==== February 15, 2014
==== Reilan, Terrian, Thierry
==== Bruised egos, wounded knees, and too much testosterone don't make for happy endings.

Who Reilan, Terrian, Thierry
What Bruised egos, wounded knees, cheating and too much testosterone don't make for happy endings.
When It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Igen Bazaar Cantina Back Alley.

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Cantina Back Alley
A little too quiet, a little too dim. The alleyway behind the Dustbowl is not… unpleasant, exactly: the tavern staff have a little raised garden, and the brickwork of the ancient buildings all around offers a subtle beauty, with raised arches leading into little courtyards. And yet. There's something uncomfortable about the way the shadows linger here. Something distressing about the stink of the place, quite unrelated to the midden that lies at its end. Whatever else this alley might be, one thing is as certain as the goosebumps it gives: it's not a place for good little girls and boys.

Another long day, and another chilled night. Reilan pushes out the back of the cantina in a bit of a rush, making a quick escape from a rather loud uproar. A fight? Not exactly /terribly/ uncommon, but not something he wants to get stuck in the middle of, either. He makes a face back at the door then, hands stuffing a bit into his pockets for the warmth it offers as he starts down the dimly lit alleyway.

How fortuitous that Thierry should /also/ be hanging out behind the Cantina… a rumpled young woman scurries out of the shadows and into the alley, darting past Reilan without so much as a look, followed by a swaggering Thi with a toke in his mouth and a cat's got the cream smile. He's /pleased/ with himself, and his smile only gets bigger when he spies Reilan. "Oi! Worm! Get over here."

Reilan blinks a little at the woman who hurries by, following her with his gaze momentarily. He lifts a brow though at Thierry, eyes rolling just a little. "Hope that wasn't worth much." There's a small sniff, but he does cross the alley, coming up alongside Thierry to drop his shoulder against the wall nearby. "You didn't spend /all/ you had, did you?"

When Reilan leans up against the wall, Thierry leans /over/ him, propping himself up with a hand on the brick above his friend's shoulder. He leans in close, squeezing the blonde's chin between his thumb and forefinger to tilt his head up. "You /jealous/, little Worm?" Pressing closer, he edges his knee between the teen's own, finger and thumb pressing down harder on his chin. "You jealous I paid someone when you'd drop to your knees for free?"

Reilan frowns, brows furrowing a little when Thierry begins to /loom/. He sinks against the wall a little though, chin lifted to look at the older boy. There's no intimidation there, bringing his hands up between them to keep pressed on his friend's chest. Keeping /that/ much space between them without actually giving in to /shoving/ him back. "We don't have a /thing/, remember? What would I be jealous for? Even if you paid me anyway you'd just take it back."

It's dark in the back alley, cool with the lack of sun, and Thierry's looming over Reilan with the blonde teen pretty much pinned to a wall. Thi drops his hold on Rei's chin in favour of a light slap to his cheek, while he smirks crookedly at him. "Too right." He spends a long, silently smirking moment just looking down at his friend, before he pushes off the wall and starts lighting a toke. "/That/," he tilts his head towards the alley that the girl just scuttled down, "was Cleora."

Did a woman just scuttle away? Terrian must have seen her as his feet beat out a low stacatto rhythm upon the dark stone of the allyway. Perhaps that's why, when he comes into the light he's not as completly relaxed as typical. His hands hang at his sides as he takes in the scene before him. "Kind of a sketch place, aye Thierry?" His's smooth low voice rolls out over the quiet of the alleyway.

Reilan waits until Thierry moves away, glaring just a little for the tapping on his face. It's enough for him to swat at the offending hand, anyway. But he straightens back up again, rolling his eyes at the identification of just /who/ the girl was. "What, you couldn't go /to/ Rosie's for her? You didn't get kicked /out/ did you?" It's Thierry, that very well /could/ happen. Another voice in the alley has the blonde looking over his shoulder though, brows lifting upward in all curiosity. "Who're you?"

