==== September 17, 2013
==== A gathering of the weyr to OOC discuss how we'd like to handle some OOC things for RP.

What A gathering of the weyr to OOC discuss how we'd like to handle some OOC things for RP.
When September 17, 2013
Where Igen Weyr



Cullen says, "Probably don't need OOC tags I GUESS."
Cullen says, "Ahahah as it chastises me for using the letters O-O-C."
[OOC:] Sara pats.
A'lory says, "Oh dear; picky about OOC."
Cullen watches as everyone FALLS FOR THE TRAP.
Cullen says, "It's absurd how HARD it is not to use that when you're trying NOT to."
[OOC:] Sara pokes Cullen. Habit too hard to break.
Cullen says, "Like that game, Taboo. Where the words you're not allowed to say are the words closest-related to the topic XD"
You say, "Welcome everyone! As you know we're working on getting this place all spiffy and we'd like your help. Igen is supposed to be the weyr more accepting of 'darker' RP (as voted on pre-reboot by the players) but that doesn't mean we don't WANT people to RP light stuff too. So this meeting is about how we want to handle scenes as an area. Since we want to both be accommadating to people coming into scenes AND respectful of people who are already in scenes. Here are some ideas that were tossed around by staff. We'd like to hear your input get your vote and hear your ideas."
Mayte giggles.
You say, "Have a few rooms that are designated as 'LIGHT' RP only, like a tea store, and a few that are 'DARK' only, like - a whore house or something, and the rest of the rooms in the weyr are ask as you come into scenes."
You say, "(the rooms are just to give you an idea of what we were thinking not what would ACTUALLY be done)."
Mayte says, "Is this bazaar-specific? Or sort of have current rooms as 'either or' places?"
You say, "That idea was new coded rooms. So we'd take a vote on what people wanted. That was just an example."
A'lory says, "I would think the Bazaar as a rule would tend to darker."
Maryam raises a hand for question-asking.
Cullen says, "Mmnnh. I really do understand the thought behind it, but the problem I often have with that idea is that it's restrictive to a more… 'organic' feel of RP? If that makes sense? "
You say, "Leave it completely up to the politeness of the people both entering and sceneing. So if you are coming into a scene just page people and get a feel for what is going on, RP as they are, and if you feel your character might be moving to one side or the other just let people know. "
You say, "We talked about that too Cullen, but as sometimes people need a break from all dark or all light, the rooms would provide an oasis (if you'll forgive the desert reference but leave the rest of the weyr for completely organic)."
A'lory says, "I think it just takes a little bit of forethought, is all. "
Sara says, "That makes sense, how would the rooms fit into the plot arcs?"
You say, "We want to keep things as organic as possible, while still respecting people's occasional needs for a klah break. Life is both. So here we are - what do you guys think and what are your ideas."
Maryam says, "Is it necessary to designate areas though? I mean, assuming we're all adults playing, and most people seem to wait a couple of poses before jumping into RP in a scene anyway, couldn't they get a feel for the mood of a scene and move on if it isn't their cup of tea?"
You say, "Sara, the wouldn't be specific to any TP or arc, they'd simply be rooms, like a cupcake and crumpets room where people would know that RP stayed in a more light feel. "
Maryam says, "Or when asking for a scene, mention what sort've mood they're in?"
You say, "That is something we're trying to get the feel of Maryam. :-) If people are okay with that. Since if we don't have rooms we have no way of enforcing it if people decide they don't want to be 'polite' or if people have different versions of what that looks like."
Cullen says, "Isn't that what Southern is for? I really liked the idea of there being an area that was less gritty, and one that was more so - it's not hard to justify a visit elsewhere. I know I tend to HAVE contentious characters, but it's not like I don't also enjoy laid back RP. Which is why I purposely put my much less contentious character down in Southern where I knew I wouldn't be disrupting the area. "
Cullen says, "I'm not trying to tear down the idea, and if it's what everyone would like to do, I will genuinely try to respect it. I've just had this problem before where it's often very difficult to gauge what people WILL find stressful as well. "
A'lory says, "I think that's a very good compromise, really. I mean, it doesn't hurt to ask before sceneing. It gives people a chance to say what they're up for before being put into a scene where they're not feeling a flow. It'd prevent a lot of separation — which is what we were trying to stop with the reboot."
Maryam says, "I suppose if there's a room designated as "light", it's no skin off of my nose to recognize it as a place where grittier RP happens. But I'm confused too because when I joined here, I was warned that if I wanted gritty, more "RL" RP, I should keep to Igen."
