==== January 10, 2014
==== Jithan, Nevelyn, Nevach (NPC)
==== Jithan and Nevelyn reveal to Nevach that he's going to be a big brother.

Who Jithan, Nevelyn, Nevach (NPC)
What Jithan and Nevelyn reveal to Nevach that he's going to be a big brother.
When There are 0 turns, 3 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
Where Jungle Stream, SW

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*Jungle Stream**
Winding through the lush rainforest is a fast moving stream, crashing over the slime-slick rocks, before disappearing around a curve into the deeper parts of the rainforest. If not careful, the chances of one slipping to 'slide' down the treacherous rocks is high. The feeling of the massive jungle presses in from all around, as the rush of the water sounds loud against the buffered weight of the densely packed trees. A small stand of southern beech, banyan, and sandalwood trees grows here.

It is a bright and beautifully sunny day. Still a little on the chilly side for Southern, but plenty warm for some folks to consider swimming a good idea. And Nevelyn certainly is on that list of people. The jungle sounds all around her as she floats in the stream. It isn’t often that she sneaks away from the Weyr, but today she has done just that. Her gently rounding belly starting to stretch her swimsuit bottom ever so slightly, the water swirling around her limbs as she relaxes in the current.

Nevelyn's not the only one used to cooler climes! Jithan has wandered down to the stream, and is soon picking his way across the rocks down into the water, pausing only briefly to set down his towel and strip off his shirt. He's still Fort pale, though he's slowly starting to darken in the Southern sun. Spying Nevelyn, he grins, pausing to just watch her for a little bit before finally slipping into the water. "Fancy finding you here, love," he says with a grin.

It’s always cooler out on open water. And Nevelyn is most certainly used to that. Jithan’s arrival goes largely unnoticed until he starts talking to her. The sound of a voice is enough to cause her body to sink as her head comes up out of the water. “Huh?” she pushes her hair back out of her face and grins when she spies Jithan. “Are you playing hooky too?” His white skin brings a grin to her lips as she wades closer to him. “We need to get you out into the daylight a little more honey,” she teases him. Her own dark honeyed caramel skin is all natural and only gets darker with exposure to the bright rays.

Jithan grins a little, nodding. "I've got one of the senior's teaching the afternoon classes, so I figured I'd come out and get some sun. Didn't think I'd find you here too, so it's a /very/ pleasant surprise." He wades closer to her, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a kiss hello. "And how're you doing? Everything alright?" he asks, looking down significantly.

Nevelyn slips into his arms with a happy grin. Wrapping her arms around his neck to return his kiss before sliding away again. “I’m surprised you allowed anyone else to teach. It’s been a good long while since you did that.” Like the morning after she’d moved into his room, long ago. Her fingers slip across her belly and she looks down with a little smile. “Everything is fine. I have no idea what they’ve got going on in the Weyr lately but the whole place reeks and I just couldn’t take any more of it for a while.” So she’d asked one of her helpers to take over her shift and fled before she wretched again.

Jithan chuckles, shrugging. "What can I say? I'm living in a tropical paradise, it's warm, and there was a chance that I might run into the most beautiful woman in the Weyr out here," he says with a grin. He looks concerned at her comments about the Weyr smelling, arching an eyebrow. "I hadn't smelled anything different. Think it might just be the pregnancy?" He's not overly familiar with the intricacies of that particular condition, but he's heard enough to know it's a fair question. "When do you think we oughta tell Nevach he's going to be a big brother?" he asks as he settles down into the water with a happy sigh, submerged in the clear river up to his neck.

Nevelyn’s laugh rings out happily across the water. “And how did you guess that I’d be down here, eh? Were you looking for me Sr. Journeyman?” She considers his question about the Weyr smelling being a result of her condition. “I suppose that it’s entirely possible. I know when I was pregnant with Nevach I couldn’t stand the smells for a couple months.” She tilts her head and regards Jithan for a moment, just smiling. “Though I’ve had a lot less morning sickness this time. Which has surprised me.” She’d really thought she just had a bad cold at first. Until she’d counted days and all that. “I’ve been waiting on you to decide when to tell him actually. We can tell him today if you’d like. Leo should be leading him down here after his lesson.”

