==== February 18th, 2014
==== K'ane, Sienna
==== Fallout from a bathing altercation.

Who K'ane, Sienna
What K'ane and Sienna discuss K'vvan.
When It is sunset of the first day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Public Baths, Igen Weyr

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Public Baths
Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Sienna walks in from the Central Bazaar.

Sienna beats K'ane up.

Sienna walks to the Central Bazaar.

Sienna walks in from the Central Bazaar.

[OOC:] Sienna says "Just kidding. XD"

K'ane is in the water. He's scared off all the other guys that were there in with him. K'vvan's nowhere to be seen. There are some girls jabbering excitedly to one another and shooting looks over at the bronzerider — no question that SOMETHING has just recently gone down.

Yes, something has, which is why Sienna is here. Stomp stomp stomp goes the greenrider, and when she's in the room, she begins…yanking off her clothes. Hello? "What happened." Statement, not question, as her tunic is tossed aside, boots and pants following.

"I tried t' engage him?" K'ane at least looks a little meek. A little. But then Sienna's stripping and he's a man, he CAN'T HELP but look before averting his eyes. Belatedly. "I dunno. I told him t' fight for us. T' trust us. We put our lives on the line for him, he needs t' at least put his emotions on the line for us." His voice is staunch. Stubborn.

Sienna is /angry/ stripping. Bra. Socks. Panties. Then she's in the water and…swimming towards K'ane? Is she going to smack him or sex him? But she stops just out of arm's reach, treading water in the deeper part of the bath. "Who is 'us'? You can't…just…it's…" HUFF. Then she vanishes beneath the water.

SEX HIM SIENNA, SEX HIM GOOD. He deserves i — wait. He flushes as the greenrider swims over towards him, maybe a little uncomfortable. "Dangit Sie…" whatever he was going to say dissolves because she is ducking underwater right in front of him. His expression is PRICELESS.

Sienna is just getting her hair wet, for fuck's sake, don't get any ideas. Emerging again, both hands push the curls away from her face and clear the water from her eyes before they blink open and she looks at him.

Well listen, K'ane's had a really weird night. He doesn't look at Sienna like that (other than those knee-jerk oh shit, there's boobs in his face kind of moments — c'mon, he is a guy!). "It's not my fault. He's gonna get someone killed, Sienna, not trusting us."

Sienna grits her teeth a bit, back to treading water. "So to be a good rider he needs to spill his deepest thoughts and emotions with everyone?"

K'ane just LOOKS at her. "It ain't about bein' a good rider, Sienna. It's about bein' a good leader. He ain't gonna get anyone t' trust him out of sheer magnetism or force, so he's gotta go th' other way. Earnin' it."

"Who doesn't trust him?" Sienna asks, frowning. "Trust is earned, yeah, but I don't see how him opening up about his emotions has anything to do with anything." Though her eyes flicker a bit.

"It's not about opening up about his emotions, it's about him treatin' people like people an' not freakin' obstacles. Treatin' his people like that. You think I think I have any chance of relying on that in Threadfall? No, Sienna. I don't trust him." He softens just a bit: "I don't trust him t' trust himself."

Sienna sighs. "He's a /good/ rider," she protests, defending him. Faranth. How far she's come. Some might even say how far she's fallen. "And Nadeeth is good. Just because he's not great at socializing on the ground…" She sighs again. "I am /trying/, K'ane. I'm trying so hard to get through to him. Pushing him does not work. It just makes him lock up, shut the world away…"

K'ane makes lots of INARTICULATE GESTURES. It's obvious he's still wound up from whatever-it-was. "I ain't a saint, Sienna. He pushes buttons as well as anyone I've ever met, an' he doesn't care. He doesn't care. An' he's not just a rider - he's a wingsecond."

"He /does/ care," Sienna argues back. "He cares a /lot/ he's just an /idiot/ when it comes to showing it." Or…maybe she's utterly, utterly wrong, and a victim of her own good nature. Again. "If he was a danger, W'rin wouldn't have him as a Wingsecond." Boom. Ace card DOWN.

K'ane stares at the greenrider for a long time. "W'rin ain't infallible, Sienna. An' he ain't riskin' his life on this gamble. He's riskin' ours."

Sienna bristles a bit. "K'ane, if you think for a /second/ that W'rin would put /you/ in a situation he wouldn't put himself in, then…" You're…you're…a big doo-doo stinky face. She exhales heavily, grits her teeth, and…no. She's not crying. She's NOT crying.