You say, "Agree Cullen. Which is why this came up in staff. "
Cullen nods at A'lory, I do agree too much splintering can hurt an area.
Cullen says, "But I also think it's a little disruptive to spontaneous/organic RP to have to constantly ask "Can my character raise their voice" and then… have to backtrack somehow and change the character to fit a scene."
Zeyta thunders in from the Administrative Corridor.
Cullen says, "What it would come down to, for me at least, is just getting gunshy about RPing in half the rooms in Southern. My characters can be harsh - that's why I put them in Igen :("
Cullen says, "Er. Igen. Half the rooms in Igen."
You say, "Yah. And so that as where the room idea came in. Have one room where if your just not going to be up for yelling today, you can take your character and know that this one scene you can relax. Though generally Igen would be the grittier place. Which means that in all other rooms of the weyr you don't have to."
A'lory shrugs. "Hence asking beforehand, Maryam. It won't kill the grittier aspect of Igen at all. It'd be more like Places X, Y, Z are light RP. A, B, C are grittier. That kinda thing.
You say, "I mean, I think we can all say that with the reboot we're looking for politeness and a little bit of forewarning. So I tend to tell people when they are getting close to W'rin exploding."
A'lory says, "Like, I know if I see the TP room is set to The Pit, and I'm not feeling it, I don't join the scene."
Kyri says, "Given how freely (OOCly, at least) people tend to be with finding reasons to be wherever they feel like being for scening, wouldn't it also just be possible to find a reason to take a trip to Southern if you were not up for something darker? Or just mention it when they are searching for RP up front? I think it's likely that if someone prefaces an RP request with what kind of mood/flavour of scene they're looking for, everyone will be more than happy to respect that!"
Cullen says, "We'd have to… write up a list I guess of what you need to forewarn people about. "
Maryam says, "I'm all for politeness and forewarning, to an extent. I just…I guess I'm confused. Because if Igen's the 'dark' Weyr, asking to introduce 'light' rooms just…I don't know. I'm not sure I can articulate this well. "
Maryam says, "But as a newcomer to the game, it seems strange to have an area designated as darker and then carve up a section of it to be specifically light only RP."
You say, "We're not trying to change the mood of the weyr. I think we all know why we have characters here. But we're just trying to gauge if there is a desire for a single room where a player can go without for a break. To see that other side of their character, without having to warn people they just aren't in the mood for gritty. "
Cullen dittos, that it seems a little strange and limiting, since a scene going on IN a 'light' room might be a room or scene I might, say… WANT Cullen to play in. And I OOCly don't yet /know/ if he will behave or not.
Sara has connected.
Maryam nods at W'rin. "And I can understand that. I just think as adults we should be able to ask for that from the folks we're RPing with, when it comes to it. If you've started a scene like that and someone comes in, just let them know."
Maryam says, "Or go to Southern, as Kyri said."
Maryam says, "Having a light room in a dark area is kind of…conflicting, in the message it gives?"
Mayte says, "Hmm. Too bad we can't have like, warning signs on certain Room names: "This scene is - dark -.""
Cullen nods - it's a game with an easily accessible teleportation mechanic.
Mayte sighs and goes to get the grey paint.
Maryam says, "Heck, that'd be nice to have game-wide. A switch to flip to show a message to people entering that a scene is dark. :)"
You say, "Well then just consider this room the switch."
Cullen says, "But yeah, it still comes back to, sadly, personal opinion. What is 'dark' to one person might be perfectly fine and accessible to another. "
You say, "We can't do a sign, but we can do a room."
Mayte says, "That' a good point."
W'rin nods at Cullen.
Sara says, "I'm not sure about the concept of light/dark rooms either. Seems more restrictive then not. I'll also admit, I had no clue Igen was darker before."
Maryam says, "It was described to me as not being always dark, Sara, but as a place where dark RP was fine and wouldn't make waves."
You say, "It was just an idea. If everyone is happy with talking it out OOCly a little bit, but also being open to the organic and knowing that something might go from dark to light or light to dark without warning than staff is fine. "
Cullen says, "Also, there's more issues than just 'dark'. I actually tend not to RP a lot of 'dark' in public rooms in general because it's… pretty obvious, if everyone in the room is FEELING the darkness. "
Maryam says, "So you get the bazaar raids and people being pushed around and incompetent guards and jockeying for position, etc."
Cullen says, "Yeah, I'm not meaning to cut you down, W'rin, it IS something that I think the area has needed to talk about."
