==== January 25, 2014
==== Renalde, Nora
==== What starts out sounding rather like a Performance Review turns into a shifting of duties where Nora ends up with a lot more work.

Who Renalde, Nora
What What starts out sounding rather like a Performance Review turns into a shifting of duties where Nora ends up with a lot more work.
When There are 0 turns, 1 month and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Headman's office

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Headman's Office
A large desk made of carved wood stands in the middle of the room. Neat piles of papers, each looking to have a specific purpose sit in orderly lines upon it and a line of writing utensils sit ready to be used. A large administrative chair of dark leather, looking not particularly comfortable, sits behind the desk. Behind the desk a wall of bookcases and cabinets stand, slowly being filled with the day-to-day records of the hall. Across from the desk a large fireplace sits awaiting a log to burn against small breezes. One large comfortable chair sits off to one side, easy to converse with, and even easier to ignore if need be. To the left large double doors open onto a small living area complete with bed and wardrobe with an expansive view of the Southern ocean.

There is something infinitely satisfying about scratching things off of one's to-do-list for the day. Renalde sets his pen down on the ledger in front of him, careful to not muss any of the markings which he has just oh-so-carefully written. "Next," he continues reaching forward to pick up a scrap of parchment. "Apparently a group of apprentices out in the jungle for a lesson on plants have found another one of those abandoned ships. From reports, there was nothing on it except this." The scrap is proffered to the assistant headwoman so she can read the faint words which speak of two dozen feline skins to be delivered… somewhere.

Nora is certainly fond of decimating a to-do list and with this latest task complete, she takes her own moment to put a quick but triumphant check on her clipboard. Done. And then she's read for whatever's next, lifting her eyes to Renalde's hands to see what they're turning their heads to next. And if she's confused, well, there's only a stoic blink that might give it away. She takes the scrap, eyes narrowed a bit as she works to make out the worn writing. "Have you seen Hannah about this?"

"Altering the weyrleadership to this latest mystery is next on my list. If you happen to speak to her before I, let her know I seek a moment of her time." Because really, Hannah and Renalde are… cool at best. Renalde sits back in his chair and folds his hands together, fingers interlocking gently. "The hunter escorting the apprentices has blocked the path to the ship so curious apprentices can not get back without difficulty, in case it is dangerous."

Nora's nod would agree with that plan, that Hannah is next, whether she and Renalde are friendly or not. Meanwhile, she skims the page once more before it's set on the desk between them. There's tension still around, doubtlessly the result of questions about these apprentices and their adventure. "Interesting," is all she says, though, as she flips to a fresh page to begin scribbling her notes. "And yes, if I see her, I'll let her know."

Reaching forward Renalde picks up the scrap to slip it into the book before him before closing it gently. "Nora." Renalde leans forward just slightly resting his forearms just barely against the wood while his hands again fold together again. "How are you?" An open ended question for an open ended answer. "I know the last few months have been difficult in some ways."

Maybe the gentle handling of things should give her some kind of tip off, but it's not until Renalde is saying her name and leaning forward that Nora recognizes the abrupt shift in conversation and it makes her blink up from her page. Blink. She draws a breath to catch up, resettles her posture into something more affable and less studious as she spreads an easy smile. "I'm well, sir," she assure. "The last few months have been… clarifying." Yes, that's the word. "And you?"

Renalde does not move, nor does he speak right away. Instead he takes his moment to really look at the assistant headwoman from head to toe. She's smiling; but that doesn't necessarily mean much. Renalde smiles all the time. Of course, his smiles usually scare people. Now however, he isn't smiling, just looking well… concerned a bit. "Are you happy with your current slate of responsibilities? The fall over Keroon…" he pauses for a moment, a brief darkening of his own eyes the only hint to his internal feelings about the matter, "was difficult."

Nora remains as she is while he looks her over, sitting comfortably with her legs crossed and a pale calf sticking out from the lay of her white skirt, a black shoe today keeping her attire entirely achromatic. Her smile stays just the same, pleasant and patient. At least until that concern starts to show up on Renalde's face. "It was difficult for everyone," she says, letting the reality of it sober her expression. As for her slate, "I feel confident, sir, yes." Which may not be exactly the same as happy, but close enough.

A single eyebrow raised, Renalde totally sees what she did there. "I asked if you were happy Nora, not confident. This past year has made it perfectly clear that you are perfectly competent at whatever you put your mind to. Are you happy in your duties?" Those hands remain folded before him; he has all the time in the world for her to answer the question.

She blinks this time with a touch of confusion, almost as if she isn't entirely sure what Rendale means. But Nora draws a nice long breath and says, "Sure. I'm happy." But perhaps she's a little less patient now, still smiling even as sharper curiosity becomes apparent on her face. "What is this about? I don't think you need to worry about my morale."

