==== November 9, 2013
==== Mayte, K'vvan
==== K'vvan takes Mayte somewhere he can air his grievances over the whole Standing fiasco. Unfortunately, it's in the middle of the desert.

Who Mayte, K'vvan
What After figuring out that was Mayte on the Sands, K'vvan disappeared for a while. Now, he wants to clear the air, and takes Mayte somewhere quiet to discuss. In the middle of the Desert.
When Nine months and 15 days until the 12th Pass
Where Lost Oasis

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Corks and Works
There may be business at the shop today. If there is, rider of green Nadeeth Kvvan doesn’t seem to notice it at all. Steps bring him swiftly into the shop, his eyes intent on one goal- a girl with much shorter hair then last time the pair had come face to face. Following behind in his wake comes apprentice Karringon, shirt rumpled in one corner as if he has just been drug from wherever he had been to the doorway of the shop. Quickly the man moves away from the green rider to almost hide behind a case of wines. Kvvan’s steps pause for just a moment. "Mayte." Kvvan’s voice is dangerously soft by forced effort of will. His cheeks are red from more than just the cold. A particular vibe seems to flow from the rider, a feeling which Mayte might just recognize as Kvvan just barely managing to keep his cool. Fists are hidden behind his back, but there is no doubt from the tension within his stance that they are balled. "Karrington is going to watch the shop. Get your coat, were leaving.

It's that afternoon lull between being really busy with people who want to drink their lunches, and those who want to drink their dinners. As long as they don't drink it here, Mayte is fine with this. She's cleaning up a little behind the desk, lifting her head at the new custo…. it's K'vvan. As happy and relieved as Mayte looks for a second, his tone sharpens her gaze and tightens her body language. Despite the balky look on her face, the Vintner turns to her fellow apprentice and says, "I'm going on break. Don't screw this up." She does fetch a warmer coat, all black, but slightly worn in the elbows and shoulders - second-hand but well loved. Shrugging into it, Mayte goes to stand in front of K'vvan. "Let's go," she replies, almost daringly. Bake my quiche.

North Bowl
Almost, ALMOST mockingly K'vvan gestures Mayte out the door, his anger held in check with much better decorum then the green rider usually manages to hold his anger. "North Bowl. Nadeeth is there." He holds the door open for the girl, and shuts it with a clear click behind him. Silence stretches between the pair as they make the trek to the North Bowl. There Nadeeth waits already, almost dancing on her claws to be in the air. Whatever angst K'vvan is feeling, clearly the small green does not share. If the vintner approaches she will stick out her head and murr quietly in greeting.

It's been pretty clear in her searches for K'vvan that the greenrider has been working diligently to be unfound, so Mayte is aware that she is not exactly in his good graces. However, giving K'vvan a measuring look as they approach Nadeeth, Mayte walks straight to the green and says in assertively cheerful tones, "Hi, Nadeeth." Goading? Maybe. But the Vintner's expression is perfectly happy to see the green, "I haven't seen you in so long!" There's no double-meaning there, "But I know you've been busy with sweeps and so on." Greetings made, Mayte turns to K'vvan - "Well, shall we?"

Nadeeth peers at K'vvan for a moment, and he simply glares at the green. With one last murr, Nadeeth settles down to accept her passengers. Up K'vvan swings, not a word yet uttered beyond the inital greeting. He holds down one arm to help Mayte mount, if she does accept it, she'll find him shaking, just slightly.

Mayte does accept the offer of help up - even small dragons are TALL compared to a 5'5"er

Lost Oasis
Blocked from view in the south by one of the largest sandstone formations jutting from the desert, this lovely oasis is truly a hidden jewel in the sand. Leagues away from any trace of civilization, it boasts a tranquil blue pool of fresh water and shallow stream fed by an unseen spring beyond a dark crevice in the bluff. Trees spring up against the rock, providing merciful shade and filling in the narrow recesses surrounding the water. The height of the outcropping funnels a near-constant light breeze through the place, cooling the air considerably in comparison to the desert beyond.
However, for all its beauty, there is an unaccountable air of fear and uncertainty about this oasis. At night, the otherwise friendly wind can cross the space with a low, unnerving howl, and creatures passing in the shadows do so in nervous, unseen movements. This has, unfortunately, been a place of grisly discoveries for Igen Weyr - most likely due to its out-of-the-way nature. Sweep riders have observed no renegades, bandits, or criminals of any other stripe in the area thus far, adding to the mystery here.