Jithan grins at her laughter, rather liking it. "Just call it an educated guess, hmmm?" he says with a chuckle. "I'm glad you haven't been as sick, love. I feel terrible when I hear… that." He ducks his head under the water quickly, just to get his hair wet, and then comes back up, both hands slicking it back. "Well, we might as well. I think he'll take it well, but…" he shrugs a little. "As long as he doesn't think we're going to stop loving him, it oughta be fine, right?" Jithan, nervous? Ayuuuuup!

Nevelyn rolls her eyes when he claims it was an educated guess. She watches him dip his head back, loving the play of muscle under skin when he reaches up to slick his hair back. “I don’t know why you feel badly when I get ill,” she tells him with a nonchalant shrug. “It’s a hazard of being pregnant and according to my Mama happens to most women.” She giggles a little at his obvious case of nerves. “He’s been busily demanding that I provide him with a sibling. So I’m figuring it will be welcome news to him.”

Jithan actually, yes, sticks his tongue out at her when she rolls her eyes, laughing. "Call it sympathy then, love." He's quiet for a moment, then tilts his head at Nevelyn. "Were you your mother's only child? You've never talked about a sibling, but I'm curious." At the news of Nevach's demands, he laughs again. "Okay then, this'll be interesting, in a good way. One of the kids in class this morning was freaking out because her mother is pregnant again. Thought the woman wouldn't want her around anymore."

Nevelyn laughs aloud at the childish gesture coming from such a normally stoic man. The contrast in his personality around her and that of the rest of the Weyr never ceases to amuse her. “I’m the only one my mother was allowed to keep and raise,” is the provided answer to his question. She doesn’t discuss it because in her opinion there isn’t much to discuss. “The poor child. I have to wonder where she got that idea from?”

Jithan grins at the laughter, wading over near Neve and reaching out to spread his fingers over her belly. "Hey, just because I have to be stuck up in front of everyone else doesn't mean that I can't enjoy myself around you, right?" he says, laughter on his voice. "Ahhh, I see," he murmurs, nodding. At her last question, he shrugs a little. "I don't know. I think I convinced her that life wasn't going to end for her, though," he says with a wink.

Nevelyn leans against Jithan’s side when he spreads his hand across her belly. “I love that you enjoy yourself around me,” she tells him honestly. When he leaves the questions of other siblings alone she allows the subject to drop. Focusing instead on the poor child who’d thought herself soon to be set aside. “I’m glad that you were able to help her. Was she one of mine?” Meaning a child in the dorms. “I’ll have to pay extra close attention if she is. I deal with complaints daily of absent parents.” Which is common ‘round a Weyr where parents are kept busy.

“Come back here you bronze bully!” The voice rings out through the trees long before its owner is visible. Leoatrox wings through the brush edging a path down to the river and chitters merrily. A towel dangles from his front limbs as the firelizard swoops out over the water to hover over Neve. “Mom!” Nevach bursts out of the brush and stomps across the rocks of the bank. “Tell Leo to give me /back/ my towel! He’s being a wherry again.”

Jithan leans back against Neve, grinning to himself. "Of course I do, Neve. How couldn't I?" He opens his mouth to reply, but is interrupted by the sudden flash of bronze hide and towel, and then the yells of his son. Standing to his full height, Jithan grins over at Nevach. "Forget the towel, son. C'mon in, the water's wonderful! How was class? Nibiel keep you all entertained?" he asks, naming the senior apprentice that he left in charge.

Nevelyn looks up at Leoatrox with a happy peal of laughter. “You take that towel over onto the bank before you drop it in the water,” she demands of the chattering ‘lizard. “You little brat anyhow,” she says with even less conviction than her tone of voice conveys. She watches Leo wing over to the rocks and drop the towel before landing atop it. Walking in circles before settling down.

