==== January 8, 2013
==== Jithan, Krissi, Nathanael, Sori, Tilla, Devarl (NPC)
==== Nathanael shows Krissi the weyr! And Krissi gets to meet a lot of new folk in the Library.

Who Jithan, Krissi, Nathanael, Sori, Tilla, Devarl (NPC)
What Nathanael shows Krissi the weyr! And Krissi gets to meet a lot of new folk.
When It is the twenty-fourth day of Spring and 77 degrees.
Where Southern Weyr

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Archive Library
Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

For a library this place is really hopping! Folks coming and going all around her while Krissi rests in an overstuffed armchair. Her apprentice has led her to this little haven and is currently ensconced at a table with several of his craftmates. Leaving her to drink something called a latte and finger through an old woodcrafts tome she’d found in a bookcase along the far wall. Currently the armchairs set in a semicircle nearest her are empty.

Nathanael is heard long before he is seen this deep into the weyr. His footsteps echo out before him as he jerks open the door. Blond hair flaps before his face for just a moment as his skyblue eyes track around the library. "DEVARL!" The seacraft apprentice calls out loudly from the doorway. Darting inwards Nathanael launches himself at the rest of the apprentices, already talking a mile a minute. "Ye'd n'er belive what I jus' 'eard! 'hey're sayin mayhap some've us'll get't go out 'n 'e jungle t' learn more 'bout 'e plants 'round 'ere!" His tone is loud enough to carry throughout the library heedless of any others seeking for rest or some such nonsense.

Is there a crowd descending on the room or what? Krissi hears the footsteps and shifts in her chair to watch the door fly open. Only a single lad comes barreling through the opening though and heads straight for her apprentice. How interesting! She settles back into her chair once more and sips her drink.

Devarl and his buddies halt their conversation at Nathanael’s approach. His friends taking the opportunity to melt away to the food cart. Which leaves Dev to grin at Nathanael happily. “Oh yeah?! I sure hope I get to go. It would be great to get outta the woodshop for a bit.” He glances over at Kris guiltily. “If you’d let me go that is..” Hopeful blink of the eyes.

"Pa said so long's 'm back for when he gets back with with 'e catch 's all fine. Good t' learn more 'bout what we got round 'ere! Especail' if we're gonna be helpin with 'e ground crew!" If it is possible to be overexcited, Nathanael might just be a picture of it as he chatters away over the guilty look of his friend. Then those skyblue blinkers actually look at the apprentice and a faint flush spreads across his cheeks as he turns around. His smile changes to a slightly sheepish grin. "Sorry ma'am Journeyman, didno' see ye 'here."

Krissi watches as Devarl blinks hopefully at her and can’t help but laugh. “You’d have to clear it with Aaron of course. But I think I could manage without you for a day or so. We haven’t got anything pressing going out.” At least nothing she hasn’t already finished herself. When Nathanael finally notices her sitting here she smiles at the lad. “Not to worry. I was attempting not to be a bother to Devarl. I’m the new woodcrafter, Krissi.”

Devarl bounces in his seat the excitement of it all starting to spread to him as well. “Thanks Kris! You’re the best.” He is young enough to think the idea of working ground crew is something to look forward to. Poor kid. “I agree with your Pa. It would be best for everyone to get to know the area. In fact we should see if Kris might tag along. She’s new down here you see.” He leans close to Nathanael and whispers, “Lemos.” As though it’s some sort of dire secret.

Nathanael tilts his head, reading the knot upon Krissi's shoulder for just a moment. "Ain't nothin' wrong with Lemos." At least, Nathanael doesn't think so. "I'll catch ye in a sec, o'er 'here?" Nathanael points in the direction of the cart-o-food and drifts closer to the smith. "'m Nathanael, are ye workin' with Aaron?"

Devarl has heard some rather iffy things about this Lemos. But he doesn’t argue the point when Nathanael declares that nothing is wrong up there. “Yeah okay. I’ll wait for you over there then.” He slips out of his seat and heads for the food cart.

Krissi watches the two of them interact with a smile on her lips. Devarl happily wandering off for a snack brings a hum of amusement from her. She nods at Nathanael’s question. “I work for him actually. He is the Weyrsmith after all. I’ve found I rather enjoy it though. He pretty much leaves me to run the woodshop.”

"Pa says he's one've 'e best 'hat 'e's e'er worked with." Nathanael delivers this declaration with an emphatic nod. If his father says it, then it must be true! "'course he ain't ne'er left us t' be waitin' too long if'n we need somethin'. Do ye 'ike southern?" The rapid shift in topic is heralded only by a slight tilt to the short young man's head.

