==== September 26, 2013
==== Sadaiya, Corelle (NPC Weyrwoman: W'rin-controller)
==== Corelle and Sadaiya meet in the living caverns, klah and ideas are shared.

Who Sadaiya, Corelle (NPC Weyrwoman: W'rin-controller)
What Corelle and Sadaiya meet in the living caverns, klah and ideas are shared.
When 1 turn 1 month and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr



Living Caverns
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Just before dinner at Igen Weyr and the living caverns is a flourish of activity. Drudges and cooks and a few white knotted boys duck in and out of the kitchens as they set up food for the next meal. Corelle is amongst them, both directing and carrying food herself. It is in the midst of one trip that she tucks a plate of meatrolls into an arm, held up like a tray so she can point someone somewhere else, "No, no dear. Put that over there." It is a candidate who is receiving gentle instruction, "You see, if you set it there it will in the way of the rush, it's all about seeing what is here and planning for what is about to happen." Even kitchen duty it seems is training for potential dragonriding. The boy nods, salutes, picks up his miss-placed item and scurries off to the correct location. The woman smiles approvingly after him, chuckles softly to herself and the continues on to place the rolls on the serving table.

Okay, even despite Sadaiya's predilection to NOT liking this woman, Corelle is pretty cute here, thus earning her an indulgent smile from the wee junior weyrwoman. With a shake of her head, though, it's all business and she strides over to where the Senior directs traffic. "Ma'am?" She fires off a crisp salute, then puts on her winningest, charmingest, empty-headinest smile. "Do you need me to grab that for you?"

Corelle would return the salute, she really would, but her hands are all full so Sadie is only offered a beam smile in return, "For me? Oh no, dear. I can handle it. Works better if we all work hard." The plate is finally settled into an open spot near some other meat type dishes, "Oh but you know that." She affirms with a wave of her wrist at the other goldrider, "I just keep having to remind the candidates." The laugh is affectionate as she lifts her apron from about her neck and drapes it over her arm. Her yellow dress curling around ample bosom and hip, a constant reminder there is no need to be frumpy to embrace nowtime style. Her eyes meet the head cook and she waggles a finger at a table and mouths both an apology and a farewell. Before settling back on Sadie, "Would you mind sitting down with me a moment, I only hope it doesn't take too much time. You had such a wonderful idea, very efficient, I'd love to talk it over with you some more..something about how you did…." But her voice is trailing off as she already making her way to the table.

Gobsmacked, Sadaiya can do nothing but trail after Corelle with a slightly poleaxed look in her eyes. "Oh, of course, ma'am," she manages after a moment of stunned silence. "Anything I can do for the weyr." In a somewhat futile attempt to get herself back on stable ground, she gestures silently, allowing her senior to pull up a chair first. When in doubt, be rank conscious!

"Would you like klah, oh I'm so sorry I forgot to ask before. I can go get us some." Corelle smile across the table, as dark fingers curl around the back of her chair, completely unaware of the unnerving her warmth is causing. "Please, please sit." A hand sweeps across the table at the chair which Sadaiya has yet to settle herself in. "Now, let me think. It was a few days ago, the note you sent..about…" Brows furrowing as the weyrwoman's face pulls into a frown. "Oh I'm just awful. It was so good. Maybe you can remember while I got get that klah." And now before the offer can be denied she disappears back into the kitchen for caffeine.

"Of course." And sit Sadaiya does, crossing her legs and tugging her skirts down Just So, lacing her fingers together and gently resting them on her lap. "I'll take mine with…how…ever…you want to make it." This last is sort of half murmured at Corelle's rapidly disappearing back, and Sadie's long lashes flutter owlishly over her glassy, dark eyes. As she waits for the Weyrwoman's return, she shifts somewhat restlessly in place, uncrossing and recrossing her legs, frowning a bit at an uneven nail, looking around the cavern at the ebb and flow of white-knotted candidate boys with an unreadable expression in place.

And return quickly she does the soft yellow of her flowing dress trailing behind her, making her look something of the Pern's softest looking flame. One a person would be tempted to reach out and touch only to find it really does burn just as hotly. The tray in her hand is set gently on the table, not a sound to be heard, as if she set it on the air rather than the wood. "Milk, sweetner…" Her finger points to each, and a conspiratorial wink, "Just a bit of whiskey, should you want to add it." She presses her now free hand to her lips with a giggle. And then slips into a chair. "Did you remember what it was?" Her eyes turn to the sky as she tries to remember. "Oh! It had to do with how we transport the tithes. It was so fast how you thought to do it. Really I wonder why Igen hadn't before -" Then she breaks off and nods. "Right." The last weyrwoman, she was cray cray. And the woman is forced to look away to pay both her respects to the now dragonless woman, and off sympathy to the long abandoned weyr. "Oh, but then now there is us!" Folded hands on the table lean across to grasp the other womans' should they not be stolen away. "We will save this place, won't we? All it needs is a womanly touch. W'rin is sooo good at what he does, but the men don't really know how hard it is from our side. Do they?" Her smile is begs for an understanding friend in the other goldrider.

