==== November 17 & 18, 2013
==== Jithan, Nevelyn, Nevach (NPC)
==== Jithan, Neve & Nevach meet up at the river for a fishing trip.

Who Jithan, Nevelyn, Nevach (NPC)
What I'd like to tackle that box!
When There are 0 turns, 8 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where River Bank, Southern Weyr

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River Bank
With the towering cliffs left behind, the forested growth slopes downward towards the river's edge. Not as forested as the main jungles, yet still temperate to allow for full-fledged greenery, the river's bank is a mixture of sandy mud. One of the lower points of the river, the bank allows for easy access for both people and small sea-going vessels. A rickety dock, woven of water-damaged stone and wood, sits on the water's edge, bearing the mark of time. The blue-green waters of the river are gentler here, lapping against the bank in gentle caress, whirling in small eddies around the stone columns of the small dock. The call of avians and wild firelizards echo through the trees, with the quiet sounds of moving water aiding in giving this spot a hint of comforting tranquility.

While it is a cloudy day the distinct lack of rain has given Nevelyn and Nevach a chance to venture out of the Weyr for a bit of exploring. “There’s a dock over here,” Nevach’s voice rings out along the bank where he’s ventured ahead of his mother. “Let’s walk out and see if it holds!” Because that is the perfect thing to say to one’s mother moments before dashing off across the rocks. “Drat it boy! Do be careful please?” She isn’t overly worried about him around water but this is a river and who knows where it leads? Or what lives in it for that matter!

Jithan is as it happens, just on the fair side of that dock and stands up as he hears voices. He's sitting there with a couple of fishing poles dug into the mud of the bank, and a basket with the lid latched shut beside him, presumably full of fish. "Nevach!" he calls to the young man, moments before he steps onto the rickety old pier. "Just what are you doing?" Catching sight of Nevelyn, he gives her a smile, and a wave. "Good afternoon, Nevelyn! How are you?"

Nevach hadn’t been paying attention when he stepped up onto the dock. So the sound of a man calling to him surprises him so much he falls on his butt right there on the edge. Nevelyn sees her son trip and fall down and hikes up her skirt to scramble across the rocks. “Afternoon Jithan,” she calls back as she steps up on the dock and looks down at Nevach. “You in one piece?” This is asked of her son who quickly scrambles to his feet and dusts himself off. “Yeah Ma. I’m okay.” Nevach straightens his clothes and turns to give Jithan an accusing look.

Jithan chuckles at that accusing look, gesturing down the pier. "You gotta be more careful, Nevach. There's a rotten board right down there that I found earlier myself. Why don't you come on down here and watch the poles with me, lad? I've caught a couple of decent whitefish already." Turning to Nevelyn, he grins, and those that know him would say that it's a /shy/ grin. "Did you try that song with… Dana, was it?" he asks, pulling the child's name from his memory.

The offer of watching fishing poles seems to cheer Nevach right up. “Okay. Thanks,” he looks up at Jithan with a boyish smile and trots off toward the poles. Uncaring of rotten boards as children his age often consider themselves indestructible. Nevelyn arranges the skirt of her dress now that she’s up on somewhat solid um.. wood. “I did actually and now that she has learned it we can’t convince her to stop singing it. When I left out with Nevach a few candlemarks ago she was still following the other children around singing to them.” Nevelyn looks rather pleased with this turn of events and grins at Jithan. “So you’ve taken the time to fish, eh? I wouldn’t have figured you would know how.”

Jithan laughs aloud at the idea of the little girl singing the song so, his face lighting up in delight. "Ahhh, the young are so precious. I'm glad it worked. Now, if only we could figure out a song to help them learn to /write/ them." He grins, then reaches over a ruffles Nevach's hair. "I imagine you could show me a thing of two about fishing, couldn't you lad? Having lived on a boat with your ma?" He looks back at Neve, shrugging. "We all have our past times, don't we? There was a stream not too far from the Hall that I used to go to on my rest days. It was quiet, and gave me a place to compose, with the excuse that I was fishing. Eventually I caught something, so I figured I ought to learn to clean and cook it too."

