==== October 4th 2013
==== G'ad, Irelynn
==== Irelynn is somewhere she isn't supposed to be, G'ad catches on. Leyth is nice though.

Who G'ad, Irelynn
What Irelynn is somewhere she isn't supposed to be, G'ad catches on. Leyth is nice though.
When There is 1 turn 0 months and 24 days until the 12th pass
Where Dragonhealer Yard

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Dragon Healer Yard
Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

Nowhere else can one find so clean a setting as here in the dragonhealing yard. The infirmary, perhaps? But even then, those dragonhealers who occupy this place will argue their territory is superior. And superiority requires work. While the setting sun stains the sky above with a glorious array of dying pastels, one man labors below, heedless of the natural beauty he's missing. G'ad pushes a wide-bristled brush before him with the same precision afforded sand gardens, clean passages back and forth across the yard to keep the constant incursion of sand to a minimum of driftage. With such slow and deliberate movements, it seems to have become a form of meditation- meditation deep enough to have possibly sent his lifemate into the deepest of slumbers, for Leyth occupies one of the couches with russet tail tucked over russet snout.

The setting of the sun signals a time when some of the infirmary's apprentice would be set loose for dinner. And many of them do in fact leave for the living cavern. But on this late afternoon, Irelynn chooses to wander into the yard of the dragonhealer's instead. The teenagers meanders the edges of that sandy lot, aware enough to avoid disturbing anything that G'ad has so carefully pushed into place. He looks to be the only one in the immediate vicinity just now and she watches him intently as she moves to explore. Cautiously, very cautiously she heads towards the murals and curtains dividing off one area. Leyth and his rider are kept in her peripheral vision as if she might suspect she would be caught snooping at any moment.

Snooping, is it? The rider gives no outward appearance of having noticed any lurking or slinking or skulking. The broom continues its scratchy chorus against weathered stone, sktch sktch sktch. But Leyth is perhaps not quite as asleep as he'd made it seem. Ever so slowly, outer lids ease back, allowing him a blurry focus on the yard at large. He might not be able to pick out details on the apprentice's appearance; movement is another thing entirely. She is tracked. Observed. And when he's determined that the tenor of her movements mark this as a visit that likely hasn't been approved, G'ad suddenly straightens up and turns. The broom is held at his side, his other hand used to shield his eyes from the light dying overhead. "Lose something there?"

Oh, maybe snooping isn't generous enough. Curious would be better. Painfully curious. Having issued a furtive glance over her shoulder to watch G'ad for a moment, she plucks back one of the curtains to peer behind it. It's unfortunate that she doesn't pay as much attention to Leyth over there. When his voice echoes across the distance she abruptly straightens up and turns around quickly. She smoothes out her skirts and folds her hands in front of her. Nothing to see here. "Oh, no. I was- I was looking for someone." Irelynn attempts an easy smile and shakes her head, laughing (nervously), "I don't see them though. Nice weather we're having?" Yes, yes. Lovely weather.

G'ad's eyes flick between the healer and the curtain she'd chosen to peep behind. He has no smile for her, just raised eyebrows and a really impressive nose. Coupled with his height, he gives every impression of looking down that proboscis at the girl, even from a distance. "Couches are for dragons," he intones, slow and dry. "Unless you were looking for a dragon." That would be Leyth's cue, all sixty feet of him pouring like honey out of his chosen couch into a butt-high stretch better suited to feline than dragon. His wings, fully spread, twitch and shudder and lurch through the air as he unkinks his spine in the general direction of Irelynn's escape route.

"You… don't say? My friend said that she would be here. I suppose she was just pulling my leg!" Irelynn maintains that smile as best she can. However his stonefaced reaction has her already anxious demeanor picking up a few beats. Now seems like it would be a great time to make an exit, before G'ad can get any funny ideas like wanting know what her name is or anything like that. Which would be about the time that Leyth is stretching in the direction of her escape route. The healer apprentice takes a breath and merely stares at the impressive stretch of his wings in front of her. She swallows, gazing up… and up. And then, her eyes narrow on some point on his physique. His intimidating rider more or less forgotten as she approaches, slowly and cautiously again.

Once his stretch has finished, Leyth hunkers down in sphinx-like comfort. That he's pleased with himself shows in the lazy whirl of blue-green eyes and the way he tucks wings to sides with a sense of satisfaction. Yes sir, Leyth is on the job. From behind, G'ad might be heard using that incredible nose to snort at some unheard comment but neither he nor his lifemate protest the girl's approach. Indeed, the brown's stubby head angles, chin to throat, to observe her progress towards his person. "Where I come from," the man remarks as he bears the broom back to its assigned locker, "children know better than to lie to their betters. What's your friend's name, apprentice?"