Krissi can’t help but agree with Nathanael’s father. “He really is a wonderful man.” She certainly enjoys working for him far more than the old farts up in Lemos. A sip of her latte is had before she’s nodding her head once more. “I love it thus far. Haven’t been here very long.” She shrugs her shoulders slightly and smiles. “I’ve managed to find the galleries to peek at the eggs, the living caverns, and my office thus far. Aside from Devarl bringing me here today.”

"Ye ain't been nowhere else?" Nathanael sounds shocked as he blinks at the older woman. "Do ye want some'un t' show ye 'round more? I been 'ere 'bout two years 'n know 'er pretty good."

“That would be nice actually,” Krissi admits with a nod of her head. From over by the food cart Devarl hollers, “Yeah if you can get her to stop working long enough!” That brings a blush to Krissi’s cheeks and she clears her throat. Shooting a ‘shush’ look in Devarl’s direction. “I have been working pretty much nonstop since my arrival,” she admits before sipping her drink.

Nathanael tilts his head sideways, and twists around looking at the whole of the Archive. "Well…." a long pause as the boy looks one more time, then turns back to the journeywoman. "Ye got time righ' now? 'cuz Pa ain't 'xpectin me till 'e evenin' 'n I could be showin ye round…"

Krissi glances around the room when Nathanael does. Wondering what he’s looking for out of usual curiosity. When he offers to show her around now she considers it for a moment. Looking down at the book in her lap. “I’m not doing anything in here but following orders,” she shuts the book at looks up at Nathanael with a smile. “Aaron sort of demanded I take a restday for once.” Setting the book and her nearly empty cup aside she rises from the comfortable chair.

Krissi's rely has Nathanael gives a small hop backwards. "Good! Pa sends m' out t' be havin' fun too, says ye're only young once. Canno' always be workin!" The foot smaller apprentice offers an arm to the journeywoman, the cheeky grin all over his face. "I know all 'e best places. 'ike who'se bed t' be askin' f'r sweets in 'e kitchen."

Krissi's rely has Nathanael gives a small hop backwards. "Good! Pa sends m' out t' be havin' fun too, says ye're only young once. Canno' always be workin!" The foot smaller apprentice offers an arm to the journeywoman, the cheeky grin all over his face. "I know all 'e best places. 'ike who'se bed t' be askin' f'r sweets in 'e kitchen."

Krissi laughs softly at Nathanael’s admission. “And here I have to chase some of my apprentices down to get them to work. Not all but a few.” It’s impressive that a lad his age is so devoted to his craft and the work that goes with it. Refreshing really. When he offers her his arm she smiles sweetly and slips her hand into the crook. “Sweets eh? I hadn’t thought about such things.”

Nathanael is fourteen. Does his mind think about anything other then his stomach? Oh, and fish. LOTS of fish. "Kitchen's first 'tis!" Nathanael tugs on the arm attached to his, the bounce in his step only able to be described as a skip of sorts. "'n mayhap 'hey got sum bubblies 'cuz ye're new!" Hope hangs tight in his voice.

At thirty-one Krissi tries to avoid the temptation as often as possible. But when one’s escort is a teenager, she simply can’t resist. So off they go for bubblies and to meet the kitchen staff. An interesting if harried bunch. The rest of the Weyr goes by in a blur that she may or may not remember. The boy talks faster and faster as they make the rounds. There’s something about the harpsichord being delivered in the Harper’s Wing which is oddly enough discussed in the playroom jaunt. Which is why it sticks. Aside from that she vaguely remembers the rest and wishes for a translator toward the end. High energy and mixed with his accent leaves her nodding without understanding. “My word this place is huge. And there’s more of it eh?” This is said when they finally pop back into the library where they’d started.

Not once does the teenagers energy flag as the whirlwind tour blasts through the weyr. "Aye! 'n 'e whole jungle out there. If'n ye climb 'e cliffs at 'e river ye can see fore'er!" Nathanael pauses to take a breath- one of the few lapses in silence the woman has had for the last hour. "Tho' 'here be them felines, so it ain't safe t' go 'lone." Not one to leave an idea hanging like that Nathanael snaps his fingers. "Mayhap ye could come with us!"

Krissi glances around only now remembering her poor apprentice. And finds that he’s vacated the library for parts unknown. Poor kid she hadn’t meant to abandon him. Nothing to do for it now so she simply listens to Nathanael tell her of the jungles and cliffs. “I’ve been warned of the felines. In fact I was given the pelt from one though I haven’t figured what I’m going to do with it yet.” Perhaps decorate with it? She’ll figure something out. “With you?” Go out into the Jungle with a pack of young teens? Oh dear. “On that plant lesson trip or whatever?” See, she does have a little bit of a memory. “That actually might be nice.”

