==== December 9th, 2013
==== W'rin, Kyara
==== Following the incident at the oasis, Kyara reports to the Weyrleader…and comes away with a surprising assignment.

Who W'rin, Kyara
What Following the incident at the oasis, Kyara reports to the Weyrleader…and comes away with a surprising assignment.
When Nearly midnight. There are 6 months and 7 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Council Chambers, Igen Weyr


Council Chambers
However disheveled the corridor outside might lie, THIS room - the sole dominion of the Weyr's upper elite - is always sparkling, ever swept, ever dusted, its walls scrubbed free of the grime of ages. A certain spartan grandeur fills the Council Chamber, with its foreboding stonework and heavy wooden door. A round table fills the bulk of the space, an ancient creation of fire-hardened wood, carved with the three dune'd symbol of Igen Weyr. Chairs surround: hard-backed things (with thin cushions) for the most part, but two grandiose chairs, on opposite sides of the table, that seat Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. The walls are lined with elegant old tapestries, depicting scenes of ancient Igen glories.

Its well into the night, and whatever meeting had kept W'rin from addressing the distress call from his sweep riders himself has ended. Having received word that the immediate danger was ended by the time A'lory dropped in and thanking Faranth for K'ane, the Weyrleader is at the far end of the council chambers pacing back and forth - waiting for the non-injured members of the party to appear. At least those not busy with interrogation. And here's to hoping they let K'ane do that job.

Kyara isn't exactly non-injured, as the steadily spreading bruise across the right side of her face attests, but she's certainly the least so of the lot. Drained, but not without the presence of mind she needs to bring all that's just happened to the Weyrleader, she comes into the council chambers with a bit of stiffness to her gait and stops to snap off a salute to the big man pacing across the room. "Sir." Her voice carries a rough edge - sand, wind, checked emotion all contributing.

W'rin is already examining the bruise as he returns the salute crisply. "Seat?" And perhaps more necessary, "Whiskey?" A hand is waved a chair near the head of the table. "Quite a shiner." Is offered with a flicker of his finger at her face, and a wry grin. He hasn't waited for an answer, pouring the liquid courage for her nerves and setting in front of the chair he indicated. "I need you to hold it together for just a little bit longer." An attempt at comfort.

With a slow exhale, Kyara moves to take the indicated seat, nodding as emphatically as she can without getting a headache for the offer of alcohol. "Yes, please," she replies, absently brushing fingers over her cheek and smirking slightly in turn. "It's nothing." Comparatively speaking. She blinks up at W'rin for his last, another subtle nod accompanying. "I will, sir," she assures quietly. She's been doing pretty well at keeping herself even thus far, only crying a little on the way back. And she's not about to lose it in front of W'rin. Call it a goal she's had for a while - not breaking down in front of him. "What would you like to know?"

W'rin nods, slowly dropping himself his seat as she settles in. "I've got the basic overview." Things sent while there and on the return, and he slides the parchment across the table to her. A brief outline of the events as they unfolded. "If you'd look over that. And tell me if I have it right." Third and fourth party relays aren't always the most accurate. A stylus is held out, "And if you'd correct it where it needs to be." A brief pauses as he gives her an appraising once over, his stern expression slipping just briefly into concern, though it is caught quickly and schooled. Perhaps too fast to have been noticed, "And then I'll ask you for the details you remember. But this first."

Kyara pulls the parchment closer, rubbing at tired, gritty eyes for a moment before blinking and going through the report as carefully as she can. With a quiet thanks, she takes the stylus, too caught up in what she's doing to notice whatever slip occurs in W'rin's expression as she continues on. "It's right," she states finally, "although…" A finger comes down on a line near the end - an accounting of the prisoners brought back to the Weyr. "Four in custody. Is that including the man we found wrapped up, or is that one in the infirmary?" Which is where she would expect the initially-presumed-dead guy to be, but she wasn't in the know about that. And if the fourth does turn out to be the mummy-man…there's a slight problem.

