==== December 7th, 2013
==== Sara, A'lory
==== A'lory comes home after disappearing for a few days.

Who Sara, A'lory
What A'lory comes home after disappearing for a few days.
When There are 0 turns, 6 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where La Serenissima

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La Serenissima
The flaking, honeycombed edges of once monumental limestone rocks have been sent over sideways by the toll of four hundred Turns' ill effects and put to use for writing spaces and seating. Bone white with salty scaling, smaller chips off the old block lie in a carefully scattered arrangement, lining a path along the subtly labyrinthine grooves of the stone floor, guiding one's feet between the minimal, shabby-chic trappings of a man's life tucked into convenient crevices; hidden deep in the smallest end of that dark place is a decadent scarlet and iron staircase twists upward into the inexplicable mountain chill that creeps in from some unknown source to touch the spine with madness. Looming larger still, a monolith of halite and limestone dominates the larger space, worn smooth for a dragon's sleeping space.

Darkness has long fallen on the weyr when Sara finally returns home. As tired as she had seemed that morning, she is moreso now. Dust and wood shavings cling to her, and there is a bold blue dye under her fingernails. The weyr itself is warmer then it has been the last few days. "Eisheth," she greets the bronze dragon as she passes by him. A'lory on the other hand, gets no greeting as she heads to begin cleaning up after the day.

Eisheth raises his head from his chin-rest, eyes whirling gently as he looks toward the Harper before letting his chin again be propped upon the rock of his bed. With a soft croon, he lets his eyes close again, determined that this mess he will leave to his bondmate to clean up. Meanwhile, A'lory is slouched on a couch, his lap full of leathers to be repaired. After a moment of watching Sara moving about, he finally decides to break the silence with a slow, even drawl, "Bad day when a man's dragon gets more greeting than the man." He might be teasing, he might be serious; his voice is neutral, his posture relaxed.

Sara strips off her first layer of clothing, careful to keep the sand and wood shavings from spreading through the weyr itself. She'd only have to sweep it up latter. "He seems tired," Sara says as she does this, her back to the bronze rider. "Were you both able to sleep enough?"

A'lory slants a look at his dragon before rolling his eye skyward and returning to the repair of his jacket. "He's playing it up a bit. He slept for days." The tip of the dragon's tail stands straight up, a possible attempt at flipping off his rider, earning a muffled laugh from A'lory. "Oh, sorry, good sir, didn't mean to ruin your game." And then his eyes drift back to Sara, drinking in the one thing he'd missed over the days away — his lady. "Really, Sara — can we just talk? I know I just… disappeared. There was a reason for it."

Hearing A'lory's laughter causes Sara to smile, though it is a small smile, and brief. She turns as her hands lift to her rather frazzled braids and begins to take them down, one at a time. "There usually is a reason for someone vanishing. W'rin didn't seem to know where you had gone either." There is no accusation in her voice, just simple statements of fact. "It has been quiet without you here."

"Because I didn't tell him." A'lory shrugs, languidly. "I needed to get away, to think. And I couldn't do it here." Pushing the jacket aside, he swings his legs off the couch in order to seat himself properly and watch his beloved loosen her hair. "It's just… I've finally, I think, had enough of the attitudes of this place — including his. He tries to bully his way into getting results. And is shocked when it doesn't work. Let's not forget getting angry when I tell him that isn't going to work in the long run… " With a sigh, he slouches against the backrest, arms akimbo against that soft support. "So, I have to choose whether I can continue to be his second or not. I'm not sure I can keep supporting a man who thinks hostility to new ideas is a great way to earn loyalty and trust."

Sara listens without attempting to interrupt. Her expression remains calm and fixed, only her hands moving as they work on the braids. "Have you made your decision?"

"No. I really — " He stops, shrugging. "I'm torn. For the sake of sticking a commitment out, I suppose I must. I don't want to; however, quitting now could put the Weyr at risk. I.. " He leans forward, studying Sara's face carefully. "Understand, it's not that I don't like the man; it's that I don't think he's really capable of leading. Too hot-headed for the job. So where would that leave the rest of the Weyr? I'm not even sure how much I can counter him anymore."

