==== August 2, 2013
==== Mayte, K'vvan
====K'vvan finally admits he likes Mayte… under the influence of a lot of alcohol.

Who Mayte K'vvan
What K'vvan finally admits he likes Mayte… under the influence of a lot of alchohol.
When There is 1 turn 7 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
Where Lake



The crystalline focus of the westward stretch of Igen's activity chases frequent, colorful sunsets that sprawl over sparkling azure waters, throwing back Rukbat's brilliance in breathtaking pyrotechnic displays. Clean, crisp waters run still and deep, providing a transparent view of Weyr Lake's aquatic residents and their rocky home below with startling clarity, right down to the tiniest pebble. The glasslike qualities grow murky, however, near southern shores and the inevitability of runoff from the pens and their occupants. To the north, streams flow in a controlled rush downwards into the dark depths of the water caverns, the constant babble echoing through the neighboring ruins of Igen's abandoned complexes, disturbing naught but the tunnelsnakes that call that area 'home'.

K'vvan follws the girl as she makes her way up and out of the cantina. The pair are silent as they walk towards the water area. There is a slight fuzz in K'vvan's brain, and the walk is helping to dispel it. A few people cast looks at the pair who are walking about a foot away from one another, the green rider looking particularly grumpy. At least one person is about to come say hi, but reverses quickly when faced with a glare from K'vvan.

Mayte has made her way to the lake, quickly discarding certain clothing items like two skins of wine, a jacket, a shirt and the ignominious pair of pants at the shoreline. She moves into the water, giving the slightest indication of shiver when water laps her ankles, as she wanders further out; turning, then walking backwards up to her waist, watching K'vvan silently,

K'vvan's eyes grow wide as Mayte pulls ahead of him, stopping the moment that the first wineskin kits the ground. Bending he picks the wineskin up… only to see the jacket hit just a few inches ahead. His eyes follow the line of discarded clothing all the way to the girl wearing only a bra in the water. "Faranth's tits woman! Why the hell are your clothes coming off? You're too young to have trained as a stripper!" Unstopping the wineskin K'vvan takes a large drink to steady himself.

Mayte is up to her waist, then ribs, and then the bare lowest line of her functional, unattractive brassiere, in water. The clothing has created a visual line to the apprentice and she doesn't try to hide under the water; merely looks at K'vvan curiously, "I don't want my clothes to get wet." Duh. The stripper comment gets a peal of laughter, "Oh, I never…" She pauses, "Wait, you don't think I did that, did you?" A hand reaches forward to the wineskin, if only for liquid courage for the vintner herself.

K'vvan is starting to feel the alcohol again, having had a bit /before/ arriving in the Cantina Her reaching for the wineskin finally has K'vvan stepping over her discarded clothing to hand it over. He's a bit unsteady on his feet, and stops at the edge of the water, still several lengths away from where she stands chest-deep in the water. "Hell girl, you keep taking off your /clothes/." He says this almost matter-of-fact, like it somehow makes his statement not offensive.

Mayte accepts the wineskin happily, it being her wineskin and filled with her favourite wines, and takes a long sip, tipping her head back. Even her throat moves when she swallows the wine; when her throat stills, and Mayte holds out the wineskin to be returned to the beach; maybe she'll never know if her "What?" is seductive or innocent, but she continues, "Well, yeah. I don't want to get them ruined." Like, duh. She eyes K'vvan's clothing carefully and though her lips curl into a tiny grin, Mayte doesn't imply that more fun would be had if he joined her.

K'vvan watches, more than a little fuzzy eyed as the girl comes out of the water to get the wine. He watches, the moon shining brightly down onto the lake and outlining her pale skin in a shimmering glow. Even her less-than-attractive underclothing isn't enough to diminish her quite clear beauty from his gaze. The wineskin is held out to him, and K'vvan leans forward to take it back. Their grips do not quite match, and K'vvan's fuzzy reflexes are not quite what they usually are. The wine falls slowly to hit the water right between them, and K'vvan overbalances while reaching for the skin. His balance shot the green rider falls into the water, arms outstretched to try to break his fall into the water.

Mayte is smiling quixotically, somewhat happilly, until K'vvan starts to nose-dive into the water. Not even granny-panties can ruin the now! At first, Mayte is giggling, but then a little worm of sobriety punctures the situation; she tries to move herself under K'vvan, only managing to grasp his shoulders until he hits the water - oh hello, eyeball to inappropriate place; Mayte tries her tipsy but water-wise best to pull K'vvan up, "Are you okay?" The moment K'vvan is secure, she'll let go.

