==== December 13th, 2013
==== Teyaschianniarina, Kyara
==== Teya offers to help out with Kyara's investigation - much to the greenrider's happiness.

Who Teyaschianniarina, Kyara
What Teya offers to help out with Kyara's investigation - much to the greenrider's happiness.
When Evening. There are 5 months and 25 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Archives, Igen Weyr


A grand room, lost to more pressing concerns, the Archives hold many treasures well past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. Faded and disused Records lean tiredly against their shelves, their bindings peeling and creating layers of dust on surfaces long left without maintenance. The floors are dirty, various footprints creating crisscrossing paths between rickety wooden chairs and drunkenly off-kilter tables. Columns rise upward to the ceiling, hung with glow-baskets scarcely tended and fast losing their strength. The hum of activity is duller, here in this forgotten space — few visit in search of historical facts.

It is evening, past the dinner hour but not yet late; here in the archives (still a little shabby, though in greater repair than when the Oldtimers first arrived) it is cool, but out in the weyr proper it is comfortably warm and clear. The archives are well lit but still a little gloomy in spite of it, and there is evidence of occupation although no one is immediately apparent from the entrance. There is a riding jacket across the back of a chair, though, with a wingrider's knot and a Mirage patch; further investigation will reveal a Teya in the stacks, though, carefully re-ordering some restored records.

After not stepping foot in the cool quasi-gloom of the archives since, well, Candidacy, Kyara has finally ventured here again. This time, it really is out of necessity. Long strides carry her in with purpose, though not considerable speed, and she immediately spots the jacket on the chair. Listening for the owner, she calls an easy, "Hello?" She'd rather not startle whoever's here, after all. Peeking around the stacks, she finally happens across the owner of the jacket. "Ah. Hi, Teya." She taps a salute against her brow with a smile. "Sorry to interrupt. I'm just looking for a few legal records, if that's alright." Her gaze lifts in a cursory glance over some headings on the records nearest her head, but she doesn't move to touch any just yet.

"Kyara," is startled but pleasantly so, and Teya re-seats the documents in her hands before returning the greenrider's salute in kind. "You're not interrupting - I'm just working on making sure everything's where it should be. It's an ongoing," of course it is, "process. I'm actually glad to see you!" She wipes her hands against her hips to dust them, then offers, "It's perfectly alright - if you let me know what you're looking for, I can probably help you figure out where to look."

"Yeah, I know," Kyara chuckles, coming the rest of the way around the stack and rising slightly on her toes to view something else that catches her eye. "I think I remember when you started the process. Anything having to do with Weyr law. Particularly where it pertains to acts of aggression by civilians against riders and how the Weyr handles prisoner interrogations and hearings." Pretty specific! With a short, weighted sigh, she looks back at the brownrider, a slightly nonplussed smirk lifting a corner of her mouth. "You are? Something I can help with?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if you did," the brownrider answers back with a tired laugh, then brightens. "That, I can definitely help you find." She moves away from her current shelving project, beckoning for Kyara to follow her as she moves toward another section of the archives. "I was actually hoping that I could help you - I was talking to Sienna," Teya glances back over her shoulder, up thanks to the discrepancy between their heights. "She said that you're heading the investigation into what happened at the oasis, with K'ane assisting — I was wondering if I could offer mine, as well."

Following as suggested, Kyara nods, regardless of whether or not the act is seen. "I wasn't expecting it, but I'm glad W'rin trusts me enough to give me the responsibility. Maybe he remembers that I was a Harper. Not that I paid as much attention to Law as to Composition, but still." She taps her temple lightly, her smile almost rueful. "It's here. Or maybe it's for other reasons; I don't know. Anyway." Her expression brightens a great deal at the offer of help. "I'd be glad to have your help. W'rin suggested I ask K'ane to help for…anything dirtier that has to happen, I suppose. And I'm glad he agreed. That he's around." A subtle, indefinable quirk to her smile at that, before she's glancing back at Teya and nodding again. "But I could definitely use another critical thinker alongside me. Someone told me you were a guard, in our time?" She doesn't remember who, just that she was told.

"I was a guard for longer than I've been a rider," Teya admits, with an expression gone relieved that Kyara seems so pleased by her offer, "and I'm really terrible at not having enough to do, which is a ridiculous problem, I know." She seems to know exactly where she's going, but that isn't surprising. She stops, finally, and rather than just turning Kyara loose reaches to run a finger along the spines of some bound records. "You were involved, too, which helps give you a certain perspective - it makes sense, to leave you in charge." She makes a contemplative sound in the back of her throat, pulls a volume off the shelf. "K'ane was a guard for turns, as well, and he's not as dumb as he'd like to let people think he is. I think between us," her look makes it clear that it's the three of them, rather than any individual side of the triangle, "we'll be able to get this sorted."

