==== October 12th, 2013
==== Kyara, Sienna
==== Kyara tells Sienna about her nightmare, and they discuss how their lifemates help them deal with things.

Who Kyara, Sienna
What Kyara tells Sienna about her nightmare, and they discuss how their lifemates help them deal with things.
When Afternoon. There is 1 Turn until the 12 Pass.
Where Liareth's Ledge, Igen Weyr

Liareth's Ledge
A wide, flat ledge, edges gouged from centuries of taloned feet gripping it to land, faces west near the apex of the caldera that is Igen Weyr. Sand fills a dragon-sized spot worn into the surface near the southern edge. The back half is sheltered by weathered, rusty-hued stone - expansive enough to provide a haven during inclement weather. Around the outside edges of the cave, a few smaller shelves of rock jut out - deep enough to allow firelizards to lounge, should they wish to. Beyond a stone platform lies the entrance to Kyara's weyr, cut off from the ledge by a heavy, sapphire-hued hanging edged with a simple blocked spiral pattern in gold thread. Two sand-filled cylindrical striking bags hang in the back left corner of the sheltered space. Just to the left of the entrance is a shelf holding pots of oil and salve, beneath which is a row of hooks for fighting straps.

Liareth reaches out to waft light steam and heat across the older green's mind in question, the scent of bergamot subtly carried along in a hint of significance. « Mine wonders if yours would come, if she isn't busy. Mine is troubled. »

Kehemath responds with a puff of gentle sage smoke drifting up through ancient pines. « We come, » she replies, and a few minutes later the nimble green is touching down on Liareth's ledge, crouching to let her rider dismount.

It is just warm enough for Kyara to dare hanging about on her ledge this afternoon. The end of morning drills found her here shortly thereafter - a time to decompress in light of what the earliest hours of the day wrought in her mind. Drills didn't give her time to process the dream, thankfully, but it's what she's been doing now, for the past half a mark or so. Her eyes are a little red, though she hasn't cried much as she rationalizes it all out. In spite of how bad it was, there was a lot of impracticality to it as well, and that is a bit of an anchor at the moment. She just needs to get some of it out. She can't hide the rather relieved look that comes to her face when Kehemath brings Sienna along, and she stands from the edge she was sitting at, brushing herself off as she walks over. "Thanks for coming," she says quietly, clearing her throat of yet another rasp of emotion.

Sienna straightens her riding leathers as she dismounts, tilting her head curiously at the sight of her friend's red eyes and obvious emotion. "What is it?" she asks, walking forward with arms open, offering a hug. Kehemath shifts to the side, looking for Liareth and finding a nice spot to curl up and soak up as much sun as she can.

Kyara accepts that hug firmly, dropping her face into Sienna's shoulder to hide the tears that well up again. No sobbing - she got all of that out of her system this morning. Just the tears, which she mops up most of with her sleeve after straightening back up, blinking at her friend. "I had the most awful dream," she answers, her voice still rough. Fine, it seems it's going to stay that way. "It was…about Thread. Every rider I know was in it, and…I watched it take them all. All of you. You, K'ane, W'rin… And it would've had me, too, if it hadn't been for Lia pulling me out finally. It was too real." She shrugs, steadying herself with a sigh. "Needless to say, I'm just glad you're alive right now," she says quietly.

Sienna frowns in concern, giving her friend a tight hug and briefly stroking her hair before she straightens, digging out a white handkerchief from her pocket to offer over. "Oh, Kyara…" Now Kyara knows how it feels, to think you've lost someone you love. Sienna doesn't say that, though. "W'rin too?" She winces at that, shaking her head firmly. Seems she might have similar fears - if not a dream of her own. "Sometimes our dreams are cruel. And yes, very much alive," she reassures, offering her another hug. "What was it like? Was it just a bad Fall, or did we make mistakes?"

Clenching her jaw against verbally affirming it when asked about W'rin, Kyara just gives a quick nod. The second hug is taken, drifted out of absently as she recounts things. Not a hard thing to do, at the moment. "It was a bad Fall. The formation was strange - just me inserting everyone else besides Whirlwind into it, that's all. I think we thought it was coming from the east, and it snuck up on us from the north instead. So much wind… It made the Fall clumped and unpredictable. And when the first went down, the form broke, and I was yelling at the ones ahead to hold it, but then…" She shakes her head and finds some vague point on the horizon to look at. "Anyone in the lead didn't make it, and it all fell apart. It was like the Fall was alive, almost. Seeking people out. But I know it can't do that. There was so much about it I know can't happen, but still…"

Sienna nods, slipping her hands into her pockets when the hug concludes. "Hmm," she says with pursed lips and a frown. "No, Thread is mindless, but still. It can be unpredictable." She exhales softly. "A fitting nightmare I suppose, when we're a Turn away from its beginning."

Kyara shivers at that. "I just don't understand why it seemed as real as it did. I've had nightmares before, but none like that." Sniffling a bit, she wipes at her eyes again with what's in her hand…that white handkerchief Sienna always seems to have around, and yes, that she did take when offered, if absently. She manages a light chuckle, a soft smirk finding it's way to her lips. "I'm going to have to get you another of these, as often as you've let me use it," she comments with another small head shake. Sobering again, she hands it back. "I've heard…these sorts of dreams might happen more for us, the closer it gets."