Thierry snorts at Reilan. "'s cheaper if you get them on the street." Because he is a man of /class/ who'll happily get his jollies in a stinky dark alley instead of paying a premium in the brothel. Terrian's footsteps catch his attention, and he smirks in response to his comrade's question, exhaling a plume of smoke before replying to both him and Reilan. "Better than having a whore on the street, don't you think, Terrian?"

Terrian's not quite going as far as to call Thierry a comrad. Not yet. "Cleaner in the Brothel." Is his rather non-committal response. The clicking of his boots brings him closer, though he stays out of the smoke from Thierry's toke. "Better than in a wagon too. If you were wonderin'. Terrian." is the slow introduction as the guard recruit leans against the wall where the younger teen had been pushed against recently.

"Rei.." It's a somewhat wary introduction really. Only a partial name, and certainly not the /nickname/ Thierry gives him. But at least he seems a bit more sure about where /this/ one came from. At least if Thierry knows him. The teen snorts softly, hands slipping into his pockets again for that bit of added warmth, but nodding vaguely with it. "You were the one going on about making me come /with/ you there anyway. Figured you'd planned on going instead of sticking it to her out here. It's not exactly warm out."

"Cleaner, but expensive. Never done it in a wagon, though." Thierry looks thoughtful about that for a moment, his dark-eyed gaze shifting to Reilan. "Worm's my boy," he says with an odd sort of fondness as he rests his elbow casually on the blonde's shoulder. And his leaning post, it would seem. "Terrian," he looks back at the fellow recruit, smiling crookedly, "is better at being a guard than I am."

"Probably better at you in most things." Terrian props himself up against the wall, seeming to be completly at ease. The traditional guard-stick at his side is fingerd absently before Terrian is crosshing his arms across his chest. "So. One of your old gang huh? Surprised he's willin' to be seen with you, what with your new duds."

Reilan puffs a short breath out, fluttering his own bangs in exasperation. "You know that sounds /weird/ when you say it, right?" He eyes Thierry, swaying just a bit under the taller boy's weight against him. Delegated to leaning post yet again! Such is life. But the confirmed information that Terrian is a /guard/ has the teen looking him over curiously, this time just a bit more thoroughly. "I'm right here, you know. /They/ aren't the brightest bunch in the bazaar. Not like I wanna associate with them any more than they want to be around Thi right now."

Thierry sneers at Terrian, his lip curling up into a bitter little smile. Can Reilan feel his wariness through the connection of elbow and shoulder? Thi exhales more smoke, licking his lips when the last passes them. "He's my boy," the street'snake repeats, with a little stronger emphasis this time. "Too pretty to be wandering the streets alone, don't you think?" Fingers tug gently at one of Reilan's blonde braids. "And I wouldn't say /most/ things, Ter. /Some/ things, yes. Most?" He shakes his head.

"If that's what turns you on." Terrian's tone is dead even, though one eyebrow quirks upwards as if Irony has invaded. "Wouldn't be knowin' that now would we? You'd have to be tryin' to do somethin' before we'd know, neh?"

Reilan just shakes his head a little bit, and finally moves, giving Thierry a bit of a push to get out from under the leaning /weight/ of him. "Yeah..yeah." Both hands briefly scrub over his face though, giving another faint swat to Thierry's offending hands when they pull at the braids. "If you're a guard then there's definitely no doubt you're better at it than Thi is." His lips curve up just a little bit though, casting an unapologetic look at his friend. "Are you going to pull them out and measure them next?"

If that /is/ what turns him on, Thierry's not telling - his wry smirk continues on, unchanging. He shifts from leaning his weight on Rei when the teen pulls away, giving him a narrow-eyed look before flicking his attention back to Terrian. What Reilan says, though, makes him laugh. "Now that's one thing I'd win, no trouble." The rest of what Terrian's suggesting sounds like it involves /effort/, and he's not so sure about that. The spent end of his toke is dropped to the floor and ground beneath his bootheel, and he looks his fellow guard in the eye. "Why not have Worm here pick something?" Because /surely/ the blonde would pick something that would go in Thi's favour?