Mayte says, "On the other hand, it's not like we're going to be popping out these rooms all-over, right? If we have one light and one dark?"
Cullen says, "Again - we'd need to define 'dark'. Is it anything that's not bright/cheerful/happy?"
Maryam says, "That's true. Is it social-only?"
Kyri feels like personally, simply having conversations with people about what they're looking for/what mood they're in/where their boundaries are is probably both less restrictive and more — helpful? than a designated room. Like…
Maryam says, "'Cause there've been social only scenes at the Pit. ;)"
A'lory says, "Right! It's a single room in an entire area. It might take some fancy footwork for more contentious characters… but we're adults. It can be handked."
Cullen nods at Kyri.
Kyri says, "I would /hope/ that if someone was in a scene and someone said they were getting uncomfortable, nobody would give them crap for wanting to pose out or would work with them to resolve things in a way that doesn't make anyone uncomfortable still"
A'lory says, "I think it comes down to player communication, really."
Kyri says, "Which is mostly — yeah, a communication issue"
Maryam says, "Pretty much, yeah."
Cullen would agree to that.
W'rin nods.
Mayte says, "And… I agree in that, we all seem relatively adult here. "
Sara says, "I can agree with communication."
Cullen says, "Speak for yourself!"

Mayte says, "Cullen excepted."
W'rin facepalms.
Maryam says, "I will say, as someone who's opened up a bloodfight business with some ambitious heavy hitter Bazaar characters, I'm now worried I might've tweaked someone's buttons without realizing it. :/"
You say, "No no Maryam."
Mayte says, "How can we … facilitate that communication, like, putting a little note on log-in: "If you're not sure if the scene is happy-go-lucky or hard-and-heavy, PLEASE ask!""
Maryam says, "And if there /have/ been issues with it, that I am so very open to being approached about it."
You say, "This is us trying to be ahead of the game."
A'lory says, "Did we ever set up a flagging system for individual players? That was a helpful idea. Maybe attach it to @ppl or something and folks get in the habit of checking it before scening?"
You say, "I think that perhaps we all just need to hear we need to talk it out a little. "
You say, "This is what i have heard from the players of Igen. ;-) :"
A'lory says, "Nah, Maryam, it's fine! :-D"
Cullen says, "But yeah, I'm not arguing the point - because communication is never a bad thing XD. My only worry is more exactly /how/ things cater to which person. I'm not saying that everyone should just cater to the ASSHOLE in a scene if the Player isn't comfortable. But what IS the level of propriety? If there are 3 people in a scene, one person is uncomfortable with acting not-true to the character, one person is uncomfortable with the contention, the third doesn't care…"
Mayte says, "Also, I love the idea of The Pit. Aaron wants one at Southern."
You say, "1. No room designation because it would disrupt the feel of Igen, and we love Igen so leave it alone."
A'lory thinks we all kinda need to bone up to saying what we're comfy with and respecting boundaries.
You say, "2. Communication is key - a. If two people are in a scene and a third comes in they should get a feel for the scene as it is they are the new one. b. If starting a new scene and you are or are not in the mood for something just make it known. c. If you get uncomfortable voice it - and if you are the minority pose out d. if you someone voices being uncomfortable - do not mock them, be considerate, know that everyone is comfortable at a different level."
Maryam says, "Yeah."
Cullen nods.
A'lory says, "I <3 option 2 best. No freaking out on anyone."
You say, "3. The characters can be jackasses (Ex: W'rin) but players gots to be chill."
You say, "and nice."
Maryam says, "Life is sooo much better when players be chill."
Zilurana wonders what happens if someone is trying to get a feel for a scene, and catch flack for stating that's what they're doing?
Mayte says, "Totally."
A'lory likes the idea of a tea room too, tho. Just cause it is a fun idea.
Kyri hopes that nobody would give someone flak for that!
Mayte says, "Me too, A'lory."
Mayte nods with Kyri.
You say, "I've never seen anyone with have a problem for just waiting a few poses to get a look. I think that would go with 2."
Cullen really digs the 'posing out' rule. Stepping away because we don't WANT to hurt people's feelings OOC. I think all of us sitting down and reminding ourselves this is important. And that it's also important to remember that OOCly, people probably aren't TRYING to be jerks if their characters are.
Maryam says, "I know pretty much every time someone has entered a scene that I've seen here, folks have been fine with them waiting a few poses."
A'lory says, "The person givung flack gets GRUNKLED."
