==== September 20, 2013
==== Kalea, T'lvier (NPC)
==== Kalea asks T'lvier a favor that could change both their lives

Who Kalea,T'lvier (NPC)
What Do me a Favor
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Shire, Southern Weyr

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The Shire
The lush hues of outdoors follows you inside this small weyr. Light from outside allows several plants in stone pots to grow wildly up the walls. A short walkway into the inner weyr angles just enough to prevent any rain from getting inside. Embroidered tapestries decorate the inner walls, leaving only a few places showing bare rock. The cook stove rests along the curve of the wall past Ryadranth's couch niche and floor space. Far enough out of the way to prevent accidental bumping and yet close enough to give off more than enough warmth on cool nights. The sleeping area is positioned opposite the cook stove. Far out of any dragon's way, a plush bed is shrouded from view by a diaphanous curtain of lovely indigo that shades to midnight-blue. Barely enough walk space could be allowed between the end of the bed and the back of a low sofa. A matching chair rests to the right of the couch against the wall. Wedged between the chair and the wall leading to the entrance is a set of cabinets. Finding a smooth wall surface is impossible, and the floor is scored with claw marks.

Kalea paces the floor of her weyr trying to burn of her nervous energy. She can’t believe what she is about to do. And yet she sees no other options available to her. Once her pregnancy becomes evident there will be no getting around the rumors and speculation. All eyes will turn on Kultir if she doesn’t do /something/ to stop that from happening. “I’m doing this for you my love,” she whispers to herself while she paces.

The scrape of claws and warbles of greeting out on the ledge announce T’lvier’s arrival. In short order the man strolls into the weyr and spies Kalea in midstride of her pacing. “What has ye all worked up then?” He walks on over to her cabinets and rifles through them until he comes up with a skin of wine. Pouring himself a mug full before he turns and waves it in the air, “Ye want a drink lass?”

Kalea stops her pacing when T’lvier strolls into her home and starts rifling through her belongings like he owns the place. Her instant irritation is recognized and summed up as the terror it really is. She dismisses the feeling and shakes her head. “No thank you. I appreciate you coming over like this, right after sweeps and all.” She wishes she’d waited on him to bring her supper like he’s been doing. It could have waited a day? Couldn’t it? Too late now.

T’lvier shrugs his shoulders at her decline and sets the skin on the cabinet shelf. “O’course I came when ye had Ryadranth send word that ye needed ta talk to me.” He lifts the mug and takes a long swallow. Shifting his stance so that he’s leaning against the cabinet. “I tol’ ye that I’d be here if’n ye had need o’me.” He’s been bringing her supper and drying her tears ever since the Sr. Weyrwoman warned her off the candidate. With any hope the woman will come to her senses and see a real man standing here. Rather than a ‘friend’ as she so often pegs him to be.

Kalea rubs her damp hands along her hips to dry them off. “And I really appreciate that you mean that.” At least she hopes that he really means that. Because she’s about to ask something of him that no friend has a right to. She walks across the room and settles herself in the chair. Leaving the couch open for T’lvier should he chose to sit down. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask a huge favor of you.” There at least that much of it is out there.

T’lvier keeps a close eye on Kalea as she strolls to the chair and makes herself comfortable. His curiosity is tweaked so he follows her across the room and settles himself in the middle of the couch. Sprawling his legs out in front of him. “Well what kinda favor could be so huge as ta have ye walking ruts in th’ floor?” By now surely the woman knows he’ll do sharding well anything for her. Well aside from leaving off picking on the teenager she’s so hung up on. He just can’t seem to help himself in that department.

Kalea’s hand spreads protectively across her stomach as she curls her legs up and over the armrest. The mint water Favnier had given her has worked wonders on her nausea for the moment. She sits there staring at T’lvier and wishing he were Kultir. Wishing to the depths of her heart that she could be honest and scream it from the bowl wall that she’s pregnant by the man she loves. It isn’t to be however. So she takes a deep breath and drops the news on T’lvier instead. “I’m pregnant.” That isn’t exactly the favor. But she’ll get to that in a moment.

“Scuse me girl?” T’lvier’s kneejerk reaction is to deny that it’s true. She can’t be pregnant!! She can’t! Not until he gets her into bed. It’s not supposed to happen until then! He sits there for several moments and rages inside his own head. Unwilling to let Kalea see how deeply her news affects him. He doesn’t bother to ask her who the father is. He already knows the answer. And the hard fact of it drops into his stomach like a lead weight.