The trio emerge ::between:: only seconds later, over the sand of the desert proper. While a chill continues to linger at Igen proper, here the temperature is several degrees hotter, enough to cause discomfort in rider gear. Nadeeth takes her sweet time landing, giving Mayte a chance to see the view if she so chooses, as K'vvan continues to not speak.
Mayte does accept the offer of help up - even small dragons are TALL compared to a little Vintner such as herself. While between is never fun, Mayte watches the view of the desert in serene quiet, holding on tight. It's only then that a thought seems to strike her and Mayte slumps a little behind K'vvan, her eyes staring off into the horizon for a moment. Her silence becomes inward for a moment, thoughts coalating and choking themselves - so wrapped up in her thoughts, Mayte doesn't even notice when they land.

K'vvan unbuckles the straps, and slips off, reaching up again to help Mayte dismount. Once her feet are firmly planted on the ground K'vvan sets about unbuckling Nadeeth- apparently he intends to be here a while. "Stay away from the water- tunnel snakes." Nadeeth watches this process, looking between K'vvan and Nadeeth. Finally, K'vvan mutters something to her and she shuffles off.

You overhear K'vvan mutter, "I'm … … to kill her." to Nadeeth.

Whatever the mood Mayte was in before, she's on alert now that she's on solid ground: remote area; her ride home being unbuckled; and finally, K'vvan's whisper. Great. Mayte backs up a few feet. "You'd better not," she says casually, or at least attempting to be casual, "Eollyn would get really annoyed." Because that should be the worst of K'vvan's worries if he followed through on that. Well… Mayte's pretty sure she'd be avenged, but she puts a little more distance between herself and the greenrider. In case. You never know. Right?

Nadeeth settles herself in the clear sunlight off to one side, closing her eyes against whatever the pair left pool-side might engage in. Finally K'vvan turns back to Mayte. Her comment finally manages to break through some of the cloud of anger, "What the blasted shells do you mean? I don't give a damn what your Journeyman thinks. If she supported your foolishness, then she can fall to Thread for all I care."

It's a moment of stunned silence as Mayte blinks at K'vvan for a moment, trying to at least connect the dots before she fires back, "Foolishness?" And then at least two dots connect, "Don't you ever say that again," and despite the words, Mayte's tone is low and taut, not the angry roar of a lost temper, "And what sharding foolishness are you talking about?" Even if Mayte considered recent actions foolish, she wouldn't confess that to K'vvan.

K'vvan stalks forward towards Mayte, holding her gaze without flinching. "Do you believe dragon riding to be a game? Something fun we do just to pass time?" K'vvan is getting closer, moving into Mayte's personal space if she doesn't retreat.

Hey, man, this is Mayte's personal space; she was here first. Ramrod stiff, she doesn't even lean back, asking pointedly, "And why would it be a game?" Her hands flex for a moment, and then settle, for lack of anywhere else, on her hips, "What would give you the impression that I think it's a past-time?" The tension in Mayte's voice stretches out, poised to recoil, unleash itself.

Her stiffness, and hands-on-hips helps notch K'vvan's voice upwards, finally to a level which might just be called a yell. Right into her face. "Because you went along with that time-addled idiotic gold rider's ploy to tear down the leadership of the weyr right before Thread falls." He punctuates each word, biting them off so she knows exactly what he is saying.

Did K'vvan have fish for lunch? Maybe, maybe not. Even if he did, Mayte just wrinkles her nose a moment before shaking her head, "Time-addled? Ploy?" For a moment, Mayte stops, tries to be the mature person her parents think she is, "Why is she time-addled? What makes you think she's trying to break the Weyr?" And then like the tension of the past months, since that first raid, starts to flow, "Why is she wrong? Because she approves of girls on fighting dragons? Because she thinks we can?" A young girl, maybe a few less stars in her eyes, Mayte is holding fast.