"Don't need to measure. Takes balls to do somethin' with yourself, and not just screw around." Terrian's hands drop from his side, fingering again the stick at his side. "Aye, if your friend, Rei," yes, he totally heard the name! "wants to be pickin' something I can clean your arse with…" The shoulders roll with the shrug of switzerland. Neutral man, NEUTRAL.

Reilan slowly smiles, laughing as he makes his way back to the wall again. He turns abruptly once there, leaning back against the hard surface with a bit of a grin. "Well. If you want to do something /now/ you could always make a race of it. Down and back..though you might want to be careful not to trip in the midden." Lose /and/ be full of /stank/. Advantage? He'll be giving none of that to anyone! "You're guards, after all. Right? You should be fit and able to chase down a thief running through the bazaar.."

"Yeah, you know I'd top you in that," Thierry laughs, giving his crotch a pat for what he believes is a victory… he can ignore the bit that came /after/, though he very obviously heard it. When Reilan suggests a /race/ though, Thi shoots him the /dirtiest/ look. "Really, Rei? /Really/? A fucking /race/?" He scoffs, shaking his head and looking back at Terrian with a scowl. "It's always more motivation to run faster if there's a guard on your tail." Which suggests a) he's used to being chased, and b) he's going to be wiping the floor with Terrian.

"Not wantin' to be put in a small room's always a good idea to be runnin' fast." Terrian conceedes this point to his fellow guard recruit, and pushes himself off the wall. "When I'm leavin' you in the dust, how'll that feel?" Switzerland is supremely confident in this. Seriously, look at him, then look at Thierry. There is no contest here. Not on a flat straight-away with no people in the way.

Reilan shrugs, shaking his head at Thierry. "There's not a lot of options out here, Thi. What do you wanna do, see who can climb the wall the best?" He stays at the wall though, giving them plenty of room in the alley for all their running. He doesn't seem to have an opinion though on who will win, he seems far more interested in just watching them try!

No contest in a fair race, absolutely, which is why Thierry's so /not/ keen to get up there and go. He gives Reilan a 'thanks a lot fuck you' look, before turning his head to spit on the ground. "Bring it on, 'vanner." As he straightens up, puffing out his chest, he's at least /trying/ to look and sound confident. "Rei. Countdown."

Reilan gets a brief smile from Terrian, one which shows he is completely confident of winning against the punk who is his opponent. While Thierry looks the part, Terrian actually acts it. Boots are set at the ready, his lackadaisical posture straightened for once. He's going to so win this contest.

Alas, there is no pretty girl to stand between them and wave a flag. Reilan will have to do. ..Of course, he doesn't go stand between them, either. He does push away from the wall slightly though. "Three.." He walks a bit into the alley behind them at least. It's a better view for watching! "Two..one! Go!"

And on the word /go/, Thierry sets the tone for how this race is going to be run - by shoving Terrian from from the start so he can get ahead. He sprints off down the alley with a decent burst of speed, taking whatever advantage his dirty move might have given him and, quite literally, running with it.

Unfortunatlly for Thierry Terrian was expecting the former guttersnipe to play dirty. The shove only slows him down a half pace before he's right on the young man's heels again. Years of walking along side caravan's has built his body into the perfect movement machine and he is running easily. The clicking of his boots is almost annoying as they ring in what would otherwise be silence. For the first stretch Terrian stays right that way, on Theirry's heels.

Reilan stays put, nearly bouncing with the excitement of the race. He's the only spectator, it's gotta come from somewhere! It might not be /as/ entertaining as the fights in the Pit, but it certainly livens up the dark alley. He might not cheer, but he does grin, trailing after them..just a bit as they start to get a bit farther away.