Nevach is suitably distracted from the towel thief when Jithan bids him to enter the water. “I wondered where you’d gone today,” he tells his father with a broad smile. “Nibiel was okay I suppose. But his tone just never changes.” He stiffens his limbs and marches into the water, “He just always talks like this,” he mimics in a droll monotone. “He’s boring!” Loosening up he sinks into the water and settles onto a submerged rock.

Jithan wades over and settles down next to Nevach, chuckling. "Well, he'll learn. That's why we have to let them lead lessons now and then, so they can learn. Thank you for telling me, though." He wraps an arm around the boy, pulling him into a hug. "It's good to see you, son. Glad you knew to follow Leo down here." He looks at Nevelyn over Nevach's head, arches an eyebrow, then nods. "Son, your mother and I have something to tell you…"

Nevelyn wades closer to Nevach and Jithan, but stays far enough out that she is able to keep her shoulders submerged when she settles on the rocky bottom. The breeze is a tad chilly if she’s exposed to it for too long she’s discovered. She chuckles with delight at her son’s imitation of the man left to lead lessons today. Obviously he left something to be desired in his skill.

Nevach twists atop the rock and wraps his little arms around Jithan’s neck. Returning the hug with the loving confidence of a child. “I understand that he has to learn too. But it seems like when we get tired of sitting he gets all nervous acting.” And that is less than impressive to a kid who responds to stern voices only. “Ma tied a note to Leo’s leg and sent him to me when class was over.” When Jithan announces that both his parents have something to tell him, he wriggles off the rock and swims out to his mother. Wrapping his arms around her neck. “What’s that,” is asked once the kid is settled in Neve’s lap.

Jithan makes a mocking moue as the kid abandons him, but it's just for Neve's amusement and quickly followed by a wink at her. He's still mostly in the water too, enjoying the warmth and the feeling of Rukbat's heat beating through the water. "Hmmmm, that's no way for a teacher to act. I think I'll hide in my office and observe tomorrow's lesson. Think you can put up with him for another day?" He waits for a response before bringing up the main event of this lovely evening. "Nevach, your mother's pregnant. You're going to be a big brother in a few more moons." And just like that, the news is out!

Nevelyn is used to the way her son always comes to her when he senses bad news coming. So she settles him on her lap and gives him a reassuring smile. Looking at Jithan with the same flash of loving reassurance. His wink is met with a beaming grin of amusement. She tickles Nevach gently to make him squirm and laugh a little bit.

Once his mother is through torturing him, Nevach manages to affect a pout worthy of a seven turn old boy. “I guess if I have to. I like it better when you’re teaching though, it’s always more interesting.” Plus he’s just proud that his Dad is leading his class in lessons, even if it does sometimes feel like he’s getting picked on. The moment Jithan reveals that his mother is pregnant his little eyes go wide and he turns way too slowly to blink at her. “Big brother.. me? You’re gonna have a baby?” He looks over at Jithan with a proud smile. “Wow!”

Jithan can't help but to laugh at the boy's reaction, though he nods while he's doing it. "Yes, your ma's going to have a baby, Nevach." He pauses, then corrects himself. "Another baby, I should say." He moves closer to the pair, and wraps them both in a hug. "How's that make you feel, kiddo?" He asks, truly interested in Nevach's reaction. He settles down next to Nevelyn, hip pressed against hers as he talks with them both.

Nevelyn nods an affirmative when Nevach looks up at her before turning back to Jithan. Laughter shaking her shoulders when Jithan confirms it with a laugh of his own. She oofs softly when Nevach launches himself off her lap and into Jithan’s arms as the Harper moves to hug them both. She shifts in the water to slip her arm around Jithan’s waist and lean her head briefly on his shoulder.