"When the f*ken weyr leadership makes a rule, you damn well follow it. Whatever inferiority complex you have going on about being a girl doesn't belong in a fighting wing. Now Corelle has to work twice as f*cken hard just to get a single f*ken thing done because every knows her subordinates don't give a dman what orders she gives, they'll do their own damn thing anyway." K'vvan's full on yelling now, staring down Mayte, though he keeps his fists locked behind him/

Oh, an inferiority complex, has she? Well, Mayte just sees colours at this, "Well, if she didn't up-end the Weyr, that might help!" And yes, Mayte will support that claim: "Have you noticed how tense everyone is? How cautious Bazaar people are around dragonriders? How much tighter food is getting in the Caverns, even before a Pass?" Both creatures of this time, Mayte continues, "You'd think before a Pass that the food should be plentiful for supporting a Weyr, right? So why aren't they?" She's not actually finished, just taking a breath to start up again - which she'll do if K'vvan doesn't interrupt her.

"The oldtimers upended the Weyr. Corelle is just trying to set everything back to right. No one has any respect for Igen, ever wonder if THAT might be why everything is falling off? They know that the leadership can't seem to control the damn oldtimers, and that we're not going to do a damn thing to control them. At least she has a plan and isn't flying off without any straps attached." K'vvan shouts right back at Mayte, not giving her a chance to get her second half of her own diatribe unless she shouts over him.

Mayte snorts derisively, "The Weyr was ridiculed before the Oldtimers arrived." Her lips twist into a quick, almost vicious smile, "They're why I asked for Igen." And then Mayte cottons to something: "And what's her plan?" she asks K'vvan, half-curious in spite of herself. But any way, this argument is getting out of hand, "Anyway, I didn't Impress, so what do you care?" There may be a bit of self-frustrated spite in those words.

"Not everyone has a PLAN Mayte. Some people just want to do what is RIGHT." Face to face K'vvan and Mayte stand, with K'vvan looking downwards at the girl. He pauses for a moment, emotions warring on his face. "And I care because… damnit Mayte, I care. I don't want to see you hurt."

Mayte glowers for a moment, hands fisted at her sides, staring up at K'vvan. Oh great, she's just getting a really great mad on, and then K'vvan gets all sweet and concerned-sounding. It takes Mayte a moment of breathing hard to rein in her temper, and then another before she can say, "I just wanted a chance. The opportunity." And what tempts a teenager to try something more than being told 'no'? "I could get hurt just getting caught up in one of those raids." The last time of which she still maintains isn't her fault.

"You have something good already Mayte." K'vvan reaches out a hand between them, his hand shaking still slightly from his pent up anger… which perhaps was more concern? "You don't know what you're talking about- there is more to being a rider then just riding, you could die."

Mayte sighs, though it's not the sigh of reluctant giving in: "I know. And I do love wine." The vintner looks at K'vvan's hand a moment, her own unclenching and one rising to hover near it, "And I know there's more to riding. But…" And here's where Mayte pauses, and then looks up at K'vvan, "You could too." Hah! See? "Any of us could. And I needed to try. To know."

"You do not have to try something to know that it is dangerous. If you impress you are never the same again. Look, you've tried it already… you don't need to try it again." Somehow, this conversation has veered away from K'vvan-angry at Mayte for destorying social norms into something else. When the girl doesn't quite take his hand he allows it to drop to his side again, curling back into his fist.

Rolling her eyes would probably be the immature move that K'vvan might call her on, so instead, Mayte sighs, pressing her lips together. "I want one more chance," she says after a moment. That social norm infraction K'vvan was upset about? Mayte kinda liked it. "Not right now. It's…" and for a moment, a haunted expression passes through dark eyes, "Too soon." Not to mention, Eollyn's still pretty peeved. "But, next time." And this time it's Mayte reaching for K'vvan's hand, "I have to know." And apparently twice will be enough for Mayte. "I mean, so many riders Stand more than once. Did you Impress, your first time?" Maybe that's Rukbat's light, or maybe it's a flash of hope that passes over her eyes. "And if I don't Impress… well, I'd probably be too old after that."

