==== Jan 6, 2014
==== Kanga, Erissa
==== Erissa gets a disconcerting surprise while seeking solitude at the lake.

Who Kanga, Erissa
What Erissa gets a disconcerting surprise while seeking solitude at the lake.
When It is the 23rd day of Autumn.
Where Pier, Igen Weyr

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It is afternoon
It is 1:56 PM where you are.
There are 0 turns, 3 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
It is the twenty-first day of Autumn and 76 degrees. The day dawns bright and clear. Everything is coated in sand, but no clouds linger on the horizon.

Evening brings a panorama of splendor to the weyr, though most of it’s residents are inside missing it while they eat their dinner. Colors rich and vibrant blaze across the sky like the death throes of a desperate animal as night’s velvet cloak smothers them into the horizon. It only takes a matter of minutes before the last of daylight’s touch is gone, replaced by the silver aura of night’s luminaries.

At the end of the long, rocky pier that stretches out into the weyr’s lake, a lone figure soaks up the view. Long legs are pulled up to her chest, slender arms slung loosely about her knees. White-blond hair turns silver under the moonlight, deep blue eyes shadowed by contrast as they roam the vista of dark waters and star-filled sky. Lost in thoughtful repose Erissa hums softly to herself, the day’s tensions slowly leaking away in the tranquil setting.

Bistre-brown and sepia materialize high above, cloaking Timor and Belior’s glow. Spiralling down to the bowl below, a very large brown makes his descent, and his rider dismounts. But first, she frees what appears to be a large sack of something from his side. Dusting her hands off, the rider finally speaks. “Well, /fine/, just for a few. But we really need to get home, dahhling.” Bounding towards the lake, it is soon clear what the brown’s objective is. BATH! Anyone on the pier isn’t noticed quite yet.

Erissa looks upward as the dragon appears, both curious and annoyed that their quiet reverie has been disturbed. She shouldn’t be though, and she knows it. The lake isn’t their private play area, after all. But it is dinner time, so who skips a meal to go swimming? (Herself not included, apparently.)

Blue eyes squint in the darkness to see the pair better but the shadows only tease her view, playfully dodging between starlit glimpses. As the dragon heads for the water she looks ahead for the bit of floating darkness that had been her lifemate minutes ago, but doesn’t see him.

«Dano?» she casts in mental web.

«I am here.» is the instant reply, coached in a warm wash of familiar satisfaction. The blue is enjoying his leisurely swim, having drifted out further toward the center of the lake.

«We’ve got company.»

«I know. Do you want to leave?»

Erissa pulls her focus back to the new arrivals and curiosity vies with being alone. Sitting perfectly still she doesn’t draw attention to herself, although the lightness of her hair is a dead giveaway if someone looks in her direction.

«Not yet.»

« DRAGONBALL! » The brown proclaims to his rider, while audibly trumpeting as he leaps into the air, curls into a ball, and starts to descend. Except, he makes the questionable choice to belly flop at the last minute. In any case, the loud splashing noise, and probably some waves are noticeable. As Kanga approaches the innermost limits of the lake’s shore, she affectionately eyerolls at her lifemate’s antics. Veering off to take a few steps onto the pier, the brownrider’s eyes come to rest on a personlike shape (and yes, the hair does improve the visibility). ”Uh, like watch out. SORRY!” she calls out, although at this point, whatever has been splashed has been splashed. Hope whoever it is has a towel.

Wave hits rocks. Water splashes well into the air. Cue one high-pitched feminine screech.

“Eeeeiiiiyeeeeeeeeeeeeekes!!” The vaguely humanoid shape near the end of the pier springs to life, too late, as it gets thoroughly sprayed and continues to show emphatic signs of life, limbs chopping the air and a flowing litany of creative cursing soundtracking the action. At the sound of a voice, however, all motion suddenly ceases and the silver-topped head whips around. “Who’s there?” she demands.