Nevach settles himself against Jithan with a happy squeal. “I’m so glad!! I’ve wanted a little brother for a long time,” he admits. Though when Jithan mentions /another/ baby he scrunches up his face. “What are you trying to say Dad? I’m no baby!” He’s a seven turn old little man, thank you very much!

Jithan chuckles at Nevach's excitement, shaking his head in a little bit of disbelief at the kid's reaction. "You aren't any more, but you were seven turns ago, son. Also, I rather suspect that your ma's always going to call you her baby," he says with a teasing wink as he gets comfortable with the tw… three of them. "And what if you get a little sister instead of a little brother, hmm? That could happen, you know!" Oh yes, he's teasing horribly.

Nevelyn laughs at the horrified expression that Nevach turns on her. “Not in front of any of your friends,” she assures him. Reaching out to tweak his little nose. “But yes, you’ll always be my baby.” She smiles at Jithan when he asks what Nevach will do with a sister.

Nevach’s face scrunches up when Neve tweaks his nose. “I sure hope not! Talk about a horrible day!” Being called a baby in front of one’s friends is an unlivable embarrassment after all. He turns to Jithan with a short laugh. “A sister?! Why would you guys go an’ do that to me? Nah I want a little brother that I can teach fishing, and swimming, and dragon poker to.”

Jithan takes his turn at tickling Nevach, laughing right along with him. "And just what do you know about dragon poker, young man?" Jithan asks, fingers still poised to deliver more tickling just in case it's needed. "Besides, your ma and I don't really have any choice in the matter, you know. There's nothing saying that you couldn't teach your little sister all the same things." Because this is SOUTHERN, shardit!

Nevelyn shoots Jithan a nearly guilty look. Then looks over at Nevach and chuckles softly shrugging her shoulders. “He’s right you know. I could very well have a little girl.” Or another little boy for that matter. She has no clue. “And there’s nothing saying she won’t learn all the things her big brother is interested in. It’s all in how we raise the new baby and what interests they develop as they grow up.”

Nevach laughs uproariously and wriggles around in Jithan’s arms. “STOP! Dad!! C’mon!” He collapses back against Jithan’s chest gasping for air. “Mom’s been teaching me an’ the kitchen boy how ta play. Since the drudge kid had cards from somewhere.” It’s all her fault! Yeah! He considers the idea of having a sister rather seriously before shrugging his shoulders. “As long as she don’t grow up all prissy like Dana I guess that would be okay.”

Jithan grins and wraps his arms around Nevach giving him a big hug before letting him go, if he wants. "Well, maybe someday I can take you with me over to Gripur's and you can see how Harper's play poker, hmm?" So that's where Jithan disappears too for a couple hours ever fourthday! "I somehow doubt that any sister of yours, or daughter of your ma and I, could be nearly as prissy as Dana," he says with a grin. "What would be the fun in that, hmmm?"

Nevelyn had wondered where he’d been going off to. But had never felt it right to ask him. She chuckles and winks at Nevach, “We’ll have to practice more if your Da’s gonna do that eh? So you can fleece ‘em good?” She has been playing poker since she was about Nevach’s age and so hadn’t thought it odd to show her son when a deck had shown itself.

Nevach nods his head and grins happily. Shoving his shoulders against Jithan’s chest as he sits upright once more. “I need a /lot/ of practice and fast! Sosten can’t play any better’n me and you always win,” he accuses his mother good naturedly. He looks from Jithan to his mother and back again. “A prissy sister wouldn’t be no fun at /all/! We’d have to trade her in for a new one or somethin’.”

Jithan looks at Nevelyn, giving her a grin and a shrug. "We do talk shop while we're there too, love," he explains. See, it's still work related, right? Right. When Nevach moves to sit upright again, Jithan grins an evil grin and tickles him, just a little. "Well then, we'll just have to practice. You, your ma, and me, how's that sound?" At the kid's pronouncement on how to deal with prissiness, though, Jithan falls silent for a bit before starting to laugh uproariously. "That… That's not quite how it works, Nevach," he says through the laughter.

