==== September 21, 2013
==== Sara, A'lory, Eisheth, NPC- Zytria
==== Sara owes Eisheth some children time while she and A'lory talk.

Who Sara, A'lory, Eiseth, NPC- Sytria
What Sara owes Eisheth some children time while she and A'lory talk.
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where North Bowl

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North Bowl
In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

Though it may have rained in the morning, early afternoon has cleared it all right up. The sunlight streams down into the North Bowl, quickly working on the puddles that have formed. A half dozen children and one Harper pick their way among those spots of water. The youngest, a dark haired girl with curls runs from puddle to puddle, landing both feet in the water and soaking her skirts in the process. "Zytria!" Sara calls out from a few paces behind, "Realilina is going to be very unhappy when you come back with your restday dress all muddy." Completly unrepentant big brown eyes flash back at Sara, and this time the youngster jumps over the puddle instead of landing in it.

In that muddy bowl, a bronze lies curled up, soaking in the sun and fresh air. His tailtip twitches occasionally, perhaps in response to some draconic thought or other, interrupted by the glee of children on the loose. Lifting his head, he watches the small parade headed into the bowl. Eisheth tilts his head a little, curious as to where they might be going.

Zytria jumps over another puddle, then skipsr to a bit of shiny rock a few paces away. A bit older the the dark haired girl a tawny haired boy holds Sara's hand as they walk. "Realilina is going to make her take a bath." He says this with all the soloemness of youth. Sara laughs, "Most likely!" Looking up from the little children Sara spys just the dragon she had been looking for. "Children, come here. I want to introduce you to someone." Zytria looks up at this, and spins in a circle. "But there ain't no one here!"

Eisheth is here! Affecting an aloof pose, the dragon stares off into the middle distance, crossing his forelegs elegantly. Nope; nothing going on here.

It takes Sara a moment to gather all the children in closer, but once she does she leads them towards the bronze dragon. Stopping a few paces away, Sara smiles up at Eisheth. Before she can say anything though, Zytria bounds a few little child sized steps closer. "He's a big dragon! Why're you talking to him? You aren't a rider!"

Oh hey, people! Didn't see them there at all. Eisheth lowers his nose a bit to sniff at the talkative child curiously before rolling one eye towards Sara, green dominant in the swirl of contented colors. He's comfy, see — and the lovely sight of Sara and the small humans brings a certain hopeful interest in possibilities.

Sara hasn't quite mastered dragon mood reading, but green is a good sign, right? "Ria, this is Eisheth. He is the lifemate of a very special friend of mine. If you ask very nicely, he might let you rub him." Because, see, Sara remembers how sad A'lory said his dragon was when the children at the hall hadn't been allowed near. The blond boy moves closer to Sara, almost hiding behind her. "Are you sure? He's sure big…" The other children show no fear of the big dragon, but keep their distance. Zytria's eyes get really big. "REALLY?"

Eisheth lowers his nose to the ground, still watching the children with hopeful interest. Will they be allowed closer? One hopes. His tail is twitching a bit more agitatedly now, a barely contained glee in his gaze as he tries to make himself appear smaller — not an easy feat, considering he out-sizes most of the Newtimer dragons by a foot or two. And yet — they are children. A low croon rumbles in his chest as he inches, very slightly, closer. All that mental exertion seems to have had an unintended effect: his erstwhile rider comes striding in from parts unknown, wondering what his lifemate is up to now; on seeing Sara surrounded by small, curious children, he smiles a little, edging in on the opposite side of his dragon so that he might keep their interest on Eisheth. It wouldn't do to scare them, now would it.

"Why don't you ask?" The little girl peers up at the dragon, a less then shy smile on her face. "Mr. Dragon, can I rub you?" Her little girl voice is high pitched as she steps closer to the curious dragon. One of the other children steps forward too, though he doesn't get quite as close as the forward Zytria. Sara grins at the little girl.

Eisheth is all too pleased with her forward behavior: indeed, he stretches his head out quite near to the girl, inviting her touch like a cat intent on being petted, tilted just so that she might at least reach his cheek. Perhaps the child is a tad too small to reach his eyeridges, but he doesn't care. There's an itch, see, right along the cheekbone so conveniently placed close enough to touch. Meanwhile, A'lory is edging along so that he might come up near Sara, leaning in for a conspiratorial little whisper of, "Tell her he'd like his cheek scratched. It's itchy." He is in a rare good humor at the moment; things have been getting done, and his dragon is quite happily surrounded by pint-sized humans. All is well.

Where dragon is, can rider be that far away? Sara smiles as he hears A'lory's voice behind her. "Ria, try scratching his cheek." The little girl doesn't look back but does rise on TIP TOES to pat the dragon's cheek. The boy next to Sara releases her hand finally and scoots closer. "Can I too?" Hopeful sound in the kid's voice.

A'lory is rather amused by their eagerness to touch. Good thing Eisheth rather likes adoration. Therefore, when nother child asks to touch, he's all too happy to agree. "Yeah. He won't let you leave til you've all scratched him, actually. His rider neglects him woefully." No, really. There is never enough scratching to suit Eisheth, now quite happily being patted. He's easy like that.

The little boy glances backwards towards the tall rider, and inches forward again, reaching up one hand to scritch the dragon on the other side of Zytria. Sara reaches out one hand to her rider, smiling a little. "Ria!" the boy whispers, "he's warm"

A'lory smiles a little, threading his fingers through Sara's as he watches his dragon soaking up attention with a contented abandon completely at odds to his usual dignified aplomb. The dragon is warm, indeed; warm and pliant beneath those little hands. "You've made his day, I think."