After an initial moment of concern for his rider’s welfare, Danorath continues his stealthy progress across the dark waters. Any hint of amusement is carefully hidden, in fact, he attempts to make sure he’s fully supportive by moving closer to investigate the source of the disturbance.

Upon hearing the screech, two things happen. Kanga winces, and takes a few steps forward. “Well its only one of Igen Weyr’s most fabulous brownriders, dahhling. Kanga. I’d ah, offer my hand for shaking but I think you need a towel more.” Pursed lips.”Are you okay?” Peer, “Did you fall in?” The second thing that happens is that Rue, startled, leaps out of the water, and skulks about the shore, with his wingsails caped around his nose « The Rue-man was discovered! IMPOSSIBLE. I work in the shadows. » Skulk skulk skulk, disappear. Well, as much as a 67 foot fellow with a 111 foot wingspan can disappear. Mostly, you just see a shining pair of stressed out, red and yellow swirled orbs somewhere over /there/.

Towards Danorath, the brown has a different conversation. The smells of cumin and the Arabian marketplace waft into the collective mindscape, and Ruenalth slithers in like a tendril of smoky haze. Throat clear. « Hello. » A pause, « Is this thing on? » A pause, as he physically narrows his eyeridges. « Ahem. My good sir, I meant no harm to you or yours. Apologies. »

Erissa might as well have fallen in with how wet she is, though thankfully the warm climate makes the mishap merely an inconvenience and not a danger. Dark blue hues narrow at the approaching stranger, trying to make out details in the deep guise of shadows.

“No, I didn’t have to,” she remarks to having fallen in, but relents a little to add, “I’ll live.” Peeling off her jacket she lays it next to her, slim fingers plucking at her shirt where it got wet enough to cling to her skin. It’s an uncomfortable combination of half wet, half dry thanks to the thick riding jacket she’d been wearing.

Turning her head just enough to eye the other rider askance she lets curiosity rise and asks, “Brownrider, huh? Is he done diving or should I move further inland?”

Danorath, meanwhile, is quickly adding up the clues to this particularly puzzling crime and paddles closer to the known assailant. Need more evidence. Contact is made. The smells are familiar as those that drift up from the noisy dwellings beneath his ledge. The bazaar, his bonded one calls it. A crisp breeze, tinged with salt and sea, whirls those mind scents about and washes them in soft cerulean hues.

«She was going to the baths next anyway. No harm done.»

Ever practical, Dano keeps that bit of reasoning between dragonkind knowing Erissa might not see it that way.

“Yes, dahhl. Kanga.” She says again, firmly. “ Breakwater/Whirlwind/Arroyo wing” Shrug. “It’s” Twirling hand gesture, “Complicated.” Taking a few steps closer,she should be more visible, at least, given the dim lighting. “And that fine specimen of draconic form over there,” she points, “Is Ruenalth.” Peering over at Erissa, she wrinkles her nose. “You’re going to want to wash that lakewater off, it’ll do your hair /such/ a disservice.” Behind one hand, in a conspiratorial sort of fashion, she adds “Because of the detritus and ah, leavings in there. Faranth knows what washes off the dragons in there. But he likes it. “

The mental smoke clears, mixing with the sea breezes, and Ruenalth emerges more clearly now to Danolath. « I see. Danolath, is it? » He relaxes and drops the ‘cape’ somewhat, with a half swagger. « So hey. How ya doin? » Clink Clink Clink. CLINK. He’s sifting through the stones and sand with his talons, now. « See anything…shiny? Lately? »

“Oh he’s done diving,” Kanga says, belatedly. “We didn’t see anybody here. Seriously though, next time consider having a torch? We should ask the weyr to put some out. Lucky he didn’t try his pier leap.” She extends her hand, “Need a hand up? What’s your name, anyway?”

Complicated? Pale brows rise at that. A rider being shared between wings isn’t something she’s heard of before. Are they trying something new here at Igen? Tilting her chin up as the other rider steps closer Erissa notes more details and logs them away, each a mental tick. Dark hair, pale skin, not tall. Got it.