Nevach feels his springy hair compressed to his head when Jithan ruffles it. “I know how to,” is all the boy offers on the subject. He claims a pole for himself and plops down on the dock edge to swing his feet above the water. “Though I didn’t get to do much of it.” He looks over his shoulder at his mother and Jithan. Then turns his attention back to the line in his hands. Nevelyn chuckles when Jithan laughs and nods her head in agreement. “Songs won’t work for that. But tracing the letters enough often does.” She grins at him when he reveals the reason behind his learning how to fish. “I suppose that makes sense. Even an empty hook will catch a fish now and again.”

Jithan grins at the boy's… charm, not really quite sure how to handle him. "Well, you're welcome to come with me any time you're able, as long as your mother's okay with it." He takes a step back, closer to Nevelyn, to let the child alone, unsure if Nevach wants him close. "I enjoyed dinner the other night, Neve. It was nice to have someone to talk to that wasn't a complete stranger, nevermind being so easy on the eyes." He grins, awkwardly hoping that she takes it as the compliment it was intended as.

Nevach looks up at Jithan with a beaming smile, “I’ll come with anytime you can spring me!” After all he is still getting used to being around children his own age. And it can feel a bit claustrophobic for him at times. “Am I supposed t’call you Journeyman, sir?” Nevach is well aware of Jithan’s name and as they’re fishing buddies now and all.. who needs to tack on the title right? He starts bringing the line in to check his hook and turns his attention back to his pole. Nevelyn notices that Jithan is uneasy around her son and it gives her a slight twinge. She rather likes Jithan and hopes Nevach will grow on him. The compliment paid her causes her cheeks to flush red with a blush. “Thank you,” she dips her head cutely, “I really enjoyed the meal as well. It’s not often I get a chance to dine with a handsome man these days.”

Jithan looks confused for a moment at the boy's seemingly sudden change in mood, and looks to Nevelyn just in time to see that twinge on her face. "Sorry," he whispers to her, "I'm not real used to dealing with kids outside of a classroom setting." It's not Nevach, it's him! At the boy’s question, he chuckles. "When it's just you and your ma and me, you can call me Jithan. If anyone else is around, though, you'd better call me Journeyman, or Senior Journeyman if you want to be overly precise." These hooks aren't empty, and pulling it from the water reveals a fat, squirming worm on the end of it. "Handsome now, am I?" he asks, flushing just as red in return. "Been a long while since I thought that, I have to admit."

Nevach eyes the hook and the bait on the end of it. “You wanna catch a big fish use Vtol larvae,” he informs Jithan. Not that the child is on the up and up of where to get such a thing. “Least I can call ya Jithan sometimes.” It’s most likely something he was informed of somewhere in his past. Scrambling to his feet he walks to the end of the dock and casts his line back out into the water. Nevelyn watches her son with a loving smile playing about her lips. “He’s a very sweet boy. But you aren’t the only one who’s had trouble relating to him.” He does at times seem to have knowledge a child his age probably shouldn’t. She flicks the man a glance when he teases her but she gathers herself and nods her head. “You’re a very handsome man truth be told.”

Jithan chuckles at the advice from the lad, nodding. "VTOL larva. Got it. I'll have to ask around about finding some of those. I'm assuming that you don't mind if I call you Nevach, lad?" Because, who knows, maybe he has a nickname that he prefers. "I just don't want to step on any toes, Nevelyn. He seems like a good kid, though." At the compliment, he just flushes red, looking out at the river for a long moment. Finally, though, he turns to face her, smiling a weak little smile. "Thank you, Nevelyn. I never thought a woman as beautiful as you would say that to me."

“Course I don’ mind. It’s my name,” Nevach informs Jithan as though the man has suddenly gone slow. He looks over his shoulder at his mother and shrugs a shoulder before turning his attention to the pole in his hands. Nevelyn creases her brow at her son and stares at him until he goes back to fishing. “I’ve never used a nickname for him. And I don’t know that any the crew piped in would be suitable,” she tells Jithan with a smile. She chuckles softly and glows with pride when he compliments Nevach. “He’s a wonderful boy. If a bit full in the britches at times.” She takes note of the flush when Jithan suddenly turns to look out at the river. Perhaps she upset him? At first she fears as much until he begins to speak again. Then it’s her turn to blush. “Wouldn’t know why a person wouldn’t speak the truth,” she responds with a shrug. “Cause it is truth. An’ you’re quite nice to be around.”