Cullen says, "Benefit of the doubt and all that. I don't really know anyone on this game that's /malicious/. But I think we've all had moments that we've stuck our foot in our mouths."
Zilurana says, "I have gotten just exactly that on so many occassions that I feel that it's often in my best interest to stay in my room."
Maryam says, "Here and now? D:"
You say, ":meeps at Zilurana. Generally then I would say, talk to the players involved."
Mayte says, "And,under the players be chill rule, that the players in the scene that one is bowing out of, must understand that this is beyond comfort and not feel offended. I don't see that happening, but … it could."
Cullen would want a tea room so hard. But. … if it's the nice/light room… probably wouldn't play in it since my Igen char is Cullen >.>
You say, "I will keep the tea room on the agenda in staff and see what happens (-the light if this is the way the players choose to go)."
Maryam +1s -the light.
Mayte imagines Mayte being taken there, someone trying to show her a nice time, and she's just trying not to touch anything.
Zilurana shrugs. It's been happening for so long with this and other alts that I've had here I've come to expect to be treated like crap. Sorry, it's just my own experience.
Yopa suddenly disappears ::between::!
Cullen says, "Yeah. Because see, for me, my idea of relaxation RP is being in a room where I know I can trust the Players in it to be mature. "
Akadriel would ICly be so all about a tea room he has a deep and abiding love for tea. (And sells it!) But… yeah. Kind of also somewhat contention-prone, probably could not drink tea in a 100% alwaysbelight room.
Maryam says, "Wow, that's no fun, Zilurana. I haven't seen anything like that here since I started. :/"
A'lory nodnods. And that's okay. I mean there are times when I will alter my room for a public place if I know I am in an antsy likely to freak inappropriately mood.
You say, "- Zilurana If you are having problems with a specific player as a game we voted talk to them first, if you still have problems go to staff. :-) I hope it clears up! It stinks when players aren't polite. But that is why we are doing this. To clear the air so that isn't a problem. "
Maryam says, "And yeah, Maryam would totally be all over a tearoom. With formal service. <3"
You say, ":grins. "
You say, "Dang it, that doesn't work like a channel."
Cullen makes small croton cheeses.
W'rin grins.
You say, "Okay. Well it seems like the majority of us are in agreement. I'll take this back to staff. Also this was my first meeting so thank you for not eating me alive."
You say, "And thing you guys would like me to add to my numbers. 1-3?"
Cullen says, "Yet."
Maryam says, "You are <3, W'rin."
Mayte says, "Oh, no, we're saving that for the end."
Sienna says, "<3"
You say, "Ohh. My mistake. ;-)"
Cullen licks chops.
A'lory says, "Oh, yeah. I think if it's something you feel needs a neutral party… send game staff. Or staff or something. I think most folks would happily help to smooth things out?"
Maryam says, "4. Be excellent to each other."
Cullen says, "4."
A'lory hahas.
Maryam, old.
You say, "Area staff should be first step, then if they can't they pass it on."
A'lory nodnods. Mebbe we put that option 2 spiel on the wiki?
You say, "Generally staff should be mature enough to know if they are unbias enough to handle it. And I think all of staff would attest to a time or two when we said we wouldn't vote on something because we knew the person."
Cullen nods - yeah, just ask staff. And like I said - it's really rare to find someone that's being deliberately malicious.
W'rin nods. Yes. Once we hammer out the wordage we'll put something on the wiki.
Cullen says, "9 times out of 10, it's generally a misunderstanding."
Mayte says, "I think that might be a good idea, A'lory."
Sienna says, "Will this log be on the wiki as well?"
You say, ":nods."
W'rin grumbles.
Sienna says, "Awesome. :)"
Cullen says, "Oh. RIGHT I did want to say-"
A'lory laughs at W'rin. WRITE ALL THINGS.

Cullen says, "That there almost doesn't feel like there's as much out-reach between Igen and Southern IC as there could be. Which might be part of why it's been hard for people to justify just Rping in Southern if they want less contention. "
W'rin nods and has PLANS.
Cullen says, "Maybe there could be some sort of inter-Weyr gather or TP down the line to help forge communications across the borders - EXCELLENT. "
Mayte eyes W'rin suspiciously.
W'rin muhahahas.
You say, "Steal my thunder Cullen. STEAL IT ALL."
Mayte says, "Oh! W'rin, may I ask a little question about the current Bazaar TP and Corelle?"
Cullen rumbles deep, deep in his chest. THUNDEROUSLY.
You say, "Yes ma'am."