As she gets socially steamrolled by Corelle, Sadaiya's face runs through the Expressions Olympics. Willpower keeps her jaw from actually dropping into an open-mouthed gape, but the corners of her mouth definitely twitch, and her eyes are wide with shock as if she saw two dogs doing it instead of the Weyrwoman. "Of course. I … I'm at your service." For a moment, Sadaiya looks down at the pile of dark hands, then her twitching mouth breaks out into a genuine smile. "We'll do our best. That's why we came forward, after all: to offer our assistance. W'rin's a wonderful Weyrleader, but he does tend to be a bit short-sighted about the smaller details that keep things moving smoothly. Not that there's anything wrong with being the big-picture sort!" With a pat, she squeaks her hands out from the grasp of the other woman, and shifts the platter closer to begin work on a perfect mug of klah.

"We're all at the service of the weyr." Corelle's hand slip away and back to the klah, she scoops up at mug and sets it before Sadaiya. The mention of women's short comings, causes the senior to pause, her hand almost wrapped around a spoon with which she will dab some sweetner into her klah. Finally the action is complete, though it is sereral stirs before the woman speaks again. "Do you think? A bit crass perhaps, though I've hardly know him to not see the details of what is important. To his work, anyway. The details of things over here, well I supposed he's just got his mind full of charts and fighting dragon things." She finally lifts her gaaze to meet Sadaiya's, if there is one thing the pair is doing right it is appearing as a united front. "Would you like some sweetner?" And as she waits for a reply she continues, "I know I'm new-ish here, but I know there was some…" She pauses, her hand not occupied with spoon twirls in the air. "Friction, with some people. Have you settled in? Do you enjoy your work?"

Sadaiya makes her own clinks and clanks that blend with Corelle's to make a dainty symphony, like if Blue Man Group wore more lace. "Oh, thank you, please," she murmurs absently, trading the sweetener for the creamer dish, then stirring for a bit too long so as to collect her scattered, upended thoughts. "It's just his way, I think. He's quite gentle, and I do like working with him, and others. The work HAS been hard, but Ista and the Reaches didn't come forward to relax. Seeing things be repaired, seeing the wings prepare for Thread, it's all been such a whirlwind, but progress is in such evidence that it's easy to feel quite proud of our new home and the way it's starting to come together." She takes a sip of her klah, then, the pleasure evident on her face in the consumption of the best beverage EVER. "As for friction, it's just a difference in ideologies. It's something everyone needs to work at to, ah, meet halfway on. If I can be frank, I think it'll behoove EVERYONE to spend at least a day studying what folks with other types of knots do. Like, for instance, if we checked over and tried to understand the fighting wings, or if they learned what balancing the stores entailed."

A 'hmmm' passes between Corelle's barely parted lips as she lifts, with dainty movement, the cup to her lips. "I suppose that would make sense, here, if the cooks all saw how it was to be a drudge for a day." Though no one would want to let the drudges see the otherside of things. "Why would we waste what little time we have over there? They fight thread. We make sure the weyr runs. Truely women bear the greater burden, but it must be done." Finally she takes a tiny sip from the cup held before her face. "There is so little time for them to train as well. To lose a day to come and watch us do hide work?" The woman's don't isn't an outright denial, know her curious expression which peers out from behind the steam of her klah is looking for an answer, to figure it out. To discuss.

"As I said, the little things make up the whole. It would help cooperation and group cohesion if even an attempt at understanding things were made, I believe." This is where Sadaiya adds another splash of whiskey to her drink, boning up for the inevitable tackling of the elephant in the weyr. "Also, do remember that it's not just men who are set to go up to meet thread. Some of our most brilliant tacticians and most agile fliers are female riders and their lifemates, whether male or female." Ah, Sadie, you coward. Hinting may not be enough.

"Yes. Little things do make the whole. But we must get hung up on the wrong little things." Idle musing from the weyrwoman who blows softly on her beverage. "There are things that need to be fixed now and things that can be fixed later. And other things that it may take people time to ease into. If you really want to drive cohesion and cooperation, you can only push people so far at first." It is a rather cryptic statement as the woman stands, the soft curl of her lips perhaps betraying she knows exactly what the woman was too scared to say, or perhaps she simply just sympathetic to whatever she thinks is going on in the woman's head. With a soft pause, she leans over the table to pat the other's arm. "Still, I'll talk to W'rin about sending some of the boys, with poorer attitudes, over. You are right they should know how hard we work." Collecting her own mug, but leaving the tray for Sadie to use as she wishes, she begins to leave, a formal if not soft salute. "If you'll excuse me, there are things to be done. Do come by if you would, so we can talk about those notes you've been sending me. Some of them are very intriguing."

Sadaiya nods, her face somewhat betraying her unsure footing, though she covers it up with a regulation perfect salute to her superior. "Of course, and thank you for your time. It's been lovely to get to know you." And it truly has — her smile is genuine, if faintly wistful. "Don't hesitate to stop by my weyr, or send a firelizard over, should you need my assistance at all. I mean, heh, you know where I live!" She accompanies this with a funny little gesture almost like jazzhands, and a stupid, toothy grin.

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