They make it to the end of the stretch and the turnaround before Thierry tries his tricks again. He's not as quick in pulling a 180 as Terrian, which undoubtedly gives the other guard the advantage… which Thierry can't allow. Naturally. His pride's at stake here! Puffing already (damned tokes), he sticks his foot out to tangle with his competitor's in the hopes of sending him /down/.

Not so fast sweetheart. Terrian had been watching in the dimness for the next dirty trick. That foot is jumped over with ease as Terrian moves ahead in the race, his steps easy and smooth in the darkness. Is he even breathing hard? Nope. It's like he does this every day or something….

Reilan laughs, hurrying back to the starting point again when the two start abruptly charging back. Poor Thierry, /foiled/ in his attempts at cheating. But then, there were no rules set. "Come on!" See? There's at least /some/ encouragement! ..For one of them. Or both of them.

Foiled indeed! Sticking his foot out to try and trip Terrian upset Thierry's /own/ balance - he was expecting an impact! Not a lithe leap and an easy getaway! Frustrated, unbalanced, and undoubtedly pissed off at his failure, Thierry… trips. Over a loose paving stone? Over his own feet? Whatever the reason, he windmills precariously before faceplanting. Just /one/ more injury to add to the beating his poor face has taken of late!

If Terrian laughed (does he laugh?) he might do it all over the sight of Theirry sprawled upon the ground as he takes the last few jogging steps to end lightly next to Reilan. "Not too up on the smarts is our friend now is he?" Droll, slow, gravely comes out the words as Terrian, still not having even broken a sweat, leans against a wall. "I'm figurin' he's lasted by hangin' on daddy's bootstraps? Trader's would've eaten him alive by now."

Reilan winces when Thierry ends up eating the ground, both hands coming up to shield his eyes. He doesn't even want to /look/ at that. Not at—well, he cracks his fingers to look between them, at least. He watches Terrian head back in over to the wall though, the rather obvious winner, however there's a faint..glare for the guard. "He's done plenty for himself." Alright, not really. But he does take a few steps, calling down the alley instead of going to his friend's side. "Thierry? You okay?"

"Fuck off." Is that for Reilan's concern, or Terrian's ribbing? Thierry gives them both a glare as he pushes himself up to his feet, stalking down the alley towards them with his best 'I didn't do that' face on. It's haughty, and he snorts as he reaches the two lads, looking down his nose at them as he reaches for a toke. No, he's not hurt - or he's hiding it well. His pride took the biggest blow! He reaches into his pockets for his tokes, and once he's got one lit he puffs the smoke out from his nose. "We're not traders, 'vanner." There's an unpleasant curl to his lips as he sneers at Terrian. "We're bazaar-folk. Igenites."

Terrian leans against the wall, pulling out that guard stick of his to twirl it absently. The kid was alright or he wasn't. It wasn't like the guard was going to be horribly put out by losing their newest recruit to an injury. Reilan's glare is ignored. "Goin' to have to learn to be more tricky if you're lookin' to catch up someone who knows what they're doin' kid." Because in Terrian's mind, Theirry has earned that moniker. Theirry's angst doesn't seem to bother Terrian at all, as the slow spinning matches his words. "Clearly you're bazaar-folk. And Igenites. Guess what they say about this place is true." He shoves up from the wall to move away from the pair.

Reilan folds his arms over his chest to watch Thierry's approach, nodding just a little. Well it didn't look like the teen broke his /face/ or anything else. At least not if he's walking around and smoking. Still, there's a bit of tenseness that develops in him, turning again instead to look at Terrian. "And what is it /they/ say?" He's bristling now, it seems. He's bazaar-folk too!

Thierry's reaction isn't too far off from Reilan's, pulling himself pridefully taller as he looks at Terrian. "Yeah. What /is/ it that they say, Terr? Do tell." He's wary, especially so since there's a /weapon/ in the midst now, and he may be stupid at times but he's not /dumb/; Thi knows his scrappy street-style probably won't stand up to Terrian's more guardly approach. "What's it you 'vanners say?"