"Dammit Sienna, y'can't play that card!" K'ane is ALARMED at the sight of tears. "I'm not sayin' that W'rin doesn't think he's right. I'm just sayin' if he's wrong, he's not th' one who will pay." And then K'ane deflates. "I just want t' see him actually care about somethin'." It's hardly a mutter.

Sienna doesn't want to play that card either! So much so that she turns and scrubs angrily at her face, taking a few deep breaths until he voice doesn't waver quite so much. "I'm not saying W'rin is infallible. I'm not saying he sees and knows everything. I'm not saying your fears aren't founded. If you have an issue flying under K'vvan, go talk to W'rin." Then she turns around again. "I've seen him care about things. Nadeeth. Me."

K'ane moves forwards, tentatively touches Sienna's shoulder. "Sienna, that's you. I haven't seen it. From what I've seen he'd let us all die in Thread an' not give half a damn. I ain't sayin' he actually feels that way, an' I ain't really worried about myself. I'm worried about Arroyo, Sienna. The start of a Pass ain't a time for chinks in th' armor of a wing."

Sienna closes her eyes and looks down, her curls obscuring her face. "I know," she whispers. "I know. He does care though. He does. About the wing, about his position…" She sighs. "I don't know what else to do. I'm trying, K'ane. I really, really am. Kehemath too. We…we love them. Him and Nadeeth. We're trying."

K'ane rubs her shoulder, because it's about the only socially acceptable thing he can do in the current situation. He seems to be calming down from how tightly-wired he was a minute ago. "I know. I know y'are, Sienna. I just…" He falls silent. "I dunno. I guess it's just me." His voice turns a little bitter at the end, and he laughs, and then falls silent, taking a step back.

Sienna shakes her head and leans into his touch. "It's not just you. He's not blameless either, K'ane. I know how he can get. It's not just you."

"I just don't know what t' do about it, an' it … frustrates me. I dunno. I'll talk t' W'rin about it. I don't want t' let my anger set back any progress y'all are makin' with him."

Sienna smiles a bit sadly, nodding. "I don't know what to do either, K'ane, other than what I've been doing. Talk to W'rin."

K'ane rolls his shoulders and exhales. "If he hadn't freakin' picked at me about m' hair." The statement is a little plaintive. Awww, did widdle K'aniebear get his widdle feewings hurt?

Sienna blinks, looking up at K'ane's hair. "W…what? What the…what? This…this was about HAIR?!" She gave up time with her twins for a man-spat about HAIR!

"It's what started it!" K'ane goes DEFENSIVE. "I was mindin' my own damn business, hadn't even noticed he was here."

Sienna sighs. "Well your hair looks fine, K'ane. Look." Sigh. "I'm sorry I got all snippy on you. I just…it's tense." Duh? "I respect and care for you a lot. I don't want to take sides in this. I just…" You promised! "I don't know. Maybe it's not even worth it. I don't know."

K'ane isn't particularly vain but he does seem vaguely REASSURED in regards to Sienna's declaration that his hair looks fine. "You don't have t' apologize. I deserved it. An' I didn't keep my promise. It's just .. augh, I just wanted t' see him fess about caring about something." K'ane's voice is tired again, and apologetic at the end.

Sienna shrugs a bit. "No one /deserves/ to be treated like that," she murmurs, swimming back to the steps out of the pool. "I know. I know," she says, soft and sad. Turning as she grabs a towel, she offers him a knowing smile. "I don't know, K'ane. I don't know what the answer is but…I'm going to keep trying." Because it's what she does. "He won't break. Not when he's pushed."

K'ane just looks after the assistant weyrlingmaster for a long, thoughtful moment. He remains in the water because he STILL hasn't scrubbed himself down yet. All the FEELS, too little soap. "You're good people, Sienna, y'know that?"

Sienna smiles a bit with a soft chuckle. "I try." Cheeks darken slightly with the compliment. "I try…maybe too hard sometimes."

K'ane finally goes to soaping his arms with a picky meticulousness to the action. "Keep tryin', then. Don't let my big dumb ass get in your way." He has a half-heartd wink for her. "Clear skies, Sienna. I'll try t' behave." He sounds genuinely meek.

Sienna chuckles, shaking her head. "It's…" Then she stops, shakes her head, and smiles at him. Warm. Genuine. Grateful. "Thank you." Then with her clothes on, she's back out the door.

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