==== September 15, 2013
==== Aaron, Kalea, Kultir, Mailli
==== To kiss or not to kiss the floor! That is the question..

Who Aaron, Kalea, Kultir, Mailli
What To kiss or not to kiss the floor! That is the question..
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

Aaron kalea2.jpg Kultir


Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Kalea limps into the caverns and makes her way toward the food tables. Oh yey! The challenge of a gimpy ankle and the balancing act of food. This should be a good one!.! Regardless of the challenge though she’s hungry. So go goes about filling herself a plate and nabbing herself a mug of wine for supper. Then turns to limp over to the table that she usually shares with Kultir each evening. And whoever else drops by of course. But she has a standing date to share a meal and so she thunks her plate and mug down so that she can hop around and pull out a chair for herself and sink into it.

Shortly after Kalea, having seen her from down the hall which caused him to hurry his steps, enters Kultir, freshly scrubbed once more after another day of the hard work a Candidate does. He sees she's already made it to 'their' table so he too heads for food. Today, unlike any other since he was claimed as a white-knot, he heaps his plate they way she's used to seeing it. Today, he's got an appetite like a wild, giant feline … he could eat /two/ whole herdbeasts and not leave a bone or scrap of hide. Plate, precariously balanced with an assortment of his favorite foods including three slices of steaming hot egg pie. He grabs a mug of klah and heads in the direction of the table it's become his habit to settle at and drops into the chair next to Kalea's. "I'm here … " he gasps a little breathlessly though he's grinning at her.

Kalea had been pulling out the chair next to her and arranging her foot in the seat of it. When Kultir plops in next to her she looks up and grins. “I’m glad you made it. Wasn’t sure if you planned on sleeping til tomorrow out there in the cove.” She hadn’t had the heart to wake him when she’d had to report in for this afternoon’s sweeps run. She finishes fussing with her foot and sits upright to pull her plate toward her. “Not hungry today are you?” She waves a hand toward his heaping plate and chuckles. Glad to see that his appetite is back in the norm that she’s used to.

Kultir frowns as she fusses with her foot and glances down. "What'd you do now, love?" he asks with concern. He ignores the other comment and question for a moment, still trying to figure out if the leg or anything below the knee looks wrong. After a few moments, and a stomach growl, he returns his attention to his food. "I probably could have, quite easily but something woke me up. I found you gone so I came in and got a decent bath since I was starting to taste mortar dust." he says with a chuckle, though his eyes still show he's concerned about her foot. He glances at his plate and the grin widens a bit. "Well, I did work hard today … and it felt so good. Not as good as being out in the jungle trackin' felines but … good to work off some energy." He takes one of his slices of eggpie and practically inhales it, it's gone so fast.

Kalea shrugs her shoulders and glances at her foot with a sigh. “Sprained my ankle,” she says simply. She leans forward and digs into her own plate of food. Listening to Kultir when he speaks between bites. Apparently he isn’t the only one who is hungry. “Mmm,” she mumbles and washes down a bite of food with a sip of wine, “sorry I didn’t wake you. You just looked so peaceful. I sort of assumed that sleeping in the barracks isn’t something your used to yet.” Munch-chew-swallow-smile. “I’m really glad that you enjoyed yourself today. Hard work always does help me set my mind right.” Which is a good thing considering all the duties and chores she has herself.

Kultir sighs softly when she admits to having spraind her ankle and frowns slightly. "I don't suppose you've bothered to see the healers?" he asks, already sure of what the answer will be. He blushes a little and then nods, the change in subject not bothering him at all. "More like not used to such a sharding narrow bunk … I've fallen out of the blasted thing /every/ morning since Nika stuck me in there. I'm just lucky I picked a /bottom/ bunk. You know, love … I'm about ready to have someone tie me down when I go to sleep, just so I know I'm not going to be kissing the floor before morning!" Heavy sigh and fierce frown is given at the thought of how many more nights he's going to have to sleep in that thing.