Sara says, "It is true… Especially for my crafter characters, I have a hard time thinking reasons to send.them south"
A'lory votes TEA ROOM. Also, I think we should be careful not to make folks feel they HAVE TO always go to southern for lighter.
Cullen totally uses Ellen and Cullen as EACH OTHER'S hooks.
Mayte says, "Though part of me REALLY wants to ask "are we gonna have to deal with her a long time," I want to leave that to surprise. But is she doing a … sort of Lessa-leaning thing on general-NPCs, like not named ones?"
Maryam says, "Nah, if someone wants a light scene in the Weyr, they should be able to ask for it."
Cullen says, "Totally. The same way someone can say they dont' want a LARGE scene."
Sienna comes in late so doesn't know what was discussed but I think it comes down to communication. "Hey, I want light RP or hey, I have an idea for a drama-tastic scene. And paying attention to scenes in progress and just asking." :)
Maryam says, "Yeah, big scenes gives me brain hives. :("
Mayte says, "I hope I'm not tossing rocks into quiet ponds or arousing suspicion or anything…"
Cullen says, "See while I love large scenes… but only on certain characters. "
W'rin erms at Mayte. Lessa-leaning? <— it has been a while. And that will be a surprise. Mostly because we have a general ending but we want to leave the details up to what you guys do..like a choose your own adventure, only occassionally throwing a suprise page in.
Cullen says, "In Igen, Mayte. The bond throws rocks at YOU."
Sienna says, "Great. If it's a choose your own adventure Sienna is going to die a horrible death three pages in."
Sienna sucks at those.
Maryam <3 plots that can be affected.
You say, "Igen IS the old country."
Sara snugs Sienna. x.x
A'lory nodnods. Yeah I like smaller mostly lighter. Darker if it's arranged.
Cullen says, "Though again - that's why I like there being two different areas. In Igen, a CROWD is hard to really gauge, since by the very nature of crowds they tend to be chaotic."
You say, "Hopefully there will be some clues tossed out shortly, as to what is going on. I will be gone this weekend but after that I'll be about as normal."
You say, "Oh."
Mayte says, "I mean, at the beginning of DragonFlight, she sort of mentally encourages the fight, a bit of telepathy."
A'lory says, "It is! I tend to ask what's happening so I can decide if I wanna do it."
You say, "No. She's not doing anything like that."
Mayte was just wondering OOCly. Also, if that's something you can't answer
Mayte says, "Alright, thanks. :)"
Cullen says, "Yeah, I'm sadly a little out of the loop with the TP over the past few days. Work has been eating me alive. "
Sara says, "I think it's pretty good just polite wise to ask before joining any Rp."
Sienna says, "That. :)"
Sienna says, "And truly, honestly be okay if people say no."
Maryam says, "Yep."
A'lory nods. And be okay with — Sienna gimmie my braincell.
Sara says, "I mean, public is public, and if you realize you don't want people, it gives you the chance to move private."
You say, "Soo I think as an area we're all pretty much on the same page. Communication and being okay with people's decisions. If your character is about to deknot, punch or kill someone -kindly inform them, but as the other side, if you keep at it then expect what is coming."
Sara nods.
A'lory says, "Right!"
Mayte says, "Agreed."
W'rin cheers.
Mayte deknots W'rin and giggles, running around, calling herself Weyrleader.
Cullen says, "So is the line at punch/kill/genuine ICC?"
W'rin smashes Mayte with his fist.
Mayte lesighs. ICA=ICC.
Sara hides mayte.
Cullen says, "Oh pshh ICC are the BEST."
Tuli strides in from the Administrative Corridor.
Tuli rolls in ALL KINDS OF LATE sorry
You say, "Um. For me? I usually tell people as W'rin is getting angry. Because I don't know what people's line is."
Sienna says, "Personally? I like OOC heads up when things start to take any sort of turn. But…I know that's not the norm or the expectation on this game so I tread lightly quite often."
Cullen says, "I'm really sorry, I'm still not entirely sure what all I need to be asking permission to /do/. My character is by nature very cranky and rude. Do I need permission to be cranky?"
A'lory nods. Major decisions affecting other chars good or bad should be discussed is a good rule I think.
You say, "Naw."
You say, "So is W'rin."
You say, "Though I do tend to give people a heads up. It's not permission. It is about being open about who my char is. "
Cullen says, "Or is it - yelling? Is it Cullen's CHARMING derisiveness? Or is it just physical assault/powerplay?"
Maryam says, "I think the line is any sort of escalation, maybe?"
