====September 21, 2013
====Alyei, Jyke, Salzar (NPC)
====Salzar tries to pick up Jyke and totally fails, but the guy's nice enough to buy them some drinks.

Who Alyei, Jyke, Salzar (NPC)
What Salzar tries to pick up Jyke and totally fails, but the guy's nice enough to buy them some drinks.
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where Tavern, Southern Weyr



Of course this should be renovated with alacrity: though the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows, there is a large marble-topped bar along the western half of this standalone building, and a random tangle of chairs and tables much like the living caverns. For now, assistant headmen man the meagre stock of beer and wine and whiskey, and no fancy drinks issue forth.

Early evening finds the tavern doing a heap o' business. The place is pretty well crowded, which makes it likely that no one patron in particular is getting any special notice. Alyei's just one among many. Right now, she's one among the many throwing darts, half-sitting, half-leaning against a table that's shoved against the wall to make enough room. She has her three darts and is waiting while the guy ahead of her clearly, clearly shows off his skills by lining up three pretty good shots, turning afterward to flourish a graceful bow. "That was so gay," is all she has to say for the show while she pushes off the table to take her mark, knocking back a healthy drink out of a mug after she hits her feet. All around, there's a good bit of carousing to be joined, theirs just part of the general merriment of a bar (before everyone's dangerously drunk, anyway).

Jyke ventures into the tavern and steps to the left of the door to have himself a look around. "Huh," he grunts to himself as he takes in all there is to be seen. His shifty eyes land on the bar and stay put as he lumbers across the room. "Who's a man ask about a whiskey neat?" A stiff drink will do him some good right about now. Once his request has been made he waits for the order to be filled. His eyes drifting through the room to land on the dart game holding court.

Even in a crowded room, some people are just bound to attract attention. And a big guy lumbering in and asking about whiskey? Yeah, that's an attention-getter. Not Alyei's attention, really, but her slender boyfriend (that's 'boy who is a friend,' not boyfriend) hearkens to the new entrant almost immediately. While Alyei's making her shots - good ones, too, and she twirls a ridiculously feminine/effeminate bow afterward at her friend. Only to see that he's way distracted. With an eyeroll, she reclaims her seat on the table and, after a little shove of the young man's shoulder, puts him into action. It's the young man that crosses to the bar and asks bravely of the new guy, "Any room on that tab for me and my friend?"

Jyke receives his glass of whiskey and downs a solid swallow. His eyes closing for a moment while he enjoys the burn that traces its way to his stomach. He hears the brave lad beside and behind him actually ask for a drink. Interesting most certainly. "Who's askin?" He turns his back to the bar and leans against it. His own glass nearly lost in his hand and hovering in the air where it's held at the ready for another gulp. "Who're you and who's yer friend?" He smells heavily of fresh salt water today and thankfully not the fishy sent of a catch.

Alyei keeps an eye on the goings-on while she entertains herself in other ways, lobbing darts from her seat, hopping down to get them, just trying to watch without being totally obvious about it. Meanwhile, her brave friend answers, "I'm Salzar, my friend's Ali, and I'm the one asking." If he were not so obviously other than straight, Salzar would probably be some girl's dreamboat, evidenced by the flash of a white-teethed smile that he tries on for Jyke. "Throwing darts is real thirsty work," he says charmingly, nodding toward Alyei and the dartboard, cueing a dart-filled wave of one hand from the girl, yeah-hi.

Jyke is a man who spends a /lot/ of time out at sea. So Salazar's attempts to flirt are not a new thing. Nor do they go unnoticed. He manages to quirk a little smile for the kid while his eyes dance along Alyei. Now /there's/ something worth the marks, no? He drops his gaze back down to Salazar and nods his head once. "Aye, I suppose I kin afford two more whiskey's." He turns and holds up to fingers to the 'tender on duty. Signaling that he'll need two more drinks obviously. "So ye like to play darts eh?" This is asked of Salazar so as not to disappoint the boy, though his eyes are on the girl with the sharp projectiles.

And Salzar's probably got sense enough not to put himself out too far if there's not so much as a blip on the gaydar, but he puts an elbow on the bar and leans against it in as willowy, bendy a way as he can, smiling prettily again to say thanks for the drinks. "Yeah, it's like sports but without the possibility of getting bruises," he answers without embarrassment, his smile becoming a grin (complete with totally dreamy dimples) at the quick thunk-thunk-THUMP of the trio of darts hitting in succession where Alyei's still throwing to pass the time. It's hard to tell if she's showing off or not, 'cause she has to be aware that the man with the money (and thus the drinks) is looking this way, but the way she bites her thumbnail while eyeing the thread is not enticing. Unless, hey, jagged fingernails are a turn-on, in which case, she's total hotness.

Jyke's attention shifts from dart throwing Alyei to her *ahem* boyfriend who is currently leaning against the bar beside him. "Well there is still the possibility of being stabbed. So I suppose it's still a little interesting." He doesn't do much with the game himself. It's not a game that's conducive on a ship after all. The 'tender slides the two extra drinks onto the bar next to his elbow. "There ya go," he shifts his stance to slide both drinks toward Sal with one big hand. "Names Jyke by the way."

Alyei's *ahem* boyfriend gives a wishy-washy tilt of his hand and agrees, "I guess, but only if you're reeeeeeally bad at it." Thunk. "Or if the person you're playin' against is really bad at it, huh?" Thunk-THUMP. "Hey, thanks Jyke," he adds cheerfully, taking up the two drinks and back-stepping toward the dart arena with the two glass in hand. "You wanna come throw some? We'll break you in easy," he promises with a cheeky beam. Hope springs eternal, right?

Jyke knocks back the rest of his whiskey and sets his glass on the bar with a thump. "I would be /really/ bad at it." His smile speaks of immense confidence in the ability to suck at something he's never done before. "Yer welcome," he waves the kid off with his drinks. "I hope that ye enjoy them." One hand digs around in his pocket for a moment until he finally comes up with some change. This he smacks down on the bar top. "Maybe I'll take you up on it next trip, eh? I gotta get back down to th' docks and finish unloading. Afore my Captain comes lookin' for me with a large hook." As much as he doesn't want to go he tilts his head and salutes the pair before he strolls on out of the tavern.

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