==== October 27, 2013
==== Ephraim, Jhael
==== Jhael tries to charm marks out of people and Ephraim gives advice.

Who Ephraim, Jhael
What Jhael tries to charm marks out of people and Ephraim gives advice.
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where Bazaar Sidestreet



Bazaar Sidestreet
No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

Smell? Is there a smell here? The Zingari who has managed to catch an unoccupied corner and claimed it for himself doesn't seem to have any strong opinions about smell. Nor about the filth apparently, as he stands still diveseted of shoes dispite the chill that still lingers in the air. His corner has been set up in Zingari style, with brightly colored cloth hanging downwards to draw the eye. In his hands are the fire sticks which had been specially made for throwing, each end dripped in a flamable material with the middle wrapped tightly to make the grip more sure and less likely to catch fire. The young teen carefully tosses the sticks as a juggler would, catcalling out to the crowds to gain their attention in any way possible.

Ephraim is, for his part, minding his own business. Right now his business seems to be filching small, shiny things from storekeepers while he distracts them. Nothing of value, just /something/ to keep his hand and mind sharp. As he wanders along, his eyes happen to glance up and catch sight of the clan's colors, and then he grins at the picture presented to him. Ducking to the side to hide himself, he pauses for a moment, watching the juggling with some amusement.

To someone who knows what they are doing Jhael's tosses are elementary at best, but to everyone else they look more and impressive. A couple walking by drops a small mark into the hat. Jhael winks at them and trots a few paces beside the pair, giving just an extra bit of attention. "Be more than willin' to light your fires any day," After just a few steps though, Jhael is taking a few light movements back to his hat. A swift throw has the sticks heading skyward again to be caught.

Ephraim steps out from his hiding place with a grin as Jhael walks away, and when his newest ward turns back around, Ephraim's standing there with a bit of a grin on his face. "How's business?" he asks, one hand digging into a pocket and emerging with four small beanbags, held between the spread fingers of his hand. The bags are all tossed into the air, and are soon being juggled by the experienced carpenter.

Jhael catches his stick in one hand, then spins it idly in one hand as he watches his 'foster' throw the bags. "'s good enough. Much too quiet 'round these parts though, ain't you seen how seems like most people just kinda slink 'round here?"

Ephraim isn't the best juggler in the world, but he's not half bad either, and the beanbags are soon looping through each other as he juggles them with one hand. "Toss me your stick?" he asks with a grin, then chuckles at the boy's observation. "Aye, it is… I think it may have something to do with the guards around here lately, and the new Weyrwoman." The tall man shrugs a little, trying not to disturb the bags. "Wasn't like this last time we were through here. Dunno how long Baomos will keep us here with it like this, either.

"Aye, seems like there's more of them stuffed coats runnin' round." Derision for authority colours Jhael's words as he tosses the fire upwards again. Another set of shoppers pass by and Jhael replaces the twisted look into a charming one of welcome. Cheekily he tosses his firestick again, earning a second look from the couple, but no marks this time.

"Aye, seems like there's more of them stuffed coats runnin' round." Derision for authority colours Jhael's words as he tosses the fire upwards again. Another set of shoppers pass by and Jhael replaces the twisted look into a charming one of welcome. Cheekily he tosses his firestick again, earning a second look from the couple, but no marks this time. Turning back to Ephraim Jhael catches his stick. "Thouh I don't see what people seem to fear from the weyrwoman, the one I met seemed pretty easy to fool."

Ephraim is standing with Jhael on a convenient corner, juggling a set of beanbags while Jhael plays with his burning stick. "Eh, thing's will calm down, things will get hot again. It's a pattern, Jhael." He shrugs again, changing the pattern of the flying bags so that they fly higher and higher, his eyes not looking at them at all. Hooray muscle memory! "The fear is that fact that we're all here at her sufferance, Jhael. She says we leave, we leave."

