==== September 21st, 2013
==== Kapia, Safra
==== Safra takes Kapia to the laundry to get a new, less covered-in-Ez'iah's-blood tunic.

Who Kapia, Safra
What Safra takes Kapia to the laundry to get a new, less covered-in-Ez'iah's-blood tunic.
When Night
Where Southern Weyr



Laundry Room
Slippery pillars point past the pools towards the commercial cleaning… or what was once? Hard to tell, with the dirt and the crumbling cloth in the corner.

Kapia follows along the whole way, still looking disdained by the bloodstains on her tunic. "Why did that guy* have to be such a jerk?"

Safra leads Kapia along, pointing out this place and that for the newcomer. They arrive at the laundry. Even late it bustles with activity and, after explaining the situation to a laundress (who sighs expansively) she goes to rustle up a new tunic. Or, a semi-new tunic. Safra snorts at Kapia's question. "Change is scary. Especially when you have as much to lose as he thinks he does." It's a close to an apology as she'll ever come for Ez'iah's unconscionable behavior.

"Was he some sort of Lord Holder's son or something?" Kapia asks, frowning. She gives the laundress a very apologetic smile. "M'sorry, I know it's late… I can clean it myself if you need me to, I don't want to be a bother…" The offer of a new tunic is blinked at. "Oh… can I really just take someone else's clothes?"

Safra squints at the other girl, "Third son." She bows thanks to the laundress who just shoos them away, moving off to where the steam and the soap fumes aren't so strong Safra answers Kapia's query, "There's a store of second- and third-hand clothes. A good bit of call for it hereabouts. Who are you staying with?"

"Uhm… nobody." Kapia admits with a little bit of embarassment as she peels off her bloodied clothing. "I was going to camp out by the beach. I brought a tent and a sleeping roll… why?"

"Just curious." She gives the girl privacy to swap tunics. "I can't let you into the weyrling barracks, but you'd be better off staying in the weyr." Safra looks off into the distance. "Felines out there, they're pretty dangerous." She scrunches up her face, "We should probably wake Renalde or Nora and get you proper quarters."

Kapia returns, now at least with clothes that are clean, even if she herself is still something of a mess. The suggestion makes her eyes go wide. "Wake them up? Oh, that seems like it'd really annoy them…" She's clearly nervous after that initial encounter.

Safra eyes Kapia, "Renalde would be even more annoyed if we let you sleep out in the wilds." She shudders, imagining his displeasure. "Come on, I'll introduce you."

The two depart in search of Renalde or Nora.


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