Sori has made her way in to the library. A small tray of empty mugs, in one hand. Yes, she's supposed to take these to the kitchen. Yes, she's no where near the kitchen. First chance in a while to get to the library, and "Shards, this has changed. Someone remind me to be a bit more of a frequent visitor here."

"Sori!" Nathanael waves to the older apprentice as she comes into the room. "Ain't it great? They didno' wanna cut down 'e tree, so 'hey made 'e room fit 'e tree!" The mugs in her hand are noticed just as an aside, "Ye helpin' 'em t' serve food?"

A familiar voice distracts Krissi, and has her turning a smile on Sori. “Hey Sori,” she greets with a small wave. A look around the library takes a moment before she is once again glancing from Sori to Nathanael, “I wish I could have seen it before it changed. Devarl told me I just had to come in today because it’s the new place to be.” Her musings fall silent when Nathanael divulges the reason for the changes. She’s rather glad the Weyr leadership chose to leave the tree where it stands. It gives the room amazing character in her opinion. “Is there anything you /don’t/ do around here?” This is asked of Sori when Nathanael brings her attention to the mugs in the girls hands.

The tray is set aside at the question, "No. Running dirty dishes from the forge to the kitchen," is the curt reply from Sori. Krissi is given a slow smile, "Boys," then she chuckles, "Really, there's not much I don't get asked to do around here. Mostly dealing with fixing stuff that no one else wants to mess with," have you seen this girl at the end of a busy day?

"'s jus' 'cuz ye always say yes." Nathanael says sagely, not that he wouldn't do the same thing but… that's him. "'ere, I gotta get back t' 'e docks, 'can drop it by 'e kitchen." The small teen doesn't even wait for Sori to answer before he is sweeping up the tray into his hands and begins walking backwards towards the doorway out. "Good t' meet ye ma'am!" A group of want-to-be harpers cause a brief snarl in the doorway as Nathanael's backwards walking causes him to plow right into them before the seacrafter is gone.

Krissi raises a brow when Sori admits to the detour and chuckles softly. “Well I didn’t see you,” she informs the girl with a conspiratorial wink. Though at times it feels like a very long time ago. She does remember being young once. “Fixing the things others don’t care to bother with is simply job security.” As Nathanael scoops up the tray and says his goodbyes, Kris is left to wave after the kid. “He’s a rather nice lad,” she tells Sori with a smile. “Rambunctious as all get out.”

Sori chuckles and nods, "Truth there. Yeah, he's… Okay," and she watches as Nathanael makes his exit. Probably she's skipped a few rest days, but it's just who she is. Work, more work, and somewhere there's rest. Usually when she's passed out from exhaustion.

Jithan wanders in to the library, alone for once instead of trailing a gaggle of students and apprentices. Gossip is gathered for a bit at the klah bar, along with a drink, and then he starts to wander the aisles, pausing now and again to look at a particular volume, looking for something he hasn't read. It's with this absentmindedness that he bumps lightly into Krissi, head down and reading some book or either. Klah and book are saved, if not his dignity, as he looks a bit startled, and looks up. "Oh, shards, my apologies, Journeywoman! A bad habit, I'm afraid," he says, gesturing both too and with the book.

Krissi is here on a forced restday as the Weyrsmith chased her out of the wing this morning and insisted she take one. He even took her fardling egg away from her! So she can most likely relate to Sori. “I’m not sure there /is/ a faster tour of the Weyr to be found,” she says of Nathanael with a chuckle. Next she knows she’s being jostled by someone. A sidestep takes her away from the danger of hot klah spillage, though thankfully there is none spilled. “That’s quite alright,” she notes the knot on his shoulder and smiles, “Sr. Journeyman, Sir. No harm done.”

Sori chuckles because she knows about being chased out of the Smith wing by Aaron, "I know how that goes," then there's Jithan that she's side stepping to avoid being jostled.

Jithan takes a step back, eyeing Krissi for a moment. "You're new here, aren't you? I didn't think we had any woodcrafters down here, you're most welcome!" Oh yes, her knot has just made Krissi a New Friend! "I'm Jithan," he says, tucking the book under his arm and offering the now-free hand first to Krissi and then to Sori. "Not real big on rank, and from what I saw, I don't think your boss is either." Yes, Sori, he saw your knot too.