"No. But I didn't have anything worth going back to. You've got a family, friends and a craft you're good at." K'vvan lists off everything that Mayte has that he never did. Well, except the family. K'vvan had that. Perhaps that thought is what causes the twisted look to appear on his face, lips together in a tight line. "If you become a rider you'll never get a chance to be a mother or anything else. No one is going to be okay with female riders taking…" It is as he spreads male-ego everywhere that K'vvan suddenly stops, while behind him Nadeeth shoots to her feet, a loud hiss echoing from the suddenly moving green. The hiss is only just barely started when K'vvan is leaving Matye behind, rushing to the side of his green.

The sound of tearing fabric rips across the minds of any who are listening. « She is gone! Valiuth weeps! » All color fades, replaced by the deepest of black velvet, any joy swallowed up by the softness that wraps out and aware. Hopelessness is expressed as the simple nothingness of ::between:: as it envelops the blackness into itself, smothering the tatters of fabric that rain into it.

Mayte is listening, she sure is, unable to control her eye-roll now, and waits for her chance to burst out, "But I don't want that!" she says loudly, as if to emphasise this radical idea: "I never wanted to be a mother or have children, that's why I joined the Cra…" And then Nadeeth's interruption, so unusual, shocks Mayte enough that any tone of finishing the word trails off, "What's…" Even though she doesn't ride, Mayte can understand Nadeeth's body language even before any message is received. "What… Who?" And then both of Mayte's firelizards, a brown and a blue, pop in, eyes whirling with the emotion. "Ofrovth?" she asks partly her pair, partly Nadeeth directly. The answer, an image of the gold disappearing Between, stuns this usually irrepressible Apprentice to silence.

Mayte is ignored as K'vvan reaches upwards to twine his arms around Nadeeth's neck. He leans his head against Nadeeth's hide, smoothing and murmuring gently. Much of it seems to be in the vein of "Baby" and "Be okay" and something about a picturing dragons. Nadeeth, for her part, stands, shaking slightly on swaying feet as her tail whips back and forth in agitation. Swirls of blackness continue to roll out of her thoughts, loss and grief swinging outwards from the small green. If Mayte moves closer she'll see drops of water spilling over onto Nadeeth's neckridges following the groves in the hide as they drip from K'vvan's eyes onto his green.

Mayte is not unaware of Nadeeth as Ortiz and Sanchez fill her in, but it takes her a moment to realize that the darkness is not coming from her. "Nadeeth," she whispers and moves slowly to the mourning green and her rider. What is there really to say at this point? "…" Nothing, apparently.

"She… Something happened to Corelle." K'vvan manages to say this, though it comes out muffled as he continues to press his forehead against the rough green hide. "Ofrovth has gone between." Nadeeth's eyes whirl swiftly and brightly from the waves of emotion that surround her.
Mayte is not the type to offer false condolences, but in the privacy of this moment, she'll allow herself the surprise of the situation: "To Corelle? How?" Firelizards are no help at making sense of this, so Mayte sends them to land somewhere conveniently away, and stretches a hand to Nadeeth. It takes a moment and then Mayte considers, "Shards… The weyrlings! So soon!" and though Mayte isn't mourning the woman, she does feel badly for everyone else involved. Especially that golden dragon that she saw so close up.

"Don't touch her!" K'vvan snaps. It comes out rougher then K'vvan means it to, and he lifts his face from Nadeeth's hide. The tears stream down his cheeks now, dripping down to his cheeks and soaking his collar. "Just, don't she, we…" He cann't finish his thought as Nadeeth begins to hiss again, softly this time. While once she would appologize for K'vvan's rudeness, now she is too wrapped in emotion to care. "Just, go away Mayte. Stay away from the trees there's tunnel snakes there. Just… go."

Mayte lets her hand drop to her side. She's not so overtaken in the moment that she can't feel her own hurt or anger, and stiffens, "Fine," she tells K'vvan. And then, the second dumbest thing Mayte does today (though possibly first if we're going on the dumb-idea rating scale) is to turn around, calling her flits to her shoulders, and starts off, vaguely in the direction of something that looks roughly mountainous. They passed over some mountains on the way here, right?

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