==== February 13, 2014
====Reilan, Thierry
==== Thierry shows that he /does/ have something… squishier in him. He gives Reilan a belated turnday present.

Who Reilan, Thierry
What Thierry shows that he /does/ have something… squishier in him. He gives Reilan a belated turnday present.
When It is evening of the sixteenth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Tunnelsnake fighting ring, bazaar sidestreets.

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Kitchen, the tunnelsnake fighting ring
A busy kitchen!

Another day, another dime - or so the saying would go elsewhere in the universe. Here on Pern though, the sun's set and there's a chill in the air, marking the end of one more day of business in the busy bazaar. The ring is packed with punters, bumping back and forth, and Thierry, still in his guard uniform, seems to be getting double the jostling that he ever got /before/ he got himself in trouble. That sets his volatile mood to foul, and the teen breaks free to make his way to the ring's kitchen, where his sister's got food for him.

Being a part of the ring..and yet not part is a precarious position. Reilan's father might work it, but the teen himself isn't much of a participant. He doesn't expect too much from those living around him, and they aren't often giving. Which is why, while he does have something to eat, it was obtained at a vendor elsewhere. Thierry is easily spotted though, and he trails after the older teen without a word. It's too loud in the ring area to bother, anyway.

It's not much quieter in the kitchen, with Abbier yelling at her staff and Abeirya, Thierry's mum, yelling at /her/ staff - the two women in the Sersang family don't take any more shit than the men do. Thierry's already settled into the small cubby off to the side where there's a tiny table and seats, looking as good as exhausted as he tucks into a big bowl of whatever's going that night.

There is little preamble surrounding Reilan's arrival. He simply slides into an available chair where Thierry sits, still eating what's left of what looks like some sort of sandwich on folded, flat bread. There's a wary look for all the women yelling though, before he swings his foot to give the older boy's leg a light tap. "You bet anything at the fights?"

Dark eyes flicker up to meet Reilan's when the blonde sits, before Thierry grunts a greeting and gets back to the serious business of eating. "No." It's a very blunt answer, that doesn't even warrant him looking up from his food. He just keeps shovelling it down until he reaches for his drink, chugs from it, then starts back into the food again.

Reilan makes a face, watching Thierry /inhale/ his food. "Don't they give you a break to eat? Or is real work that effective?" It's kept soft at least. In crowded places, Rei tends to leave the older boy out of most teasing.

"I gotta break. Ten breaks. Don't actually think I worked today." Thierry's lying, though he looks side-on to Reilan to challenge him to say otherwise. "Got a bet on at the Pit." Where he's less likely to be called out for possible rigging, since that's certainly not a Sersang-run business. "Waiting for the results. Any time now."

Reilan's lips curve upward slowly. He's not buying the 'no work' excuse. Hard to get away with that as a guard recruit. He rests his chin on his hand though, elbow dug in against the table while he watches Thierry. "Hm..should visit there a bit more, I think. It's more entertaining than watching tunnelsnakes anyway."

"You insulting my family business, Worm?" Thierry slams his fist down onto the table, glaring sideways at the younger teen. "Think them fuckers over at the Pit are better than what we got here? Cos you and your dad can go find work with them, if you do."

Reilan tilts his head a bit, smiling as he moves his other hand to also hold his chin, leaning forward on the table. "Shh. Don't be so grouchy just because you've had a bad day. It's not for everyone, but there's nothing wrong with it either." Who really is the younger one here?

It's hard to believe that it's Reilan at times! Thierry jabs an elbow at the blonde, glowering at him as he finishes the last of his dinner. "You don't insult my family," he snips sorely, before downing his drink. The empties are abandoned on the table as he pushes Reilan out of the way, so he can get up. A serving girl is pointed towards the clean-up that's needed, while he jerks his head for Rei to follow him out into the ring.

"No one did," is the almost cheerful reply. Reilan simply gives the information, then gives a bit of a push back at all the jostling from Thierry. He doesn't look less amused about it though, getting up to head after the older boy. The girl? There's a small thankful nod for her service!