Jithan chuckles softly at the response from the kid, grinning and shaking his head. "Well, at least he's up front about it, eh?" he murmurs quietly, almost to himself. Watching the kid fish for a moment, he silently hopes that something bigger then the little whitefish will appear on the boy's line. "Full in the britches, maybe, but it'll serve him well as an adult if he can learn to control his mouth." When she speaks again, though, he falls silent, and stays that way almost uncomfortably long. "Thank you, Nevelyn. I don't know what else to say, other then that I rather enjoy your company too."

Nevach gets tired of standing there waiting and plops himself down on the edge of the dock. It’s easy to pretend he can’t hear his Mom and Jithan talking. Over the sound of the river words really do get carried away off and on. For the moment he looks content to wait it out. How long that will last is the real question. Nevelyn is used to answering a knock at her door, or at times having a crew member catch her by the arm. This song and dance with Jithan is awkward and confusing to her. And when Jithan falls silent yet again she shifts her feet nervously. “You’re welcome,” she tells him with a small smile. Tearing her eyes from Jithan’s face she glances at Nevach and then out at the River. “So how’s cleanup in your Hall going? Made any more changes?”

Jithan watches the kid plop himself down, grinning at memories of others that have been in his charge at that age. Noticing Nevelyn's nervousness, his breath catches for just a moment, afraid that she's nervous being around him. When she moves on to the question about the Hall, he nods. "It's all cleaned now, and repainted. Working on getting some equipment from the Headman. Shouldn't be too long and I'll have a decent classroom." He pauses a moment, looking her in the eye. "Nevelyn, I really enjoy your company. Would you consider…" He trails off again, unsure of the words. "I don't know how to ask this. Dating me?"

Nevelyn watches as her son tugs on the line experimentally and then lets the river take it again. Hoping for a moment he’s got a bite. But when he relaxes his little shoulders she lets out a breath and turns to Jithan. Listening to him speak about the work on the Hall and nodding where appropriate. “I really glad to hear it’s coming along.” She falls quiet and wonders what she should be considering. Helping him with the children most likely. As they can be a handful. Alas nope not it. Her eyes go wide and her hand flutters to her neckline. “Me?” A date? Is that what Sr. Journeymen are calling it these days? A smile curves her lips and flickers to life in her eyes. “I’d like that,” she agrees after a drawn out pause.

Jithan licks suddenly dry lips in that pause, and then when she answers in the affirmative he smiles. "So, dinner again tonight, then?" Not a chance that he's going to let this chance slide by, though he's totally oblivious the any other meaning of the word. Sheltered life? No, not our Jithan! He does look at her for a moment though, and the expression on her face. "You look surprised, why?"

Nevelyn is slightly surprised by the dinner invitation but nods her head in agreement. “I’d like that.” She forces her hand away from her throat and twines her fingers together in front of her. Suddenly she finds herself nervous and she hasn’t had that feeling since before Nevach was born. “I’m a little surprised,” she admits with a shrug. “I wouldn’t have pegged you to take an interest in me.” She remembers all too well the expression on his face when she’d told him of her previous uh..profession. Yeah we’ll call it that. Her attention is pulled away from Jithan when Nevach lets out a yell. “Got one!” He hauls back on the pole and angles the thing to one side. “Take it Ma!” And so Nevelyn scrambles forward to haul up on the pole to keep the fish on while Nevach scrambles to his feet. “Bring it on in,” she tells him and holds the pole so Nevach and pull in the line.

Jithan is about to respond, but then Nevach has a bite! He scoops up the long-handled net sitting on the ground beside him and clambers out the length of the pier, ready to scoop up the fish on the end of the line. He misses on the first try, but the second try gets him a spectacular fish that terrestrial fishermen would recognize as a rainbow trout. "Nice catch, Nevach!" he congratulates the boy, hauling the net closer and lifting it for both Nevach and Nevelyn to see. Further discussion of Nevelyn's charms will just have to wait, it seems!

A little boy’s hands should not bear callouses enough to handle the taut line in such a way. And yet Nevach as no trouble at all. Tugging hand over fist until Jithan can scoop the catch into a net. “Thanks for the help,” he tells the adults with a happy smile. He releases the line and trots down the dock to peer at the fish. Which leaves Neve to wrangle the pole before she too can have a look. “It’s a lovely catch Nevach! Good job.” She shares a proud smile over her son’s head with Jithan. Resting her hand on her boy’s shoulder. “What do we do with it, eh?” She leans to look at Nevach as she asks the question. Nevach is all puffed up and grinning of course. “Twas Jithan’s pole. His fish,” he is practical for a child his age and Nevelyn grins her approval.

