==== December 11, 2013
==== Jithan, Nevelyn
==== Laundry is attended to and some discussion transpires.

Who Jithan, Nevelyn
What Gettin’ Sudsy!
When There are 0 turns, 6 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where Laundry Room, Southern Weyr

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Laundry Room
Slippery pillars point past the pools towards the commercial cleaning… or what was once? Hard to tell, with the dirt and the crumbling cloth in the corner.

The time has come. Enough of his shirts have come back shrunken, or still stained. Entire /pants/ have gone missing! Thus, Jithan has decided to brave the inner caverns, and DO HIS OWN LAUNDRY. Currently, he's scrubbing a shirt against a washboard, trying to get a particularly stubborn stain out. Children and bubbly pies, don't you know?

Anyone with half a brain knows better than to trust the help around here with their laundry. The first time a dress of Nevelyn’s had come back ripped to shreds, she’d learned her lesson. It didn’t take multiple tries for her to figure it out. And so she arrives in the laundry dragging a large bag full of dirty clothes. Literally dragging it! Bent over, butt in air, and tugging this thing into the room. How many clothes could a person possibly have?! With much grunting and cursing she finally manages to get it past the doorway and out of the way should anyone else venture in on a similar bent.

Jithan looks up at the noise of her entrance, and after a suitable period of admiring that particular bit of up-in-the-airness, he sets his wash down and stands up. "Want a hand, m'dear?" he asks with a grin as he ambles over. Compared to her giant sack of clothing, his own little pile suddenly seems inconsequential. "Faranth, woman, how long has it been since you've been down here?"

Nevelyn has been so engrossed with getting her parcel into the room, she hadn’t paid a bit of attention to her actual surroundings. The sound of Jithan’s voice draws forth a squeak of surprise and a bit of stumbling backward when she lets go of the bag. “Oh! Hi, Jithan.” She gets herself straightened out and smiles at him. “Could you set it over there for me?” She waves toward the soapy water and attempts to control her breathing. It’s hard work lugging that thing as far as she’d had to. “A couple sevendays,” she admits sheepishly when he exclaims over the amount of laundry she brought in. “I brought my blankets and laundry, Nevach’s myriad of mess, and a couple things from the children’s dorms that I saw laying around.”

Jithan shakes his head but hefts the bag with a grunt and carries it over to the washing basins, setting it down leaned against the wall. "A couple of sevens?! Shards, Nevelyn, I don't think I /have/ that much clothing. Not everyday stuff, anyways." He chuckles and shakes his head, offering his arm to her for a hug. "I'll give you a hand once I finish up with my stuff, if you'd like?" Because hey, what better couples activity then doing laundry together? ;)

Nevelyn huffs at him and tries to hide her smile. “Well!! I’ve been busy.” Considering it seems every free moment she has these days she’s spending with Nevach or now Jithan, she hasn’t had the time to deal with washing clothes. “I haven’t got a whole lot of stuff myself. Nevach has far more sets of clothes than I have.” And goodness knows kids need a lot of clothes if a woman is to have any hope of keeping them looking clean and presentable. “And I brought a couple of Dana’s dresses too. I don’t trust anyone with them. They took me forever to make for her.”

Jithan chuckles as he catches sight of that poorly hidden smile, grinning as he gets back to his own washing. Scrub scrub scrub. "Well, I suppose that makes a difference, since Nevach has all that stuff from Nathanael now too." He grins at that memory, nodding his head a little. "So, got a moment away from the kids, huh? Finally trusting Nevach into someone else's care for a while?"

Nevelyn shrugs her shoulders as she heaps a pile onto the floor to begin working on. “He won’t let me near his new jacket actually. And the rest was fishing gear and toys.” Also things she’s not allowed to touch. Neither is anyone else for that matter! “He keeps threatening to ask you if he can store is fishing pole in your office. The other children keep wanting to play with it.” She shakes her head and dunks a small shirt into the sudsy water. Washing away the grime and scrubbing at stains. The hazards of having a little boy, she supposes. “He ‘snuck’ off again actually. So I’ve decided to let the snot be since he’s usually home in time for bed.”