K'vvan splashes hard into the shallows of the water, his attempt to catch himself fouled by Mayte's attempt to help. Water seeps quickly into his clothing, and K'vvan is completely soaked. The tugging of the girl is utterly ineffective and the green rider is sitting in the shallows of the lake. His mind is fuzzy with alcohol, and the girl is bending over him. "I want to kiss you." His words are a bit slurred, and he is reaching up towards her hair where is hangs over his face. The fuzzyness seems to have loosened /all/ of his inhibitions.

The confusion ends, or begins, with Mayte kneeling hap-hazardly over K'vvan, her inebriated attempts more ineffectual than anything. K'vvan's averring doens't phase her much, but she blinks, stilling in place, "Whaa?" Little pink bubbles might float over her head, or she might just be staring at K'vvan, eyes darting occasionally to his hand in her hair. "Um, ditto?" or so she's choosing to believe

K'vvan runs his hand though her hair, a bit glassy-eyed. A dragon hint manages to make it into his brain and K'vvan decides to trust his dragon's judgment. Swiftly he reaches up and pulls her head toward his, and their lips meet firmly. The kiss lasts for just a few seconds, but for K'vvan it feels like an eternity. The fact that he's sitting in cold water in full clothing seems to be forgotten for the moment.

Mayte isn't privvy to dragon hints, so she's just watching K'vvan, as he moves to kiss her. Even though the kiss is entirely memorable, the other half's pulling back makes eyes that have fallen shut pop open; she stares in abject amazement and swallows. Mayte shifts briefly, unaware of what she might be moving against, to return the meeting of lips and smiles down: "Are you sure this is okay?" she asks shyly, because nothing sounds quite as romantic as accidently repeating divisive words.

K'vvan stares up into her dark eyes, completely tongue tied. Her body shifts against his and he move an arm around her waist to pull her closer. His words are just as slurred as before, "Never kissed before." Something tugs him, telling him that statement isn't true, but what is seems to be just outside his ability to remember.

Mayte eeps briefly as she feels herself being pulled closer, but smiles tentatively, even giving a little giggle. She shakes her head solemnly though, staring down into K'vvan's eyes, "I just… I can't believe that," she whispers; havin to inch up against K'vvan's tall frame, Mayte looks a little silly, "I like your kissin' just fine." The early patois of her youth starts drifting into her speach and Mayte cuts herself off, returning the kiss briefly, if firmly, before pulling back so slightly to watch K'vvan.

"Not… a girl, or pretty." There's a vagueness to his answer that matches the slurred words. Finally he seems to realize that he is sitting in water, and releases the girl, trying to push himself to his feet and out of the water. The weight of his clothes hamper his attempts.

Mayte giggles briefly and pulls back, rising to her feet and holds out a hand, "Can I help you?" the lilt of Mayte's voice is sly but cheerful - after all, she's the one standing - "Do you need help to your weyr?" is the next innocent question. Play it cool, such is the way.

K'vvan takes the help of the vintner and rises from the water. He isn't very steady on his feet, but he lets her go and takes a few wobbly steps till he is firmly on the beach. Trying to turn to look at her again has him falling again though, this time on dry land, and onto his butt. He looks up at the girl from where he is now firmly sitting, "Uh, no… Nadeeth, will come, help up, yeah."

Oh yeah, K'vvan is rising from the water, alright, and Mayte is blushing at the idea of that, even as they move towards the lake. She gives a slight giggle when K'v… K''v… K'vaann lands back down, eyeing and picking up strange clothing on the way. Maybe it's even hers. "Oh, good, then," Mayte isn't catty enough to resent Nadeeth, her bestest draconic buddy (or only one, but don't tell Mayte that or she might cry), "Should I stay until she … " For a moment, the human's world is spinning until she focuses on K'vvan again, "Um. I like it here." Such are the thought processes of a drunk vintner, "Let's just wait until Nadeeth is here…"

It is a tired dragon that finally alights on the edge of the lake, moving slowly towards the pair. K'vvan's head has sunk lower and lower, and he is /almost/ asleep when a soft touch reaches out to brush his mind. Jerking himself awake he pulls himself up and stumbles towards his dragon. He pauses before hauling himself up. "I… like you." It's not totally certain, but it is said. "But. stuff, happens, I don't want… you know, right?"

Nadeeth's arrival means Mayte can stand up and feel assured that K'vvan won't be alone tonight. She watches him clamber onto the green neck and smiles so briefly at the first sentence… but the second sends confusion awash over the apprentice's face before she swallows it down and nods solemnly, "Sure." Because this is a Weyr and stuff happens, even if Mayte isn't entirely sure what 'stuff' connotates, "I'll see you later," She says and turns, totally bemused in the sea of inebriated feeling, beginning the walk back to the Bazaar, clumsily pulling her clothes on one mis-labeled limb at a time. Why's her shirt on backwards again?

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