About to ask about the woman’s wing situation, Erissa’s thoughts are jolted on a tangent at the low-voiced opinion of lakewater that is shared. Pretty features scrunch as she wrinkles her nose, her voice also lowering in a drawled response.

“Ewwwwwwwww.” Glancing outward she narrows a look at the innocently pleasant looking vista. “I hadn’t thought of that before. Thanks. I’m never swimming in a weyr lake again!” Both hands rise and scrub through her hair, leaving the sodden mass a tousled mess even worse than the windswept version it was before getting wet. Tipping her head to one side she knocks lightly on one ear, then tilts it the other way and knocks the other side. “Damn,” she mutters without thinking. “I hadn’t wanted to go in yet.”

Then the younger woman is offering her a hand but Erissa doesn’t take it. “I didn’t bring a torch because I didn’t want anyone to know I was here. I wanted to be alone.” She also didn’t think of it herself but being grumpy smothers the good manners to admit it. “Erissa.” At least she can supply that much.

Danorath slowly works his way closer, mental spotlight turned on the would-be culprit. «Where were you on the night of…. well, tonight….» Ok, so that line doesn’t get him very far. «You are Ruenalth.» Stick to the facts. Facts are good. «That was an interesting dive.»

Kanga smirks, “What you should do is swim in the ocean. My favorite spots would be Southern, Paradise and Ista. Other than maybe, one exception, no comparison to a lake, in MY opinion” Because her opinion is a definite authority.. “But still, like you’re going to get all sticky from the salt so you’d want to wash. Either way.” Shrug, as she withdraws her hand, polishing one neatly manicured fingernail on her right hand with her thumb. “If we saw that you were on the pier you wouldn’t have been splashed, just saying!. Not like my Rue can’t maneuver like a pro with enough warning ahead of time.” Pursed lips, “Nobody’s forcing you to leave, I just wanted to make sure my dragon didn’t impart harm upon your person.” Because she doesn’t like,want to break a nail in a fistfight! Not tonight. “ But like, if you want, I can buy you a drink at the Cantina.” Pause as she steals a shifty eyed glance towards the sack which she carefully placed along the shoreline in the shadow of a large rock. "After I drop something off."

Bistre brown retreats back into the darkness as Ruenalth responds from his perch. « Where was I? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Sorry, Blueboy. My lady might be chatty at her discretion but /I/ don't do much backstory, and that info would be con-fi-den-tial unless I knew ya real well,, however I am becoming very interested in *yours.* Rank, wing, hatchplace? » The brown puffs out his chest proudly, « Well THANK YOU for noticing. Perfected my technique in a weyr long ago and far away.» An almost inaudible mental sigh accompanies the reminiscing. « So what you like to do the backstroke? Couldn’t tell. Too dark. »

*blinkblink* Erissa gives the younger woman a long look out of the corner of her eye. Is this girl for real? She’s so…so… friendly. Gushing females aren’t normally on the bluerider’s radar, though when the mood strikes she’s been known to be pretty forward herself. Such personal concern for her well-being isn’t something she’s used to either, and the offer of a drink raises pale brows behind the fall of silver-touched bangs. Suspicion edges pale features.

“Why would you wanna buy me a drink?”

The tang of sea salt mingles with warm, sun-kissed sand as Danorath mentally hedges, but then words flow with a solid blue hue when he speaks. Automatically deferring to a direct question from a higher ranking color he answers in a crisp, matter-of-fact tone. «Wingflyer. Whirlwind. High Reaches Weyr.» Ocean-fed winds whirl in tight formation; mental muscles buffing. «Not that mine matters. You are the one in question. I float. Patrol the perimeter of this new place. Where did you learn this dowsing technique? »

Kanga ticks off some points on her ring bedazzled right hand, “Uhm let’s see. My dragon inconvenienced /you/ so I’ll do something to make it right. Because I don’t know /you/ and like, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do to truly be in the know here.” 400 turns worth, infact. “Do you really need a reason why some rider at your own weyr wants to do you a /favor/?” Eyebrow raise. “Aren’t we like, supposed to work /together/ since ah..I dunno that weird sparkly crap that falls from the sky is about to make its grand debut?” She makes finger wiggling movement. “From what I /heard/, its quite a /DIVA/” Hmph.

