==== December 19, 2013
==== E'bert, Ivy, P'wyn, W'rin
==== W'rin attempts to console the junior weyrlings after the sudden threadfall.

Who E'bert, Ivy, P'wyn, W'rin
What W'rin attempts to console the junior weyrlings after the sudden threadfall.
When The day after the Keroon Fall
Where Igen Weyr



Training Grounds
Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

The afternoon after the sudden threadfall at Keroon, and the disaster that followed, Igen's weyrleader has made the rounds of the infirmary to see those who weren't on too much fellis to know what was happening. And he's requested time from the weyrlingstaff to meet with the weyrlings. Seniors and juniors, though he's doing so in separate rounds. And so he waits for the junior class to gather, leaning back against the fence that runs around the training grounds, the massive man has one leg resting easily on the other, arms cross as best the can around his barreled chest, and wearing the glazed look of a rider speaking to his dragon. Valiuth is nearby, settled on the ground, the aggitated pacing that the restless dragon had be constantly doing in the central bowl for all to see has ceased, he bares a look that few in the weyr have today - almost complete calm.

E'bert walks slowly enough so that the brown that trails behind him can keep up while moving fast enough that he doesn't feel like he's tripping over his own feet. His place in the line of browns is quickly found, and a smart salute is executed along with all the rest. Karkath comes to a rest on E'bert's left, and stands looking from W'rin to Valiuth.

P'wyn is leaning against his lifemate's shoulder wondering why they were summoned to gather in the training grounds, "I don't know Nendalath, we're just supposed to come out here to hear from our weyrleader. I'm sure he'll tell us when he's good and ready, that's his prerogative..I'm sure it will all make sense." He gives Nendalath's eyeridges a good rubbing knowing that he liked having them rubbed like that.

It's been a sleepless night and it shows, in purple shadows under Ivy's eyes, but she managed to be up and for the most part put together by the time she's expected on the training grounds. Dark brown Udath is velcro-dragon today, sticking so close to the petite girl's side as to come near to tripping her as they form up. She darts a tiny smile at Karkath, then offers a somewhat weary salute before letting Udath lean on her. Insomuch as he can manage it.

"My prerogative…" A not particularly amused wry grin forms beneath W'rin's beard, as he straightens to attention, drawing into a formal returned salute to E'bert and Ivy and the rest as they enter. "No, I'm not here to tell you we were ready. We thought we still had a few months, little less than half a turn really. And we aren't sure if it was a freak event or if it we are really in the pass now." Arms resume their normal state, crossed. Turning his neck till it pops, he pauses to let that sink in, "What I am here to do is make sure you guys are okay. See if you have questions." Another pause, "But yah. We are ready. Now. Now we are looking for it. And it will be okay. Not for each individual, but for Igen."

E'bert drops a hand to Karkath's head and gives him a good scrubbing right between the headnobs as he listens. He has no questions, but one of the other weyrlings asks, "Do we have enough firestone?" someone was bound to ask right?

P'wyn listens with care to W'rin's words and nods his head, "Is there anything that we need to be doing, I know we've just started our training not that long ago but we're always ready to help out as much as we can."
Udath drops to a crouch with a plaintive rumble, curving his body around so as to tuck his rider against his side. Ivy thumps on his flank softly to gain some breathing room. "If we miscalculated like that with Keroon…does that mean all of our charts are wrong? Could Thread just drop on us whenever?"

The weyrleader, who isn't exactly known for his people skills, is trying his best. Containing all swearing to a mumbling tone under his breath before he answers, "The supply? Yes. And that is on you guys starting this month. You may be the proverbial bottom of the hiearchy, but in fall we count on you guys for the bagged firestone. If you slack then we may not have enough for any given fall." Though, one would doubt the weyrlingstaff would let them, he's taking the teaching moment in hand. P'wyn gets a grunt and a nod, "Yah. Pay attention. Do what is asked of you. When it is asked. If you have questions, there will be a time for that. Like now. But just do whatever you are told when you are told. Ask questions when there is time. Do you see the difference?" With a cough his eyes slide to Ivy. "What's your name?" An eyebrow lifts with a non-committal shrug and he nods. "We haven't had enough time to figure out what is wrong with the Starcrafters charts." He can read him, but there is a whole craft which makes them. "Could be a freak thing. Could be they were off… And yah, we have to be on our toes. Because we aren't sure. But we weren't really looking for it yesterday either. Our watchriders are much more alert - so we'll have less time than if the charts were right, but nothing like yesterday."