Seeing the success of the two youngest, the other four move forward, slightly taller hands being able to stand on tiptoes to rub eyeridges. "I felt I owed him some, you said how he felt poorly when the children at the hall weren't allowed to to go see him. So when Lina said I could take the children out… well." She shrugs just a bit.

A'lory laughs softly. "I'd say he'll love you for this." It's likely the dragon will try to lure children out to scratch him at every opportunity, having found Weyr children much less afraid of his size than most. Idly, he strokes her fingers with his thumb, smiling at the beast, whose eyelids are slowly closing in bliss beneath those little hands.

It's a bright spot of happiness for Sara, a happy dragon before, surrounded by small children who are oh so happy to give the bronze all the attention he rightly deserves. "I'm glad. I'm sure he's been working just as hard as his rider has." Sara bumps A'lory's hip just a bit with hers.

A'lory laughs softly. "Oh, I have. And some of it's even been pleasurable." He looks down at her, sidelong, and smirks. "You know that little Vintner apprentice at the Corks?" He can't help the chuckle that escapes him. "She's actually my brother's descendant. No wonder the child's such a pest." Affectionately meant, of course; he rather likes the girl.

Surprise flairs on Sara's face and she looks upwards at A'lory. "Really? Well no wonder the girl is as she is." There's a smile there however, such a good bit of news to stumble upon. "How did you make the connection?" Up yonder dragon little Zytria is standing on tip toe to reach as high as she can to scratch on Eisheth's cheek. One of the slightly bigger children jostles her, and she falls to bump on her bottom.

"Really." A'lory confirms, shrugging a little. "She got a message from home, and… " He pulls a persistent curl back to join the rest of its jolly fellows. "… well, I noticed her mother had a name similar to many of the ladies of my family. And it went from there. She actually lived with my brother. Her… " He frowns, thinking back. "Great, great.. whatever. Great grandfather, several times over. It's funny; I look at her as sort of a daughter. And lo and behold, she's actually related." As Zytria is jostled, he looks up, twitching as though to go to her — but Eisheth beats him to the punch. Nosing aside the larger child — gently! — he helpfully plants his nose right where Zytria can make a grab for it and haul herself up, giving her a solicitous little croon.

A'lory's fondness for the girl is obvious and she squeezes his hand just a bit. "The weyrsecond as a father candidate, that poor girl." It's gentle teasing. Zytria is already pulling herself up to her feet with the aid of the dragon's nose. Though MUCH too big for her little arms to do much, she does try to hug him, round arms trying to be gentle as they squeeze just a little. "Thanke Mr. Dragon."

Yes, between W'rin and A'lory, the poor gil will never see a day where she can freely look at a boy without that chap getting the hairy eyeball. Meanwhile, Eisheth looks thrilled at the child's attempt to hug him, giving a most undignified, satisfied little chirp. "Shaffit, that dragon's going to be insufferable now." A'lory chortles. "That kid better be willing to have him following her around the Weyr for the next fortnight."

"I'm not at all sure Zytria would mind that at all." Sara laughs at the little girl who is now informing the children clustered around the bronze the best way to scratch Her Favorite Dragon Ever. "Lina might have to put a barrier on the door to keep her in."

"And him out." A'lory snorts with amusement, grinning boyishly down at Sara. Provided the bronze can get up the stairs Faranath knows, he'd try it, even if it means he crushes have the bazaar in his eagerness. "Who's Lina?" He asks, now frankly curious. "I think I've met most of the folks in the Crecche, but…" He chin-scratches sheepishly." .. they all kind of are a blur. I'm only sure they are female."

Sara leans into her lover, a head laid against him as she watches the children be bossed around by their smallest member. "Realilina," Sara gives the full name. "She was /my/ mentor back before Master Edsel took me up especial. Journeyman in the old time, she has been working in the creche till… well," Sara sighs a little, "She hasn't been recognized yet."

A'lory wrinkles his nose in annoyance. "Ah, the old prejudice raising its ugly head, is it." He sighs, wrapping an arm around Sara's shoulders comfortingly. "Well, if you think it'll help, I'd be willing to take her down to Southern as well. Maybe they'll listen to her if she has the backing of a male they see as 'in authority', or something." Mus as the idea sours, sometimes one has to use one's perceived superiority to help others get anyway. "She'd be a lovely improvement over Peaston, any road." Who he has yet to decide on a proper humbling for — oh, he hasn't forgotten that man and his unwanted interference.

"I do wish she would do that but… well, she and ERikkhan are finally giving a relationship a try." A wry smile twitches on her lips. "IF Erikk could be persuaded…" The little blond boy, tired of being bossed stamps his feet. "Stop it Ria! You're not the leader of us!"

A'lory, however, isn't going to try to stop it for the time being. Sometimes kids need to work out their own little battles without an adult helping hand. "Mmph. He'd better be, he knows what's good for him." Because A'lory is arbiter of All Things Romantic, or whatever. Naturally, just when he's completely relaxes, a Weyrchild assigned to in-Weyr messenger duty comes running up to tell him about yet another meeting he has to hie himself to. "Well, hell. Looks like I'm back in the smelly Council Chamers.. forever, probably." Giving his lover a kiss on the forehead and a squeeze, he's off again, leaving his dragon trying to subtly reinstate the scratches. He's being NEGLECTED people!


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