Krissi grins and nods her head, “I’ve been here a little over a moon or so. Not very long at all.” And most of that has been spent either in the woodshop or working in her office. “Well met Jithan,” she slips her hand into his for a brief shake, “I’m Krissi.” She laughs softly and shakes her head, “No. I’m not a stickler about rank at all. And from what he’s said thus far the boss man most certainly isn’t.”

Sori blinks a few times, "Well I'm sure there's something I should be fixing somewhere," she says as she looks for a way to escape. Ooh, look who's nervous around rankers. Too bad for Sori there's a knot of harpers at the door, and she's been taught that it's just plain rude to barrel through groups, "Well met sir, I'm Sori," and her Smith Apprentice knot is fussed with just a little. Oh look, there's a chair over there with a bit of a wobble. Isn't that interesting?

Jithan is standing with Krissi and Sori near the klah bar, a book under one arm and a mug of some froofroo klah beverage in the same hand, midway though the act of introductions. "Well met to the both of you too, then," he say with a smile. "How're you finding it down here so far, Krissi?" Sori's fidgeting is noted, and chuckled at just a little. "Or you could just relax for a bit and enjoy the company. I'm not your Journeyman, Sori, so why should I mind if you do?"

Krissi is surprised at Sori’s nervousness considering the girl has been comfortable with her thus far. “There’s always something to be fixed in a place this big.” A glance at the door reveals why she hasn’t already bolted. The snarl of Harper folk chatting it up results in waves being exchanged between herself and the boy who’d drawn the window decoration in her office. Jithan manages to draw her attention back to the little group standing right here. “So far all the stories I grew up on are lies and conjecture. I’m honestly really enjoying it down here. I’m free to develop my skills and explore my craft for the first time in my life and I’m loving it.” Go Southern! “And I’m just /a/ Journeyman, hon. More your friend than anything I’d hope,” she tells Sori with a grin.

Sori nods as she looks for some place to be. It isn't so much Krissi, or even Jithan that have her nervous. It's all the people in one place, "Yes Ma'am," she says ducking her head. She may be eldest of her family, but she's never had to deal with any of them for very long.

Wandering out of the Agriculture section comes a certain greenrider with one thick tome and two smaller ones stacked on top. In the flickering glowlights one might be able to make out a botanical sort of title of the thicker one, and the top one has childish illustrations of some kind of bird. An odd pairing. Tilla approaches the klah bar and orders a drink with extra spice. Placing her books down on her lap, she smiles pleasantly at those around her. "Evening," she offers.

Jithan chuckles softly, shaking his head at Krissi. "And, sadly, some of my own craft have been known to… perpetuate these lies and conjectures." Never mind that Jithan has only arrived fairly recently himself. The Harpers in the door frame catch his eye, and he makes a slight motion with his hand. They see it, and disperse, freeing an exit for the jumpy apprentice should she wish it. "I'm sorry, Sori, am I making you nervous?" Since he can't read her mind, and she's only gotten that way since he approached. The greenrider gets a grin, and a bow of his head. "Evening, greenrider," he says with a smile.

Growing up in the Woodcrafters Hall up at Lemos Krissi is well used to crowds. Everyone crammed into the same small Hall doesn’t provide a lot of privacy. She’s at a loss as to how to help Sori, but wishes that she could. “Well I suppose one never really knows until they investigate for themselves,” she says of the stories that are told. When Tilla offers a greeting Kris smiles and snaps off a proper salute, “Greenrider ma’am.”

Sori gives a slight shake to her head, "No sir. I'm afraid I just don't like crowds," which is true. She does alright small groups, but not so much with the larger numbers of people. Unless of course she's working. Work drowns out the presence of people you see.

Tilla smiles brightly at the Harper, and even brighter still as her drink arrives. "Mmm," she remarks, "I'll have to stop by here more often, or perhaps try to concoct a drink at my weyr as good as this," she muses aloud. Towards Krissi, she offers another smile and nod. "Hello." Sip sip. Towards Sori, a sympathetic look. "Sorry to butt into your conversation but have you ever imagined a crowd in their underthings? It might be less scary and more funny that way." Or is that just for public speaking. "Tilla, rider of Amuirnith, Puma Wing. Well met ah..?" she addresses the three.

Jithan chuckles a little at Krissi, shrugging. "My parents were Harper's at the main Hall, so we were up to Fort Weyr on a fairly regular basis for hatchings and whatnot. I was posted there for a while, too, so I'm kind of used to the… unique atmosphere of a Weyr." Sori gets a look of sympathetic understanding, and he nods. "I understand, Sori. I've had a few apprentices with that issue." Tilla gets a chuckle and a shake of his head. "That works great, until you run into your auntie…" he says with a mock shiver. "I'm Jithan. Well met, Tilla."