Jithan chuckles, then looks up at mention of the fishing pole. "Nevelyn, he's welcome to store it in my office. I've got a little cubby set up for my fishing stuff, no reason he can't put his there too. Shards, I invited you to move in, the offer extended to your son, too, and all of both of yours stuff." Oration done, he blushes furiously, bending his head back down to start with the scrubbing again. At least his clothes aren't too horribly stained, unlike Nevach's.

Nevelyn wrings out the shirt she’s working on and holds it up for inspection before tossing it into the rinse basin. “I’ll let him know he can store his fishing gear with yours,” she tells Jithan and smiles at him as she reaches for another clothing item. “I hadn’t planned on moving him out of the children’s dorm.” She stops washing and looks at Jithan contemplatively. “Do you think it would be good to? Move him in with us I mean? I had thought staying in the children’s dorms would force him to learn some social skills. He’d never had children his own age around before and he struggles with getting along.” She doesn’t want to raise a recluse. You know, the kind of guy that even ‘rider’s hide their children from? Yeah she doesn’t want Nevach to be that guy.

Jithan has finished up with the pants that he was working on, and moves on to another pair as she talks, his blush fading right until he hears the 'us', which brings his eyes right back up to hers. "Move in with us, huh? So you've decided to accept my invitation?" Clarity on this part is need for him to comment on the other part, so Nevach's possible reclusivity is ignored for now.

Nevelyn is mid throw with the top she’d just washed when Jithan asks her to clarify. So it misses the mark a bit and winds up dangling from the rinse basin instead of in it. “If it still stands,” she tells him with a nod of her head. “I think I would very much enjoy living with you.” She leans to nab a dress of her own and dunks it into the soapy water. Looking anywhere but at him while she waits to see if perhaps he’s rethought the offer. It’s always possible she knows. So she focuses on scrubbing the grime out of her garment.

Jithan is silent for a moment, then a low chuckle slides from his throat as he smiles. "Of course it still stands. Nevach's your son, though, Nevelyn, and I don't feel right making that kind of decision about him for you. He's welcome too, though, of course. Or, if you just want him to stay now and then, on restdays or something, we can always just set up the couch in the office for him to sleep on, at least while he's small." He wads up the now-clean pants and tosses them into a rinse basin, grinning to himself.

Nevelyn halts washing again. At this rate she’ll never get through the mass she’d drug in here. But she looks up at Jithan with a small smile. “You’re the one who told him you’d be his father Jithan. I’m asking your advice on the matter.” If he’s going to be such a large part of their lives he may as well weigh in on the decision at hand. “Besides with you being a Harper I’d venture to guess you know more about children’s development than I do. It’s been a steep learning curve mothering Nevach on my own.” She’d been a teenager when the boy had arrived. So they’ve in a sense taught one another over the Turns. “It wasn’t like his Grandmother had much to say about him.” She gives her dress a final scrub before wringing it out. This is too awkward to throw so she slips onto her feet and dunks it into the rinse basin. Snagging the dangling top and shoving it in too.

Jithan chuckles again, nodding. "That I did, didn't I? I'm kind of surprised that he mentioned it to you, though I suppose I shouldn't be." He's quiet for a moment, thinking as he scrubs at a shirt. "I think you're right, though. Leaving him in the dorms probably isn't a bad idea, especially around the Weyr. He's a good kid, and I doubt he'll be in too much trouble, and it's not like he wouldn't know where to find one of us if he needed to." He falls quiet again, just nodding at her words. "You miss the ship still, Nevelyn?"

“You told me first,” Nevelyn says quietly, “and so I talked to him about it.” It seemed fitting to let the boy weigh in on the matter. At least to her. Considering she’s the only family he has here. “He’s bound to drive us all mad before it’s said and done with. But at least he’ll grow up the same as the other ‘brats.” Nevach is a force to be reckoned with when he has his mind set on something. She knows that well. Two more tops are washed and tossed into the rinse before she answers his question about the ship. After hauling another handful of dirty laundry into her lap she pauses and looks at Jithan. “There are things I do miss.” She admits this with a shrug. “As difficult as they were, I miss my parents. And the steady creak of the ship at night.” She chuckles then, “Honestly there are more things I don’t miss about the ship than things I do miss.”

Jithan mmms and grins, nodding. "So I did, huh?" He nods at the decision to let Nevach in on the conversation, then chuckles at her description of her son. "It's called being a boy, love. Shards, I was a stubborn little cuss when I was his age, like you'd never believe." He's finally done scrubbing his laundry, and wanders over to the basin that his is rinsing in, stirring it with his hand to wash away the last of the suds. "Well, I snore, so you'll have some constant noise at least," he says with a grin.