Jithan has, meanwhile, reached into the net and scooped up the fish. Holding it securely with one hand, he reaches into it's mouth and carefully dislodges the simple bone hook that he was using. "We'll take it back to the kitchens with the others then, I think. It'll make some delightful fish stew with the others." He draws his knife, and a quick blow of the pommel ends the fish, which is then carried over and put into the basket with the others. "Nevach, can you gather up the poles?" he asks, as he picks up the net and the basket. Nevelyn, when he passes near her, gets a smile. "Send him ahead, and we can talk on the walk back?"

“That sounds really good,” Nevach agrees to the idea of fish stew, “haven’t had any worth tasting since we came.” Apparently the offerings at the Weyr aren’t always up to snuff for the kid. When asked to gather the poles he nods his head and promptly scurries to do just that. Taking time to secure the lines and hooks properly to each pole before scooping up the lot. Nevelyn turns to watch her son do as he’s bid with a happy smile creasing her lips. “I would imagine that’s manageable,” she tells Jithan with a slight nod. Turning to Nevach where he stands with the poles she waves toward the shore line. “Jithan has trusted you with his gear. I’m sure I can trust you to carry it back to the Weyr safely? Don’t get yourself lost on the way back.” Nevach looks from Jithan to his Mother and back again before nodding his head. “I’ll be careful and not get too far ahead,” he promises before turning to set out with his load.

Jithan waits for Nevach to walk off, then chuckles and offers Nevelyn his arm for the walk back to the Weyr. "You're really surprised that I'd be interested in you? Why? You're obviously a great mother, I think you're plenty smart, you're a survivor, in addition to being both far to young and far to beautiful for me. What's not to like?" A faint smile plays across his lips, teasing lightly. "Because of how I reacted to the story of your… younger days?" He shrugs, chuckling. "It was more a reaction to your age then anything else. I mean, if that's what you were raised to, that's what you were raised to. You found good, honest work once you were put ashore, and that speaks /volumes/ more then your past does."

Nevelyn smiles when Jithan offers her his arm again. It’s a habit of his it seems. She finds she rather enjoys it actually and slips her hand into the crook of his arm. “Yes,” she answers him truthfully, “The way you looked at me that day stuck with me. And the fact that you still look down on it, yet you’re interested in me despite it.” She honestly sees nothing wrong with it and still considers it a worthy life to lead. The Weyr simply hadn’t been in the market for her, shall we say, particular brand of charm. So she’d fallen back on the only other skill she has truly grasped. Motherhood. Hence the Nanny position of today. “You say I’m doing ‘honest’ work as though the services I provided before weren’t. And I just don’t see it that way.” She slants Jithan a knowing smile, “After all aren’t all men at their core needful of the same things?”

It is a habit, a long and engrained habit of a lifetime. When walking with a pretty lady, one offers her one's arm. Jithan walks in silence for a bit, thinking, then shrugs. "You're right, of course. It's a job like any other. A prejudice from my upbringing, I suppose. That and the, ahhh, ladies of that profession around Fort weren't exactly the most pleasant of individuals." Memories of pox scarred skanks, right there. "And aye, we are at that. Food, friends, and someone to spend our time with, hmm?"

Nevelyn is keeping an eye on Nevach as he carefully traverses the rocks of the shoreline. The fishing poles slung over his shoulder. She chuckles softly at Jithan’s admission and nods her head, “I understand prejudice. And why there’s a pall on the profession sometimes.” It isn’t like she hasn’t seen the doxies that haunt the ports after all. “It’s why Captain kept Mama and I on board and wouldn’t let the crew off ship at a lot of ports to roam. On rare occasion we’d take on other girls but they were always cleared by Healer.” It had kept a clean ship so to speak. She chuckles her agreement with his last statement. “From what I’ve always experienced that’s the gist of it, yes.”

She isn't the only one watching Nevach, Jithan's eyes following the kid thoughtfully as he picks his way over the rocks. "Hey, at least I'm aware of it, right?" he asks with a chuckle. "Sounds like that'd be about the only sane way to do it, and keep things safe. Well, being a little greedy here, I'm glad they put you off when and where they did. And I /do/ rather enjoy your company." And with that, the rest of the walk to the Weyr passes in quiet, lighthearted conversation.

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