Kalea has a surprise for him in the form of her answer, “Already been. No duties for 4 days, stay off it as much as possible, leave it wrapped until day after tomorrow when I gotta come down an’ let ‘em look at it again.” She heaves a much put upon sigh and digs back into her food. Thankfully she manages to chew and swallow before Kultir is completely done speaking. The urge to laugh would have made her choke on her food if she hadn’t hurried. “What now?” She shakes her head and giggles, “I suppose you can let ‘em tie you down if you must. I always wondered if you’d be into that kind of thing.” She wiggles her brows at him and grins. “And look at it this way dear.. at least you’re still kissing something every morning.” Teasing him is so much more fun than focusing on her freaking throbbing ankle.

Kultir does indeed show surprise at her answer, totally not what he'd expected from his stubborn 'mate. "Really? Well, good. But if you aren't supposed to be on it … you should be back in your weyr and staying off it, love." he says in a low, tender and worried tone. He takes a few more bites when she starts teasing him which causes him to choke a little as he tries to swallow and laugh at the same time. "No … not really into that but …" he starts till she drops that last little bomb and nearly swallows his tongue along with the klah he was using to clear his throat. "But it doesn't kiss back!"

Kalea gives him the frown of warning she gets just before they have an epic argument. “If I had any intention of spending the next few days in my weyr that’s where I’d be.” He isn’t there and so here she sits having dinner with him. ~Try me~ flashes in her eyes before she concentrates on eating a couple more bites of her food. When he starts laughing the tension drains out of her shoulders and she cracks a smile. “Darn,” she sets her fork down and snaps her fingers, “it could have been a real blast.” This is said with a wink. She laughs when he claims the floor doesn’t kiss back. “Maybe you aren’t kissing it right,” she teasingly suggests.

Kultir blinks at the frown of warning he recognizes very well and his jaw hardens even though his eyes sparkle slightly. It almost looks like he'd like to start that epic argument but, since he's stuck in the Barracks and not able to make up afterwards … it's not really worth it. "Okay … you win." he sighs with a mock-pout. He manages to keep that pout for all of two minutes before he breaks into another grin and shrugs. "Maybe if /you/ tried it … who knows." he starts and then laughs again. "Well, seriously … how are you supposed to kiss a floor? If you've got any ideas, I'd at least like to enjoy the few minutes I spend plastered against it each morning."

Kalea sits there waiting for Kultir to push it and make her mad. She really isn’t in the mood to argue with him right now. But he should know by now that her mood won’t stop her. Thankfully he seems to let it go when he tells her that she ‘wins’. For that statement he gets a really cute smile. “I’m not in the habit of kissing floors,” she tells him with all sweetness. “I have too much grace to flop out of my bed and onto the floor. Thank goodness they didn’t give you a hammock.” She grins at the memory of a time when /she’d/ had one in her weyr. “But since you are so determined to court the floor of the barracks.. have you at least mopped the floor so you don’t get your tongue all dirty?”

Kultir can't help but crack up completely at her comments and wipes the tears from his eyes with both hands. "And … and I don't, I suppose?" he gasps when he can finally speak again. He supposes he doesn't have much grace but still … "I dunno who mops the Barracks, I haven't got that duty yet … they've kept me busy elsewhere. But I haven't managed to use my tongue on the floor yet … apparently I still have a little dignity left." He grins over at her as his giggles die down to chuckles and he can finally eat again without choking. He'd needed this teasing to ease some … tension.

Kalea snickers in an attempt not to laugh. “The way I remember it, I had to do away with my perfectly good hammock to keep you from breaking your fool neck.” She picks up her wine but doesn’t dare take a drink from it. She feels the laugh coming until it finally bubbles to the surface. “Just a little eh? Give it a few more sevendays.” She winks at him and continues to laugh at their banter. “Before you resort to making out with the floor though it might be gentler to try it on your pillow first.” She leans back in her chair and puts one hand across her stomach. If she keeps laughing like this she’s going to get a cramp.

Aaron has, at some point, wandered into the living cavern in search of dinner, and, that obtained, is now looking for a handy table to settle in at. The love birds from last night are spotted, and he grins, sliding into a chair across from them. "Greenrider, Candidate," he says by way of greeting. "I trust your walk went… well?"

