFFFFTTTT. Still it is Daycen her attention turns back to. "No! That's okay. I get to talk to him all the time. I wanna talk to you. Where are you from? Do you love it here? It's nice isn't it. I love it!" And Faranth forbid the poor sandwich man (Good thing Hannah isn't here) disagrees with Nika who is peering up at him so earnestly waiting for his response.

"Daycen!" Dimitri exclaims right in the middle of one of Daycen's words, because screw letting other people finish sentences, right? "Daycen. Daycie." Daisie? His grin reaches dangerously high amounts of smarm, and he reaches an arm to SMACK it down upon the male's shoulder closest to him. Going somewhere, buddy? Not that Dimitri's a real THREAT, but the hand stays there nonetheless. "Yeah, she talks to me ALL the time." This sounds almost like a brag, the following less so. "She wants to talk to you. You wouldn't disappoint the lady, would you?" He gets comfortable, in the warm water. Squirmin' contently, squaring back shoulders as he peers past Daycen, at Nika now, eyebrows happily upward.

It's a conspiracy! A conspiracy against the frightened inner manchild of a nerd. Sob. "Day/cen/." he clarifies, for Dimitri, and does that awkward kind of shoulder shruggie thing to try and get the other man's hand off of his shoulder. Augh. No touchie!! Gulp. "Oh. Wh.. w… I, no. No. I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone." he agrees, rather weakly. Nika may be enthusiastic. But, she also seems non-threatening. In a way. "I'm kind of new, yeah. Starcrafter, recently posted. I kind of sleep during the day though, and work at night. So I don't see many of you." Which he prefers, obviously, if his discomfitted posture is any indication. A glance winds up dacing between his bath partners. Nervously.

Nika's shining smile turns from one D to the other. Dimitri has given her a gift! He made her new friend stay! What a brilliant present her old friend has given her. But that doesn't really answer her question at all, and she falls into the water giggling. "Well you can still love it at night! Is it pretty at night. Oh! Are you looking for thread? What's your favorite star? Is it true you can tell what time it is by the stars like during the day? How long have you been a craft?" The poor trembling man has officially been Nika-ed, thanks in large part to Dimitri. Blame him. Suddenly her attention is drawn in that very direction again. "Dimitri! How are you? S'good your taking a bath. You smelled funny the other day." Sleeping in the jungle. Makes a person smell like a man. But not the Old Spice kind, the tween who doesn't use soap kind.

"Oh, hey." This is a gruff new voice resounding in the bath steam in a flattened semi-echo, "Someone say dicing?" Ellen doesn't stomp on purpose, but she isn't trying to walk LIGHTLY, nor slowly. Just charges right the hell into the Baths already in mid-strip, her leather work jerkin is probably supposed to be unbuttoned but she just reaches behind her head, grabs onto a handful of material and stoops forward to PEEL it off. Twelve turns old and built like a series of FISTS, her heavy structure sort of bypassed 'boyish' and went straight into mannish. "Left my set't home." She's not making the most graceful entrance into the land of the Naked - kicking her pants off to the side with her arms kind of STUCK over her head, suddenly frowning at… Daycen. There. Between lil' Nika (oh-hey! she recognizes her) and Dimitri. And the young man BETWEEN THEM. And abruptly jerks her chin between either of Daycen's New Friends, "-so which one y'bangin?"

"I'm great! I got vomited on a little the other day, took a dip in a lake, that didn't really seem to fix much so here I am! Trying new things." Dimitri answers without pause, when Nika asks, his grin morphing slowly into a perfectly charming smile. Harmless, surely! How could this be the face of a troublemaker? His hand is shrugged off successfully! Partly due to Dimitri having to wave enthusiastically to Ellen, next, briefly showing a slightly less forced expression of joy. He braces himself for the waves her wading brings, but a moment later he leans closer to Daycen. Oh so close! Bumping lean shoulder into shoulder with a upward tilt of his head as if to say, how YOU doin'? Dimitri, looking to unnerve? Don't be ridiculous. As though in response to Ellen's question, the next thing he does is LOCK his eyes onto Daycen's and lower his voice slightly to ask with what by all accounts appears to be genuine, deep interest, "The stars, huh? How romantic." Next, he winks. The slow kind that's impossible to miss, with an eyebrow waggle to top it off.

Daycen stares. And then tries not to stare. Because it's a naked child. But.. a naked child that just asked which of the people on either side of him he's banging. Stare. Blinkblink. "Hnnnnnnnnnnnnn………….." That sound is the fracturing of the connections between neurons that make up the delicate balance of sanity in the brain of the male nerd species. -Obviously- he was raised in the Hall and nowhere near a Weyr. For real. "I, uh…" He decides that he cannot handle this question at all, and focuses on the other ones. "It's very pretty at night." he decides, enunciating the words like he's desperate for their clarity. "I'm charting the red star, to make sure it's following the same trajectory. And looking for thread. And, charting star positions. It's really more the constellations I'm enjoying rather than…*erk*!!" WHY IS DIMITRI ALL SNUGGLY WITH HIM OH SWEET FARANTH HELP. Panic. Panic! "Have… you met Jayanti?" Now his eyes squint suspiciously. Did she put him up to this??

"You got VOMITED on?" Nika boggles at Dimitri, "How?" There is a story there and she wants to hear. Hear all of it. Only then there is Ellen who gets a squeal of a greeting, "Hiiiiiii!" Drawn out with sunshine and rainbows laced throughout. Her hand shoots up out of the water to give a full armed wave, like she's trying to get someone's attention on the otherside of the room and not -5 feet away. "You're ALL grown up! Well growner upper anyway. How are you? I didn't know you came forward? Is your dad here? He's great. Hey! How long have you been at Southern?" Blueriders, they get to make up words, it comes with the dragon. Only then there is the question with only causes her to fall into giggles all the more. "Not me!" Which causes her to glance back at Dimitri, who is practically snuggling the poor unsocial man. Jealousy? No, but happily to enter the game, so she squishes on up next to the starcrafter and draws her lashes down over big brown eyes. FlutterFlutter. She tilts her head, will it make contact with a shoulder?

