==== October 24, 2013
==== Desmeth, Yules
==== Desmeth wakes up in the middle of his… sleep, and reassures himself the Hatching happened. Yules sleeps through it.

Who Desmeth, Yules
What Desmeth wakes up in the middle of his sleep after Hatching and makes sure Yules is still by his side.
When Morning after Hatching
Where Weyrling Barracks


Weyrling Barracks
Natural entropy lies restrained by sheer force of will within the chaotic spiral of Southern's weyrling-barracks. The large entry hollows out into an immense common area at the front of the barracks, where sustenance can be procured for both sides of the lifebond: tables are typically set out with at least the trimmings for sandwiches, and often carcasses lie in the hollowed pit for fresh weyrlings to carve chunks of meat for their new lifemates. Beyond, the couches are set within a U-shape around a long pool, spring-fed, large enough to bathe growing dragons.
Heavy tapestries line the stone walls towards the rear of the barracks, while space is at a premium towards the front: shelves and pegs hold leathers and tools, books and useful trinkets of the dragonriding trade. The narrow-point of the U branches into two hallways: one for the candidate barracks, and one for the weyrlingmaster's office.

Desmeth wakes up for a few minutes in the middle of the … well, in the middle of his sleep, with a snort. He’s not entirely sure why, but he just wants to make sure that Yules is where she’s supposed to be.

It’s shadowed in his corner couch, and Yules is lying there, snoring. Desmeth whuffles her hair sleepily and watches her dreaming for a moment – her mind is currently a kaleidoscope of strange images that Desmeth is utterly confused by, but he knows she knows part of what those images mean, and will explain it to him.

This world, this new exciting place, so different from being curled up and dreaming inside that dark place where the hot sun was underneath, not overhead, and he could hear thoughts passing by. Desmeth tries to think if he felt Yules’ thoughts touch by his egg, but those memories are lost in time and with the excitement of actually breaking free.

And finding Yules. That’s the best part so far.

He hopes he can remember that feeling of rightness when he found her, or maybe he can get her to remember for him, so he can go back and touch that skein of time again. Desmeth gives a gusty sigh and watches his lifemate, his girl, his very best, turn over and reaches out with a wing to cover what he can of her which, given his small stature, is not enough.

Closing his eyes again, Desmeth feels himself falling into sleep again, joining Yules in her dreams of flying and promises himself they will fly far and wide, high and long, fight and win.

And on that note, Desmeth goes back to sleep.

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