Kultir laughs softly and blushes at the mention of the hammock. "Well … it's … unnatural to sleep swinging from the rafters." he says with perfect seriousness. "I'm not a nightflyer …" His eyes sparkle at the greenrider as he can finally stop laughing long enough to enjoy some more of the heaps of food on his plate. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head at her suggestion to try it on his pillow, chews the bite and swallows before saying, "I already tried it on /your/ pillow … didn't work." He glances up when Aaron slides into a chair nearby and nods. "Aye … twas nice enough." Regretfully.

Mailli has made her way to the weyr, and thusly into the living caverns. There is a meal underway, so the tall dolphincrafter joins the crowd. She turns and looks around looking for a place to sit. Aaron is spotted, and when she's close enough asked, "Mind if I join you?"

Kalea looks up as Aaron settles at their table and shines her already bright smile on him. “Evening Smithy. How goes?” She finally settles enough to take a drink of her wine before setting her mug back on the table. “Yes,” she comments turning her attention back to Kultir, “well. Apparently you’re trying to learn to fly. Or you wouldn’t be launching out of your bunk so often.” She scoops up another forkful of food and munches on it. Swallowing quickly to smirk at the candidate, “You did? Must have been one of the mornings you slept in and I abandoned you there.” Wake up on time or get left behind. That had been her motto. She flicks her attention to Mailli and waves her hand to any chair but the one her foot is resting in. A clear invitation.

Aaron turns and grins up at Mailli, using his heel to kick out the chair beside him and across from Kultir & Kalea. "Mailli, greenrider Kalea, and candidate Kultir," he says by way of introductions. "Have some trouble with the bunks in the barracks, Kultir?" he asks, chuckling. Yes, he's seen the wee things, and got quite the laugh out of them. "If you need me too, I can send an apprentice over and have rails put on yours?"

Kultir laughs and shrugs. "I suppose so … but, I'd like a dragon under me first." is his quiet comment, ears starting to burn at being teased about falling out of bed. He nods sheepishly to Aaron and shrugs again. "Just can't get used to the narrow things … barely long enough but the blasted thing is only as wide as m' shoulders!" He nods a greeting to Mailli but he's working on getting through his food once more, his stomach hasn't shut up yet. This might be a two plate supper, if he's not careful.

Mailli chuckles at the conversation, and sits next to Aaron, "Well met," she says to the greenrider, and the candidate, "I wouldn't worry too much about falling out of bed, seems crafts and weyrs alike think everyone should be the same height while in their teens," Mailli says with some sympathy for the candidate, "I never could sleep in those tiny things they expected apprentices to sleep in. Always too short for me," a firm nod is given as she begins to tuck into her food.

Kalea smiles at Mailli as introductions are made. “Well met,” she chimes with a nod of her head. Welcome to the crazy discussion of bed etiquette. She bursts out laughing when Aaron offers to put rails on Kultir’s bunk. Oh that would be adorable! Yes, she’d very much like to see that. “If he doesn’t quit smooching the floor it might be necessary,” she looks at Kultir and winks at him. Taking pity she shrugs her shoulders, “You’ll adjust soon I’m sure.” Her smile for Mailli is a grateful one. At least someone knows what Kultir is going through and can sympathize. She digs into her food as well. Trying to make a dent in what had looked like a reasonable portion when she’d made the plate. Now she’s beginning to wonder if she’ll make it all the way through.

Aaron chuckles, nodding at both Kultir and Mailli. "Try and imagine me, twn turns ago, trying to squeeze into one of the little apprentice bunks they gave us. I ended up just moving everything onto the floor and sleep there most nights." Because, let's face it, Aaron's always just been a HUGE guy. "Seriously, snag a couple pillows and tuck 'em into your sides. Kept me from rolling out for a while."

Kultir grins at the big Smith and nods, imagining the huge man trying to wedge himself into the thing they called a bunk in the Barracks. "I don't think I'd want rails on it … and I've tried the pillows thing." he says with a sigh. "Nothing works. And I /have/ considered just moving to the floor in one of the corners." He's finally slowing down on the food now that his plate is mostly empty, still several bites to go but at least there isn't a fifth person attempting conversation anymore … his stomach has finally shut up.