Sara's holds A'lory's gaze as she listens. "So you don't believe him to be an effective leader, but you feel that if you leave as weyrsecond he'll make a muss of things?" She isn't completely sure she understands the problem, and repeats just to make sure she does understand and they go on.

"Got it in one." A'lory snaps his fingers, sitting up again and shrugging his shoulders. "It's an unsettling feeling, to think of a man I've considered a friend like that. And it isn't as if I'd do any better at it, frankly. It just… it worries me, you understand. What if he leads us straight into the ground cause he can't wrap his head around the fact that his tactics aren't working? Bullying people never leads to anything good." Clasping his hands, he studies Sara's face a moment longer, then beckons, gently. "Come here, my lady. You're much too far away for my comfort." And here, he tries for the cute puppy-dog eyes.

Weyr business then, and really nothing to do with her. It is the thing that Sara most needed to hear before she can unthaw the rest of the way. She lets go of the tension that had held itself in her shoulders and drifts closer to him, though she doesn't quite come within arms reach. "It seems you're in a tricky situation."

A'lory yearns; oh, how he yearns! to touch her, and yet he doesn't. She's not close enough yet. "Quite, quite. So I had to get away, to get clear on what I want from this situation. I mean, really clear. And unfortunately, I'm still not sure. Maybe I'm too afraid to take a hard line for fear of what might actually happen if I did, or were forced to walk away now."

"So you stand at an impasse, damned perhaps if you do, damned perhaps if you do not." Sara can at least understand too well that line of thought. She drifts a half step closer, if he was to reach out he could touch her. For herself though, she continues to let down the braids and allow her fall in tightly kinked rolls, the fault of not having been released the night before.

"Mm. You are very good at summing things up nicely," A'lory says vaguely before reaching out to draw Sara closer by dint of grabbing her hips and drawing her close against his body, resting his cheek on her chest. Closing his eyes, he drapes his arms loosely around her waist, content, for the time being, to hear her heartbeat and breathe in her familiar scent. "You have such beautiful hair, my lady. Did I tell you how much I wanted to run my fingers through it when first we met?"

Sara allows herself to be draw forward, and allows her hands to leave off of her own braids and they come to rest upon his own head. His springy curls, always a wonder to touch, are indulged in. "I have missed you a great deal… it is cold here without you. And much too quiet without Eisheth on the ledge."

A'lory chuckles softly, his arms tightening a little. "I thought about sneaking back here to carry you off with me. But then, Peaston still lives here, so." Ugh, that man. "Why is he still here? Can't he be done away with now?" And now his tone is plaintive; he was so hoping that embarrassing travesty of a fight would have sent the man running by now.

Dryly, "He might have found some way to close the Harper, and I've put too much effort into it." Sara continues to stroke his hair, gad he is here and not where ever else he had disappeared to. "Lets not speak of that man- he is an irritation that need not ruin your homecoming…" she pauses, "You are home?"

"Discuss who?" A'lory asks dreamily, all manner of distracted from the worries of the past few days by her hands in his hair. Slowly, he begins to truly unwind; gently, he kisses her collarbone and smiles up at her, eyes twinkling mischievously. "I've just come home from a long and tiring trip, and I'd dearly love to spend some quality time with this lovely Harper woman I met awhile back… "

Sara smiles as he looks upwards up at her, and she bends, allowing her lips to brush gently against his. Her hair, loosed from its confines falls forward to brush against his shoulders. She pulls away just briefly enough, "I suppose some time might be arranged, if you're not too tired from your journeying."

"Can we?" A'lory pleads, softly. "I mean, just.. " And unaccountably, he flushes like a boy, and hides his face from her as the curtain of her hair brushes his shoulders. A fine time to turn shy, where one might expect a certain robust masculinity from a man of his Turns.

There is a low laugh from Sara, and she kneels at his feet. Her calloused hands reach up to turn his face back to hers. "I've wanted nothing more these last few days to touch you. To hear your voice, and curl up next to you in the middle of the night and hear the beat of your heart. Even to hear Eisheth's snoring from the ledge."

A'lory laughs softly, sliding his fingers into her hair as Eisheth snorts in mock offense, turning his back on the pair. "You do snore, you beast." And then A'lory is much too distracted with kissing Sara to needle his dragon any further.

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