Sienna nods a bit, and then she chuckles, waving the offer away with a hand. "I have amassed quite the collection of handkerchiefs. I cry a lot. I've got at least twenty." Some embroidered, some plain, but all given to her by others. "Have you?" she asks, glancing curiously at her dozing lifemate. "I've started to go on odd dreamwalks with Kehemath as well. The Red Star is always present. I'm not surprised though. The dragons know."

With hmm, Kyara looks at the handkerchief for a moment, amused. She might have to invest in some herself, at this rate. "This was my first," she replies with a shake of her head, and then she blinks over at Kehemath. Liareth is curled up near the older green, almost dozing but not quite, more listening than anything else. "She…dreams with you?" she questions, not sure she quite understands.

Sienna nods, a gentle smile curving her lips. "Yes. Often. I call it dreamwalking, because it's like I'm awake, but I'm dreaming, and she's guiding. Leading me through things. Sometimes there's a lesson she wants me to learn, other times she just wants to play. It's part of how I decided to choose W'rin over Whirlwind. She dreamt me through my options and helped me discover what I really wanted."

Add another facet to Kyara's admiration for the fascinating being that is Sienna's dragon. "Huh. That's really neat," she observes, also smiling. "Did you have a hard time figuring out which was you and which was her, at first?" Pondering Liareth, the younger greenrider folds her arms thoughtfully. "Sometimes…I think somewhere between being awake and asleep, there's a place Lia brings me into. Very simple; it always seems the same…but she's always changing little details, making me look at things twice, and there are meanings to those things. It seems a little like what Kehemath does, maybe. But not as…involving with me as that."

Sienna chuckles softly, her grin knowing and crooked. "Oh yes. A lot of trouble. She is very…encompassing. And we are very closely linked. When she flies it's the worst. And when we dream together. Still." Listening, the greenrider glances to Liareth with a nod. "Yes? Is it an actual place? Kehemath likes this one clearing…it sounds very similar. A place for the two of you."

"I…don't know." Whether or not it's an actual place. Liareth gives a soft rumble, almost smug-sounding as she glances at the two women with a half-lidded eye. She'll never tell, you see. A familiar smile of fondness is cast at her lifemate before Kyara looks back to Sienna again. Somehow, this speaking of other places in the mind realms of their dragons is helping her sort this nightmare where it needs to go. "It feels like a place that could have been, maybe. Something about it seems so ancient…but there's this simple opulence about it that feels fresh every single time we're there. It's…like the baths, but richer, and still and quiet. Open to the sky, and it changes with how I - we - feel. Sometimes it's hard to tell which of us is feeling what. We're close in our emotions so much of the time."

Sienna nods, smiling. "Right. But it's a place in her mind. Somewhere she imagines for you, invented or remembered. That sounds lovely though. A good place to go and think, and work through things." She knows. Kehemath's clearing is very much like that in concept.

Eyebrows lift just a bit as Kyara catches Sienna's meaning a little more fully. "It is," she affirms, sighing lightly. "It's where she kept me after…the nightmare, until I fell asleep again. Where she'd have me now, if I wasn't talking to you, but," a small, grateful smile, here, "she knows it's important that I tell other people things, to get more perspectives than hers." She gives a light, dry snort, glancing at her lifemate again. "Else I'd spend half my life just sitting up here with her, I'll bet." To this, Liareth gives a light snort of her own and looks away from them, out across the Bowl, ever the noble, composed, statuesque one. Brat. After a moment of quiet, Kyara sighs. "I…guess I know what to expect now, in Thread dreams. Hopefully they won't all be like that. I haven't felt that sort of loss since…jumping ahead, I think." Regarding Sienna steadily for a moment, she suddenly says, quietly, "Thank you. For talking. I know you haven't been having the best time of things lately, and…all I did was have a bad dream." An eyebrow rises along with a smirk. "We ought to find some more happy things to drink to sometime. Only I get to start drinking with you instead of later."

Sienna grins, "Our dragons can give us a lot, but they can't give us everyone else's perspective," she agrees knowingly, with a smile for the young green. And then there's a slight shrug, offering her friend's shoulder a brief clasp. "Of course, Kyara, you're more than welcome. Don't feel bad; it's good for me to look outside my own issues and help others. It's always been what helps me when I'm struggling. And really, I'm doing okay. I get to see the twins twice a sevenday and they're doing just fine, so that ache is mending. W'rin and I are well. It's alright."

"Good. Good; I'm glad," Kyara says, covering the hand that clasps her shoulder and squeezing it as she nods, an actual grin finally making it to her face as she reaches up to dash away any lingering moisture from her eyes. "Well…would you like to come in? I haven't had lunch yet, if you'd like to join me," she offers, gesturing toward her weyr. Now that the edge is gone from the nightmare, it is most definitely time to focus on what the rest of the day brings. And eating would be a good thing. "Otherwise, I'll let you get back to it."

Sienna smiles, "I'd love to join you! And about that drinking…" She coughs, a blush rising to her cheeks. "Yeah, I'm…I get so goofy when I drink. Next time you'll start with us instead of just seeing the end of it. Faranth. I can't remember half of what I said…" she admits, trailing off with a slightly embarrassed laugh as she follows Kyara into her weyr.

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