"Meh, they're a bunch of," Jhael swiftly switches around what he was about to say as another pair shuffle down the sidestreet, "lovely people." His face takes on a completly winning look and the woman grins at the young lady in the pair. As much as possible the short teen gives a come-hither look.

Ephraim chuckles as Jhael states the obvious, grinning at his attempts with the young lady. "Eh, such is life. Good times and bad times both come and go." He's still juggling away with his beanbags, though they're not being tossed as high now. "So, have you given any thought about what you want to do with your life in the caravan?" Look at Ephraim, trying to be all father-figury.

Though Jhael isn't completly rebuffed by the girl, her attention is quickly diverted by the much larger father-figure at his side. The glare from the man is enough to cause the gypsy boy to skip backwards again, the cheeky grin not at all phased. Ephraim's question is shrugged at. "Ain't gonna be here that long, no need to be thinkin' that far in advance."

Ephraim chuckles a little, catching the bags one at a time and tucking them back into his pocket. "And how to you figure that? Don't like it here with us, or are you just that convinced we're going to kill you?" He's joking, mostly. Passerbys are greeted wit ha smile and sometimes a bow.

Jhael creates a bit more space between himself and the larger Zingari, tossing his sticks upwards into the air to allow them to spin once before catching them as they go down. "Only got two turns 'n I can strike out on 'm own w'out anyone thinkin any different."

Ephraim leans against a handy wall, letting the kid work. "And that's what you wanna do, Jhael? Any particular reason why, or are you just out to break your grandmother's heart with worry about you?"

Jhael lets out a sound that sounds a look like pifft, "Granny Theo'd be just fine if'n I was'no 'round." The stick turns again, not at all concerned about Ephraim's questioning. "You don't need to stick your nose into my troubles. Just 'cuz I'm stickin with ya'll for now, don't mean I'm gonna stick around when time comes 'round for me to strike out on my own."

Ephraim chuckles a little, ruefully. "Don't say that, Jhael. Family's family, and even when they're not very happy with you, they still love you. Don't take 'em for granted, they're not always going to be around." At the younger man's answer, he shrugs. "If that's truly what you want, I'll not stop you. I hope you'll think better of it, though."

"Fah to that. I ain't gonna spend my time all wrapped aound no body. I can handle myself." Jhael puncuates his instance with a flick of the firestick, which earns him a small mark in his hat from a passerby. "Unless it's that one!" The boy whistles low to a girl who trots into Corks and Works, one clearly outside of his league.

Ephraim can't help but laugh, quite obviously remembering himself of a dozen Turns ago. "I said the same sharding thing at your age, believe it or not. I'll be the first to tell you, you'll learn a lot being out on your how. How to shoe a runner, change a wagon wheel, patch a trace, how to cook, how important it is to clean… And with Thread coming, how to hide from it."

Only overconfidence born of extreme youth would allow someone to brush off that very sound advice. "I already know most of that. Just got to get enough marks together to set me up good and I'll have nothin' to worry about." The sticks are beginning to flicker, eating the last bits of fuel that makes the stick such a good thing to toss around. Jhael turns them over, rubbing the edges into the dust of the sidestreet putting out the fire for good. "Don't think you need to be lookin' much after me. Granny Theo knows what I've got planned, and she ain't said nothing about it."

Ephraim mmmmms softly, shrugging as he nods. "And you know best, I'm sure. Just know that if you ever want a friendly ear, you can come talk to me. I might not tell you want you want to hear, but I'll tell you the truth." The taller man pushes himself off the wall, and grins at Jhael. "I'll see you around, lad. Try not to get caught, alright?"

This cause Jhael to smile broadly. "Been thinkin I might head back up to the Weyr, see what else I can see. Mayhap those riders'll be as clueless as that goldrider I met the other day." Barefoot flicks the hat, coins and all upwards into the air where Jhael can snag it with one hand. He begins to take down the brightly colored cloth, hanging it around him as he goes.

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