Nevelyn gives Jithan a sly smile and nods her head, “Uh huh sure love. If you say so.” She’s not buying that for a minute clearly. But she does chuckle at him. “You have to unwind sometimes too. I get it.” He is male after all and at least he doesn’t have another woman stashed in the Caverns that she’s aware of yet. Discretion is the better part of valor after all.

Nevach squeals and wriggles away from Jithan when the tickling commences once again. “HEY!” He splashes out into the water and what he considers safe territory before turning to regard his parents once more. “I don’t know if you wanna practice with Ma, Dad! You’ll owe her big time ‘fore you know it.” When his dad goes quiet he looks over curiously and then blinks at the sudden laughter. “Oh,” he deflates a bit because he really doesn’t know how this stuff works. “So you can’t take it back an’ you don’t know what it is..” He goes quiet in thought and then asks, “That doesn’t sound entirely fair.”

Jithan grins back at Nevelyn, giving her another teasing wink. "It wouldn't be the first time your ma has taken indecent advantage of me, young man, and I doubt that it'll be the last, but I'm willing to take that risk nonetheless." At the deflation of his son, he just laughs. "That's life, Nevach. It's not always fair, and you just do the best you can with what you're given. Whether it's a boy or a girl, I expect you to behave, and to help your ma and I out as much as you can, okay?"

Nevelyn gasps and gives Jithan a look for that particular remark. “I’ll discuss /that/ remark with you later,” she informs him with a soft huff. Turning her head she smiles at Nevach. Being as reassuring as she can manage to be. “It won’t be much different than when I’m working in the nursery now. Except that now your baby sister will be there with the other infants.” Granted the new baby will be a good deal younger. But she’ll cross that particular bridge when she gets there.

Nevach regards his father seriously for a moment before nodding his head. “Yes, Sir. I’ll help as much as Ma needs me to.” As for behaving he knows better than to promise something he isn’t likely to do. “I suppose so long as it’s Ma’s baby I’ll watch out for it the best I can.” Not that he isn’t protective of the younger kids in the dorms /now/. But this kid will be /his/ in a way. He’s gonna be a big brother. “So when does the baby get here?”

Jithan looks right back at Nevelyn, a self-satisfied smirk on his face. "I look forward to it, my love," he says, just a hint of a chuckle in his voice. He nods at her description to Nevach. "I know you will, Nevach. Just try to not give your ma too many scares, alright?" At the last question, he looks over at Nevelyn, not quite as sure of the answer as she likely will be.

Nevelyn pulls a childish stunt and sticks her tongue out at Jithan for a brief moment. Which draws a laugh from her son. “The baby won’t be here for several months yet,” she tells them both with a soft sigh. “My belly will get a whole lot bigger before that day comes. Remember the stories I used to tell you? My belly will get that big with this baby too.”

Nevach’s smile lingers even after his laughter ceases. It’s nice to see his mother so happy after watching her frown for such a long time. “This big?” He stretches his arms out in front of him in a circle. “I remember the stories you used to tell me. You haven’t told me those since we left the ship.” He’d asked lots of questions as he’s gotten older. And she never fails to answer them. “If we have lots and lots of time that means I have time to get ready then.”

Jithan can't help but laugh, first at Nevelyn sticking out her tongue, and then at Nevach thinking that a few short months is lots and lots of time. "Oh, she'll get at least that big, Nevach," he says, voice teasing. "Of course you have time to get ready, but whatever do you think you need to do? You're a wonderful son for wanting to help, though." He leans back a little, waiting to hear what the boy comes up with, knowing beyond doubt that it'll be an amusing answer.

Nevelyn shoots Jithan a mock glare when he teases them both over how big she’ll get before it’s over. She’s well aware of just how large she’s going to be. If her first pregnancy is anything to go by, she’ll get quite a belly on her. Instead of responding to his barb though she stays quiet and waits with Jithan to see what Nevach will devise in his efforts to get ready.