Thierry leads them through the ring, weaving through the outskirts of the crowd and out through the corridor that leads onto the street. From there, they start towards the Pit, though don't quite make it all the way there before there's a man in their path. A bookie, if Reilan recognises him, who's been in the ring plenty of times before. Thi holds up a finger to get Rei to pause while he steps aside to speak to the bet-taker, returning to the blonde with a little bundle in his hand. "C'mon." They're on the move again!

He is a familiar face. And at least he doesn't seem to have the look of someone smug about another's losses. Reilan does wait, sidling off to the side for the men to conduct their business. Bundle? That gets a curious look as he follows the older boy again. "What is that?"

"Winnings." Thierry shrugs, slowing down to peer into the bundle once they're in enough light for him to be able to see the contents. He lets out a contented huff, then leads the two of them down into a little sidestreet. It's empty, and when he reaches a spot he likes, he stops. "Close your eyes. Hold out your hands."

There are a few words and phrases Reilan just doesn't expect to hear from Thierry. That is one of them. He follows the older boy though, still trying to get a curious glimpse of what he /has/ when those words come out. He blinks, brows furrowing just a little in almost worried..suspicion? Who knows what he'll be putting in there! "If this hurts.." He'll throw it at Thierry. But for now he does hold out his hands, eyes reluctantly closing.

"Don't you dare fucking drop it," is all the warning Thierry gives before he places something warm and hard into Reilan's hands. Warm, hard and /round/, that is. He gently closes the blonde's fingers around the ovoid, then steps back. It could be a cue for Rei to open his eyes, but Thierry says no such thing.

Reilan's brows furrow as he tries to blindly identify the…thing. At least the warmth isn't hot…and it has no sharp edges. Slowly, carefully, he cracks an eye open to see what he has, quickly opening them both wide. "This is…an egg?" Confusion..and awe? He manages to pull it off, lifting his eyes to goggle at Thierry, though he pulls his hands in a bit to better cradle the small thing. "…Thank you."

Thierry grunts. An acknowledgement of the thanks, and that's about it - he's not going to get /gushy/ over it all. "For your turnday." Which was a month ago, but… at least he remembered? Better late than never. Something like that, anyway. His hand goes delicately back into the parcel, pulling out a second egg. A touch bigger than the one he's given Reilan, but not very different, otherwise. After looking at it for a moment, he sets it back down into the package it came in. Then, he just stands and… waits. For Reilan to make a move of some sort, no doubt.

Reilan does move after a moment, taking the few steps to close the gap between himself and Thierry. He doesn't latch onto the older boy, or say anything really. He simply leans his head against him…then moves quickly away again, propping himself up against the wall while inspecting his egg. "You got one too."

"Yeah." Thierry shrugs. It's no big deal! Or at least that's what he's making of it, anyway. The teen fluffs up his dark hair, slicking it back as best he can from his face. "Oughta hatch soon, Rei. Keep close to it. I'll thrash you if it hatches and you lose it."

"I'll kick myself before you get the chance." Reilan laughs a little under his breath, still marvelling at the small egg a while. "I'll keep an eye on it though."

Thierry nods in approval. "Mmph. Good." Then he holds out the little parcel for Reilan to put his egg back inside if he will, before settling it carefully into his pocket. Then there's… well, it's an /awkward/ sort of silence, with Thi standing there all… broody.

Reilan is careful with placing the egg back down, just a tad of reluctance there. But he lets it go, resting against his shoulder on the wall while eyeing Thierry. Broody Thierry. "You want anything?"

A nod of his head confirms that yep, there's something that Thierry wants. "Bed." It's /that/ simple! The dark-haired teen looks down the alley towards where the pit is, where his bed is, and shrugs. "I want to go to bed."

Reilan looks a little surprised by the answer. Not a toke, or a pastry, or marks? Just…to sleep. The teen smiles a little after a moment or two though, pushing away from the wall again. There's a brief tug at the older boy's arm as he passes though. "Come on then."

"Mmph." It's a slightly grumpy grunted response, though, for once, Thierry's fine with following Reilan's lead, back to the ring and his room. Before they get there, though, he fishes out the blonde boy's egg, handing it gently back to him. "Be there when it hatches," he reminds him, before tugging on his coat to drag the boy into the ring fracas behind him.

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