==== September 19th, 2013
==== Ada, A'dan
==== Ada returns a borrowed garment. A'dan is a gracious, if discomfited, host. The two discuss weyr politics.

Who Ada, A'dan
What Ada returns a borrowed garment. A'dan is a gracious, if discomfited, host. The two discuss weyr politics.
When Midday
Where Igen Weyr



A'dan's Weyr
In aeons past — long before men and dragons — an exotic intrusion of rock flowed under the face of what would become Igen Weyr. Rising into the native stone, this intrusion was born up and up, a seam of darkness insinutating itself through the cracks of layered sandstone and granite. The result is a striking diagonal band of broad dark stone against Igen's native brown granite. Along the floor, the dark intrusion cuts the space roughly in half and makes a broad strip that stretches south out of the weyr through a stone archway that leads to the ledge. The stone floor and walls have been neatly dressed to a quarter span height. Above that, the high ceiling disappears into darkness. Sturdy wooden dividers separate the space into three distinct areas: sleeping quarters, sitting area and office.

Sitting Area
Three sturdy chairs are arranged around a low table. The furniture is solid and comfortable, much like A'dan. On the floor, a rug woven in rich, warm colors and swirling shapes contrasts with the dramatic slanting lines of the stone walls. A stacked stone wall closes the weyr off from the outside. An archway in the wall leads to Narloth's ledge. Depending on the weather, heavy wooden doors can be opened or closed to keep out the desert chill.

Narloth bugles a greeting to Fionabhairth and leaves the end of the ledge clear so that she can land.

Fionabhairth bugles a light trumpet of a greeting as she settles delicately upon the ledge, ensuring enough room for her rider to dismount.

Narloth rumbles at Fionabhairth, « It is good to see you, little sister. »

Narloth senses Fionabhairth thinks « And you, big brother. »

The middle of a bright, sunny day finds young Ada offering a greeting towards the big bronze Narloth, similarly accompanied by one from Fionbhairth. Having paid respects to the dragon the rider then knocks on the side of the entrance, not intent on barging in, and not knowing if the rider within knows of her presense. Slung over one arm is a very familiar looking robe, though it's cleaner than last time it was seen, clearly the rider had it tended to and is holding to her word of personally returning it to the older rider.

A'dan had clearly been at his desk as he's moving around the side of it, pivoting around a finger poked onto a file, marking the place he's leaving off. He ducks through the opening to the office and into the sitting area. He smiles, head cocked briefly, as he walks toward the woman. He glances outside, automatically looking for the rider who brought her, Where is… right. His expression clouds briefly as he does the uncertain calculus of whether she is here in her capacity as a rider and decides that - given the robe and since it isn't weyr business - that she is not. As such, he bows from the waist, inclining his head, "Clear skies, Ada." He sweeps his arm, gesturing her inside, "Come in, come in!"

Ada chuckles slightly at the bow before quirking a brow. "This bowing thing must be new, that's not something we did back when," she gives before recalling the robe on her arm and holding it out abruptly. "Right, sorry. I just wanted to return this. It's all nice and clean, thank you for lending it to me," she gives with a crooked smile.

"New." A'dan grins and shakes his head ruefully, rumbling voice rising in pitch a bit, "Not… from my perspective." He moves forward to take the robe, noting the care with which it has been cleaned and folded, "You're welcome, of course. And thank you." Impulses war in A'dan's mind: Duty… he was working, manners… he's a gentleman, and propriety…he's old-fashioned (or, rather, new-fashioned). I've notes to prepare to present W'rin. Important. She's in your home, welcome her! Expected. A young woman in a man's home. Unescorted! Uncomfortable. Her actual presence trumps the other two and, despite his dis-ease, A'dan smiles and steps back, indicating a chair. "Please, sit. Should I call down for anything?"

Ada shrugs. "Or maybe not new, maybe I just never noticed at Ista," she offers, trying not to make A'dan feel… young… well, if you want to look at it in numerical terms, Ada is a few centuries the senior, she just missed most of that in the jump. "Oh, no thank you," she offers with a sweet, pleasent smile. "I didn't interupt you, did I? I just meant to hold to my word and return your robe, I don't need to stay," though she's already settled herself in the offered chair.

He glances at his office at her mention of interrupting, "Nothing that can't wait, certainly." He puts his hands on the back of the chair and leans forward, "Nothing from the kitchens? I'm afraid all I have on hand is brandy."

Ada ponders a moment, as is evident by her eyes looking up and to the left. "I admit, I've never actually had brandy, so I can't say anything about that. I don't want to put you out, A'dan, so no, thank you," she offers looking around the weyr, examining each area she can easily see with care. "You've done a nice job decorating your weyr."

A'dan stands up from the chair and considers Ada for a moment. "It's no trouble." He turns and gets two glasses and a decanter from his office, ducking back through in time for Ada's comment on the decor. He goes totally still momentarily, so quickly, it might not be noticed. He pours a little splash for Ada, in case she doesn't like it and a larger one for himself. He clears his throat and straightens and looks around, "Some of it was in storage from before I left," he hands the glass to Ada. "Some I've gotten since I returned." He gestures with a nod at the harp sitting on the low table. He sits on the edge of the chair and leans towards Ada, glass outstretched, "To what shall we drink?"

Ada continues to study the room, though she pauses at A'dan's stillness. "Sorry, I hope I didn't offend you," she offers, she may be young, but she does notice things, sometimes. The woman takes the proferred glass and looks at it dubiously before shrugging. "How about to awesome names?" she offers with a wink and a laugh, clearly having clued in to the similarities in their names.