You say, "Hey dude I apologize for W'rin he's a jack ass. Ready to RP?"
Mayte says, "I generally tend to look at the wiki pages to get a bit of an idea."
Sara says, "As someone whose characters can flip on a dime (re:K'vvan) It can be hard to see where things are going."
Sara says, "But an update as soon as you know is good."
You say, "Which is why I just admit it up front. So people know. It's just going to depend on the scene. I don't think it is /necessary/. It just a curtsey."
Cullen says, "Yeah. That is still what makes me skittish and is probably the biggest hurdle I've been facing re: coming back to HT."
A'lory says, "Maybe follow W'rin's example, Cullen. Warn a brotha or sista."
Cullen says, "Omg every scene starts with: Warning. CULLEN."
You say, "And I only do that with new players."
Sienna says, "And, honestly Cullen, I just pose out when Cullen gets to be too much for me."
You say, "Everyone here for instance knows W'rin."
Sienna says, "I take that as /my/ responsibilyt, not yours."
Tuli says, "Jumping in way late, obviously - but I think the problem with expecting warnings re: escalations is that it's as uncomfortable for more chaotic RPers as chaotic RP is for less chaotic RPers."
A'lory says, "Just be like Cullen is a rude contentious guy. Wanna scene?"
Tuli says, "Because you worry that you're offending people without realizing it, you know?"
Maryam yars.
You say, "I think the general consensus is that it shouldn't be too disruptive to say, "Hey look, this is where my character is headed" not to stop them from doing it, or even asking permission just a warning. Then is is on the other person to stay or not."
Mayte confesses to worrying about offending people. Not with Mayte so much but definitely with Toresa and Yulena.
Sienna says, "And as someone who really likes having OOC heads up, when I sense things going astray, /I/ can always be the one to speak up. So it's not just the chaos-causer's responsibility."
Cullen says, "Yeah :\. I'm not saying I don't entirely understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. But… yeah, as much as some people really just need a nice ICly laid back scene, I sometimes really need to be able to RP with a really *OOCLY* laid back scene. Where I know I don't have to constantly ask for permission to do something spontaneous. Also, I often don't like BEING warned, because I like surprises. "
You say, "Tuli, I'll past you the 1-3 I've gotten from the meeting as a summary so far."
Sara nods. "If you are getting uncomfortable, we should speak up.
Tuli says, "Thanks!"
A'lory nodnods. And there's the other half of it. The less contrntious type needs to be responsible too.
You say, "I totally get that, and I think once a person knows your character Cullen that is fine."
You say, "Like W'rin. I don't warn anyone here anymore, cause everyone knows him."
Cullen says, "Well yeah. I don't exactly fly fists-first at new players XD. "
Sienna says, "And Cullen, you've probably found those players and you know those players that are up for anything."
You say, "But that one time W'rin was storming in on K'vvan."
You say, "For the specific person of screaming at him about something. I warned him."
You say, "RECAP: 1. No room designation because it would disrupt the feel of Igen, and we love Igen so leave it alone."
You say, "RECAP 2. Communication is key - a. If two people are in a scene and a third comes in they should get a feel for the scene as it is they are the new one. b. If starting a new scene and you are or are not in the mood for something just make it known. c. If you get uncomfortable voice it - and if you are the minority pose out d. if you someone voices being uncomfortable - do not mock them, be considerate, know that everyone is comfortable at a different level."
You say, "RECAP 3. The characters can be jackasses (Ex: W'rin) but players gots to be chill."
A'lory doesn't remember! If I didn't and it made you uncomfy I apologize.
Mayte says, "Not at all!"
A'lory says, "I do try to warn ahead tho."
Cullen says, "I like it. I'm a little iffy about 'enter a scene and make sure not to disrupt it', since a lot of scenes I've loved the most have been because someone poses in ASS NAKED and SCREAMING."
Tuli says, "Can I toss in that people MUST be considerate in how they pose out, though? I've seen some doozies of dramatic exits, and they're terrible."
Maryam says, "(We're looking at you, NIka!)"
Sienna says, "Just ask first, Cullen. They might be up for it. :) Or they might not be."
Sara says, "Wrong weyr for that Cullen. Nika has that covered."
Cullen snaps his fingers. Drat.
W'rin giggles.
Mayte says, "So…. Igen needs more nudity?"
Cullen says, "Always."
You say, "Yes. I think that goes into it."
Maryam gasps! "No it does not!"
You say, "Politeness on BOTH sides."