Nevelyn laughs at the thought of Jithan as a boy Nevach’s age. “Well at least he’s normal for his age I suppose.” Which is very good to know. She scrubs her handful of laundry still chuckling. “I’m sure I’ll adjust to you snoring.” She rinses this load and walks them to the wash basin. “You should hear the gentleman in the bunk below mine now!! He snores fit to cave the ceiling.” As she doesn’t have any family here in the Weyr to bunk down with she’d been forced to make due with whomever would have her around.

Jithan laughs aloud, pulling out a piece of clothing and feeding it through the handy wringer. Thank Faranth there's good airflow in the Harper Wing to help dry his laundry over night before the students show up in the morning. "Well, I suppose you won't have to deal with that anymore, at least. I'll have to talk to the Smiths about getting another key made for you. Do you know any of them that are approachable?"

Nevelyn returns to find she’s made quite a dent in her wash load so far. Hurray for company to make the time more pleasant. “Mmm indeed. He’s a surly sort of a morning too as I have to get up ‘before the sane people’ as he puts it.” She’ll be more than happy to gather her few things in the next couple days and leave the guy alone in the bunk. She nods her head when he asks about keys. “You should see Aaron about it. If you can pin him down long enough, take Nevach with you. The two of them get on wonderfully.” It’s been some time since she’d run across Aaron and she wonders how he’s doing as she scrubs the next load of laundry. “He’s about the nicest Smith I’ve run across. Well actually the only one now I think of it.”

Jithan snorts at the description of her bunkmate, shaking his head. "Well, I'm usually up pretty early too, so it won't be that bad for either of us, I imagine." He nods back at the advice, chuckling. "Right to the top, huh? Well, maybe he'll extend some professional courtesy to a fellow crafter, hmm?" He chuckles again, running the last pair of underwear through the wringer before making his way to Nevelyn's rinse basin and starting to stir the suds out of her collection of clothes too.

Nevelyn is beyond glad that her early hours won’t be an issue for Jithan. She had been wondering about it. “Sounds like we’ll get on quite well.” She rinses out the latest mass of clothing and wanders over to drop them into the rinse basin too. “Aaron is a very kind man, so you needn’t worry about that. He was very nice to Nevach and I when we arrived.” She watches him rinse her laundry and smiles, “Thank you for the help, love.” The last of the pile still needs attended to so she returns to the wash basin and slops it into the water.

Jithan starts to feed the now-clean laundry through the wringer, nodding quietly to himself. "Well, that's a good sign then. Hopefully he won't give me too much grief about it." He shrugs, adjusting the wringer for different types of clothes as he goes, collecting everything into a clean basket once most of the water has been squeezed out of it. "Of course, Nevelyn. I'm going to need most clothesline though, I see," he says with a lopsided grin.

Nevelyn can’t see why he is worried that it will be an issue at all. “I would be happy to discuss it with him if you’d rather.” She has no qualms what so ever about explaining what she needs to the big Smith, and the why of it. Though she doubts he’ll get into the why. He’s got quite the crowd around him as far as she knows. She finishes scrubbing the last of the laundry and is heading for the wash basin when he remarks on the need for a clothes line. “What for?” She nods to the other side of the room. “I just hang mine on the lines in here and come back for it when it’s dry.”

Jithan shakes his head, chuckling. "I'm just used to dealing with the Smith at Fort, I suppose. Surly sort of fellow, didn't like to have to work. From what I hear, the Smith's here rather enjoy themselves and their jobs." He shrugs a little at her question about the clotheslines, chuckling. "The children must like you more than my apprentices did me. My clothes had a way of… relocating themselves, shall we say?"

Nevelyn sees him shaking his head as a sign of denial to her offer and shrugs her shoulders. Rising to her feet once again she makes her way to the rinse basin to tackle the clothing left within it. “I haven’t met too many people who don’t enjoy Southern. There are a few sure. But on the whole most folks like it down here. I know I do.” She laughs a good belly laugh at the idea of his clothing being ‘relocated’. “Oh my,” she presses a damp hand to her middle and breathes deeply. “I suppose some of them aren’t thrilled with the scope of their lessons?”

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