Mailli nods at what Aaron has said, "Truth to that. I spent my apprentice Turns sleeping on the floor. Always made the cot back up in the morning, no one was any the wiser," she gives a nod at that. Mailli looks at Aaron for a moment, "I found some chests out in the sea, can't get them open and bringing them up is out of the question. You wouldn't have any suggestions on how to get them open would you?" she's quite serious about this, and perhaps she's revealed the reason for her trip to the weyr?

Kalea has a hard time picturing Aaron in one of the little bunks as he describes. She’s amazed they’d had a big enough floor for the man to be honest. “Sorry folks. I never had that particular issue,” she admits with a shrug of her shoulders. It isn’t like she’s all that big now, let alone when she was a teenager. “I could always get you a bedroll to sleep on,” she offers Kultir. On the off chance he decides sleeping on the floor is the better alternative to flipping out of his bunk. Her attention is snagged by Mailli’s question to Aaron. Now /that/ is truly interesting. “Huh,” she grunts, “wonder what’s in ‘em.” She settles for digging into her food and listening for Aaron to come up with ideas on how to find out.

Aaron hmmms softly at the question, finally shrugging. "Are they to deep to get to with the diving bell? If not, there's no reason you couldn't drill out a couple of holes for leverage, or even to loop some rope through to try and raise them…." Anybody else smell smoke? Yup, the Smith is THINKING.

Kultir falls silent when the conversation turns toward sunken chests and listens intently, that's pretty cool to a teenager after all. He manages to clear his plate and settles back with his unadulterated klah and sighs softly, content at the moment. He drapes an arm across the back of Kalea's chair, an unconscious habit, and lightly strokes her shoulder with his fingertips. He's interested in the conversation but has no ideas and since the Smith is thinking … keeps his mouth shut. Wouldn't want the man to explode from any unexpected pressure or anything.

Aaron looks around for a moment, then smiles. "Mailli, swing by my shop once you've had your dinner. I'll be waiting for you." And with that, he's up and off, heading for the Smithy…

Mailli gives a slight nod, "Regretfully, they are," she says, though she's a strong swimmer and able to hold her breath quite a long while; it is doubtful the dolphincrafter could hold her breath that long. A nod is given, though she doubts the smith has heard or seen her reply.

Kalea listens with avid interest to the discussion of discovered treasure. When Aaron bids Mailli to meet him in the shop she sighs. Darn! Now she’ll /never/ know what happens next. Oh well. Not exactly her business anyhow. She silently figures the big man has an idea he’s running off to contemplate and wishes she knew what it was. She smiles at Mailli and shrugs her shoulders. “I hope you figure something out.” She downs a long sip of her wine. Her foot is bugging her at the angle it’s resting in the chair next to her. So she simply slips it off the chair, slides it under the table, and plants it on Kultir’s knee. Much easier to angle for discussion that way. Yeah that’s it! Has nothing to do with being able to cuddle closer to the arm draped across the back of her chair.

Kultir frowns when Aaron heads out so quickly, having wanted to learn a little more about this whole sunken chest thing but … no such luck tonight apparently. He smiles as Kalea plants her leg on his knee and moves slightly so she can be a bit more comfortable. "So … how'd ye find these sunken chests then?" he asks Mailli, all curious kid at the moment. He's no Seacrafter or Dolphineer but he does swim like a fish and enjoys it full well so, if these things are anywhere nearby … the boy just might go and have a look himself.

Mailli finishes her meal, "Well the boxes, or chests, or whatever they are could hold almost anything. I would like to find out what's in them," she shrugs as she picks her dirty dishes and removes them to the kitchen, "Hate to run, but there are things that need handling at the hold."

Kalea smiles a thanks at Kultir when he moves and she can adjust her ankle comfortably on his knee. She nabs a spicy fishroll off her plate and munches on it. Having pretty much given up on the rest of her rivergrains and vegetables. There is no time to say goodbye before Mailli is up and moving away. She chuckles softly and lifts her shoulders in a shrug as she turns to Kultir. “Well that was rather interesting. I have to admit I’m curious how she and Aaron plan to get to those chests.” She’ll probably never know of course. But still the curiosity is there.