Kyara snickers a little over both Teya's "problem" and K'ane; she knows he's not dumb. Another reason she's glad he's there. She does, however, blink at Teya a little. "You don't have enough to do? I'd heard you switched to Mirage… Everything alright? I mean, not to pry or anything; I just figure non-gold riders in Mirage are either dragonhealing, or hurt, or…" The raise of eyebrows indicates that Kyara knows what one of the other possibilities is, but she feels likes she's being too nosy as it is and won't press for an answer. She's content to let her eyes follow the volume that Teya pulls down after that, and she gives a pointed nod. "Absolutely. I've got my own guesses about what's going on, but that's not enough. Three of us working together? That'll be something, and a formidable something, too." There's a certain relief to her tone in asserting that - in knowing that she really, truly does have very willing people at her side in all this. Not that she actually doubted that… Perhaps she's just been feeling a tad overwhelmed.

Teyaschianniarina watches Kyara work out the reasoning, and is grinning by the end of it. "It's that third option," she says, because by now it's less a secret and more simply not very well known. "I stepped down and asked for a transfer, because I can fly formations fine now, but by the time the Pass starts I won't be able to, and it wouldn't be fair to Parhelion if I had to drop out and leave them in the lurch." She hands over the volume, then stretches to reach for another, then another after that. "I've been trying to keep my nose out of places it doesn't belong, but I may," and by may, she totally means she did, "have been keeping track of what might be relevant." Like the volumes she hands over.

"Well," Kyara says, flashing a grin of her own to the brownrider, "congratulations, Teya. I think it's brilliant." She takes the records handed her way, her low laugh echoing slightly between the stacks. "You'd've made a good Harper," the greenrider comments. "I'm convinced some are Masters based solely on how they may or may not keep track of things." She gives a quick wink at that before running a finger along the edge of the topmost record and pulling back the cover to scan the first page before letting it fall shut again. "Thank you for these." She considers the time for a moment. "We could go over them a bit right now, if you like, before it gets too late. Or I can at least fill you in on some of the finer points. If you're not doing anything else at the moment, that is."

"It's a little ironic," the brownrider admits with a flash of a grin, "but I'm not unhappy about it." Teya scans the shelf again, pulls out a loose-bound compilation of notes that is more commentary than actual structured law, but still useful. "I considered it," she admits, "and the weavers, too, but I couldn't settle my mind on a craft and ended up in the guard - mostly by default. I was a bad fit for a while, but," she shrugs, grins faintly. "I grew into it. Even after I Impressed Ryglinath, too." Kyara's offer is considered for a moment, but the brownrider's grin widens. "If you have the time now, I'd love to. I'll let K'ane know I've run into you and I'll be later than I thought, otherwise - fuss," she gestures vaguely, a flick of her hand down and slightly dismissive toward her midsection. "I've got my usual table staked out," not that there is a run on seats in the archives, "give me just a moment." Her eyes unfocus, so she can play a game of draconic telephone informing a certain someone that she has Important Exciting Nerd Things to do.

Kyara gives a quizzical tilt of her head. "'Fuss?' Why-" The gesture Teya makes becomes enough for her to make the connection. "Oooh. Got it." It's a strange variation on a smirk that pulls at her lips at the realization, and she blinks a few times as she considers a couple of things in double-time. Then, she gives slight headshake, her gaze resting at a vague point on the floor as she gives a dry chuckle followed by a little sigh. Moving on. She can figure out that little derail in her train of thought later…though she inwardly feels a little sheepish, knowing those few seconds were probably a curiosity to watch - if Teya even picked up on it. She smiles back at the brownrider, giving a nod. "I do have time, and I certainly don't want to sit at a table brooding over notes by myself anymore. Let's do it."

Teyaschianniarina's gaze clears while Kyara is floor-gazing, but has only an observational tilt of the head of her own to offer in exchange. When Kyara smiles, though, the brownrider's plain, freckled face lights up, and she nods once in response. "Wonderful. I was so hoping you would say that." The table she favors is not grand, marked apart from its fellows by the evenness of its legs and the thin pillows procured for its seats, but it is clean and has plenty of space for them to spread out over. "I've heard what happened from other sources, but I'd like to hear it from you, too; everyone will have different details that they remember." Already at her seat: blank pages, one of which she grabs so that she can start taking notes of her own.

That little blip in focus is already quite forgotten as Kyara stakes out her own seat and spot at the table. And so she recounts the incident at the oasis once again, as well as any attempts at talk with the prisoners, the apprehension of the one that escaped. On into the contents of those records it will go, questions and answers and suppositions traded - something a bit more solid and workable formed between the two riders as the night wears on. Sleep will happen…sometime. But for now, the brainstorming swirls onward. Out to get it sorted, indeed.

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