"I know, right!?" Ellen cheers right back at Nika, going ALL IN for excitement, even if her much deeper voice only gets a raggedy slight growl to it when she raises it to volume. And since Nika is already bringing up her majestic size - probably already bigger than Nika, and thicker in some places than Dimitri's lanky ass - she hoists up either arm and flexes flexes them varily. Free tickets to the gun show - they're good solid bowman (woman? girl?) arms, SOLID. "Ayuh, dad's here; he's over in Igen Weyr. I only been abouts a month 'r so? Shells, bluerider, you get smaller?" If Nika is denying getting biblically known with Daycen, clearly the process of elimination goes with… Her eyes slide slooowly Dimitri-ward, where he's getting all up on. She isn't making a PISTOL-hand, because they don't have pistols on Pern - it just happens to be an L-shape between her thumb and forefinger as she points at the performer. Chk-chk! She makes this sound in her teeth. Ala way to GO, bro.

"Jayanti, Jayanti." Dimitri ponders aloud, lifting a hand to press a finger to his jaw. HMM. " Oh yeah, I remember Jayanti. I accidentally watched her take a piss." This is mentioned offhandedly, all charm and friendliness. His attention drifts to Nika, then, and as if leaning forward to look at her properly requires it, he SLINGS an arm around Daycen's shoulders and rests it there. "VOMITED on!" He replies, loudly and cheerfully, past the other man. His other hand demonstratively curls into a fist in front of his mouth before he mouths a BLEEEUHH and brings his hand forward and unfurls his fingers in imaginary vomitstreams. "By Hannah! I've never actually made someone physically sick before. I'm proud." And he sounds it. He looks, ever so briefly, back to Daycen at this, before his gaze snaps onto Ellen again. "You know it." This is the only thing he says before he lifts his other, comparitively scrawny arm at approximately sitting-Ellen-height. Come sit. Join the GANG.

Daycen is just going to submit to the invasion of his personal space. Because at this point, really, does it matter? Nika's head meets his shoulder. and then he is truly sandwiched. He's still not acknowledging anything do to with banging anyone. Nope. He just sighs. Really, really loudly. And lets the back of his head fall against the lip of the pool so he can close his eyes and pretend none of this is happening. Eventually they'll tire of this torture, right? Right?? But the vomiting… oh, the vomting. Even fake noises.. that is just too much! You go too far, sir! "You really think I'd… with someone who pretend vomits in the pool?" Again, he sighs. This is really not his night. He is totally bathing at 2AM from now on. So he can avoid all of you. Every last one! Look at his poor, mournful expression there. "And just how do you accidentally watch someone take a leak? NO WAIT… No, I don't want to know. I didn''t really ask."

"Hannah! I've known her to vomit on anyone." Nika sings like it might be a common social event for other people besides Hannah. "What did you do to gross her out? Did it involve boogers?" Because really, even in her fits of convulsing laughter she's yet to release her prisoner from his head-on-shoulder torture. Does she wiggle into it, just a little. Hey the starcrafter is comfy, leave her a lone. "You have big arms!" The woman exclaims as her diminutive finger juts out towards the MONSTERS which have attached themselves to Ellen and dare to call themselves limbs. "How did you do that? Do you work out? Do you have a trainer? Did you eat lots of meat? Hey! Do you think you could pick Dimitri up?" Her head finally does lift so she can tilt her head across the poor starcrafter to get a better look at the entertainer. Sizing him up compared to the preteen she's trying to talk into lifting him.

"I could choke'm out, you want," Ellen offers Nika, quite sincerely - walking through water is never a graceful process and rather than swaning nymph-like as many young girls might, Ellen PLOWS through it grimly like she's going to war, lowering her shoulder and not just ramming in under Dimitri's arm but continuing onward, SHOVING him against Daycen, who may then be shoved against Nika. All sort of IDLY, like this is the natural way to meet people, "Bet it wasn't an accident. Dimi's a perv, watch-out. He'll pinch your cheeks." WHICH cheeks?? Shove-push! Muscle! "Huwaaghgllghl." Kind of absently making pukesounds.

Dimitri cannot help but chuckle now, a less charming and more mocking noise that escapes him without much choice involved. All of this is just plain too entertaining. "No boogers. Just plain, little ol' me." And maybe some unmentioned booze that she couldn't hold down. He then open his mouth again, looking perfectly content to explain how one accidentally watches someone take a leak, and he's JUST about to explain the details of this indubitably random happenstance when he's SHOVED at, crashing into Daycen's side, forearm and face first, with a choked laugh in surprise — or was that a manly, manly, girly yelp? A mix! "Whoahhello!" That's all he manages, legs a-flailin' as he attempts to YANK himself back toward Ellen with a YANK of arm around her sturdy neck. Bit too close, apparently, even for the supposed perv, even if his amusement doesn't fade. "I should come here more often, eh, Ellie."

Nika is watching Ellen with apt fascination, only then a bubble floats by the young girls head, and off out of the tub. BUBBLES! Nika is suddenly focused on the floating sphere of joy and she prances out of the tub after it. To her clothes? No, that would be too easy for the nowtimers who can only squirm uncomfortably as she skips around the baths after the escaping soap. One should always follow their BLISS after all.

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