Kultir's eyes follow the other woman out and nods slightly. "Aye … me too." he says softly, sipping at the cooling klah left in his mug. "If it were at a depth to swim to … I might be tempted to go see them." He smiles slightly at the thought and then shrugs. He glances over at her and asks, "So, how did you manage to twist your ankle this afternoon? Seemed like you were walking just fine when I saw you earlier, love."

Kalea just shakes her head and smiles at Kultir. “I’m sure if /she/ can’t swim down to them /you/ aren’t getting anywhere near them.” The woman had looked like she’d been born in the water and never left it. “I suppose I could have offered to have Rya try to go down for them. But I wasn’t able to ask how deep they are.” She shrugs her shoulders and doesn’t look all that upset about not getting a chance to help. When Kultir asks about her ankle she blushes and takes a sip of her wine. “I /was/ walking fine earlier. I twisted it after sweeps this afternoon.” And apparently the episode had been embarrassing from the look on her face and the color of that blush.

Kultir chuckles softly and nods. "You're probably right … and she may not be willing to risk a dragon going down to see if they can lift it up either." he says, lifting his hand to caress her cheek lightly. He frowns slightly at her blush and then shakes his head. "Please tell me you didn't fall off Ryadranth or something?" He prays it wasn't that or her foot getting caught in a strap or something equally simple that she usually doesn't do.

Kalea has to agree and so she nods her head, “She might not at that. I’m not sure /I/ want to risk it honestly. Though I am curious as to what she found.” She tilts her head into his caress and smiles. A smile that quickly fades when he asks if she fell of Ryadranth. “I didn’t fall exactly.” She heaves a sigh and resigns herself to telling him. “You’re going to laugh,” she cautions him with a slight smile. “Poor Ryadranth sneezed while I was trying to dismount. The subsequent jerk caused me to lose my grip on her straps.” And hence.. sprained ankle. Yes, it’s embarrassing for the pair.

Kultir does indeed laugh but it's not loud nor long. "Oh, love … you two are going to make me old before my time if you aren't careful." he says teasingly. "I swear I just got another grey hair!" His eyes sparkle but there is a sadness there as well. He's not sure if she's seen it but he knows he's done a great deal of growing up in the last sevendays … though he knows there's more to come. Just what he's heard from the riders and weyrfolk in authority over Candidates have told him a lot of what he's not wanted to hear but … now has to deal with. He sighs softly and asks, "Is Ryadranth in the bowl now? I … don't want you to have to walk far but … I don't really want to stay inside right now. Think you can make it to her?" He refuses to say what he really wants though … that's just too dangerous for him right now.

Kalea chuckles and looks sheepish when Kultir laughs at her. “It isn’t as if I planned it!” Who plans to be quite literally sneezed off their own dragon?! I mean really. She takes her foot of his knee so that she can lean close to his side. Lifting a hand she sifts through his hair where she can reach. “You’re over reacting,” she informs him and drops her hand to smile at him. “Not a grey hair in sight.” She sits back in her chair and reaches to grab her mug. “She’s on her ledge pouting. But she’ll come when I call for her.” She drains the last of her wine and then thunks the empty mug down on the table. “I think a stroll outside would be wonderful. I’ll be fine as long as we don’t try and have a race or anything.”

Kultir chuckles and leans his head into her caress and then shrugs. "I'd never have thought it could happen." he says, draining his own mug. "No, no racing." He sighs softly as he stands and offers her his hand to help her get up. His expression is a little sad but mostly hopeful as he smiles down at the petite greenrider.

Kalea smiles and shrugs her shoulders, “Well it isn’t like I’ve had a lot of practice at it. I’m just glad we weren’t on our ledge.” She scoots back her chair and slips her hand into his. Allowing him to help her up onto her feet. Gingerly she tries out her ankle and finds that the numbweed the Healer’s had slathered on it is helping. It’s holding her weight anyhow. So she decides if she takes it easy that it’ll be fine. She gingerly makes her way toward the bowl with Kultir.

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