That guard stick continues to twirl as Terrian steps out onto thin ice. "The usual," the words spin out as if Terrian doesn't have any particular attachment to what he is saying. "That the bazaar's made of folks who couldn't handle the road and settled for luxury over freedom. The stupidest of the familiesies who leech off the weyr and couldn't exist without the riders." A shrugs of those shoulders does not interupt the twirling. "So far ain't seein' anythin' what says different. Who the hell challenges someone who has lived on their feet to a foot race.. then cheats so obviously?"

"Stuff it up your ass, stick boy." Thie—oh wait, no, that came from Reilan. The blond looks about fit to burst, anger twitching fingers that he thankfully keeps held tight, with those arms still over his chest. He suggested the race after all, /he/ certainly didn't know anything about this..Terrian. "And so can /they/. This /is/ our freedom, we don't need any shit littered, beast-smelling roads to wander our happy asses around on to be /better/." He moves right along even, pushing right past Thierry in a slight huff. He doesn't /quite/ follow after Terrian though, content not to get /too/ close to him. "The merchants here keep this whole place afloat!"

"Rei…" Thierry steps after his blonde friend, reaching out for his shoulder to draw him back. How the tables have turned! That doesn't mean he's any less offended than the younger teenager, though, and he turns his head to spit at the ground before shaking his head at Terrian. "You joined our guard 'cos you couldn't handle the thought of the road in thread-times, Terr. Remember? Least we were /born/ into it here; you ditched your 'freedom' for the luxury of stone over your head." He snorts, rubbing the back of his hand under his nose. "And Worm's got a point. Weyr'd be fucked if it weren't for us - we're not kissing no fucking rider arse to stay here."

Terrian knows exactly what he's doing with that stick of his. "If you didn't want be knowin' you did not need to ask," he points out amiably, his shoulders rolling again in his signature shrug. "Aye, dyin' don't hold no particular pleasure for me. Rather trade the road for keepin' my body in one piece. So far I ain't see nothin' what proves anythin' for the whole. You gonna take offense over rumors?"

It's certainly not often that Thierry has to stop /Rei/ from having an outburst. He looks back when that hand comes down on his shoulder, deflating a little in the process. He doesn't look /happy/ about it, of course, giving a faint snort and moving aside again. "At least he has some sense in him." It's muttered, with the teen grumpily finding his spot on the wall again. Time to lean.

Thierry is being the /calmer/ one for once, yes. Maybe it's a new thing he's trying? He looks stonily at Terrian, shaking his head at the guard. "Whether you're here to save your ass or here to make a profit, you're here, and you don't wanna be throwing shit about your new hold, 'vanner." He digs his hands into his pockets, thumbs hooked into his beltloops. "Am I gonna see you next shift?" That's a hint that the man's presence is no longer welcome… and also a relatively /peaceful/ way to do so, in Thierry-terms. They've got to work together, after all!

Finally that stick ceases to twirl, feeling the danger has passed… for now. "Got no stake in it myself. Just here to be keepin' my skin in one piece." There are no good-byes proffered as he turns and walks away, this time heading through the back door of the bar and into the bar proper.

Hopefully that fight in the cantina has died down by now. Otherwise..well. There's a guard for them! Reilan sighs under his breath though, relaxing oncethe man disappears through the door. "I don't like your friend." It's all he says, but the teen turns to start heading the other way down the alley, determined to disappear off into the night as well.

"He's not a friend, Rei." Thierry watches Terrian until he's gone, then turns back to his /real/ friend. His only friend, perhaps. "He's a colleague." Thi falls into step with the shorter teen, draping his arm over his shoulders as they walk. "You wanna go to Rosie's now, Worm? Blow off some steam?" And then they're gone, slipped into the shadows and possibly brothel-bound, possibly not.

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