Before he can tuck his wings completely away, Irelynn is extending a hand outwards to trace something in the air. Not actually touching the brown, but merely gazing at what has caught her attention and highlighting it to her own eye. For just a few moments she's distracted from G'ad and it's only his further speaking to her that she's brought back. Without thinking, "I didn't know their arteries under the wing were so large and visible." However, she quickly remembers she's spoken out of her turn and his attitude drags her down to reality once again. "Ah, her name is-" She takes a breath and her shoulders drop, humbled again. "I don't have one. I just wanted to see what you had here." It's explanation and apology all rolled into one.

"Not even one friend?" G'ad's voice shades once more towards the dry. He's in the midst of a follow up with, "Somehow I-" when Leyth's own snort interrupts. Whatever passes between the pair after that causes the brownrider's eyebrow to twitch and the brown to swan his neck again. "Right," G'ad is finally allowed to go on. "The hide is thinner there, and wingsails are tough but translucent, allowing one to see the ichor vessels easily. Particularly after strenuous activity when their pulse rate accelerates much as ours does. Now if we're done with getting to know each other, what is your name, girl?" Leyth fills the silence that follows with a low rumble, prompting a terse, "That's Leyth."

Leyth is once more a distraction for the healer apprentice and she continues to look at him out of the corner of her eye, her gaze sweeping up that arch of his neck. "Not really?" Irelynn offers up. Despite her response ending in the upward tick of a question, there's a definite undertone of honesty. "I'm new." And then because a person's unpopularity isn't exactly a fun conversational piece when you're the subject of it, "Oh, that's fascinating to know. I've never had the opportunity to be this close to one before. Well- except for when I came here and a few other times. But that was on top and not underneath where you can see everything that's actually interesting-" Her enthusiasm to talk (read: ramble endlessly) on this subject is cut short when he demands her name. "Irelynn." There's a pause as she slips into a schooled polite silence. "And yours? Sir."

"G'ad. Late of Telgar. Leyth would like to know if your medical interest has always run towards dragons, or if you're as recklessly curious about everything?" Perhaps not the phrasing that the brown might have used but he does cock his head once his human counterpart has spoken. The speed of his eyes increases a notch as Irelynn is stared down- curiosity, one can suppose. Or interest? After another basso rumbling, deep in his chest, G'ad tacks on, "No, she does not." Pay him no heed, young healer, that was likely not directed at you.

There's a quick flood of color to her cheeks and she glances away from G'ad (for that brief moment she was even looking at him). "I'm about as recklessly curious about everything." Irelynn admits as she scoffs her foot against the dirt, casting a look off to the side. Really, she's directing a quick look-see at the brown once again. One side of her mouth turned up in a quick smile as she catches that cock of the head. "Is he always so curious about strangers?" She wonders quietly as she lifts her chin again, straightening out.

"He believes in always striving to better one's self." Having stowed the broom, G'ad finally comes nearer both dragon and girl. Leyth is on the receiving end of a hard slap to the rump, a blow that barely makes the brown's hide twitch- but does cause his lips to peel briefly back from bright teeth. "Knowledge is one way to that. But sneaking around and lying to your superiors is the opposite of bettering yourself. If I catch you in here again without permission, I'll be talking to your journeyman, girl. We don't need children wandering around poking at whatever they feel like, getting in the way." On the bright side, that probably means he won't be telling her journeyman about this excursion? Maybe? Severe as his look is, Leyth's calm ocean-hued regard remains just that- calm and unruffled.

It could be nerves or it could be as simple as a desire for self-preservation, but Irelynn edges just a little further away from G'ad when he approaches their general space. She looks appropriately downturned after that verbal recrimination from the older man. "Yes, sir. It won't happen again." The apprentice keeps her eyes anywhere but on him as that color continues to creep up her cheeks. "I'll be going, if you'll excuse me?" Her body leans in the direction of the exit, the one that's somewhere behind Leyth.

"Go on then." G'ad dismisses her with a flick of his hand. It seems as much a signal for Leyth as the apprentice, because the brown gathers his paws beneath him. With a shove and a barrel-echo grunt, he moves his bulk backwards to clear the way and sends a meat flavored gust of breath after Irelynn to help speed her on the way. "There's anatomy sketches in records, for apprentices at their studies," the brownrider calls over one narrow shoulder as he turns to see himself about his work again. It's the only good-bye she gets.

"Thank you." Irelynn answers promptly, though her tone is tight now. She takes a step away and directs a quick glance towards G'ad as he walks away. The longer of the gazes is spared for the brown and his gust of breath, ruffling her loose hair. She pats it down and doesn't respond to that off-handed offer of information. Her eyes are for the ground, briefly before she takes to quick feet and disappears from the yard of the dragon infirmary.

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