Cullen says, "Yes please. With the politeness on both sides."
You say, "And to not think it is anyone's responsibility. We can all be polite."
Sara says, "And to not be afraid to speak up if uncomfortable. I know I'm guilty of that."
Cullen says, "It's just as rude to make the person being ICly contentious out to be an OOC jerk because of their IC actions. "
Mayte says, "Tuli, when you say dramatic entrances, these are entrances that, ICLy demand the attention f the players, but is just… unexpected and not-in-keeping-with-the-scene?"
Tuli says, "Oh, I was talking about exits from scenes!"
Cullen was the one talking about entrances XD
Mayte says, "Ack, sorry, I meant exits."
Cullen says, "Though it's oaky. Tuli and I get mixed up a lot."
Tuli says, "I.E. a scene has taken a turn you don't like. There's a good way to handle that, and there's a very bad way to handle it."
Cullen says, "It's the hair."
You say, ":nods."
Mayte says, "Ohhhh, oka, I see what you're saying."
You say, "UGHS.. I will never stop that."
You say, "Okay. Look sometimes dramatic entrances and exits are THE BEST…all the time probably not. Will there be times where people want to facepalm about it. Yes. Will we get this right all the time? No. Can we get over it and have fun despite anything that has happened or will?"
You say, "I think so. If we can talk about it. "
Sara says, "Tuli, I think it comes down to being willing to pause a scene and try to talk it out."
Maryam says, "Trying and talking seems to sum it all up."
You say, ":nods."
You say, "Bloody hell."
W'rin nods.
Sara patpats W'rin.
Mayte says, "Good will towards your fellow player."
You say, "Okay. So besides those three and a 4th about posing out and a 5th about it being neither side but both sides responsibility ;-) Are we all on the same page -ish."
Sienna says, "Sounds great to me. :)"
Sara says, "Yup"
Mayte starts campaigning outside the LC for a tea room. Signs and everything. "Honk for a tea room"
Tuli honestly feels like that's sometimes tricky - the talking part, I mean. I'm coming at this (and thus uncertain about some of this) from the perspective of having been Igen staff for so long. One of the worst and most draining parts of the job was dealing with ruffled feelings from someone's boundaries getting stepped on. I'm hoping the current staff hasn't had the same issues.
Eiko walks in from the Administrative Corridor.
Eiko apologizes for being so late! Bedtime did not go well. -.-
Tuli patpats. I JUST rolled in myself, so xD
W'rin won't get into that, but that is what staff is for. In some regards. Also, I hope that moving forward we can see we all communicate in slightly different ways, but we're all trying.
Gimp wings.
Maryam says, "That is draining. I think people just need to realize the responsibility is theirs. If they're old enough to log into a MUSH, they're old enough to talk to others."
Maryam says, "And staff should be as much about reminding folks of that as having to play mediator, because it shouldn't be a chore for them either."
You say, "And so maybe we can give each other the benefit of the doubt most of the time, and be willing to bend a little on what we want to do so if I want more communication and I know that I'm working with someone who doesn't I give in a little on the other side, if I don't like giving heads up I can a little."
Mayte is in agreement with. Perhaps a little more… not emphasis, but clarification of ICA=ICC? Like, "If you interrupt a weyrwoman getting her mad on, you're going to get yelled at." *wink*
Cullen kind of dittos Tuli and Maryam. A little forethought and sure, forewarning if you CAN or don't KNOW a person can be helpful but I'm… not always a fan of a lot of OOC discussion a lot of the time.
A'lory nods. Compromise has to be for both sides.
You say, "Yep, so just a little compromise from both camps. :-) And a whole lot of recognizing we are human."
Cullen nods at Mayte, SOMETIMES a warning like that, especially for a person that doesn't know an an area can really help.
Gimp thinks that we just sometimes need to be reminded of HT's conduct policies: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/conduct Treat each other with respect and I think all the pieces will fall into place, no? Hopefully, anyway! XD
Tuli says, "Well, respect does mean different things to different people! Although it's definitely a good general guideline."
Cullen feeds Gimp a sausage-eyebrow-waggle.
Sara nods at Tuli.
W'rin nods at Tuli. Yes, but I think we all know a general area and then a recognition that we are all different and the other person is probably trying.
Gimp nodnods. I am just rollin' in from dinner and that's my only contribution! MMMM SAUSAGE.
Gimp nodnods. I am just rollin' in from dinner and that's my only contribution! MMMM SAUSAGE.