Krissi aww’s softly and sends Sori an empathic look. She feels for the girl she really does. Tilla’s exclamation over her drink draws her attention and she smiles. “You should try what they’re calling a latte. It’s actually delish, I was really surprised.” When the ‘rider mentions imagining people in their underthings it surprises a laugh out of her. “No, I really haven’t. Oh my!” Now that’s just funny right there. “I’m Krissi,” she provides with a smile. Jithan gets a grin and a shrug of her shoulders. “This is the first Weyr I’ve ever been to. But ‘riders come up to Lemos quite often from all over to purchase from the Hall.”

Tilla grimaces, "Oh don't remind me. I immediately think of some of the old, flappy aunties at the other weyr," GAAAAAAAAG. Far away look, but then it vanishes. "Jithan, Sori, Krissi, well met. I actually grew up in a hold as a Crafter's kid, then impressed later. Had both experiences I guess. Good and bad in their own ways." A pause. "OH. Lemos! The forests are…or were just beautiful. At one point." She wipes her mouth with a napkin. Did anyone notice she had a frothy moustache? OOPS.

Jithan is standing with Krissi, Sori, and Tilla at the klah bar, enjoying what looks like a tasty beverage and holding a book under one arm. The three of them are just chatting away, enjoying the company and the evening in general, despite the humidity. "The latte, huh? I might have to try it next time," the tall Harper murmurs, looking over the menu board. "This is a particularly nice, Weyr, in my opinion. Of course, I've not been here for a summer yet, and from what I'm told, they're beastly." At Tilla's words, realization dawns, and he grins a little. "You're an Oldtimer then, Tilla?" he asks. It's innocently asked, though, and doesn't sound at all aggressive.

Krissi gets tired of standing here and so pulls a stool out to perch on. Placing her facing Jithan, Sori, at Tilla at the klah bar. A nice little gathering of folks chatting it up. “I do NOT want to picture Master Ricik in his skivvies,” she admits with a shudder of her own. “My Master in Lemos,” she explains to the gathering. Tilla earns herself a lovely smile and nod, “They still are quite beautiful. And incredibly precious.” The only thing she misses about her home in truth. She’d gathered what Jithan asks without having voiced it. So she concentrates on other things, like lattes. “You really should try one,” she tells Jithan with a smile. “In fact..” she signals the girl tending the drinks, “I believe I’ll have another.”

Sori nods at Jithan's assessment of the summers in Southern. She's sitting at the klah bar with Jithan, Krissi, and Tilla, "Summers are hot here, but at least you don't get those miserable sand storms of Igen," her birth place after all, "Though I think there's something to be said about dry summers as opposed to these sticky humid ones."

Tilla smirks, "Oh yes, Oldtimer, but not /old/." Yet. "Where's my cane, it’s good for beating nosy Harpers." Wink. "Just kidding. Yeah. Originally impressed and lived out my previous life at High Reaches Weyr. But I'd still escape to mytime Southern when I could, lovely beaches. So I can't complain that much about the weather. My weyr is -" she jerks her thumb out thattaway, "Over the river and it gets plenty of ventilation." Who says fireplaces can't be used in the tropics? Towards Krissi, she looks relieved, "Well good to know at least some things aren't totally changed. I should head out there again, a daytrip perhaps," she muses.

Jithan takes a sip of his drink, nodding. "I think I will, next time." Tilla's comments get a chuckle and a grin. "I'd really like to talk to you sometime, if you don't mind, about what teaching songs you remember from your childhood. It's become a bit of a fascination for me. For now, though, I'm afraid that I have to be going. Gotta find some way to entertain the kids tomorrow," he says with a grin. "Krissi, Sori, Tilla, it was a pleasure meeting you all." And with that, he's out, heading back for the craft complex and his office.

Sori has been steadily edgy towards the door the whole time. Oh look at that, she's at the door and gone. Work? Sleep? Who knows, this is Sori.

Krissi is rather glad she chose hot over sandstorms in all truth. “I suppose it’s a good thing I asked for transfer here then.” Sand up the nose does not sound like a good thing. Right about the time that her drink arrives she feels a tug on her tunic. Turning she finds Devarl standing there looking sheepish. He leans in to whisper in her ear and she chuckles and nods her head, “I’ll be right there.” Turning back she grins at everyone and shrugs her shoulder. “I’m needed in the woodshop I suppose.” To Tilla she nods her head, “You really should venture that direction one of these days. It’s still mostly glorious.” Some things have changed of course. But hasn’t everything between the times? “Nice meeting you, Tilla.” She slips off the stool and follows everyone else out the door.

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