"You complain very little my dear." Or not at all; at least to Renalde that is. That eyelid lowers and Renalde is unfolding his hands to reach for another slip on his desk. "You have performed your duties to a standard to which only that odious Senior Journeyman Arlemond was able to find places for improvement. The most conservative of those here have no complaints. Some have mentioned how your solidness during the chaos after the fall helped them to carry on." Perhaps it is just her annual performance review? But no, Renalde is handing over that piece of paper. "If you are turely happy with your duties then these changes are unnecessary." The paper outlines a shift in duties. Renalde's name is listed next to various parts of weyr management, including ground crews, the nursery and laundry most exceptionally while Nora's has the Infirmary, kitchens and living caverns. "Of course, as necessary we will continue to collaborate but for all day-to-day the individuals in these areas will report to you or myself."

Nora turns her head. "I'm afraid I've never personally spoken to Journeyman Arlemond," she remarks, casting dubious light on whatever his wanting report must have been. She might be about to chase down just what she could do to improve, but it's lost instead to a surprised blink as Renalde continues with her praise, enough that it paints a bit of bashfulness on her pale features and chases her glance downward. "I could say the same for many others," genuine gratitude recalling all the shoulders than leaned on one another as scared and wounded riders came in. But there's a piece of paper. She reaches out to take it, fingers light, and her eyes skim twice over the page. Without agreeing, she wonders, "Is there a reason for this proposal?"

A voice can get no drier then Renalde's as he adds quietly, "I would not wish him upon you," referring, of course, to Arlemond. As she continues though Renalde sighs, just slightly. "There are many reasons. For one, the time has long since passed when there was a need for your decisions to come to me on many things; this has been much too long coming. For another, I wish to see the improvements in the kitchen continue. The lack of better has been a distinct improvement." Each time Renalde ticks of a point there is a slight twitch to those folded hands where index fingers are steepled. "Last, I have been informed my presence is less than… comforting." Again, a hint of Renalde's oh-too-dry humor peeks its head into his voice as an eyebrow twitches just slightly.

Each tick earns a little press on Nora's brows, a little nod of understanding, and then she reads through the proposal again. "I don't think I understand what's different. As we've been, I'm happy to handle whatever you want me to, and to assist with your responsibilities however I can. I don't understand how this is changes that. Unless you mean for these areas to be my sole responsibility." She doesn't lift her gaze, though; it stays on the page, weighing each item in full.

"I do mean for those to be your sole responsibility unless you feel something should be brought to my particular attention. I believe these changes play more fully to our particular strengths and will allow greater clarity to those who work in those areas on who they need to report to." Here Nora, have a bucket of trust, though Renalde's expression does not change even a single wit as he lays down his offer. "In particular the infirmary," Renalde's expression darkens again; just slightly, though he does not continue on that vein. "If you wish to continue as we have however," Renalde reaches out for that paper should she choose to turn down this offer. "as you have said, there is minimal disadvantage to how it has been arranged."

First, there's a touch of disbelief, and then Nora's smile starts to widen and beam, her posture straightening to an eager perch on her chair. "Oh. Oh, thank you, sir. Yes, if this is what you want, we can certainly organize things this way." She nods definitively, as if she's left any room for doubt, and offers the page back to him, having well memorized the contents in her repeated reading. "Or did you want me to keep this?" she wonders of it, shifting to stand.

Even Renalde is not quite immune to the sudden happiness in the assistant headwoman's face. A small smile, perhaps aptly called proud, twitches across his lips. Backwards retracts his hand, leaving her with her paper. "I will inform all of the weyrfolk tomorrow morning of the change. You will let me know if you need assistance? And I do wish to continue to meet; though perhaps every other night instead of every."

The pride only makes her smile more broadly, enough that Nora needs to bite on it a little to keep it in check, to muscle it back to something a bit more stately. And perhaps it's that pride that makes her say, "There aren't many times that I wish I could tell my father something, but.." This must rate. She tucks the paper in with her own. "And yes, certainly. And you too," she adds with that grin springing wide and warm for shared assistance. "Perhaps we should continue with every morning, at least, make sure we're prepared, but it's not like we never see each other during the day." Either way, regular meetings in some form or another.

Renalde marks one more thing off his list; though this one is clearly pleasant. "Every morning it is then; and evenings as necessary." Standing, Renalde begins to set his papers in order for the next day. Each paper is put exactly where he wants it till in short order everything is cleared. "I must go see if I can find the weyrwoman tonight."

Nora nods again, recalling, yes, there's news for Hannah about the ships, but then, she's still a little too pleased with her own news to focus overmuch on abandoned vessels just this moment. "Your faith in me means a lot, sir. Thank you, very much, for my promotion." She lets just one more breath swell at her chest, and then she's off with that confident strike of heels sounding down the hall.

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