You say, "Okay so I have 1-5. Anything else? :-)"
A'lory says, "I got nothin."
W'rin smooches A'lory, and then hi5s cause he remembered not to use say.
Sara nods.
Gimp gahs, sorry about that. WEIRD random spike.
Cullen says, "I kind of feel as though we've all said a lot, agreed on many general concepts, but we probably should all bear in mind what we walk away from this is probably all going to be a little different."
Zeyta says, "What is number 5 exactly? I must have missed a number being slapped onto it!"
Sienna says, "It's all about communication. Always has been, at the core of this mode of entertainment. And if it's not working, then take a break, leave the scene, talk to folks, whatever you need to do for yourself. And if I page someone and ask for OOC clarification, and they are someone that doesn't like OOC clarification and just likes to roll with the IC, I need to respect that and do what I need to do for myself. We all have different playing styles and sometimes they won't mesh."
Eiko says, "Staff will be able to take this discussion and come up with a comprehensive list of WHAT TO EXPECT when RPing at Igen. Just realize that we're going to need to ensure ALL parties are happy and comfortable playing here!"
Cullen says, "So we should all remember that this isn't a sudden Perfect Solution. We've stated what we're all uncomfortable with, and it's a very good start. But it will continue to be a work in progress."
You say, "4 was about posing out nicely. and 5 was just a little reminder that while it isn't anyone's specific responsibility to guage an RP and communicate it IS everyone's…the wording isn't right yet, but I'll work on it. It hink I got the basic gist of it."
W'rin nods, and be open and polite and constructive while we progress.
Cullen says, "…and be concise. To limit the amount of spam and OOC detraction from the RP itself."
Eiko nods at Sienna. I couldn't have said it better myself!
You say, "Alright guys. I think we've gotten a good feel for what IGEN wants Igen to be like."
Tuli does want to toss in that we may want to emphasize reminding people to actually read the guidelines that get cooked up xD
W'rin agrees with Tuli.
Sara says, "Maybe keep discussion to pages if it needs to happen? I'm one who prefers more ooc if the scene needs it."
Sara says, "gosh darn it. Stupid warning."
You say, "If you guys have anything else you'd like to add please @mail us! We are always open for suggestions. :-)"
Eiko says, "Yes! Please! We're really here to help and we want to keep Igen going strong!"
W'rin hearts all over Igen.
A'lory thinks the feel of Igen is a tendency to darker — it doesn't have to be CONSTANT STRIFE, but it happens.
Mayte says, "thanks for this. without wanting to sound coy, I like these meetings for feeling included."
Cullen doesn't think anyone's RP'd it as constant strife, luckily!
Sara Nods at A'lory!
Eiko says, "I think MAYBE it's be good to remind about Igen's Way Of Things perhaps after each Staff rehaul! "
Cullen hugs Mayte to his MANBREASTS.
Eiko says, "That way it's just a good reminder. XD"
Mayte says, "not even K'vvan!"
You say, "Not even W'RIN."
Mayte eeps!
Sara says, "wait, what?"
Mayte says, "smothered… smothered in cheesy Cullen-…ness."
Cullen was just saying, as much as we all talk about Igen being the GRIMDARK Weyr, it's really not all that dark.
A'lory says, "The TPs have been a lot. Weget in our funnies tho. Right, greice? :-D"
A'lory needs a shower now. THANKS CULLEN. :-D
You say, "Alright guys. One last thing."
Cullen says, "slathers A'lory. Take it. TAKE IT."
You say, "I <3 you ALL."
W'rin slurps everyone.
Cullen uses a :, even.
Sienna says, "<3!"
W'rin smacks everyone on the ass, and says, "Now get out there and make me proud!"
Sara says, "Ew, W'rin."
Mayte says, "Sara, and I was mentioning that even K'vvan is not all dark and gloom. also, right, ol grunkle"
A'lory punches Cullen with a mace.
Sienna says, "He is an ass man…"
Cullen takes it like a man.
A'lory says, "W'rin if'n you don'twant to lose that hand… *prepares knife*"
It was a SPORTS thing..there was no cuppage.
Maryam <3 all around and toodles home.
Tuli sneaks off as well.
Mayte giggles at w'rin
A'lory snorts. Al look like a sports man? :-D
Mayte says, "W'rin check out wliia worst times to use the athletic buttslap."
Sara says, "Hey, he says he's a MAN."
A'lory says, "Don't make me use that goofy pic agaun."
Mayte says, "… does one dare ask?"
Sara says, "It is hilarious…"

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