Kalea feels her muscles tense up at his question. She tries to take deep breaths to remain calm. Though she’d really like to burst into tears. “I’m pregnant,” she repeats it again. In case his ears were turned off the first time. “And I need you to claim the baby. I can’t have Kultir stripped of his knot now!” She can’t seem to stop her mouth now that it’s going. “We’ve not seen one another since the disaster happened. And I don’t want him to lose his chance to Stand over this. According to your brother I got pregnant /before/ he was asked to join the candidate ranks. And I don’t want to destroy this for him.” Finally she runs out of air and sits there shaking.

There is nothing wrong with T’lvier’s ears. He’d heard her just fine. And now she’s telling him that she wants /him/ to lay claim to the child. He pulls his feet toward him and leans forward to rest his elbows on his knees. “So in order ta’ save yer precious lover, ye wan’ me ta say th’ baby is mine.” Saying it aloud doesn’t make it feel any more real to him. She’s asking an awful lot from him. He takes a swig of his wine and sits there a moment. “Why would I be willin’ ta do something like that?” It’s a fair question and he swings his gaze to watch her reaction.

Kalea chews her lower lip until the sting warns her she’s going to bite clear through. “Because you are the only friend I have that I can trust to do this for us.” She knows that it isn’t an easy thing to ask of him. But she really doesn’t have anyone else to ask. She sits there braced for him to laugh or get angry. Perhaps he’ll just simply tell her ‘no’ and leave it at that. Whatever his answer she sits there waiting for it.

T’lvier frowns mightily when she admits that there isn’t anywhere else for her to turn. That his him hard in his chest. Hard enough that he lifts a hand to rub the spot above his heart. “A’right lass. I’ll lay claim to yer child.” He won’t let her face the anger of folks on her own. Won’t let her be further ridiculed for having taken a weyrmate who was so young. He’s watched her cry about all he can stomach.

Kalea’s head snaps up from where her gaze had dropped to her legs. “You will?” Relief shines brightly in her eyes as she smiles at T’lvier. “Thank you Tulley. I can’t ever thank you enough!” There will be no chance of anyone blaming Kultir for her baby. Not with another ‘rider laying claim to it. They won’t be able to punish him for something that should by all rights be good news. The nervous energy seeps out of her and she slumps in the chair.

T’lvier chuckles at the expression on her face. How can a man turn down a smile like that? “Humph,” he grunts and drops his head against his hand when she calls him Tulley. Now there’s a name only his brother can get away with. And apparently /her/ now. Jeeze! “Ye can thank me by not e’er callin’ me that in public.” He lifts his head and grins at her. “Are ya tired lass? Ye look like ye could use a nap.” And he could use some fresh air and time to think.

Kalea feels a yawn coming even as T’lvier asks her if she’s tired. “I’m a little sleepy,” she admits after catching her yawn with her hand. “It’s already been a rather big day for me.” She chuckles happily and slides her feet to the floor. Turning to sit correctly in the chair. “Would you mind terribly if I kicked you out until supper? I think I could use a nap to be honest.”

T’lvier is relieved to be kicked out today actually. And hey, he gets to bring her dinner again tonight. Bonus right? “I’ll ask Favnier what ye should be eatin’. An bring yer favorites too.” He’ll try to incorporate a little of both in their dinners from now on. He drains his mug and rises to his feet. “I suppose I’ll see my way out then. I know better than ta ask ta tuck ye in.” He’d tried that a couple times now. And gotten an earful for it. So he simply teases her now and cocks a brow at her above his grin. “See ya t’night lass. Rest easy.” He leaves the mug on the cabinet as he walks by. Heading out to the ledge and his waiting lifemate.

Kalea laughs and shakes her head at T’lvier. “I appreciate you adding something /I/ might like into the mix.” She sits stubbornly in the chair and shakes her head when he teases her about tucking her in. He may lay claim to her baby. But he isn’t getting anywhere /near/ her bed. “See you tonight,” she calls after him as he turns to walk out of the weyr. She waits until she hears the scrape of claws and Ryadranth confirms that they’re gone before she hefts herself out of her chair. She toes off her boots and leaves them lay where they fall. Walking around the couch to drop onto the bed.

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