E'bert gives a nod as he listens with an eye towards the bins of firestone. He's already had a day of bagging, and his muscles are still just a little sore from it. Karkath blinks, but otherwise remains still with the exception of a twitch of his tail, "Time for panic after the emergency is over, right sir?" is finally asked by E'bert. It's something he has heard many times from his foster mother, and he has indeed taken that bit of advice to heart.

P'wyn nods his head at the weyrleaders words knowing that they'll all do their best to make sure that there is always more than enough firestone to fight any threadfall. He gives a pat to Nendalath's side wondering all the while what they were in for if the charts couldn't be depended on and threadfall could hit like it did the day before?

"Ivy, sir," the girl replies to the weyrleader tentatively. She tiptoes to look over Udath's bulk at the rest of the line of weyrlings, trying to decide if she should ask her next question. Survey says…go for it. Poor W'rin. she clears hr throat and shifts her feet a bit. "We…Udath I mean, but when those riders d-…when they went Between, we felt it." Ivy rests the flat of one hand against her brown's sleek neck. "How do you -deal- with that?"

W'rin stares directly at Ivy for a few moments, his jaw setting an unsetting. "You don't." A long pause as one arm leaves its resting place so he can scratch at his chin hair, "At least not then. You deal with it then, you'll join them, or you'll cause others too. Fill the gaps, carry on." Perhaps the man will get points for blunt honesty, and it is also perhaps why he didn't leave it for others to do. "Look to sugar coat this would be to bullshit you guys into thinking its going to be easier than it is." Dropping his large frame back against the fence with a grunt he carries on, "People we know died, and it fucking sucks. But then, at that moment, we can't do anything but keep going. When we get back here? Everyone deals in different ways. Some healthy. Some not. Some people drink, some people bury themselves in work. Some people let it out physically, running, working out, punching bags…" He points at himself for the last two. "A lot of people just find someone to bang. In the end you'll figure out what works for you, but uh, find some healthy way to deal with it."

A nod is given, very slight but there just the same as E'bert looks towards the direction of the bazaar. The lessons learned in the kitchen carried over to his time as a herder's apprentice. Those lessons have, so far, carried over to this new experience. In essence, panic after the emergency is done. Usually by then (for him anyway) the need to panic is gone. Healthy? Who knows, but he understands completely what is being said. He may not ask a lot of questions, but E'bert does listen.

Ivy nods too, or rather more of a pointed look towards the ground as W'rin rumbles on, looking grave but not particularly averse to the man's style of instruction. "Okay," is her simple answer, though a blush tinges her cheekbones at that mention of finding someone to bang. After a long pause, during which Udath starts to nudge at her anxiously, she adds with a glance towards E'bert, "So then it is panic later. Or. Other things."

It is Ivy's repeat of E'bert's first offer of an answer the draws W'rin back to the brownweyrling with a nod. "Yah. If you're going to panic, and you may want to, don't do it during threadfall. Tuck it away somewhere else until it's over. I don't care if 10 turns from now your weyrmate goes between. Deal with it when you get back." Studying those gathered he snorts approvingly, "Pretty level-headed bunch. So far." Ivy's blush draws a lopsided grin, "Don't think about it like a ..thing… you'll have a lot of adrenaline built up, it's a way to burn it off so you sleep, rest is important so you're thinking clearly the next time you're up." It is said as practically as anything else that has come up. A problem and a solution. "Anything else?"