"The guy they were going to hit in the bag?" W'rin eyes fall on to where she is pointing and confirms it with a nod. "He went to the infirmary, guarded. Just cause he was the one they were trying to kill doesn't mean he's a 'good guy' to begin with." Giant squat fingers pull up into air quotations, but he reads her expression well enough. "What is the problem with it?" The inquiry has him leaning over the table to get a closer look. "The dead one. This guy. Three others." The men in the reported are counted off on his fingers.

Lips pulling down into a scowl, Kyara sets the stylus down with a click, rubbing her forehead in agitation. "One got away, then," she says, half-growling. "There were four when Sienna and I first got down there. She had two, I had two. One got away before K'ane could reach him, but Kehemath cut him off until…the fifth one showed up." She smacks the table, letting a bit of anger loose before re-composing herself in silence, her jaw working. "Where could he have got to, alone?" she muses, almost sotto voce, before bringing her eyes back to W'rin. "What gets done from here, sir?" By her expression, it's pretty clear that she'd love to figure out what all this stemmed from. Exacting justice on someone who hurt her friends? Oh yes. That would please her quite well.

W'rin's temples find a place between a thumb and his forefinger, rubbing gently as he thinks. "Bloody-" Though the smack of the table draws him from his thoughts, and there is something of an understanding grin as the violent action of the female brings some calm to her thoughts and she continues. That he understands. Almost appreciates. "What happens now?" The man lets out a hefty sigh, worry looking in his eyes even as he gives her the assignment. "Well, first, we're going to sit here and flesh out the details for me. All of them. I want to know where we went wrong and let one get away." A heavy emphasis on the "we'" lately. "Then, you'll get some sleep. And tomorrow you will start the investigation…" He pauses, his face falling rather grim, no need to indicate how dangerous this might be. "But, you're young and it'd be wrong to say you have the experience to do it alone. So you'll find another rider to help." Musing, he takes a sip of his own whiskey. "Some of the old time riders were guard trained. K'ane'd be good for it. And I'm sure he'd love to help you interrogate some of the men. It may take things you aren't willing to do yourself." A wry smile for the girl with a shrug. "And another rider of your choosing. Maybe someone else as big as K'ane." There is no hiding this time that he feels the need for her to have very large bodyguards around her for the mission. "Find out what they were up to, and where the last one went to…I want this done as quickly and well as possible. You'll keep me appraised." His arms fold over the table and he leans forward. "Questions?"

The sip that Kyara is taking from her own whiskey becomes a little longer than she intends when W'rin gives her charge of the investigation. She certainly would've asked to be included, but for W'rin to entrust her with it is…quite unexpected, to say the least. Swallowing - and earning a burn strong enough to turn her face red - she quietly clears her throat and gives a slow nod. The idea of K'ane helping out with this doesn't need much consideration; she'd probably have gone to him anyway. "None, sir," she replies, the scowl giving way to something more closely related to a smile. "As for details…" Faranth knows she's full of those, but with the events of the night simultaneously fresh in her mind and wearing her out, what she gives W'rin is about as succinct as one could hope. And accurate. "I'm not sure that we necessarily went wrong," Kyara surmises. "We weren't fast enough; it was dark enough that we couldn't see that there was a way out there, and Kehemath was just doing what she had to…" A jaw-clench again at the thought of why, and her eyes flick away briefly before she's back to it. "Just one more person being there would've helped, but we couldn't have known that." Not with the bastard coming out of the bloody shadows like that…

And so as the details start to come out, and W'rin fills in the pieces in between the rough sketch of what happened, the two will start to piece together the each step of the sweeps. And where it was just bad luck that got them, and where things should have been done differently. In the wee hours of the early morning, the giant Weyrleader will finally find satisfaction that all has been thoroughly investigated and allow the young greenrider her leave to get some sleep.

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