Nevach regards them both like it’s all rather obvious and both of his parents have gone a little silly in the head. “Well I’ll have to look for the strongest reeds of course. So Ma can weave a baby basket like the one I had. ‘Cause mine is somewhere on the Ship unless they tossed it over board by now.” Along with all his other worldly childish possessions. “An’ I suppose you can use my old coat to cut up for a sun block if’n you need it. Nathanael’s coat an’ the one Dad got me are more’n enough jackets I figure.”

Jithan doesn't say a word, though a careful watcher might just see that his eyes start to water as he wades over to Nevach and silently wraps the boy in a hug, lifting him out of the water. "Son, there's no need for all that," he says, voice choked just a little. "From what I've seen here, there'll be no lack of helping hands or supplies if we need them." And that's all he manages to get out, forcing himself to set the boy back down so he can run his arm across his eyes.

Nevelyn grins at her son’s thoughtfulness and nods her head. “We’ll collect the reeds together and I’ll weave another basket if you like. I’ll need something to keep the baby safe when I bring it home after work.” For all that she watches everyone else’s babies, she’ll be damned if a wetnurse is needed for her own. She’s no ‘rider and so she’ll have plenty of time. Her own eyes tear up at bit at Jithan’s reaction and she dunks her head under the water for a moment to regain her composure.

Nevach isn’t sure at first that he hasn’t done or said something wrong. But then his dad is lifting him out of the water for a hug. So he wraps his arms around Jithan’s neck and hugs the man tight. “We don’t need no help. Ma will take care of things right fine.” His confidence in his Mother to do all things never wavers. “An like Ma says she’ll need a bed for the new baby. Cause the couch is mine when I stay over.” And he’s not giving up his spot for no baby. Not gonna happen! When Jithan sets him back on his feet he looks up for a moment and the shrugs. “I’ll go check the reeds down that way,” he points briefly before wading off to do just that. Leo lighting from his towel, dipping to collect it, and winging after him.

Jithan grins at Nevelyn's words, and chuckles at Nevach's. "There's a huge gap between needing help, and not minding help, Nevach. Whether she needs it or not, we're in a Weyr now, and most every woman here is going to want to coo over, play with, and watch the baby, from what I've seen." He reaches down and ruffles the boy's hair, chuckling. "You're absolutely right, the couch is yours, kiddo. Let's all go look, shall we?" he asks, offering his hand to Nevelyn.

Nevelyn watches as Nevach wanders off un-thwarted by his father’s words. “I think he’ll insist that the child have a reed basket like his.” And she doesn’t seem to mind the fact in the least. “I’ve seen the other women fondling one another’s bellies and the like. That will take a lot of getting used to.” On the ship her stomach had been a hindrance and seen as problem. No one but her mother had touched her stomach on purpose when she’d been heavy with Nevach. “I suppose we should keep an eye on him,” she agrees and slips her hand into Jithan’s. Carefully rising out of the water on the unsteady stones.

Jithan takes Nevelyn's hand in his, giving it a little squeeze and following off after their son. "Oh, I don't mind the basket. I'm still going to go see the stores people about a crib, too, though," he says with a grin. "I wouldn't imagine that your condition would've gone over too well on the ship, would it have?" he asks, shaking his head. "Well, that was then, and this is now, I suppose. Besides," he says, giving her a meaningful look, "I think it looks good on you."

“There are cribs in the nursery,” Nevelyn tells him with a soft laugh. “Where the child will be most of every day while I work.” The only time it will need a place to sleep is late at night when she comes home after all. “No, my being pregnant with Nevach didn’t go over well with most of the crew.” She shrugs her shoulders because she’d pulled through regardless. Though she looks down with a blush at that meaningful look he gives her. “Here’s hoping you still feel that way when I have to squeeze to fit through the door to our room.”