"Sir," one of the other weyrlings starts, stops, then continues, "What happens if you make it through Threadfall, but your dragon doesn't?" E'bert closes his eyes and drops his head down. It isn't a question he's even willing to entertain, but again someone was bound to ask that question. He's just glad it wasn't him.

Presumably W'rin hasn't had quite the same traditional holder girl upbringing that Ivy has, and his grin and reply bring an even brighter flash of color to Ivy's face, though there's a hint of wry amusement at herself as well. Weyr people, man. The amusement fades at her fellow weyrling's question, and she busies herself rubbing at an ever-so-slightly rough bit of Udath's skin, just under his jaw.

If the weyrlings end up scarred at least W'rin is trying to be a good weyrleader. "If your dragon gets a fatal score during the fall you won't survive, unless you jump from his back, but you probably wouldn't survive that either…" His gaze focuses on the back of the grounds as he actually takes a second to consider the probability, but eventually he returns to the answer. "Look, he'll between, you'll be on him. And, fuck, is it better that way. The dragon dies later, and you can't be between. - I haven't experienced it, but its like, its like having a part of your mind ripped out. Few riders who lose dragons don't commit suicide, and those that don't usually just go insane." With a hefty sigh, his gaze actually moves to his dragon, a rare moment of the weyrleader and his dragon showing any affection at all. "Look, just trust me, you'd rather end it when they do."

E'bert blinks as he opens his eyes, and looks at his own dragon. That was the answer he would have given had it been asked in the barracks, "Bottom line, don't get killed?" which is exactly what his plan is. As a result he'll be exceedingly more diligent in his training, and in his efforts of filling firestone sacks.

"Some people live though, right? There are people out there…?" Ivy bites her lip as something distantly related to tact overtakes morbid curiosity. E'bert's response draws a look tinged with faint exasperation. "You don't get to decide if you get killed."

"Yes, don't die, really is the best plan. And best for the weyr." It is W'rin's main concern, his attention though focuses back on Ivy, he was with her till the tact took back over. "Yah, but those aren't dragons that died in thread, or between accidents, unless for some strange reason they weren't with their dragon when they betweened." He shakes his head re-establishing where he was going. "During a fall you are basically a single unit. Almost one organism. If they between because they are scored, and they are going to die, they just won't come out again and so you won't. If they are injured and die after the fall. In the infirmary, or if somehow they manage to get between, they might not take you. But like I said, most riders will just suicide after. And those ones that don't…Look, you'll wish they had taken you. There isn't a dragonless rider who has ever said, 'Fuck it I'm glad that thing betweened…' They're too busy drooling on themselves and talking to people who aren't there." With another heave of his shoulders he looks back at the group, "Look. That's worst case. As a weyr, we did well considering the surprise. We lost a lot, but it was chaos and unexpected. Study hard. Practice hard. Do what is expected of you. And we will be fine. But we are counting on you. You are as vital to our future as any full rider. Which is why we work you till you feel like you can't anymore."

E'bert nods, and finds that Karkath has decided now is the prefect time to wrap himself around his rider, "Hey, back off will ye? We'll be fine," if only because he's just too stubborn to accept any other alternative.
Tacit permission to be non-tactful, just what Ivy needs. "Well yeah, I mean, of course if you're on your dragon when he goes Between then you go too. If we go, I hope that's how we go." She takes a moment to press her cheek against Udath's shoulder, who is also trying to do a boa constrictor impression. "What about dragons, if the rider dies? They don't live, right? I never heard of that happening." No pressure, kids. "So…when will be be going in to Thread? 'Cause it'll be sooner now, right?"

W'rin shakes his head slowly, "No dragon ever stays. And they have the right idea of it." This weyrling the weyrleader gets. Can they only pick morbid emotionless ones from now on? Still he turns back to E'bert before making his way out. "Good attitude, kid. Keep it up. You guys just work hard okay. And uh. I don't have a whole lot of time - but if you have questions come find me. Or ask your weyrlingmaster staff, they're picked for a reason." And with only another formal salute, and no real closing the man and his dragon stomp out of the training grounds.

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