« Whirlwind, eh? Yeah we used to be in that one. Now we’re in the Double R wing » Cryptic! The smoke swirls up more gradually now, and with more of a tangy bite. Even some grains of sand trickle down from the top. « We used to live in a tropical weyr » That’s safe and vague enough, right? OOH a shiny! Ruenalth finds some kind of half cracked rock and starts playing with it in his talons.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Erissa grumps irrationally.

«Since when do you turn down a drink?» slithers a whispered query. Mental walls are thrown up with a chagrinned grunt of annoyance. He’s right though. Just because she’s in a bad mood doesn’t mean she should be rude to the one person who tries to be friendly. Pesky dragon! Who asked him anyway?

With a sigh she tries to cull the snap out of her tone, noting that the younger woman mentions having to catch up around here - something Erissa has been doing as well. The last question, however, draws a bit of bitterness she can’t suppress.

“Yah, well, supposed to is the operative phrase, one which doesn’t seem to apply most of the time. No one does you a favor unless they want something in return. Remember that. It’ll save you a lot of heartache someday.”

«Right. Arroyo.» Like any good agent he knows the name. Stiff winds catch the spicy scents and sand, laying them out in orderly fashion. Interesting. Interesting. «Tropical, you say? Do you have references there?» Ripples reach out to the shore from where the blue moves closer, bright eyes at surface level and fixed on the brown shadow ahead.

Kanga rolls her eyes. “And who says I am not aware of that already, dahlll?” Dangerously smooth tone to her voice which has lowered to a more conspiratorial volume, now. “The offer was made on a limited time basis,” she calls over her shoulder as she starts to walk off the dock “Tick tock. Tick tock, yes or no? I’m a busy girl, but when it comes to an opportunity to refresh myself at this p-” a pause, “At this weyr,” No compliments levied tonight, “I can make time.”

Ruenalth is rising from his perch now, and shaking what little droplets of water remain on his wingsails out, spraying anyone within distance, who is probably no one at this point. Darker smoke on the horizon of the mindscape now, « Funny you should ask that. I /did/, Not sure about the present time. » A snort « Yours seems to be refusing a drink from one of the most well connected people at Igen » Or so he’d like to think « Dunno how smart that is, Bluefoot »

Erissa sighs as the younger woman starts to walk away. She’d done it again. She seemed to have a knack for rubbing people the wrong way, especially women. No, check that. The image of a certain male greenrider comes to mind. K’vvan seemed to have his own issues though so he hardly counted. Reaching for her jacket Erissa pushes to her feet, giving her sodden head one last shake.

“Alright, alright. If you’re going to insist….” she trails off, slipping her arms back into the jacket. It really didn’t seem like a good idea to turn down a free drink, after all, even if she did have to be around lots of people to get it

Danorath puzzles over that cryptic reply, on the verge of asking further when the brown rises. That mental smoke is eyed closely as the draw of a mystery. «She will go eventually,» he surmises to the bigger dragon’s comment. The nickname is ignored since it’s technically true. Can’t argue the facts. He doesn’t, however, seem inclined to follow and pauses in shallower depths, close now, his belly brushing the soft wet sand.

Well, that’s more like it. Kanga smirks from her position near the bag of whatever it was that she had left on the lake shore. A looming brown form has also glided over to join her. Calling over to Erissa, “Meet you in the Cantina in just a few! Be right baaaack dahhlllll!” she says in a singsongy voice from up in the darkened sky. Because just like that, she’s mounted and they disappear.

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