Jithan chuckles a little. "Unless you intend for me to drag one of them all the way back to our room then, love, I'll go see the stores people about getting one for our room," he says with a grin. "Eh, I wouldn't imagine that it did, but that's not going to be the case here, I think." When she makes that last comment, though, he just laughs. "Love, I will have the Smith's come and widen the bloody door if I have too."

Nevelyn rolls her eyes and sighs in exasperation, “Seriously the basket will do fine in our room. You’ll see.” It’s all she’d had for Nevach and look: he’s fine! Wading through the water on the bank collecting a few reeds and leaving most. He’s a pretty smart kid for his age. “I taught him how to make one once when we moored on this little island for a while. They float so he had a mat for himself when I was through.” Mention of having the Smith’s widen the door causes a blushing laugh. “Oh my! I sincerely hope that don’t have to do so. I’d never be able to look another person in the eye again in life.”

Jithan chuckles at her sigh, leaning over to kiss her. "I'm just being difficult, love. If you say the basket will do, I'll trust you. I imagine it's kind of like the hammocks that people sleep in down here, right?" When she blushes, he just laughs, unable to resist another chance to poke at her. "Well, you heard Nevach, he said the couch is his. You're not going to kick our son out of his sleeping spot just to save yourself some embarrassment, are you?" he asks, a wicked smile on his face as he turns back to watching Nevach.

Nevelyn nods her head, “They’re very good at keeping children cool and comfortable in the heat because they rest low to the ground.” Heat rises after all and on a ship it has nowhere really to go. “I slept in a hammock on the ship sometimes. We’d string them up on the deck in fair weather.” She watches her boy working away and shakes her head. “No I wouldn’t kick him out of his spot at all. I’m sure I’ll fit. That or I’ll sleep in the children’s dorms.”

Jithan hmmmms softly, just absorbing this information. "Well, I guess that'll work, then. Mother knows best, right love?" he asks, teasing just a little bit. "Were they comfortable? I mean, I know people sleep in them, but how well do they sleep?" Because he's old, right, and needs his sleep! "I know you wouldn't kick him out, I was just joking. And the door's pretty wide, I doubt you'll have a problem there. If you do, though, we'll work something out."

“I don’t know if I know best,” Nevelyn admits with a shrug, “but what I do know tends to keep children healthy. That’s what counts.” It was a matter of trial and error and a lot of her Mother’s advice. “I didn’t mind them at all. But I have a feeling sleeping with no back support in a net would make you rather grumpy.” She nudges him with her shoulder and laughs teasingly, “After all you may flop over like you do in bed some nights and flip out of it like a fish.” She leans against him a bit and relaxes. “I shouldn’t have a problem in all honesty. I fit in my bunk at my largest with Nevach. And the doorway to it was far smaller than the one to our bedroom.”

Jithan chuckles right back, letting go of her hand when she leans against him and wrapping that arm around her waist, hand on his hip, just holding her. "You're absolutely right, that's all that really matters." He grins down at her, chuckling. "I have this sinking feeling that you'd be laughing as you climbed down to see if I died, wouldn't you be?" he teases. "Well, that's a good sign, then." At that moment, Nevach comes back, a large bundle of reeds held in the seven Turn old's arms. "I think this'll do, right ma?"

Nevelyn crosses her arm over her waist and links her fingers with his where they rest on her hip. “I’d be laughing too hard to be of much help,” she confirms and looks up to wink at him. “The fall wouldn’t kill you but it might dent your nose a bit.” She looks down at the bundle in Nevach’s arms and nods her head, “That’ll do for a start, sweetheart. Thank you.” She unlinks their fingers and bends down to take the reeds from him. “We should head back to the Weyr and find somewhere to store these while I work them.”

That declaration made and agreed upon the family sorts itself out and head back to the Weyr. Jithan carrying the reeds, Neve holding Nevach’s hand, and Leoatrox once divested of his burden riding back to the Weyr on Nevach’s shoulder.

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