A'dan's brow furrows, "Offend?" He looks puzzled. Ah. "Not at all." He grins, but a brief shadow of sadness passes over his eyes before they brighten and complete the expression. He chuckles at Ada's toast, "Indeed, to awesome names!" He clinks her glass and sips the brandy, closing his eyes briefly as it warms his throat. It's not the best stuff, but it'll do.

Open-minded and liberal? A'dan shakes his head. "Logical and evidence-oriented." He gestures with the glass, "I don't have enough information at the moment." A'dan nods to the door, "And I still keep waiting for whoever brought you to walk through that door."

Ada offers a lilt of laughter accompanied by a smile. "Well, I'll take logical and evidence-orientated, any day," she offers, blue eyes twinkling with amusement. "Fionabhairth could walk in here if you really wanted her to, but she might be annoyed at having to get up."

A'dan shrugs, disarmed. He leans forward, sipping on the brandy. "So." A'dan fixes Ada with a direct stare, no longer really playing host. What has happened? "What do you think of Corelle's decree?"

Ada crinkles her nose at that. "I've been thinking of moving to Southern…" she declares with that. "And taking Saya with me. I can't stand the idea of not letting women stand, especially if Saya was of age. We're perfectly capable, as many have already proven, though your leaders don't seem to accept that fact…" she stops, cutting off any further thoughts. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be ranting about things that are beyond my control, unfortunately," a slight shrug before her attention returns to a previous comment. "Why do you keep waiting for Fiona to come in?" she enquires, brow raised in curiosity.

A'dan snorts lightly at Ada's last question. "In this time, a green dragon on my ledge and a woman in my weyr would mean I had a third guest. A greenrider." He waits for that to sink in before continuing. He swirls the brandy around in his glass, looking at Ada's glass to see if she's empty or not, "The way I see it, since the Candidates feed into the wings, it's the Weyrleader's call. Not the Weyrwoman's." He shrugs, "I think she's overstepped. And I plan to tell W'rin exactly that."

Ada tilts her head slightly, contemplating those words. "Well, I would suggest that you either A) don't invite anymore female riders into your weyr, or B) get used to it," is offered, the tone of her voice sounding more amused than anything, clearly she's chosen not to take offense to A'dan's words. "The great thing about it, though, is you don't have to share your brandy with a third," is offered. "Either way, I find that whoever made the decision made a poor choice. I want my daughter to have a chance to be a rider when she's older, if that's what she wants and if the dragons want her. The same chance that I had, and the same one my mother had. What about that poor dragon who can't find a lifemate amongst the candidates and wants someone not presented, what if that one was a perfectly suitable girl? Sorry… didn't mean to go off on a tangent."

A'dan's eyebrows raise at her suggestions for dealing with his instincts. "Logic and evidence. Both lead me to where I am." He takes a deep breath, Incomplete, but sufficient. He chuckles at not having to share the brandy, a nod conceding the point, and pours himself some more, gesturing with the decanter at Ada and pouring more if she's inclined. His smile falters at her mention of Tusaya. The dark shadow again. He sits back, warming to the debate, "That's the very point. The dragons," he sips, "They know what they're about."

Narloth senses that he thinks « That we do. »

Ada grins. "Well then, logic and evidence sound like a good thing, good sir," she offers, with a slight little smile before tilting her head, her smile fading when his falters. "I imagine they do. I would laugh if there was a cute girl of age in the stands and one of the dragons wanted her. That would be quite the stir," she declares, though her tone isn't as jovial, she's curious about that dark shadow.

"They've held me in good stead thusfar." A'dan cocks his head, imagining the Weyrwoman's affront. He'd met her at Telgar, when she was a junior Weyrwoman there. A formidable woman. He'd rather liked her. "That… would be a sight." His brow furrows.

Ada offers a slight little smile. "It would be, I'm not sure how the Weyr would take it, but it would be entertaining for a little bit," she states, now openly eyeing the rider in curiosity. "So, what's on your mind, sir rider? You seem… uneasy…"

A'dan shakes his head. "No, not well at all." He leans back into the chair, at Ada's question. He smiles a bit sadly, "Another time." His gaze is suddenly direct, earnest, fierce in a way. He clears his throat and turns to lighter topics, "I hope the Search goes well. We've a good-sized clutch down there. And not long to train the boys. Er," he falters, "…weyrlings."

Ada laughs slightly, but it's not the usual light-hearted laugh. "I doubt they will, and I'm sure many of us riders will be amused," she declares before her voice takes on a gentler tone. "If you ever feel the need to talk to someone about whatever troubles you, my weyr is always open," she offers with a soft smile and nod of her head. There is a certain tenderness to her, sure, she's easily just a kid to A'dan, but she thinks she's all grown up. "I don't doubt the search will go well, and the dragons will choose where they may," another nod and the greenrider gets to her feet, making sure to leave the glass (and robe!) behind this time. "I have to get back, though, I told my mum I'd only be a little while, just returning a borrowed item," is noted, grinning.

A'dan rises to his feet. He nods at Ada's offer and accompanies her out to the ledge. Caught again between the courtesies between rider and a lady visitor. The diagram of this decisionmaking tree should probably be mapped out. This time, rider wins. He reaches out for an arm clasp, "Clear skies, Ada." He smiles at Fionabhairth, "And you Fionabhairth."

The two launch into the sky and A'dan stifles a moment of panic, wondering why the dragon had taken off without its rider. He leans against Narloth's flank.

« Fly with me. Clear your head. »

He thumps Narloth's cavernous chest, "Later. Definitely later." He stares after the dragon and rider, noting where it twists to backwing and land.

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